tagGroup SexThe Car Show... Ch. 02

The Car Show... Ch. 02


I woke up skooched to the side of the bed with a dire need to pee, I slipped quietly to the bathroom to wash my face and pee. When I came out of the bathroom, I noticed Julie skooched to her side of the bed, and Ronnie sprawled face down in the middle of the bed. I slipped back into the bed running my nails up and down Ronnie's back intent on waking him to fuck him. My nails gliding over the contours of his muscles while my thoughts of him deep inside me were releasing my juices. Slip sliding my nails down his spine over his hot butt to tickling his upper thighs brought a wee bit of movement from his still asleep body. I softly kissed his shoulders, down his spine to his powerful, hot butt. My nails now statically positioned on his butt began to dig into it just a bit to elicit a response. When he began to stir and waken I moved to where I could whisper in his ear.

"I want to fuck you. I need you inside me. I want you to cum inside me. Please fuck me now."

His eyes opened as I began to kiss his neck and shoulders, when he rolled over I could tell I was going to have fun making his morning wood soft. My hand slithered down Ronnie's chest, and abs to stroke his rock hard cock. My tongue slowly followed the path of my hand to tease his cock, by encircling the head of his cock with my tongue then sliding his cock deep into my mouth over and over. Slowly licking down the belly of his cock then up to the bottom of the crown. I continued teasing the bottom side of his cock with my tongue then sliding him deep into my mouth. Listening to his primal moans and growls as I sucked his balls made me soaking wet ready to be fucked. I replaced my mouth with the devotion of my hand to his rock hard cock while I kissed up his abs and chest.

I whispered in his ear, "Fuck me now, right now I want you inside me right now."

Lust had taken over my body all I could feel was how much I wanted the orgasms he would give me. In one deft movement, Ronnie rolled over onto me and into me his cock now buried deep inside my wet cunt. He began to fuck me, Immediately lost in a world of my own a world where nothing mattered except the feeling he was giving me by pounding that throbbing engorged cock deep into my body.

I began to moan, "Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me, Fuck Me Harder, Fuck Me harder, Fuck Me harder!"

Our bodies locked in a zone that made my building orgasm desire to plunge from my body into the morning light. He began to fuck me harder, it seemed as he had fucked me for hours, the orgasm he erected had taken over my mind and body.

I screamed, "OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD Oooooooooooooooooooo GOD!"

My orgasm gave me a glimpse of heaven on earth. I began to tremble as my pussy soaked Ronnie's cock, I felt my orgasm make my body release endorphins pleasuring my body and mind. As I came down from this fantastic orgasm, I noticed Ronnie had stopped while deep inside me to enjoy my orgasm with me, also noticed Julie now watching us fuck. He began to stroke me slower with gentle movements until my moans told I was ready for his full throttle thrust. He began to thrust slow and hard giving me all of his cock then slipping it almost out of me and driving it back deep inside me. Ronnie brought me quickly to the edge of orgasm again. His pace picked up as his moans now began to fill the room.

He raised himself fully extended on his arms as he growled, "FUCK YES, FUCK YES, FUCK YES, FUCK YES!"

With every FUCK YES, I could feel his release of his hot cream inside my pussy. It took me over the edge into another orgasm. While our shared orgasms mixed inside my pussy, Ronnie lay on me still inside my pussy until his cock softened. Our juices from my pussy started trickle down my thighs, just as Julie went down on me. Her tongue licking Ronnie's warm cream from my center, while her hand was tickling my clit made me moan with sweet delight. Julie's tongue was an eloquently talented tool of sexual pleasure. When our eyes met my senses were filled with joy that she would do this for me, to me, and because of me. Julie slithered up me with her lips glistening with the juices Ronnie, and I shared. The kiss tasted of the oceans saltiness with traces of honeysuckle on the first days of summer a taste only Ronnie, Julie, and I could ever reproduce. Julie's tongue again found my center bringing me to an orgasm, not like last night but one only possible by having another girl taste me. An orgasm that does not fight to burst out, but an orgasm that gently lingers on my senses while seeping out every pore of my body.

Ronnie's tongue had found Julie's pussy. I stood and watched her pleasure for a while then slipped Ronnie's shirt on while going to the kitchen. I was in need of some nourishment of the food kind. I had never had Cheerios with milk and the sounds of a girl coming while being tasted and fucked. It was a unique morning breakfast. I heard the shower turn on just as Julie came out of the bedroom with one of Ronnie's polo's on and a real big smile on her face.

