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The Captain's Lover


This is my first story that I have posted, so I would really enjoy if you guys would leave tips and point out any errors. The characters in this story are also all over 18. I am over 18 as well. Thank you and please enjoy. :)


Numbness. As I adjust my clothes and walk out of the room, numbness is all that I feel. A gruff voice calls out obscene things to my retreating form. I grab a cigarette and lighter from between my breasts and light up a smoke.

I look around at the gray walls and dusty floors that I am all too familiar with as sounds of forced groans and pleasure fill my ears. The lights flicker as I continue down the hallway. I am intent on avoiding those of authority just for some insufficient minutes of peace.

Just as I exhale smoke and run a hand through my dark, wavy hair, a rough, abrasive hand grips onto my posterior and a low voice whispers in my ear, "Where ya goin', girly?" He paws at my slim frame with lecherous intent.

Before, when innocence thrived in my soul, fear would settle in my mind, and a naive hope would trick me into thinking perhaps I would be left alone. I know better now. I turn and blow smoke directly into his nostrils.

Satisfaction courses through me, and I smirk as he chokes torturously. It is short lived; I am backhanded violently into the wall. "You're gonna pay for that, bitch," he bites out as he begins to unbuckle his belt.

One of those of authority shows up at precisely that moment. "To fuck this one will cost extra," he states plainly, uncaring of my impending mistreatment. The barbaric man smiles cruelly as he pays what is due.

He continues to disrobe in exceedingly slow and threatening manner. He then proceeds to carry out his plan. I stare at that same gray, dismal ceiling as the man moves over me. My once lively eyes now reflect the same gray that I gaze upon.

I was sold into human trafficking at the age of 13. I was the third child, so my being sold was not an uncommon case in those times. Many families sold children they viewed as excess or could not afford to keep.

In 2194, our nation had changed its views on human slavery due to the potential exponential growth of the economy. The laws were revised to allow citizens to be sold, but only if under strict supervision of a government official. It was to guarantee the portion of the government was paid sufficiently.

Those who did not adhere to this stipulation were met with swift and precise punishment. Many were put into prisons of dingy quality, but it was not unheard of for those involved to "disappear".

My parents were of the extremely poor sector of our nation, so when an opportunity arose to greatly profit, they eagerly accepted with little regard to my well being. After acquiring me, the authorities immediately began my training.

I was taught how to please customers through trial, error, and consequence. If I failed to make the customer feel satisfied, the authorities of my compound used severe punishment to provide incentive. Refusal of food privileges, lashings or beatings, etc. was what I would have to look forward to.

In the seven years since my selling, I had lost all childish dreams I had harbored and learned how to survive by focusing on living each hour. I lay there after the dreadful man had left, absorbing these stolen moments of peace in the aftermath of the horrendous previous minutes.

Another authority appeared. "Get up," he said with a sneer,"you're to be on ship duty tonight." I slowly lifted myself up only to be roughly handled by the authority and escorted to the showers.

"You have fifteen minutes to bathe and take care of any other bodily needs," he said flippantly as he strolled away from the showers. I stepped underneath the boiling shower-they kept them at a fixed, scalding temperature- and inwardly cringed.

Ship duty, I thought with a mental growl of frustration, I just want to have a decent night's sleep. Resigned to my fate, I stepped out of the water to hurriedly dress myself. To be late to a time set by an authority was incredibly stupid, and that is one thing this place has taught me not to be.

We arrive on the ship. The smell of salt water and fish permeates the air around me. I look around and am somewhat impressed by the cleanliness of the decks. We, the other women and I, are told to stand in a line as we are surveyed intently by the members of the ship.

Several coarse hands reach for me at once, and I mentally curse my looks. I have never been afforded a mirror, but I am often told by others of my beauty. It is why the authorities make customers pay more for my time.

Whoopty doo, I think with a mental eye roll. I silently ignore the clutching hands and lascivious remarks and instead, stare with interest about the ship. A clear voice rang out with command,"The one with the dark hair and green eyes is mine. Step away."

Immediately, I felt a reprieve from those searching hands. Curiosity sears my brain, but I learned long ago that it is best not to make eye contact; it helps to remove myself from the act that follows.

