The Cat Is Out Of The Bag


I walked over to the other bed where Eve sat quietly, hands in her lap and eyes closed tightly. "Now, let us see if you remember your part in our play my dear. Tell me." She began to speak, her voice now reflecting back to the previous night, not at all like the confident woman I had shared the majority of the day with. Once again she had slipped into her submissive mode and as her words dwindled down to the remaining few the butterflies returned to me, we were about to begin. "Excellent Eve, you'll do fine. Remember though, you're not supposed to be enjoying the things I'll be doing to you. He has to believe that."

"Yes Mistress." With that I positioned her by his side, slipped out the door into the darkness and then motioned for her to begin.

She shook him soundly and his eyes opened slowly. Looking down at him with an evil smile she said, "Well, I wonder if this is what you had in mind?" Still fighting the fog from the drink he looked down to notice the chains and weakly tried to struggle against them. "Now, now there's no need for that. You're not going anywhere until I say so and for now I..." The door flew open and a voice dripping with fury spoke two words, "YOU BITCH!" I walked in and saw two sets of eyes looking at me, both a combination of fear and confusion.

The makeup job Eve had done on me was an excellent one. I looked as if I'd just stepped off the Broadway stage presentation of "Cats" but this feline with her hair teased into a mane had a full set of claws and she was ready to unleash them. I wore a black latex cat suit, which shone in the back light of the moon and the heels I wore made me look like I towered over both of them.

As I strode across the floor Eve stood up and I must admit played her part magnificently. "Cat, I didn't know that he was..." My hand on her throat cut her words short and her eyes widened as I increased the pressure. "I grow weary of your excuses Eve, I've warned you in the past. Tonight, you will pay for your deceit." I heard the sound of chains moving and turned to see Will trying to rise. All it took was a look and a single word. "SIT." He face turned white as he stopped and then slowly lowered himself back down onto the bed. I smiled and said, "Don't worry, I'll deal with you soon enough."

I turned around and faced her again, a wicked smile filling my face and lengths of rope in each of my hands. Eve began to beg and plead but all I did was reach over and pick up the crop and motion for her to come stand in front of me. She moved slowly, too slowly for my taste so a flick of the wrist and she let loose with a blood curdling scream like I'd drawn blood. I knew of course I hadn't but our guest turned pale as Eve scurried to her proper place. "I trust I have your attention now?" Trembling, she shook her head yes and I had to keep from smiling as out of the corner of my eye I watched as he did the same.

"Put your hands in front of you" and as she quickly did my biding I placed one of the coils around her wrists and bound them together tightly. I next moved behind her and slipped a rope between her elbows, pulling it tight and knotting it so that her wrists were brought in tight against her stomach and she was forced to stand erect. Walking back in front of her I tied another rope to the knots on her wrists and let it fall so that it went between her legs. She knew immediately what I was doing and almost started to say something before the look I gave her proved to be an effective deterrent.

I knew this was one of Will's favorites, he'd certainly put me through it enough times. I pushed her back onto the bed and tied her ankles together and then her knees. Flipping her over I brought the rope that hung between her legs and threaded it so it went right between her pussy lips. Attaching that end to her bound ankles I pulled them up until they rested flat against her beautiful ass, taking all the slack out so that any movement would cause the rope to rub against her most sensitive of areas. It was already making her pant with some excitement.

I wasn't quite finished with this one yet. Her eyes watched me closely, I could see them clouding with her journey well underway into the pain/pleasure realm that she so loved. The two clamps fit nicely on her already engorged nipples sending her into a constant rocking motion which off course caused the rope to begin doing it's job. As her moans and gasps of pleasure became louder and louder and in case she were to say anything I didn't want William to hear, the ball gag fit nicely between her other lips and I turned and smiled as I looked down at my other waiting toy.

Laying down beside him I watched his eyes as they flitted back and forth from the woman who was writhing in her own type of agony, though for her I knew it was ecstasy, and the feline who was tracing his nipples with her long, black fingernails. "So, you wouldn't even wait for me. You let this, this slut drug you like a schoolboy and here you lay, helpless. I must admit though, it's a good look for you. Chained that is." His body flexed and I watched as he fought an ineffective fight to free himself and I just sat there and laughed at him.

Moving from the bed I walked over and began rummaging through the bag as I said, "This really couldn't have worked out any better for me you know. This room is in her name, not mine. I can do anything" as I turned to him smiling, knife in hand, "anything I want to you and they can never place me here." I saw the fear in his eyes, his mind now wondering where the game stopped and reality began. He had told me once that the body was easily taken but the mind was what truly made the difference between the submissive and the dominant. I had his mind now and I wasn't about to let him go.

I had so wanted to bring the knife that he had sent me but I had resisted. The one I held though certainly held his attention, the sharp edge gleaming in the dim light. It rested in my left hand as I brought down the zipper on my suit with my right and I stepped out of it. As much as he was concerned about the weapon I did see his eyes shift for a second to take in my nakedness, the fake piercing that I wore on my nipples and the temporary tattoo of a set of handcuffs on my right breast. Walking over to the bed I got on, straddled his face and looked down at him with a temptress smile.

"Now, you can do one of two things. You can pleasure me like the good boy I know you want to be or..." and I let the knife turn back and forth, his eyes never leaving the blade as it twisted slowly in my hand. Settling down over his mouth and that pretty little nose of his I felt his tongue sneak out and give me a tentative lick. "Come on now, you can do better than that" and I moved the knife down to where it rested against his throat. That was all the incentive he needed as quickly he thrust his tongue out, parting my lips and began to lick. My throat issued forth a purr of contentment and I smiled my happiness at his decision down at him.

