tagNon-Erotic PoetryThe Cat and The Moon

The Cat and The Moon


The small black cat
And the big silver moon
Met in the jasmine, fully in bloom
At the top of the fence,
And had a long talk
About the neighbors' boy Lars,
And how the ground looked like chalk.

The cat said the fence
Could likely reach the stars
And was great protection
From the neighbors' boy Lars,
And the moon said that the twinkling red object
Was Mars.

The moon told sea tales
That enthralled the small cat,
About whales and salmon
(The cat really liked that);
The cat told the moon about possums and mice
And how roasted duckling was really quite nice.

They talked through the night
About flowers and kings
And rodents and pigeons and angel wings,
Till the street-sweeper came,
Rushing and roaring,
An event that the two of them spent time deploring.

The moon felt a tug,
And began to head west.
It was late, then, and time for a well-deserved rest.
The cat said Good Morning,
And slipped from the fence
And woke up his people
(Really quite dense).

As the sun climbed the sky,
(and with his tummy well-filled
With an excellent salmon, lightly chilled,)
The moon slipped down low
And the sun rose quite high,
The small black cat slept,
And dreamed of the Sky.

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