"Good Morning Julie, how are you feeling this morning?" I asked.

Julie blurted, "I feel great."

We both giggled about the evening and morning, trading feeling about what had taken place, and plans for today and the evening ahead. The plans included a trip to the tanning salon to even out our tans, the car show to make the hundred bucks, dinner after the car show, and then Ronnie to fuck him all night.

While leaning on the counter I asked, "How about Matt?"

"What do you mean, how about Matt?"

"He has a classic sports car did you tell him about the car show?"

"No, but we can stop by and tell him when we go tan."

"OK, sounds like a plan."

"You're thinking about fucking him, aren't you?"

"Maybe, I am going to. I might I was not thinking about it." I blurted as I walked out of the kitchen joining Ronnie in the bathroom.

Ronnie was brushing his teeth as I slipped his shirt I was wearing to the floor kissed him on his shoulder telling him good morning and slipping my lil butt into the shower. The hot water felt terrific slipping down my body. I lost myself in the thoughts of how this day would unfold, Julie was right I was thinking of fucking Matt. I found myself excited thinking about his hands wandering over my body. I found my hands lingering close to my center as my thoughts were lingering on Matt. I did not know why, I hardly knew him or anything about him. I thought maybe it was he is a lil older, very hot (cannot believe I did not notice the day at Starbucks), a grad student, and has a great car I would love to do him on. I laughed thinking how shallow my thinking was about Matt, but I did know he was very very good according to Julie. To my surprise Julie joined me in the shower. We began to giggle about everything and nothing.

Julie asked,"Do you want to fuck Matt and Ronnie tonight?"

"It has crossed my mind, Yes." I said.

Julie was washing my back as she blurted, "I have never had two guys the same night."

"Do you wanna fuck'em both tonight?" I asked.

"It does sound fun, yes I do." Julie said.

We giggled about our plan then our lips met in a wet kiss. When I walked into the kitchen, Ronnie was eating left over pizza for breakfast. I put my arms around Ronnie's neck and kissed him between pizza bites, he tasted like pizza. I asked, "Did you enjoy yourself last night and this morning?"

He began to laugh then exclaimed, "Fuck yes!"

"I am happy you enjoyed yourself, now get the hell out of here we will see you at the car show."


"Julie and I have things to do, go see DeeDee every time I see her, we talk about how much she misses you."

"OK, I guess I can put up with my sister till the show starts."

I slipped his shirt off to give him, so he would not have to go shirtless, he slipped it on kissed me good bye and left. Not long after Ronnie left Julie came out of the bedroom, and the magnificent day, we had planned began to unfold.

We stopped by Matt's apartment to tell him about the car show. I ended up asking him to go out to dinner with us and Ronnie after the car show.

On the way to the tanning salon, Julie asked, "Will Ronnie go for him joining us?"

"For dinner sure he would, for joining us in bed probably. I know Ronnie is not a foursome virgin."

"Are you?" Julie asked.

"Nope, but not with Ronnie, how about you."

"Yes, I am."

"You know Matt better than I do, think he would go for it?" I asked as pulling into the salon parking lot.

"I am not sure, but I do know he wants to fuck you." Julie said the quickly added "I can tell, by the way he looks at you."

On the way home from tanning, we stopped to pick up Julie's uniform then headed to dress and make it to the car show. It did not take long for us to dress the shorts fit our butts perfectly and the tops were engaging, with just a hint of nipple outline showing. We arrived at the show about 15 minutes early to make sure we could get organized. People were already milling around the cars. I did not know what some of the cars were until I referenced the data sheets. We began to circulate among the cars and patrons. Most of the patrons were guys that looked at Julie and me as much as the cars. I was almost making myself laugh thinking, looking at slutty dressed girls always trumps looking at cars.

We had been there for almost two hours when Ronnie showed up. Ronnie walked over to where I was standing to ask for a data sheet. I was handing him one when he began caressing my belly button with the back of hand causing my nipples to stand at attention. We walked and talked as he faked interest in a car, happen to be the farthest one on the lot. His hand was all over my lil black shorts when we walked between cars, stroking up and down my center making me extremely wet for his cock.

He looked me in the eye and said, "I am going to make you cream right now."