With the proper motivation he really was quite talented. I brought the knife up as he continued to service me though his eyes never left the blade. I let the cool edge run over my nipples and they stiffened and sent a chill through my body, adding to my enjoyment. As the first wave of my orgasm began to build I grabbed his head with my free hand and pulled him up so that his tongue could reach where I needed it to. I knew he would have difficulty breathing but his well beging was second to my need for this. Finally I cried out as my body was racked with such exquisite feelings and I felt my juices flow. My hold on him let go and I had to focus to see as he gasped for air, my cream filling his mustache and covering his lips.

I dismounted him momentarily and saw Eve staring hungrily at what she had just seen take place. Though words were impossible her eyes spoke volumes and there was a clarity to them that I didn't like. I knew how to change that though as I removed both her clamps and the blood began to rush back into her nipples sending pain shooting through her. The rocking began anew and I checked the rope to insure that was still tight and that it would provide her with the maximum sensations. She was off again.

Moving back to the other bed I watched Will as he slowly regained his breath, licking his lips to clear the remains of the feast I had provided him. I looked down at his cock and smiled, the ring having worked it's magic. His blood engorged member stood tall and proud, just awaiting my use. I squeezed it tightly and moved my hand up and down watching his face as he gasped with the sudden pleasure. "Do you like that my submissive one?" His head bobbed yes and I let my hand speed up with the strokes becoming longer and faster. I felt his body tense and squeezed hard at the base of the head stopping his climax just as it had begun. "Oh no, I have plans for this."

He looked like he might cry, as close as he had been to his release but as I had said, I had other ideas. The rubber like band I had pulled out of the bag slipped over the head of his cock and cut tightly into his skin just below it. He winced as I said, "This will enable you to please me until I so decide if you will or will not come for me." I got on the bed and slowly began to lower myself onto him, inch by inch he was forced to watch as I took him deeper and deeper into my steaming cunt. Finally, he was buried to the hilt and as I started to rock back and forth I took my nails and began pinching at his sensitive nipples. His moans of pleasure were mixed as he knew he would be unable to come with the restrictive device in place.

His cock felt so good and I began to ride him at a faster clip. My first orgasm had been quite pleasurable but this one I could feel would make it pale in comparison. I began twisting and pulling at his nipples, watching his face for signs of his surrender but he still continued even in his current state of helplessness to show signs of what might happen were he to somehow free himself. That only fueled my fire and I began to laugh and tell him, "How useful you are as a dildo. Why, I could probably rent you out as the perfect man. He never comes and he never complains. He just provides a woman with what she needs."

I saw the anger flash across his face, it was his perfect fantasy come true. A beautiful woman had him under her power and he was helpless to do anything but please her in the ways she deemed necessary. He could struggle all he wanted but his cock was betraying him and I was filled with a powerful passion that was sending me and my sensations soaring to new heights. The wave began and I screamed and sat upright so that I could feel him and his fullness. My hands slipped from his chest to my own and I pinched and squeezed my nipples and the combination of pain and pleasure that I'd grown to love reared its head and I was lost.

Sensation after sensation, minute after minute until I slowly began to reign myself in. As I opened my eyes I was furious to see him grinning at me. "I did that to you, you don't seem to have as much power as you think you do." I had almost decided to free him from his torment but as always he knew exactly which buttons to push, even though he didn't know it was me and I snarled at him, "We will see little man, we will see." I moved off of him, my seed covering his still rock hard member as I went over and picked up two items from the bag. Moving back beside him I ripped off the end of the duct tape and began rolling it over his mouth and behind his head until he was gagged. I pushed him and though he tried to fight me I finally managed to get him over onto his stomach.

Picking the crop up I let it trail over his bare ass, the leather touching him and he jumped as if it contained an electrical charge. Leaning close I whispered in his ear, "You shouldn't ever speak to your Mistress in such a manner. It makes her very, very mad." The first lash fell across his cheeks, leaving a bright scarlet mark in its wake. The second fell on his back, a matching line appearing across his shoulder blades. I remembered back to all the times he had tormented me in his stories and words and I smiled in retribution. The blows rained down as body jerked beneath me. Finally I grabbed him by the hair and pulled his face to mine. Tears rained from his eyes as I offered him one final chance. "Well, are you ready to serve me now?" His eyes slowly shut and his head moved almost as slowly but he nodded his ascent.

I pushed him back over onto his stomach and watched as he winced as the fabric made contact with his tormented back. "Well, since you've finally come to your senses, I need to show you what happens to good slaves when they finally decide to obey their Mistress." I carefully pulled the band from around his cock and let my mouth surround it. His eyes rolled back into his head and since I knew he wouldn't last long I began sucking heartily. It was only seconds before he rewarded me with a torrent of hot, sticky cum. His body trembling and shaking with the exertion of his long awaited release.

Slowly I sucked and licked at his dwindling member, enjoying each taste of his delicious seed. I licked my lips with my enjoyment as he watched me, his eyes tired from his ordeal but enjoying the outcome. I slid up his body until I was pressed directly on top of him and licked at his neck, nibbling on his ears. Almost purring, I said, "Now, isn't it so much more fun to be a good slave than a bad one?" He mumbled yes behind his gag and I rewarded him with a kiss over his taped lips. I moved over to the other bed where I unbuckled Eve's gag and removed it only to pull her face to my waiting pussy. "Now, please me bitch" and she began to serve her new Mistress

As I felt her tongue enter me I looked over and said "Oh Will, I forgot to ask you something. What do you think of your sweet, young, innocent Cheryl, now?" His eyes grew wide as I grinned and lashed Eve across her ass spurring her tongue to new heights.

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