tagSci-Fi & FantasyThe Cell Mate Pt. 01

The Cell Mate Pt. 01


I heard their footsteps along the concrete hall and new something was wrong. It wasn't feeding time, or lights out. They had only patrolled the halls once since I was sent here and that was only a day after an attempted escape. Few creatures managed to escape from here, however often they might attempt it. As awful as Kragosa was, its design was effective and its management knowledgeable about its prisoners.

The heavy footfalls stopped and I could see through the dimness that the dark shapes – prison guards – had stopped in front of my cell. For a brief moment I entertained hope that I was being reassigned, that whatever bureaucracy in charge had finally realized Kragosa was never meant for human prisoners. I rushed to the bars of my cell door and squinted in the near darkness to see the faces of the guards. They were both Kragosi, each standing over seven feet tall and four feet wide with faces contorted and distended like swine. They were garbed sparingly and carried spears, which one pointed at me now through the bars. I knew they could shock quite painfully.

"Stand back," one grunted down at me, his words slurred and guttural. I was surprised he spoke any Common at all. Most guards don't. I took a long step away from the bars, shielding my nakedness from the glowing point of his spear and watched with anticipation as the other guard turned the heavy crank on the wall opposite and the bars of my cell retracted into the wall.

"Forward!" rumbled the first guard and I took a step forward, my hands held steadily at my sides in spite of my shaking. Something was about to go very right or very wrong, but either way resisting orders in Kragosa was a good way to get beaten, electrocuted and worse. The guard shouted something else at me, something I didn't understand until the other one spun me at the shoulder and held me arms roughly behind my back, cuffing them in place. I didn't see the point since only a complete idiot would try to run from Kragosa. But then I suppose escape attempts had occurred before.

I felt the strain in my arms and shoulders as they marched me down the long, stone hallway past other cells. Few others in this block were occupied since most prisoners required more security precautions than I did. In spite of the smell, the air in this corridor felt fresher, colder against my exposed skin. The only other time I was allowed free from my cell was to work in the quarry several nights a week, and the thickened calluses on the soles of my feet from the sharp rocks there protected me as I stumbled ahead, the guards following closely behind.

We stopped several times at the entrance to each block so that one of the guards could crank open the entrance. I couldn't speak for any of the other prisoners in Kragosa but such low-tech security had certainly deterred me from trying to escape. Even the guards were having trouble turning the heavy, partially rusted cranks. My mind must have wandered because the guard immediately behind me shoved me forward roughly and I almost lost balance. I hurried to keep just ahead of them.

I had never been through this block before and there were no cells in this section of corridor. There were no windows or doors at all, save for a large red portal at the far end. I felt my apprehension swell and a wave of nervous nausea course through me, making me light-headed. This wasn't any way in or out of Kragosa I was aware of, and was either the office of the warden or something much worse. Whisperings from passing prisoners about torture rooms or death furnaces flashed through my mind unbidden. I took a deep breath, forcing myself to remain calm. We stopped as the guard turned the crank at the door.

In the dim, blue glare of the room was the largest Kragosi I had ever seen. He was almost a foot taller and a full foot wider than the guards that had brought me here. He was spread out across a hard, wide bench wearing nothing but a small bit of soiled cloth across his privates. His piggish scowl split into a worrisome grin as the two guards shoved me closer. They stood in the open doorway, as effective a barricade as the closed door would have been.

"Jayn bek Sherop," his Common was fluent but his tone was husky, wheezing. "Do you know who I am?"

"Brogn. The warden," I answered, my voice hardly wavering at all.

He grinned wider and then coughed, taking a moment to catch his breath. "Very good, very good. Do you know why you're here, Jayn bek Sherop?"

I watched his sharp, hooded eyes examine my body shamelessly and felt the strain in my shoulders and I fought against my bonds to cover my nakedness. "I was hoping it was because I was sent here by mistake. That you know I'm not supposed to be here," I said.

He continued to examine my body, not bothering to look at my face or eyes. "You broke the law, did you not?"

"Yes, but –"

"You're a debtor. You can't pay, you go to prison. Correct?" His voice was too soft.

