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For as long as Allison could remember, she'd wanted to get into acting. But coming from a strict, religious family, she was discouraged from pursuing it as a career.

When she was 21, she married her high school sweetheart, who wrote part-time at the local newspaper and freelanced for magazines. She worked at a temp agency and made a good living. They were happy together and had decided to wait a few years before trying for a family. Three years after the wedding, her husband Michael decided they should move to LA because he'd been offered a good job at a national publication. She was overjoyed. She couldn't wait to visit Hollywood!

Three months after they moved to LA and armed with an impressive resume from the various projects she'd worked on, she got a job as a receptionist at a talent agency. She was excited about seeing her favorite celebrities, though she knew she'd get in serious trouble with her boss if she so much as spoke to any of the big name actors who walked through the doors.

She became good friends with a girl named Lisa who worked for one of the highest-paid agents. Lisa was a struggling actress, and Allison was in awe of the beautiful redhead, who seemed to have plenty of stories of life on the sets of movies she'd had bit parts in. Eventually, Allison shared her desire to act with Lisa, who was thrilled. "Oh, Allison, that's great! You'll have to join my acting class. I've learned so much from the teacher. But the class is mostly men, and I'd kill to have a friend to sit with!"

After much thought, Allison talked her husband into letting her sign up, and though she was terribly nervous about acting in front of a group of people, she was willing to put aside her fears and give it a try. It was her dream, after all. At first, she felt terribly out of place. She recognized a few male students from soaps she'd watched, and Lisa seemed to really know her stuff too! She was surprised to see their acting coach was a tall black man named Jeffrey Hagood. Her father had always been terribly racist, and though she personally didn't have anything against blacks, neither had she dealt with them much. She was shocked when Lisa leaned over once and whispered about Jeff, "Mmm-mmm. That man gets me so hot sometimes, I could just cream right here in this seat."

Allison had never found black men attractive, though once Lisa's comment was out in the open, she began to study Jeff closer. She supposed he was quite handsome for a black man, and he had an impressive resume of credits on his resume. He certainly showed a lot of patience with her and told her he saw a lot of natural talent in her acting skills. The true test, he said one day during class, was how well she handled love scenes. He called up one of the students, a handsome older man named Seth, and gave them a scene to act out. Allison was playing Seth's wife and was supposed to surprise him with a romantic dinner, which in turn leads to romance in the bedroom, Jeff directed. They began the scene--she could barely concentrate, she was so worried about the other students watching them--and when Seth tried to pull her into a kiss, she froze.

"Hold it!" Jeff yelled. "Allison, you gotta relax. Just pretend Seth is your husband. Remember how much you love him and want to show him affection. Come on. Try again."

They tried three more times, and each time, she froze whenever Seth tried to press his lips to hers.

After class, Lisa told her everyone froze when they tried their first love scene. "Though once you get used to it, believe me, it really gets you hot. Sometimes it's hard to control yourself long enough to get through the scene."

Allison didn't believe a word of it, and told Michael so later that night. He seemed worried that she was taking the class too seriously, and said, "Sweetie, maybe it's time we started a family. I think a child would help you feel more secure in general, and Lord knows we'll have fun trying." She wasn't sure if it was time for them to start a family or not, but Michael persuaded her to stop taking the pill anyway.

Weeks passed, and she thought she was getting better at the love scenes, but both Lisa and Jeff told her she had a long way to go before she was a professional at it. "You're still too wound up," Jeff told her. "Someday you'll let your mind go, and it'll just all click into place. Don't worry. You'll get there."

Jeff, of course, knew that Allison was already pretty good at doing love scenes. He'd had his eye on the tall white woman since the day she'd walked into his class. He'd had plenty of opportunities to sleep with white women before, but he'd never had the desire. That is, not until he met Allison. When he was a teenager, he'd had a major crush on Mrs. Helen Jenkins, his English teacher, and a sexy white woman. But when he'd tried to make a move, she'd left him feeling like scum for even daring to try and touch her lily white skin. He'd vowed then and there not to mess with white women again, but Allison was too tempting to resist. Truth be told, she was the image of his perfect woman. She was tall and slim, but very voluptuous, and had long, honey blonde hair that seemed as natural as her pretty supermodel face. Since he was involved in a relationship already, he'd tried to ignore his attraction to the married woman, but eventually, he decided enough was enough. He was going to fuck her brains out if it was the last thing he did.

