tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Camping Trip Ch. 02

The Camping Trip Ch. 02


Many thanks to PrincessAmelia for editing this story.


You might think after running around the woods all day, chasing people and having sex, I'd be excited and up half the night. The opposite was true, I was drained physically and mentally. Even my balls were drained. As I staggered back into the cabin with Megan and Jackie, I couldn't even keep my eyes open long enough to hear Jackie make some lame excuse about where she and Megan had gone. I found my pile of blankets in the middle of the living room and passed out.

When I awoke, it took me several moments to realize that someone was softly shaking me by the shoulder. I started to mumble some protest, and a small, delicate hand firmly covered my mouth. "Shhhh!" came the whispered warning, directly into my ear. I was getting really irritated with this woken up in the middle of the night business.

It was still dark as my eyes tried to focus on whoever was bothering me now. I saw Jackie standing sheepishly off to one side and realized Megan was covering my mouth. I could feel Megan's hot breath on my ear in the cold night air. "I told you, you two owe me. Now get up very quietly and follow us out."

As I slowly stumbled to my feet, trying to be as quiet as I could, I realized Robert was still snoring loudly. Brian was nowhere to be seen. The girls led me into the moonlight outside our cabin, and I soon realized we were following the path back to the lake shore. Jackie was wearing a little tank top, with her full breasts partly spilling out the sides of the top. Megan was wearing a baggy T-shirt. Both girls had little boy shorts on.

"We going swimming?" I asked softly.

"I don't want anyone to see us, but I also don't want to get lost in the woods again," whispered Megan, in what was not much of an answer.

We stopped short of the clearing by the shore and settled down in an open patch of what felt like grass, off to one side of the path. I was feeling very groggy as I collapsed in a lump onto the cool grass, but I was still alert enough to ogle Jackie's full breasts as they bounced in her tank top when she dropped to the ground beside me.

"Alright Meggy," Jackie said quietly, "What the heck are we doing out here?" In response, Megan pulled something out from behind her back, it must have been tucked into the back of her shorts. It looked like a small but thick tree branch with another little branch coming out near the bottom of it. I had no idea what it was, but Jackie gasped in response to seeing it, covering her mouth with her hands. Jackie tried her best to stifle her giggles. "You BOUGHT it?!" She finally asked, incredulous.

"YOU told me to," Megan responded accusingly.

"Oh honey," Jackie replied, "I told you that you should get one, and I told you this was the best, but I didn't say you should get THIS one."

"Um..." I finally cut in, "What is it?"

That got Jackie giggling all over again. "It's called a rabbit," Megan responded, "It's a type of vibrator."

I had heard of this rabbit vibrator before, but I never expected it to be so BIG or so funny looking. "THAT is supposed to go inside of you?" I asked. It looked like it was as thick as Megan's wrist.

"Our friend Jackie here encouraged me to buy one, but look at it!" Megan replied. "I didn't think it was going to be so big!"

Jackie was still laughing. "You brought it here?!" she asked with clear confusion.

"I wanted to ask you what the hell I'm supposed to do with it and if it's really supposed to look like this," Megan replied.

"Oh, you're going to have fun with that thing," Jacked giggled.

"You are first," Megan spat back.

Jackie blinked in confusion. "What?"

"YOU were the one who told me to buy this and YOU now owe me. You're going to use it first, right now, and teach me how this stupid thing works or I'm going to tell Brian that I saw you fuck Kevin." My blood went cold at the harshness of Megan's words.

"You wouldn't..."

"I would."

"You want me to use your sex toy instead of you?"

"Show me how this thing works so I won't sprain something trying to use it."

"EWWWWW, you're going to use it AFTER me?"

Megan produced a small bottle before replying, "It came with a sample of this dual lubricant-cleaner." Megan poured a small amount of what appeared to be thick liquid over the top of the device. "Ready when you are."

"I think it needs batteries," Jackie said. Megan pushed something on the bottom and the thick part started spinning while the little branch began vibrating. "Are you serious?" Jackie asked again.


"Why is Kevin here?"

"Yeah, why am I here?" I asked.

"Because he should know that, if you don't help me with this Miss Jackie, I'm telling Brian that you two fucked," Megan responded. Megan turned to look at me before saying, "You might want to encourage your fuck buddy here to help me with what I want."

"I'm not even in the mood, honey," Jackie tried.

"Kevin's here because he can help you get in the mood," Megan explained

"Okay, okay," Jackie sighed. "Let's see how this thing works."

"You've never even used it before?!" Megan exclaimed.