Silence hangs in the air as heavy boots march toward me. I lower my eyes to the ground and watch as a pair of black, pristine boots stop in front of me. It startles me to realize that I can somehow feel the presence of the one in front of me much stronger than those of the others.

My head is lifted by my observer's hand, but I still refuse to directly look at the one in front of me. "Look at me," my captor said, clearly expecting to be obeyed. I quickly weighed my options in my mind.

Perhaps not so quickly, I thought as the hand holding my face tightened. "Look at me," was repeated again with more force, and the unsaid promise of consequence if I did not comply. Reluctantly, I slowly drug my eyes up the body to the face of the one in front of me.

On my way up, I noticed strong legs,a slim waist, a flat stomach, and supple breasts. I also notice the height of hers when compared to mine. I was miniscule in comparison.

It was not surprising that a woman was in charge on the ship. Women had become prevalent on ships some time during 2090. They began reaching positions of power soon after that.

When I finally reached the face of the one in front of me, I inhale sharply and stare openly. An angular face with eyes of a cerulean blue stared back at me intently. A tingling sensation had begun when she had stepped in front of me and had intensified as my eyes travelled her body and settled on her face.

When I finally was able to drag my eyes from hers, I noticed her long, flowing, dirty blonde tresses. I felt compelled to touch them, but before I could even move my hand, she groped me as the men had done and stated with a sneer, "Nice. Yeah, this one should be fun." Then she unceremoniously pulled me behind her, causing me to stumble about as a I trailed her.

We entered through a door, and I once again noted the cleanliness of our surroundings as we travelled down a hallway. At its end, she stopped and unlocked the door there.

After once again pulling me behind her into the room, she went back to the door to lock it with her key. As she did that, I took in the opulence of the furniture, the gold present everywhere about the room, and how spacious the room was. She seems to be a quite successful commander, I observed in my thoughts.

I felt her approach me and stand behind me. "What is your name?" she asked in a much gentler tone than before.

"Does it matter?" I answered back. Due to her callous handling earlier, I fully expected things to continue as they always did.

"I am sorry about before,"she said with sincerity. When I gave no reply she continued, "I have a persona to uphold to the members of my ship. I can't afford to be seen as weak." I was shocked at her apology.

Before I could not stop it, a thought found voice," So you earn respect by taking it away from those around you." I was truly horrified that I had spoken that out loud. I silently hyperventilated as I awaited her reply. I tensed as well, waiting for abuse and the exploding pain that immediately followed.

Instead, she stated simply, "Sometimes, yes, I do, but it is not something I am proud of." She stepped closer, and the tingling sensation returned. I could feel her heat permeating my skin.

Suddenly, her hand caressed my cheek. It was the first time in my life that I experienced a gentle touch. It scared me more so than my normal treatment. What does she want with me? I silently questioned.

She stepped closer still until her body plastered itself against mine. A soft kiss touched my neck as her hand gently skimmed my sides. Her heat had indeed infused itself into my body and flooded to my center.

I felt a blush form on my face and my breasts began to ache. How does this woman make me blush after all I have endured? I ask myself with confusion. My body was becoming foreign to me in her hands; my thoughts were beginning to become nonexistent.

"I ask again, what is your name?" she whispered in a throaty voice into my ear as she nibbled on it.

Shame hits me and tears fill my eyes as I murmur,"I don't remember."

She pauses and seems to come to the correct conclusion before asking,"How old were you?" "Thirteen," I choke out as I try to compose myself.

"How old are you now?" She questions as she encircles me in her arms.

"Twenty," I reply with only a slight quiver in my voice as I continue fighting for composure. I can feel that her questions are about to impede upon sensitive subjects, and I refuse to allow it.

I swing around and crash my lips into hers to silence her forthcoming inquisition. Pleasure that I have never known erupts in my body and scares me with its vehemence.

All that I can do is hold onto my newfound source of it as it crashes into me in a constant wave. I pull back and blink idiotically as I try to dispel this new feeling.

My thoughts turn fuzzy again as she pulls me close and brushes my lips with her own before deepening the kiss. She leans back and looks into my eyes as she leisurely lifts my shirt.