I softly said, "No, Ronnie." As he slipped his hand to my tummy then into my shorts.

My knees weakened when his middle finger curled into my wetness. He was massaging my clit with the pressure of his palm while the two fingers he now had inside me were exploring my pussy. Every second Ronnie's fingers stroked me seemed like hours when thoughts of getting caught flashed to my mind. His fingers fucking me, along with the naughty things he was saying pushed me over the edge quickly. My knees became like Jello when my orgasm bounced from my body. I wanted to scream with the orgasmic delight I felt, but instead I had to let it ooze out quietly. I quickly composed myself then slowly re established myself in the main area of the show.

I noticed Matt had arrived in his lil black jet while Ronnie finger fucked me. Julie and I managed to get Matt and Ronnie together to introduce them to each other. Shortly after I told Ronnie, Matt would be joining us for dinner. I just hoped the guys would hit it off. I was crushing on Matt I did not want to choose between him and Ronnie. Julie wanted both of them and so did I, the only difference I was thinking at the same time not sure about Julie's thoughts. My worries about the guys getting along became moot after about 30 minutes they told Julie they were going to get a beer, and would be back about 6. The car show seemed secondary to our plans for the guys. The cars were beautiful, and they were all perfectly detailed to show. Julie and I must have posed in front of every car for pictures it was a busy but also fun. The guys true to form showed up after 6 when we were in the office collecting our pay. Julie and I wanted to go change, but the guys liked what we were wearing so to resolve the disagreement we flipped a coin. The flip was also to determine who got to choose the restaurant heads girl win tails guys win.

Ronnie and I were walking into the restaurant the guys chose when Julie and Matt turned into the parking lot, of course Matt parked his lil black jet as far away from any other car as he could park. The smell of the barbeque was overwhelmingly yummy. The coolness of the wooden booth on the back of my thighs as I slid next to Matt felt soothing. The food was fantastic Julie, and I giggled and laughed at our new found wealth, but most of all the sexual energy was the driving force for the evening. When I felt we were about to leave, I slipped my hand to Matt's mid thigh. While rubbing the inside of his thigh, I mentioned Ronnie, Julie and I were going to watch a movie and have some Patron' letting him know I wanted him to join us. I didn't know how Matt or Ronnie would react. Ronnie just smiled, and Matt nodded yes with a dumbfounded look on his face. I think he was speechless. He was also getting excited from my hand slip sliding on his thigh.

I asked, "Is everybody ready to go?"

When they all agreed, while sliding my hand up Matt's thigh I whispered in his ear, "Can I ride with you in your lil black jet?"

Getting in his car was not like getting in a regular car, it was more like putting a glove on your body the seat seemed to fit perfectly to my lil butt. I began to have an extremely hot naughty thought as we drove away from the restaurant. I had never kissed Matt, hardly touched him, but I was getting wet thinking about sucking his cock while on the way home. The thought of sucking his cock before I ever kissed him was driving my mischievously sexual self wild. I slipped the peppermint I had picked up when the bill arrived into my mouth. I had to overcome the console and the seat belt before I could taste Matt's sweetness I desired.

When I unbuckled the seat belt, Matt asked, "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, just getting comfortable." I said as I re buckled the seat belt behind me to stop the dinging I heard coming from the car.

Turning toward Matt while propping myself on my leg gave me access to him that my naughty self had desired. I commented on how hot his car was and also he was pretty fucking hot. I thought to myself go for it, suck him till he is dry. I put my hand on his thigh tracing the inseam of his jeans to his middle. He looked at me with a broad smile realizing what I was going to do to him. I could feel his cock begin to come alive, but I wanted it to harden while in my hand. I wanted to feel him come to life. I quickly unbuttoned his jeans slid the zipper down while slipping my hand into his boxer briefs to bring his cock into view. Matt's cock was growing in my hand as I bent toward his cock lightly kissing the beautiful crown, a slow kiss letting the tip of my tongue linger on the pee hole of his cock. The heat of the peppermint that had dissolved in my mouth was still lingering as I blew hot air onto his cock. His cock was fully at attention when I slipped my tongue down the belly of his cock to kiss his tightening balls. My tongue swirling up the belly of his cock brought moans of pleasure from Matt. With my tongue swirling around the crown of his cock, his moans became more pronounced. I slid my lips down his cock taking him into my mouth then slowly slid up his cock swirling my tongue around the head. The warmth of the dissolved peppermint was enhancing the experience for both of us.