He put his plan into action one night after Allison had aced a scene with one of the white boys in the class. "Allison," he told her. "That was good. So good, in fact, I think you're ready for your first performance. A director called me today and he's looking for a woman that fits your description to act in his play. Only..."

She was so excited she could hardly contain herself. "Only what? What? Tell me, Jeff," she pleaded. "I'm not sure you're really ready for it," he told her. "Here...this is the script. Take it home and read it, then tell me what you think."

That night Allison eagerly gobbled up the script. When she got a few pages into it, she had to stop in shock. The story was an interracial romance, and the director had included some pretty realistic, not to mention nude sex scenes between the couple it was about. She told Michael she didn't think she could go through with acting out a nude sex scene with a black man. "But I know you, honey," he argued. "If you don't at least try, you'll always regret it." "You won't be jealous?" she asked softly, curious about his answer. In high school, he'd always been very possessive, but since coming to LA, she knew he'd tried hard not to be, for her sake. "Of course I will," he smiled. "But I know it's not real, right? Isn't that what you're always reminding me of?"

The next day in class, Allison told Jeff, "I read the script."


"And I want to do it. It's a great part. A good story. I want to do it."

Jeff smiled to himself before sharing the last detail with her, "Great! I guess I should tell you--I'm your co-star!"

"You?" she repeated in shock, feeling slightly better that it would be Jeff and not some stranger.

What she didn't know was that the play was fake and would never be produced. He'd written it in a frenzy a few nights before and had made up the story about his friend calling for an actress. "Yes, me," he told her. "And if you're really going to do it, we need to start rehearsing right away. Can you stay later after class tonight?"

Allison nodded. She'd been disappointed to find that she and Michael weren't yet pregnant and although she would be at her most fertile this week, Michael was being sent out of town for a week to do a story. She would be going home to an empty house tonight.

After class, Allison waved Lisa goodbye and met Jeff on the makeshift stage. "The director is a friend of mine--Derrick Godbee--but he's tied up on another play at the moment, and he told me we should just start rehearsing without him."

Allison was so naive she didn't doubt the story, Jeff thought with a silent snicker. They began running through their lines, and when they got to the first love scene, Allison tensed up.

"I know," Jeff suggested. "If we practice kissing and get comfortable with each other that way, it'll make the rest easier too."

She hesitated and a red flush spread across her cheeks, but she nodded her agreement. "Just don't get mad if it takes me a while to get into it, OK?"

Jeff smiled, thinking, don't worry baby. It won't take you long at all to get into it. And even less time for me to get into you.

He pulled her next to him and began by caressing her face. Allison tried not to freeze when his big lips pressed against hers. He didn't apply much pressure at first, just gently moved his lips against her own. After a few minutes, she felt comfortable enough to ask, "How deep should we be kissing here?"

Jeff knew he was close to passing first base. With a smile, he explained, "Baby, we're supposed to be so deeply in love we can't keep our hands off each other. I'd say we need to get pretty deep--openmouthed and maybe even tongues."

Allison tried not to flinch at the information. She could do this, she told herself. Taking a deep breath, she said, "OK, I'm ready to continue."

Leaning over, Jeff pressed his lips against hers and began sliding his big black hands up and down her bare white arms, trying to urge her even closer. When he pressed against her harder, tried to pry her lips open, Allison wouldn't let herself pull back. She steeled her nerves and allowed his tongue to enter her mouth, and before she knew it, he had her pressed back against the seat of the sofa they were running lines on. Jeff held her head and kissed her hotly and deeply for several minutes, until she had almost forgotten he wasn't her husband and she wasn't supposed to be enjoying this quite so much. He pulled back and said, "I'm going to step things up, here, OK, baby?"