"Yes, but -"

He leaned forward then, reaching one stumpy hand under the cloth covering his lap. "You confuse the matter, girl. Do you think it matters to me who is sent here and why? I have better things to do. Like watching you." As he said it he gestured behind him to the blue glow from the wall to what looked like at least thirty com-screens, all displaying images of prison cells, alternating every few seconds. The memory of seeing a little black box in the corner of my cell and wondering if it was a camera when I arrived eight months ago jumped forward in my mind and my knees trembled. He'd been watching me all this time.

I tried to compose myself. "What do you want?"

His eyes narrowed and he seemed to consider me a moment. "You, between my legs. The life of a warden who prefers females is a lonely one."

I felt the bile rise up in my throat. "No," I said, though it came out much meeker than I intended.

"Not for soap to clean yourself with instead of just cold water? Not for some hot meals instead of only cold ones? Not for a mattress to sleep on instead of just a dirty blanket?" He asked. He wasn't smiling.

I actually took a moment to consider it. He would likely rape me anyway and offer me nothing in return. I looked at the cloth between his legs as it began to twitch. I fought not to gag then and there. That decided the issue.

I took a deep breath. "If you arrange to get me out of Kragosa, then yes. Nothing for less."

I expected him to strike me but instead I heard a guttural, rippling sound that reminded me at once of a roar and a squeal. He was laughing at me.

"Human, human. You're in no position to bargain. If I could have you removed from here, I would not. It wouldn't be worth the fines, the inspections or the paperwork. How about this?" He leered at me, moving his face only inches from mine so that I could smell the stench of slop on his breath. His thick, gummy hand reached out to mash my left breast. I tried to turn away but he grabbed my nipple, hard like a bullet from the chill of the room, and held it tight. My gasp became a shout. The other clammy hand descended to my mound and he inserted a rough, dirty finger. The width of it split me and I cried out again in spite of myself.

"Stop!" I made it an order and for that I was proud. To my surprise, Brogn withdrew the finger.

"I'll tell you what," he said, his voice again so soft I knew it to be dangerous. "There is something I like almost as much as being suckled by a woman. Do you know what that is?"

When I didn't answer he slapped my face, hard. I lost balance and fell to me knees, the pain made worse as Brogn held fast to my nipple.

"Do you?" He was shouting now and I shook my head, trembling.

"I like anticipation. I like waiting. I like watching" He twisted my nipple hard and leaned close to me. "Do you see that monitor?" He pointed to one on the far left in the middle and I expected to see my cell but instead saw one very brightly lit, though it was hard to tell from the mostly colorless glow. It was entirely empty except for a beaten up cardboard box at the far back corner of the cell. I couldn't see anyone jailed there.

"Do you know about the Perikos, Jayn bek Sherop? Have you ever met one? I hear they're very friendly…"

The guards behind me guffawed as my entire body stiffened. I had never met a Perikos. I only knew them by reputation, that they were sightless monsters from a planet that saw light only every eighty years. They wither and die in UV light. And judging by the box they were very small. Not to mention it likely a violent criminal.

"Men, escort Jayn bek Sherop to meet the Perikos," he said, smiling toothily. He muttered several words in snorting, thick language I couldn't understand and released his grip on my nipple. This time I tried to fight back in spite of my bindings. I kicked out as a guard approached me, knocking the spear from his hands so it clattered to the floor. The other guard advanced on me and I tried to duck but instead the meat of his arm caught me hard in the solar plexus, knocking the wind from me as he threw me over his shoulder and turned from the room.

"You will see me again in three days, Jayn bek Sherop. Be ready. Of course, I will see you sooner than that." My eyes darted to the monitor in front of him. "Give the Perikos my regards!" His voice echoed down the hallway as I struggled over the guard's armored shoulder. The other one had retrieved his spear and caught up now, looking at me as though he's dearly like to ram it down my throat. He must have been told not to for in eight months since I arrived I had not known Kragosi for their mercy or kindness. I shouted as many obscenities as I could recall as we headed down another mostly deserted cell block before stopping while I heard the whir of the cell wall opening.