Matt blurted. "Holy Shit!"

I began to slide his cock in and out of my mouth then slipping my tongue down the belly of his cock teasing him to the point of orgasm then backing off. When I tasted the precum I began to stroke his cock with my hand while sucking on the head of his cock sliding it into my mouth. I was oblivious to where we were. I did realize the car was no longer moving when he began sliding his hand over my ass to my pussy. His moans became louder and more defined, as he thrust his hips forward his cum squirted into my mouth. I sucked on the head of his cock while stroking his cock with my hand, in essence milking his cock of the juice I desired. He tasted pure, not bitter like most and not salty either, a pure tasting protein fill cream. I held the cum in my mouth then let it slip slide over the head of his cock again then took all of his cock in my mouth sucking the cum back into my mouth.

"OH FUCK!" Matt loudly moaned.

"That felt so fucking good, Vikki."

Matt's cream slipped down my throat as I raised up to see a broad smile on Matt's face. Our eyes met as my lips glistened from the protein I had just milked from his cock. It was as I had never looked into his eyes. I saw the guy I should have seen at Starbucks. A real, personable, hot, sexy, guy, that wanted to say hello and get to know me. We kissed a long, hot, sexy, wet with emotion, slow, kiss. As our kiss broke our eyes met again, as did our lips, this time a playful mischievous kiss that transferred thoughts of fun to come after we were inside. We made out like teenagers on a date not wanting to go in to see the parents.

After we slid out of his lil jet he took me in his arms and whispered to me, "I want to fuck you all night long."

I kissed him lightly then said, "You had better fuck me all night long."

Ronnie and Julie were in my bed doing nasty things when Matt and I walked into the bed room. Matt looked a lil shocked but also turned on when he realized how Julie was letting Ronnie fuck her.

I turned to Matt slipped my top off then shimmied out of my boy shorts and asked, "What did you say you wanted to do to me tonight?"

Matt did not say anything as I began to unbutton his shirt, then his pants. I slid his shirt off his broad shoulders my lips wandering down his chest to his flat tummy all the while my hands sliding his pants and undies to the floor. His cock was at attention as my mouth slipped over the head and down the shaft. While my tongue teased the belly of his cock as our eyes met, I knew it was time we fucked each other. I reached into the night stand to grab a condom. I was ready to fuck him when I rolled the condom on his hot throbbing cock.. He pulled me up to share a kiss, I was on my tip toes as he forced me against the wall. Our tongues tasting the delight of the other as his hands slid to the back of my thighs lifting my legs around him. Matt guided his hard cock into my waiting wet pussy. It took only seconds to realize we fit his cock felt as it was made to be inside my cunt, everything about him fit what I needed at that moment in time.

"OH FUCK YES!" I screamed as Matt fucked me.

Seeing Julie fuck Ronnie while Matt was pounding his cock inside me had my senses on razors edge on the verge of exploding into space. The primeval sounds coming from Ronnie and Matt were bringing visions of Julie and I being fucked as neanderthal women by neanderthal men. Matt stopped let me slip from his tight grip, turned me face first toward the wall, bent me over a little, and slammed his hard cock back into my pussy. My now sweaty breast pressed to the wall as he was fucking me even harder than before. He slapped my butt cheeks as he fucked me harder causing white pain to render my senses even more frayed. Slipping his hand around my waist first playing with my belly button then he slipped his hand to my clit. He teased my clit with soft movements of his fingers at first causing me to moan.

"OH yes baby please don't stop."

Matt increased the power he was fucking me with along with the intensity of the rubbing of my clit. He was now roughly massaging my clit driving me to beg him not to stop.


My moans of 'OH FUCK YES' were constant and loud. I was in the zone of orgasmic excitement nothing could stop my orgasm from freeing itself from my mind. My orgasm started slowly oozing from my mind like a pinhole in a dam begins to leak. The more the dam leaks the kinetic energy builds into a crescendo of my screaming praise to God almighty as the rush of my orgasm flowed out of my body. Matt did not stop slamming his cock inside me or rubbing my clit. He gave me a tremendous orgasm then a series of mini orgasms all separate but linked together by his rubbing of my clit. I never wanted this feeling to end.

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