tagToys & MasturbationThe Chair Ch. 01

The Chair Ch. 01


It all started innocently enough. Well, maybe not so innocently. While lap dancing for him one Thursday night in a darkened booth, she took great delight in telling him of a fantasy she had of being bound to a mechanical chair that would proceed to do many nasty and obscene things to her. It just so happened that he had recently read a story on the Internet describing something very similar. When he told her about it, she was very excited to read it, so he said he would email the story to her as soon as he could. Two days later he did email the story to her, although he did make one slight change. Wherever the story mentioned the female character by name (Irene), he replaced it with her name. ...

The next time he saw her, she had read the story and really liked it. They discussed how great it would be to actually have a chair like it. Maybe it's how excited she got as they were discussing it, or maybe it was just the engineer in him wanting to get out, that put the idea of actually building it into his head. Shortly thereafter, all he could think about in his waking hours was designing and building "The Chair". He started by simply making a list of the different features that should be incorporated (without yet considering exactly how to implement them). Of course these features were only what he thought would be arousing. What he needed was a sort of "consumer research" from the woman's perspective. Of course there was only one woman's perspective he really wanted.

He soon emailed her the list of design requirements that he had developed so far, seeking her opinions and suggestions.

===== Design Requirements =======================

Metal frame construction for strength and stability.

Must be able to support 350 to 400 pounds (subject and a guest).

All contact surfaces should be padded and covered with vinyl or leather (to aid cleanup).

Inclination of the chair can be adjusted all the way from a near standing position to an almost completely inverted (feet above head) position.

Upper body and leg sections can be angled downward with center portion remaining high (inverted V) - turning chair into bondage bench useful for spankings, etc.

Subject can be secured either face up or face down.

All electrical devices shall be powered by batteries or AC power fed from a GFCI type circuit breaker (for safety).

All electrical devices shall be acoustically shielded for noise reduction.

Adjustable articulated leg support for each leg.

Leg supports can be straight out or bent at the knee.

Leg supports can be close together or spread apart to a very wide angle.

Built in cuffs to secure each leg to the support at ankle and mid-thigh.

Waist strap to secure the subject's abdomen to the chair.

Removable seat pan/cushion to provide easy access to the subject's posterior region.

Cuffs built into armrests to secure each arm at wrist and upper arm.

Armrests may be positioned at the subject's sides (as in a normal chair), stretched straight out in front, or stretched out to both sides putting the subject into a "T" position, or stretched straight over the subject's head (when subject is bound in a face down position).

Padded headrest with strap to secure head in place (prevents subject from looking down to see what is about to happen).

Removable padded neck support with built in cradle (to support the shoulders when in the inverted position).

Vacuum pump with 2 small cupping attachments for the subject's nipples and 2 large attachments for the entire breast.

Some type of clitoral stimulation unit (design to be determined).

Two separate thrusting units, each with its own attachments (penetration units).

Each thrusting unit can thrust independently and at different speeds or they can be synchronized to thrust at the same time or to thrust alternately.

Wide variety of interchangeable penetration units can have many features: solid, gel filled, vibrating, spinning, expanding, heated, chilled, lengthening, and squirting.

===== End of Requirements ======================

While anxiously awaiting her reply, he began working on more detailed design plans. As he was sketching out the individual parts, he began to realize that the ergonomics of a chair are very complicated, even for one that doesn't have the capabilities of reclining flat and inverting its occupant. And while The Chair was meant to bind and torture (pleasurably), it still must be comfortable. As he sketched The Chair's various positions, he pictured her secured in it. With her long red hair hanging over the end, her legs strapped down and spread so wide, her fair skin glistening with sweat. It was around this time (or maybe it had been in the back of his head all along) that he realized that he would have to get precise body dimensions in order to design the chair to fit and function properly. (It wouldn't be very arousing if instead of hinging the leg supports at the hips, they wound up with the hinge at the mid-point of the occupant's thigh.) Once the design was further along he would ask her if she would be his anthropometric model for the prototype. Yes, he was now considering this a prototype.