She dimly nodded and whimpered an agreement as his lips attacked hers once again. His hand was suddenly sliding up to her large breast, kneeding it gently through the blouse she wore as his other hand slid up her thigh and urged her knees apart. When he started to move between her thighs, Allison suddenly realized what was happening and pushed him away.

"I'm sorry, but this is too much, too soon."

"OK," Jeff agreed, though he was so hard already he was tempted to rip into her anyway. "All right, we'll take it slow," he said and urged her back into a tongue-dueling contest. Every time he thought he had her so hot she had forgotten where she was, she'd stop him from taking things to the next level. Finally, they decided to call it a night.

As Allison lay in bed, she couldn't believe how far she'd taken things already with Jeff. She couldn't believe she'd even gotten turned on by a black man! If she hadn't come to her senses, she might have let him make love to her! Of course, she didn't have to worry about that since Jeff was a true professional. he knew when to put the brakes on

The next night, things were pretty much the same. Jeff managed to get his hand inside her shirt and feel her bare breast before she put a stop to things. She was so horny by the time Michael called her at home, she felt guilty as hell for thinking about sex with another man when she should be thinking of her husband.

When she arrived at the playhouse the next night without Lisa since class was on hiatus for a few days while they did the play, the first thing she saw was the bed. It was the only prop on stage, and Jeff was sitting on it in nothing but a pair of loose fitting shorts.

Allison couldn't believe the body on the man. He was as fit and muscular as a basketball player, and she suddenly knew for the first time since meeting him that she was actually attracted to him. The thought scared her, so much so that she considered dropping out of the play, then and there. But then Jeff lifted his head and smiled at her and she knew she couldn't disappoint him. He'd had so much faith in her so far.

Besides, this play was her first big play and she knew if she got good reviews, it could help her career if she decided to seriously pursue acting.

"Hey, gorgeous," Jeff called out. "I figured we need to get a move on and start practicing the actual love scenes. This is a pretty good idea of how the stage will be set up for us."

She was uncertain about the whole thing but charged on bravely. Once she was on the bed, Jeff wasted no time in pulling her into a heated embrace. She knew it was all part of a scene, but she couldn't help but feel like they were real lovers, on the verge of making love. She was dressed in a tank top and short jean shorts and could feel Jeff's hands running up and down her tan thighs. This time when he tried to part her legs, she let him.

"Mmmm, baby, just go with it," he told her, settling between her legs and pressing her back onto the bed in a missionary position.

Allison tensed up, especially when he tried to push up her shirt, and pulled away long enough to say, "This feels real."

"We're acting, baby. It should feel real or it won't look real. Trust me."

Then his tongue was in her mouth again, and she sighed, trusting him totally to know what was best. But a few minutes later, when he tried to slide his hand into her shorts, she shoved him away, feeling herself loose control. "Wait," she said. "Stop."
"Allison," Jeff said, loosing patience with her for the first time. "If you're going to stay in this play, you're going to have to loosen up. Any good actress would know we have to take this as far as we can, just short of penetration, to make it look real. You tell me if you can't do it and I'll call in your understudy right now."

Allison was shocked. She didn't want to loose this role. In the back of her mind, she was uncertain about whether it was all on the up and up, but she felt secure in the knowledge that Jeff was so well respected in the acting community. She'd made sure to do some checking before she joined his class, and he wasn't known for taking advantage of his students.

"No, I can do it," she told him, settling back down. Deciding tonight was the night, Jeff untangled himself from her and urged her into a sitting position in front of him. He pulled her against him and started to rub her shoulders and back. Allison was somewhat startled but the massage felt good and she knew he was trying to help her relax.

Jeff's eyes locked onto her precious breasts, which filled out the front of her shirt nicely. As he rubbed her shoulders he could feel how warm and soft her pearly white skin was. He also noticed no sign of a bra. Allison never wore a bra unless she could absolutely help it. She saw him kneed the tension away and knew she was getting turned on by the contrast in their skin colors as his dark black hands caressed her white shoulders. She rested her head back against his chest. As one hand gently squeezed her shoulder the other slid around front and found one of her breasts again.

