The Chair


I am tied to a chair with my legs spread open submissively. You put me there so that you could view my throbbing pussy and swollen lips. I am unable to move.

You sit there for a minute, observing me bound to this piece of furniture and you become aroused. You place your hand gently between my shaking thighs and begin massage my clit with one hand, kissing me deeply, tongues intertwined, while stoking your cock with the other. You quickly become hard and pre cum starts to ooze from the tip of your throbbing cock. You stand in front of me letting me stare. I love watching you stroke yourself. You swipe the precum off your mushroom head and insert your cum soaked sticky fingers into my pussy, inserting the first of what will be much more of your stickiness into me.

You continue to finger me and I get wetter by the minute. You stick one, then two then all four fingers into my wet warm hole. I groan with delight. You can feel how wet I am for you and you cannot wait to fuck me. The visual of me tied to the chair, legs spread submissively, makes your balls begin to swell and have your cock bobbing up and down in anticipation.

This is our first time together and I have no idea what you have in store for me. We'd always chatted openly about our fantasies and you knew I had a secret desire to be fucked without a condom, yet once we finally met, we'd discussed the necessity of playing it safe. I had no idea that at that very moment, you have changed your mind. You plan to fuck me without a condom, without my consent. You need to be bad. I am just the girl you have been seeking. Tying me to the chair was your idea to gain control over me and make me your whore for the evening. We both discussed out kinks and fantasies and we both wanted this.

I am submissive to your every whim.

You stoke your cock harder thinking about dominating my cunt. Filling me with your sticky white seed. You are incredibly aroused. You are overwhelmed with naughty, lusty thoughts.

You straddle me, rubbing your balls around my face. You command me to lick them. I open my mouth hungrily and take your entire length into my mouth. You slowly begin to pump your shaft in and out of my mouth. You love the sound of my occasional gagging and you stroke my hair while I devour your length. You command me to suck gently on your balls.

You tell me you are ready to fuck and you start the filthy talk. We have worked each other into a frenzied state, by kissing and biting each other. You twist my nipples and caress my heaving breasts. You bend down between my legs and insert your fingers into my pussy then flick your tongue across my clit. I moan. You then slide your tongue into my wet, wanting cunt. My pussy lips are swollen and there is no hiding my arousal.

I taste delicious and sweet and I groan and push myself into you more as you bury your face into me. You love how I taste and how I moan in pleasure. You cannot wait any longer....

Without warning, you slide your bare cock into my quivering, swollen pussy. I gasp in protest and shout "no!" Of course, I cannot push away because I am tied to the chair. Although you feel amazing inside of me, we had not agreed to this, but you have your own agenda. Your agenda is to have your way -- to slide your bare cock into my wet pussy and fuck me the way you want to fuck me.

Of course, fucking without protection scares me, but this forbidden, lusty, carnal feeling of your bare cock filling me completely is amazing, so my protests quickly subside. I am conflicted between reason and desire. I am helpless and you are in control -- I can do nothing but watch you pump your dick furiously in and out of me. My frightened look arouses you and you thrust harder. Soon, you can hear that slushy wet fuck sound that can only come from skin on skin fucking. Although I am nervous, and I know it is wrong, I absolutely love the feeling of this bare fuck. I love the animalistic sounds we are making together. I love your carnal grunts of pleasure. We are fucking with wild abandon. Nothing exists in this place or in this time except our pleasure. Nothing exists except this fuck session.

I can feel your swollen balls slapping against me you thrust harder and harder. Your cock is rock hard and you are pounding me as deep as you can do. I feel completely filled. The visual of your dick gliding in and out furiously pumping my cunt is more than I can take. I can feel how enlarged you are and I know this means you have a huge load of cum to deposit. I expect that any minute now as you plunge your cock deep into my wetness that you will soon pull out and cum over my face, my tits. Where ever you want. Although I hate the thought of you pulling out, I am prepared for it.

Any second now.

I wait.

You don't pull out. You continue to fuck me. The sounds get louder. Again, I grow nervous. What are you planning to do? I have no control. You lean in and whisper in my ear in a firm, yet soft voice that you are now going to cum deep inside my cunt. There is nothing I can do about it, you say. The wet fuck sound is filling the room. You are talking filthy to me and I am nodding submissively.

"I am going to dump a huge load into you now" you say. I own this pussy and I plan to leave my mark on you. "You are going to love how I feel, warming your insides..."

"Tell me you want me to come inside you.... tell me NOW!" you command

I squirm in complete delight. At this point, I no longer care. All I can think about is being filled by you. I am in this very moment, completely dominated by you.

With a few more thrusts, you take out my iPhone and turn on the video. Putting the phone close to your cock, you begin recording the final few minutes of our fucking, capturing the angle of your cock sliding in and out, recording the wet fucking sounds. Recording the sound of your balls slapping against me as you grunt and groan. The dirty sounds excite us both. You can't wait to capture the sound of you cumming and the visual of your cum dripping out of my pussy, once you have pulled out.

You moan groan and grunt, pull my hair and tell me my cunt is yours to fill with your sticky white seed. I do nothing but nod submissively and groan in ecstasy. Then, with a final loud moan, your cock explodes. A volcano of what feels like gallons of cum empty from your balls as you bury your hot sticky seed deep into my pussy. I purr in delight. You pinch and twist my rock hard nipples as you orgasm. You continue to fill me with what feels like the biggest load of cum I have ever had. My pussy walls tighten, strangling your cock in spastic delight. The feeling of your hard dick emptying inside me fuels an intense orgasm and I cum hard all over your cock, clawing at your back, screaming 'oh god yessss'. You feel my pussy juices spurt and my muscles tighten around your cock, clinging for dear life. I am gasping for breath as one intense orgasm follows another. You love feeling me cum all over you.

We are both drenched in sweat and cum, our juices mingled in a sticky wet mess.

Oh, god it feels so amazing. So carnal, so dirty and forbidden. I am filled to the brim with your load of stickiness. I am completely satiated.

As you pull out you record your jizz oozing out of my pussy like a white waterfall. It drips onto the chair and onto the floor. You put your cock in my mouth, so I can clean you up, while at the same time, you stick three fingers inside my still spasming, quivering pussy pushing your cum back inside me. You want to ensure I keep some of you with me to remember you.

You need to mark your territory, after all...

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