When she is done, her eyes leave mine to glide over my exposed upper half. After she has taken in her fill, her lips begin to plant intensely arousing kisses on my neck and upper chest.

She once again makes eye contact as she knelt and took one of my breast into her mouth while fondling the other. At this point, inarticulate noises began to fall freely from my lips as I experienced her expertise.

As she administered the same treatment to my other breast, I gripped her shoulders and begged her to end the torture. An alien, intense throbbing persisted between my legs. I needed something, anything, to ease this intense aching of my body.

Abruptly, she stood and hurriedly removed her clothes before reaching to remove the remainder of mine. She seemed to manage to regain control herself as she slowly backed me onto her bed and lay me on it.

She bade me to spread my legs for her. Uncharacteristically, I felt some trepidation as I slowly open my legs to allow her gaze. I felt her slight tremble between my legs as she brought herself closer to my center.

She placed moist, hot kisses on each inner thigh as she steadily made her way to the source of my highest desire. My urgency continued to climb under her ministrations.

"Please!" I moaned, too far gone in my need for pride. She looked up from her task to gaze into my eyes. Maintaining the connection, she lowered her head to my center.

After the first savoring lick, my hands search for grounding in those dirty blonde locks. My back arches as she resumes sucking my pussy, and my eyes roll to look up to the canopy above her bed though I do not truly see it.

The erotic view of her between my legs beckons me and I once again glance down at her to find her looking directly at me as she circles my clit with her talented tongue. She slowly inserts two thick fingers deep into my pussy, finding my g-spot.

Ecstasy hits me, and all I can do is cry out from the increasing pleasure and overwhelming feelings. I look away briefly and then down again to watch the erotic sight. It seems like it was only moments before it became too much for my senses.

I feel a strange quickening and watch as a clear fluid gushes into her waiting mouth. If she had not smiled up at me from her position, I would have been appalled at my bodies release. My body was unknown by me in its satiation.

I could do nothing but look at her as she placed one last wet kiss on my nether region and crawled up my body. I turned my head to see her staring at my face. I leave her eyes to take in her saturated face and lush body.

I touch the clear liquid on her face with my fingertip then cautiously suck it into my mouth. Interesting flavor, I think to myself, I wonder what hers tastes like. I snap from my musings to observe her severely darkened eyes as I continue exploring my flavor.

I have never wanted to please someone more. My petite frame rolls onto her as I straddle her body. I caressed her with my eyes before leaning forward to ravage that delicious mouth that had given me so much pleasure.

I then moved to her neck to place moist, sucking kisses there until bruisings begin to appear. Slinking down her body, I trace her areola with my tongue. I teasingly avoid the tip until the enticement becomes too much, and I gently take it into my greedy mouth.

Moans leave her mouth, and her back arches, pressing her tit more firmly into my mouth. Both of her breasts get the same treatment as I lavish them with attention before continuing to her flat stomach.

I trail my tongue across it before dipping into her navel. I teasingly tongue fuck her belly button and hear a growl from above me. At this point, she begins to move her hips, impatiently urging me to go further down.

I gaze up and smile at her through my teasing. Her eyes are hooded and desire filled as she stares at me with rapt attention. Impatience is obvious in her expression and so is her attempt to control herself in the tension present in her muscles.

I grin again before kissing my way from my navel to her salivating pussy. "Hmmm, someone's excited," I remark as I view the copious amounts of her juices leaving trails down to her anus. As a reply, she moaned and pushed her pussy upward in a silent plea.

"Anxious are we?" I whisper huskily. Knowing how much she loves eye contact, I make sure to hold her gaze as I lower my head to her cunt. I lightly lick her outer lips then inner folds, causing her to whimper, before dipping my head to lick her from her rosebud to her clit.

I did this many times before circling a finger on her clit and slowly entering her with the digit as I began to tongue her sphincter. All the while, she continuously works her hips and groans aloud. Finding room for it, I enter her with another finger.

While I did this, I began to barely breach her anus with my tongue. Her juices dripped down my arm as I fuck her slowly but thoroughly. After a bit, I begin to create a rhythm with my tongue and fingers as I fully inserted my tongue into her nether hole.