The guard hurled me bodily into the cell, not bothering to remove my cuffs. I heard the cell closing and tried to look up but the light from three bright spotlights on the wall opposite the cell whited out my entire field of vision. I staggered forward blindly, only to be met with the sharp, buzzing sting of a guard's spear. It knocked me backwards again and I crawled towards the back well, terrified of being tortured while blind.

Suddenly the entire cell was plunged into darkness, all except for the cell bars, which couldn't have been iron like my cell since they were emitting light, as well as thick band of light all around the exit perimeter. A barrier to stop it from escaping.


Besides the light from the exit I was blind once more and felt a thin moment of triumph that the camera would see nothing in such darkness. My smirk faded as the once bright spotlights emitted an eerie green glow, bright enough that I could see the contents of the cell. I spun to look at the cardboard box but before I could turn my neck to see I felt something cold and heavy smack into my body, its speed and agility making it feel like a pounce.

It knocked me onto my side and I felt something coiling around my leg, hard and smooth. I tried to move, tried to right myself as I felt the air cool all around me. In the green glow I saw the thing towered over me, standing on thick black tentacles. I couldn't believe any one tentacle could fit in the cardboard box, let alone its entire body. I couldn't see anything resembling a body, a mouth or ears except for a small, shimmering orb in the middle of the shifting mass of tentacles. No bigger than a basketball. The Perikos itself must have been more than twice my size.

The tentacle released my leg and slid up my naked back and began to slide in and out between my fingers, reminding me of catching Toothless snakes of Ferox 4. I tried to close my fingers but the tentacle kept them spread wide, gliding up slowly to the steel cuffs on my wrists. I felt it hook around them and then a great tugging from my shoulder muscles as it pulled me to me feet by my metal cuffs. Suddenly, the cramps in my shoulders eased as my arms fell forwards, no longer bound together. I caught a glimpse at them long enough to see the chain connecting them had been split down the center while the cuffs remained closed on my wrists. If breaking a titanium chain with a simple movement was supposed to comfort me, it didn't. I bolted towards to glowing cell bars, hoping the light would frighten the Perikos away.

I grasped the bars, seeing the little red light on the black box on the opposite wall. I glared daggers into the camera.

"Fuck you, Brogn," was all I had time to say before I felt two tentacles grasp my ankles firmly while another wrapped tightly around my waist and yanked me sharply back towards it. I tried to cling to the bars but the Perikos was too strong. It held me still in the air for a moment, not bothering to secure my hands which slapped and pulled impotently as more tentacles coiled around my breasts and neck. It turned me over slowly so that my ass was pointed towards the camera as I felt another thick tendril slide along the back of my legs towards my exposed sex. I felt my face flush. What, did the creature cut a deal with Brogn or something? Made sure he got a good view?

I felt the thick coolness of the tendril slide gently over each ass cheek and then lightly down my crack to those lips. I moaned, trying to shift away as it traced along the outside of my slit. It tugged at each lip before sliding forward to grind against my clit. I gasped, feeling myself moisten, both from the attention from the tentacle and from the humiliation. Two more snaked into my hair, one coiling around its length to pull my head back while the other brushed the strands from my face almost tenderly. Another moan escaped my lips as I tried to turn my head to see the Perikos but the tentacle tightened its grip on my hair, holding me in place while the one around my neck massaged my skin overtop my racing pulse.

I felt the tip of the tendril enter me just as Brogn's finger did, and just as thick. It hurt. The Perikos held me perfectly still. It pushed in further then, another two inches at least and I screamed as it stretched me wider than anything I'd ever felt. I tried to move away to decrease the splitting pressure inside but the Perikos held me off the ground, tightening its hold around my waist and ankles so I couldn't gain purchase as it pressed forward another inch. I screamed again, hearing my high, ragged voice bounce off the stone and echo all down the corridor.