"No, but I've heard it was the best." Jackie took the toy tentatively from Megan, grasping it with her small hand like it was a dangerous snake that could come alive at any moment. In a sense, it was. The vibrator looked even more enormous when held tenuously in Jackie's thin, delicate fingers.

Jackie looked at me uncertainly. "What do you want?" I asked, glancing briefly at Megan's determined face. Megan sure seemed serious about this craziness.

"Help me get my shorts off while I hold this thing," Jackie asked me. I crawled over in the cool grass and tentatively reached for Jackie's waist. When I hooked my fingers into the elastic waistband of her shorts, she lifted her cute little ass off the ground a bit and helped shimmy herself free. I couldn't help but enjoy the sensation as my knuckles traced over the smooth, bare skin of Jackie's thighs and legs while I pulled her shorts down. I hadn't intended to leave her completely naked, but I'd hooked the tops of her panties along with her shorts. When her bare pussy lips were exposed, Jackie gave no complaints and made no move to try to hide herself.

Jackie glanced at me nervously, then Megan, then me again. "Well," she said, "If I'm going to have to suffer a little bit for what we did, you are too. Get down there and help me get a little wet."

Jackie spread her smooth, curvy legs apart and I dutifully moved my head between them. It felt very surreal, the moonlight giving everything a hazy dream-like quality, as my head dipped towards Jackie's pussy. My mind was swimming. I was being forced to eat Jackie out, but if I wanted to do it, was I really being forced? I didn't have much time to contemplate that thought as my well lubricated tongue finally made contact with the tip of Jackie's pussy. She hissed a little when my tongue touched her pussy, whether in arousal from the sensation or involuntary recoil from my wet tongue, I couldn't tell. I slithered my saliva up and down her hot lips in the moonlight, smelling her building arousal as I lubricated her. I guessed her own internal juices would probably be more effective, so I flicked tentatively with just the tip of my tongue upwards against her little clit. Jackie moaned in arousal, and somewhere over my head I heard a buzzing sound start again.

"Okay, okay" Megan said sounding testy. "She's supposed to be demonstrating this vibrator, not getting eaten out by you."

I backed off and saw that the little snake really had come alive in Jackie's hand. The middle part of the big shaft was twisting slowly in a circle, like a belly dancer making circles with her hips. The tip of the little branch was vibrating like mad. I had thought the size was the selling point and now I was marveling at all the little components.

Jackie positioned the fat top of the vibrator at the opening of her pussy lips and looked nervously like Megan. "Alright, here it goes," Jackie said, somewhat unconvincingly. "It's big so you have to try to take it slow."

Jackie pushed maybe half an inch of the vibrator into her hole and stopped, already gasping. "Holy shit, these vibrations are amazing," she managed between gritted teeth. I could tell that it hadn't even fully opened the tight ring of squishy muscle that guarded the entrance to her tunnel, it wasn't even really inside of her. And yet Jackie was gritting her teeth and her toes had begun to curl. I could feel my cock rapidly hardening in my shorts from this display of arousal and power.

Jackie pushed a little harder and maybe two inches of soft plastic sunk into her hole. The part that rotated was still outside of her pussy, but Jackie was already panting like a dog in heat, her full breasts rising and falling sloppily on her chest. "Okay... okay," she said, almost like she was psyching herself up, and then she pushed another couple of inches into her. The rotating part disappeared into Jackie's tight, wet opening, and Jackie threw her head back in arousal. What the heck was this thing, I wondered? How had someone managed to create a device so perfect at hitting my friend's buttons? Jackie's mouth was wide open in what looked like a silent scream, but she managed to whisper to Megan, "The fucking thing is moving inside of me! ... Oh! ...It's hitting my G spot!"

I glanced over at Megan and she was leaning towards her friend, clearly fascinated. "Okay... okay," Jackie said again. Jackie withdrew the rabbit a couple of inches, then sank it back in a couple of inches, her toes curling as it moved inside of her. She was now laying completely on her back, smooth legs splayed wide open, gripping the snake inside of her. Jackie's tank top had fallen askew, her large, full mounds spilling out the sides of the top, barely concealing her nipples. Her chest shook as she fucked herself slowly and carefully with the toy, her breasts sliding up and down with the movements of her chest as she breathed. I was tempted to whip out my cock right there and jack off, I was so turned on by the sight of her.