As Allison leaned back against him Jeff continued to rub her shoulders. She shut her eyes and almost sighed when he tried to slide the straps of her shirt down her shoulders. Jeff leaned his head down against hers and started to breath into her ear. "Remember you're Kathy. You're in love with Rick, and you can't keep your hands off me."

His warm breath kind of turned her on as she braced herself with her hands and squeezed his thigh. He grabbed her by her waist and lifted her so she was sitting up higher. Allison let her head tilt back against his shoulder as he started to slowly breath down her neck, his tongue making contact with her skin this time. She felt her defenses slide away and knew she was getting hot again from the attention. Jeff slowly started to nibble at her ear. "You smell so good, baby," he told her softly, and slid both hands around to cup her breasts.

Jeff was impressed with how firm her heavy breasts were. He slowly licked and sucked his way up and down her neck, enjoying his first real taste of a white woman. Allison squeezed his arms and let out a small sigh as his warm wet tongue felt so good. He licked her ear lobe and continued onto her neck. He licked and sucked and kissed gently on her neck and up to her chin. As he made another trip to her chin, Jeff slowly started to kiss her again, urging her lips to part and let his tongue inside. Allison was feeling so turned on by his seduction, she'd already forgotten where she was and why. She turned her head toward him as he slowly leaned in and lightly kissed her soft lips. They aggressively licked each other's tongue as blood surged to their loins.

Jeff was fast becoming hard and Allison started getting wet again. Allison groaned as his tongue licked deep inside her mouth. Her arms were stretched up around his neck, but Jeff reached down and turned her around, facing him. They slowly leaned in and went at it again. This time, the kiss was so intense that you could almost see steam rising out of them. As they continued making out, Allison ran her hands down his powerful arms and to his muscular shoulders. His tough black skin felt strong as it contrasted with her white body. He ran his hands down her back as he kissed deep into her and his hands lowered to Allison's hot little ass. He was somewhat surprised when Allison didn't try to push him away at feeling her booty.

Jeff pressed in against her. For the first time, she felt his enormous bulge against her stomach and almost panicked. As he licked down her neck she was in shock by the massive size of his cock. Michael was about average--six or seven inches--but Jeff felt much larger than that. She wondered how any woman could take such a tool into her without getting hurt.

Jeff was preoccupied with making his way to her firm mounds. He knew she was his now, especially since she hadn't stopped him again.

Lowering her down to the bed, Jeff settled between her thighs again, maiking sure he pressed his package hard against her cunt. He felt a moan escape her lips as he took them against his. With the fire burning between her legs and the confidence she could stop this at anytime, Allison decided to let him take things further. She loved Michael, but she'd never been with another man, and Jeff was just making her so damn hot, she couldn't help herself. She closed her eyes as Jeff eagarly pushed her tank top up and over her head. He licked his lips as her 36-C breasts sprung free from their cover, and thought, damn, this chick is stacked. He delighted in the contrast of his large hands as he squeezed them with his fingers. He lowered in and took her right breast into his mouth. The warmth of his tongue and the sensation of his big lips against her tight tit sent Allison into a tremor or sensations. She really wanted him to take her tits and suck. Finally, he licked her swollen nipple to maximum attention and went in for the kill. She moaned and bucked against his bulge as he started to agressively suck her, licking her nipples and murmuring dirty words against her skin, like "Damn baby, you're tits are making me hard. I'm gonna bust in a minute, baby."

Allison threw her arms over her head and arched her back, allowing her tits to swell and push deeper into his mouth. She looked down to watch as this black man was licking her swollen nipples as his saliva was dripping everywhere. He grabbed her rib cage and slowly pushed her shorts lower. He loved the way her tight little body was eating up his touch. He returned to her lips and deeply kissed her as he squeezed her breats before sliding his hand down again to her shorts.

Allison knew that this had long gone past acting. He wanted her. He wanted to strip her naked and push into her tight body the way only her husband ever had. She wanted him to also, that was the hardest part. But she knew she couldn't.

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