The tendril brushing the hair from my face slid past my cheek and over my lips before I noticed its movements. I opened my eyes and tried to turn away but the tentacles at my neck and hair held me still and it pushed past my teeth before I stopped screaming. It filled my mouth completely, forcing my jaw wide open and laving my tongue and roof of my mouth. It was cold and strong but it didn't taste like anything. Nevertheless, I panicked then, twisting and turning, my shouts muffled by the tendril filling my mouth. My hands grasped its thickness, trying to pull it away as it slid slowly but surely between my lips. I bit down as hard as I could and felt my molar crack under the pressure. Unperturbed, the tendril in my mouth began to inch to the back of my throat as the other pushed its way deeper inside me. The one at my sex felt smaller now or at least thinner or perhaps it was because of the wetness building inside me; I could feel it now. It pushed another two inches until it filled my entire passage where it held me still again while the tendril in my mouth pushed deeper until I gagged and my throat clenched around it. I thought I might be sick then but there was nothing in my system since yesterday and the tendril didn't pause, pushing past my gag reflex and plummeting deeper into my throat, cutting off my air.

I felt something then. A thinner tentacle slid past the one lodged in my sex, coating itself in my moisture as it went. It slid along my slit and then upwards toward the tight ring of muscle above. It poked and prodded at the hole there, slipping just inside but withdrawing quickly as I began to buck and shriek around the tentacle in my mouth. I felt like I would pass out from the lack of air and the pain from behind. The one in my throat withdrew too, instead coiling around and filling my mouth so wide my jaw began to ache. But at least I could breathe now.

The tentacle probing my ass slipped forward again and I screamed around the one in my mouth. It pushed against the ring of muscle and seemed to thicken a moment, stretching me before pushing forward. My eyes watered from the pain but its thickness was nothing compared the one stretching my pussy. It began it inch forward and I groaned and shook from the pain. Suddenly, the thick tentacle inside me began to slide out slowly before slamming back into me, hard. I tried to scream again. The Perikos held me perfectly still, only its tentacles moving inside me. The two that had twisted around my breasts began to squeeze them and massage my hard nipples. The tentacle in my ass continued its slow, measured invasion while the other continued to thrust in and out. I felt something building inside of me, something dark and warm that started at the seat of my gut and radiated outward. I clenched my fists as my eyelids fluttered and felt the thick appendage inside me widen again and withdraw completely before slamming itself into me fully. I remember a dull, deep pain near my gut and an explosion of stars as I crested elation. My vision whited out again, my fingers and toes buzzing from my internal current and for a split second before the world went dark everything was wonderful.

I woke up on the cold floor in a small puddle of my own juices. My vision was lost to the brightness of the full spotlights again and I was alone. I turned to look but the lights were too bright to see the cardboard box. I shook my head, dazed until I heard a curse and grunt from outside the cell. The Kragosi guard must have awakened me.

"Human! Here! Now!" his thick snarl echoed loudly in the otherwise silent block and I pushed myself up on my hands and knees, feeling a wrenching ache below where the tentacles used me.

"Now!" He was so loud and shrill he frightened me and I stumbled forward from the pain and disorientation, falling forward and scraping my hands and chin on the floor. I felt heavy, bloated. With the Perikos' seed? Did such a creature spend itself that way? I hadn't any longer to wonder as I managed to make my shaky legs hold me so the guard could escort me back to my cell.

He pushed me inside and cranked the door shut. I had lost all track of time since passing out. Was it still daylight outside? My cell had no window. How long before Brogn asked for me? God but I felt sick and stretched wide. Used. Raped even. And I liked it. With that miserable thought I curled up in the corner on top of my thin grey blanket and let my dreams wash over me.

Everything swirled around me at home on my father's farmhouse on Ferox 4. The grass by the house was long and wild and I could hear my brothers laughing on the other side of the glen. I remembered I was supposed to be helping with the harvest but it was too hot, the sun was too bright and the sky was too blue to worry about that now. I felt something smooth and scaly wrap around my leg in the long grass and saw a long, green Toothless snake coiling up in my leg towards the crotch of my jumper. For a moment I didn't mind and watched it curiously. Then it pressed against the fabric, nudging my clit and I felt my body respond. Horrified, I tried to pull it away. Something dark inside me began to tickle and I began to pull at my jumper, frantic to get whatever was inside away from my body. Something was trying to get out of me.

I woke up in total darkness, drenched in my own sweat and shivering. A nightmare. It must be night now, and lights out. In some cell blocks I know they don't bother but it didn't take a genius to realize I was afraid of the dark. The better to control me with I guess.

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