After maybe three in and out strokes, Jackie said, "Okay" again and then sunk the thick vibrator further into her hole. I finally understood what the little branch was for, as the rapidly vibrating tip came into direct contact with Jackie's clit. "Holy Fuck!" she screamed as the rabbit ears tickled her most sensitive spot.

"I'm CUMMMMMMMMIIIIIIINNNG!!" she screamed, her whole body seized up in her orgasm. One of her feet shook for a good ten seconds, and then she relaxed and practically yanked the vibrator completely out of her hole. It made a wet, popping noise and was visibly dripping with her juices as she pulled it out of her tight pussy. She had been using the toy for probably two minutes and had already orgasmed. I couldn't believe it.

Unexpectedly, Megan burst out laughing. She fell onto her chest in the soft grass next to her friend and began laughing hysterically. Jackie looked over at Megan, incredulous for a second, and then she too was laughing. And just like that, all the taut tension that had been with us that night suddenly melted away into the evening air. I looked down at my two friends trapped in their fits of giggles and smiled. The movements had caused part of Jackie's tank top to fall away and one of her nipples was partly exposed. Her smooth breasts shook in waves as she laughed, and she smiled at Megan. I don't know why that sight of a partly exposed nipple was so hot, hotter than seeing Jackie completed naked, but it was difficult to again resist pulling my fully erect cock out. Instead, Jackie spoke and broke the reverie of the moment.

"I can't believe you actually bought this thing," she told Megan.

"Now I'm kind of glad I did," replied Megan, taking the toy from her friend's hand. "I kind of want to use it. Right now."

"You're kind of sick, you know that," Jackie said, propping herself up on her slender arms but doing nothing to cover her naked pussy.

"I know," Megan said, pouring a generous amount of lubricant onto the toy and then wiping the coating clean. "But with friends like you," Megan continued, "what do you expect?"

Megan shot me a nervous glance as she quickly shimmied her little shorts off. Her legs were long and thin, but still very feminine as she pulled her shorts down over them. It occurred to me, as I glanced at her pussy in the moonlight, that I had already had sex with her and yet this was the first time I was seeing her pussy. It was neat and pink, and completely bare.

"Don't worry," Jackie told Megan, sensing her nervousness. "If he breathes a word of this to anyone, we will both kill him." Suddenly they were friends again, giggling at Jackie's threat. I'll never understand girls.

Megan turned the bottom and the little snake was writhing again, the tiny rabbit ears vibrating like mad. Megan lay back gently in the grass, her lithe frame settling into the moonlit meadow. Megan didn't start with the fat shaft head entering her pussy, like Jackie. Instead she brought the toy so the shaft was parallel to her opening and touched the vibrating ears to the top of her pussy lips. She squealed, her hips bucking in surprise as she jerked the toy away from her pussy. It looked like a little jolt of electricity had hit her in the pussy, but instead of stopping, she tried it again. Again she squealed and her hips bucked as she jerked the toy away from her sensitive spot. But then she touched her clit with the rabbit ears a third time, this time lingering a little longer, and she gasped in audible arousal. Megan kept the rabbit ears just to the side of her most sensitive spot, her hand trembling as it held the device and her breathing rapidly increasing in obvious arousal. "Oh fuck," she moaned deeply. I realized I had been fascinated by the view of her young pussy dripping in the moonlight with the juices of her sexual excitement, and when she spoke I looked up at her face. Her hazel eyes were focused on mine, and the painful pleasure coursing through her body was evident in the lines of concentration on her face. I had never seen her look so sexy.

"Does it feel good?" I whispered, somewhat stupidly.

"God yes," she responded, her hand moving the vibrating rabbit ears slightly up and down around her clit.

"You going to cum?" I asked.

"Mm," she replied, "it feels fucking amazing."

I reached out with my hand and slid my palm gently over her inner thigh. "Then cum, Megan," I encouraged her.

"Oh God," she responded, my hand sliding up and down her smooth leg, the rabbit ears dancing wildly against her swollen clit.

My eyes locked with hers, her face pleading for orgasmic release, and I repeated, "Cum, Megan."

"OH SHIT!" she screamed softly, "Ohhhh FUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCKKK!" Her legs twitched and her toes curled as she came. Megan's little pussy spasmed with the sudden contractions of blissful release. Her eyes were squeezed shut, and I watched fascinated as a little river of pussy juice dribbled out of her tight hole and down over the vibrating rabbit ears. Megan shook softly for several more seconds as she was lost in the throes of her orgasm.

The big vibrator had been discarded in the grass between her legs by the time Megan came back around to remembering where she was. Jackie scooped up the wriggling thing and switched it off as Megan opened her eyes. She had a dazed little smile on her pretty face.