"Oh god," she screams as she brings her hands from the bedding to grip my hair. Removing my fingers from her luscious pussy, I hear her whimper before I swap my mouth and finger. I thrust my tongue fully into her vagina while leisurely inserting a finger into her thoroughly wetted rosebud.

I begin another rhythm that had her grinding harder on my face than she had previously. Her hands on my hair tighten considerably with my change in rhythm. My mouth travels from her pussy to her extended clit. My mouth is now sucking on that pearl and lashing it with my tongue as I continue my rhythm from before with two fingers inserted in her gloriously sodden pussy and one finger in her tight anus.

Her exclamations grow louder above me as I move from the slow steady movements to a much faster, but no less controlled, pattern. Unintelligible sounds leave her mouth as she starts to tense underneath me. I look up in an attempt to see her as she falls apart in ecstasy.

It seems she had been holding off for that moment as immediately after her eyes meet mine, her body convulses spastically with release and she shrieks out, "Oh god, oh god." I slow my activities as she comes down from the heavens.

Placing one last kiss on her pussy and one last lick on her rosebud, I slip to her side for a brief rest. Before I fall asleep, I see a deeply concerned look pass on the face of my companion. I try to fight sleep to ask her her troubles, but I cannot resist the temptation and soon float in the land of dreams.

I am brought to the ship many times after that. Each time feels as if she was trying to steal my soul with her reverence. Every time I look at her before she sleeps, her face appears to be even more anxious than before.

A month after our affair had begun, I awake to the sound of movement. Strange, I think, usually she holds me until we were both awake. I shake off my unease. "Hey," I mumble sleepily as I stretch and rub my eyes.

"You have an hour before you are due to leave," she stated tensely while putting on her Captain's shirt. Her tone confuses me.

"Cap-," I start.

"You should get ready," she says tersely with her back to me as she adjusts her shirt. I silently slide out of bed to put on my outfit. I dress efficiently and swiftly before walking to the door, hoping to leave before the captain can see the hurt caused by her words and actions.

I attempt to quickly open the door. The obstinate handle refuses to move despite my urging. "The door's locked," I say quietly, trying not to break down as I wait impatiently for her to unlock it. After she has done so, I once again reach for the door handle only to feel a hand on my arm.

"Wait," she said. I did as she requested for some time, but she says nothing else. Feeling idiotic, I once again begin to reach for the door only to feel that same hand restraining me. Abruptly, her strong arms encircles my body from behind, and I feel her lower her head to my shoulder.

"I can't fall in love with you," she whispered hoarsely, sounding close to tears. I consider her words and actions.

"Because of what I am?" I question.

No, because of what I am." she answers, "My men are already questioning my constant involvement with you." She pauses while tightening her hold, "A pirate captain cannot have a relationship. It is considered weak." She seems to build up her resolve before stating, "We can not continue."

In spite of her obvious struggle with her decision, I feel a pain in my chest at her words, but I refuse to break down. "Then let me go. Go back to your life of luxury. I'll go back to my slums and to providing my services," I say as though it did not matter and that my heart was not cracking.

Once again, I was not worth it. I was not worth it to my family, I was not worth any value to my customers, and I was not worth any compromise from the first person I had ever felt any emotion for. A hard outer shell begins to form around the my heart.

I turn and look her in the eye. "We have had fun, but I must leave. As you said, it is probably better to end our acquaintance," I stated firmly. She seemed to notice my resolve and pulls herself together while lowering her arms.

I watch as a mask slips over her once openly expressive face. She gives me a brief nod, and I turn to open the door. We march towards the deck in a complete silence like strangers. Our time together has come to an end.

My time at the brothel resumes much the same way that it had for the other years. Except now, I am more miserable. Because of my experiences on the ship, I have become a more depressed caricature of my once already gloomy self.

I knew what it was like to have a connection during sex; I knew what it was like to have a considerate lover; I knew what it was like to be aroused beyond words and enjoy to my sexual partner. Every day I thought of her touch, her mouth, what had transpired between us. I hardened myself in an effort to become even more unfeeling.

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