"I won't lie," Jackie whispered, "That was hot, watching the two of you."

"What do you mean the two of us?" I asked.

Jackie was already squirting ample amounts of the cleaning lubricant all over the vibrator. The sight of her small hand closing over the thick shaft and pulling the lubricant up and down over the rounded head of the vibrator was incredibly erotic. I again became aware of the raging erection that was trying to fight its way out of my shorts. Jackie turned to look at me as she said, "the way you helped talk her into cumming like that. It was hot, and kind of sweet."

Before I could ask any more questions, Megan chimed in with, "Why are you cleaning it again? Are you going to use it again?"

"You don't mind, do you?" Jackie asked. "I'm ready to go again, remembering what this thing felt like the first time and watching that little show you just put on. And I'm dripping wet, so now is the perfect time."

"Go right ahead, Jackie," Megan responded, sitting up, still naked from the waist down.

"Now Kev," Jackie said, returning her gaze to me, "You're going to help me have a little fun with this thing." She handed over the vibrator, and without thinking much I took it and held it by the base.

"Me?" I asked.

"Yes you," Jackie responded. "You're clearly in on this little sex group conspiracy now." Jackie got onto all fours and looked back at me over her shoulder. The moonlight glistened on her ample, round bottom, which was now inches from my face. "And this will stay our little conspiracy. No one will breathe a word of anything we do to Brian because I do love that boy. But right now you are going to turn that thing on and I want you to imagine it's a big penis. And I want you to fuck me from behind with it."

Megan laughed, "That sounds like fun," Megan said, "But aren't you being a little forward?"

"Honey," Jackie replied, "This boy has already had sex with me and just watched me get myself off with a giant vibrator. It's too late to be demure."

I knew I wasn't going to pass up the opportunity to try this. I rotated the base of the device like Megan and Jackie had done and the wriggling thing came alive in my hands again. I had no idea how this thing was supposed to be sexy, it looked like a gross rubber snake, but clearly the girls were loving it. Jackie was still looking back at me over her shoulders, her blue eyes appearing almost black in the semi-darkness. She shook her smooth bottom at me teasingly, and I got on my knees to position the fat vibrating head at the entrance to her opening.

When she felt the wriggling head of the vibrator touch her pussy lips, Jackie let out a half moan, half whimper. I slid the thick head up and down her slit, wanting to coat it with her juices before I shoved it into her. I could see her moisture build up around the tip of the vibrator as it glistened in the strong moonlight. I pushed downward and at first didn't think the huge shaft of the device was going to make it inside of her. She was tight, and the vibrator was thick. But just when I was about to give up, the fat shaft popped through her opening and my force plunged a couple of inches of the thing into Jackie's pussy. Jackie gasped and arched her back deeply, the vibrator rotating in circles inside of her tight hole. I worked the thing in and out of her tight pussy very slowly, a few inches at a time, going deeper and deeper until the rabbit ears were almost in contact with her clit. The thing was making wet squelching noises as I fucked it in and out of Jackie, pumping it hard into her and watching her smooth ass cheeks jiggle as I fucked her with it.

When the rabbit ears touched her clit, Jackie pulled away with a jump, like I had touched her with something really hot. "That feels too intense, sweetie," Jackie explained as she looked back at me again, panting with her arousal. "It feels really good, but too intense. Just fuck me hard and fast with the body of that vibrator."

Intent on following instructions, I began to fuck Jackie hard and fast with the vibrating shaft. I pushed the thick pole into her pussy as strongly and deeply as I could, without letting the little rabbit ears touch her. Her reaction was immediate, thrusting out her large breasts as she deeply arched her back again. Her black hair fell softly over her delicate shoulders as she began to moan her encouragement to me. She almost looked like a sexy young wolf, howling at the moon. I pounded the vibrator in and out of her tight pussy as hard and fast as I could, sinking several thick inches into her pussy before pulling it back out again. She was so tight, it was hard to move, and the thing wriggling inside her didn't make it easier. But Jackie was clearly loving it, whimpering and moaning approvingly. It was impossible for me to resist reaching out through one of the sleeves in her tank top and gripping one of her huge, smooth breasts in my hands. As one hand plowed her pussy with the thick vibrator, my other hand held her soft, firm tit flesh while I rubbed at her hardening nipple with my thumb. I was afraid Jackie might object to me just wanting to play with her body, but instead she moaned, "Oh yes," as I tugged gently at her little nipple with my finger tips.

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