Depending on how well it worked out, he figured there could be a large deviant market for such a chair. There was also the issue of how to market The Chair appropriately? This wasn't the sort of thing you could advertise in the local newspaper. Of course the Internet seemed like the perfect sales medium for such a product. But then there is still a need for a manufacturing location and you then have to ship product around the country (or the world). This would take some investment capital. A thought then occurred to him that could help raise that capital. Once the prototype has been built (and thoroughly tested) and any improvements made, he could then sell the plans and assembly instructions to those who were so inclined to build a unit for themselves. Of course the design should be patented for protection from unscrupulous people who would use his plans and try to market The Chair themselves. He could see that potential even exists for teaming with an established "sex toy" manufacturer(s) for development of the various penetration units, possibly only requiring a minor modification to some existing product(s). Now his mind began to be clouded by thoughts of building a hugely successful empire. Thoughts of mansions, swimming pools, movie stars, parties with the beautiful people.... But of course none of this could happen without completing the prototype.


The Chair was now as flat as a board, with her helplessly secured to it. She was, of course, completely naked. The leg supports were spread apart at a 75 degree angle, not wide enough to be truly painful, but wide enough to be pleasurably uncomfortable. The secondary thrusting unit had been fitted with a medium size anal vibrator and it was already completely inserted into her ass and was vibrating at a medium intensity level. The primary thrusting unit was fitted with a gel-filled dildo 10 inches long and a little over 6 inches around (2 inches in diameter). This unit too was already inserted, but instead of being stationary as the anal unit was, it had begun to slowly thrust in and out of her pussy. A suction cup was attached to each of her nipples and they were alternating their sucking actions back and forth between them. This was having a very intense reaction in her, as recently her nipples had become much more sensitive.

She hadn't noticed it until now, being lost between the feelings in her breasts and the vibrations in her ass, but the primary thrusting unit had gradually increased its tempo until it was now practically a blur as it thrust completely into her and withdrew until just the wide mushroom-shaped head remained inside her.

It came over her like a big wave followed by one after another big waves. Each one was as equally intense as the last. Her orgasms were now coming so close together, it was hard to tell where one stopped and the next began. This continued for what seemed like hours to her, yet it was actually only two and a half solid minutes of orgasmic bliss. Finally her orgasms stopped, but the thrusting unit continued. Her orgasms had been so intense that there was a large puddle around the base of The Chair. She had ejaculated before, but never to this extent.

Undaunted by her release, the thrusting unit continued as did the anal vibrator and the nipple cups. It was the unrelenting sucking action on her nipples that was quickly returning her to that ultimate state of arousal. The thrusting dildo had gradually been decreasing its pace until it was now making slow, long, deliberate strokes about once every 3 seconds. She recognized the feeling she was experiencing now. She was only seconds away from cuming when she experienced a new sensation.

The vibrator in her ass had just begun to shoot a warm stream of some unknown thick liquid into her rectum. Almost simultaneously the thrusting unit did the same. About 5 seconds later, as she began to cum again, the thrusting unit withdrew completely, continuing to shoot its warm white stream as it went. Shooting a trail from the inner lips of her pussy, through the soft red pubic hair covering her mound, up her flat stomach, across both her breasts, up the side of her neck and finally ending at her chin. Even though the dildo had withdrawn, her pussy continued to spasm for the next 3 minutes. Each spasm resulting in a gush of the thick gooey mixture of the dildo's fluid and her own ejaculate that ran down to her asshole where it joined with another stream of fluid seeping from where the anal vibrator had been. She had been so caught up in the pleasure, she was not even aware of when it had withdrawn from her ass.

As she laid blissfully in The Chair, coming down from a sexual high like she had never known, he approached her and proceeded to gently and lovingly clean the combination of fluids and sweat from her body with a damp cloth.

Suddenly he was disoriented and did not know where he was. All he knew was that he was alone, drenched in sweat, and had a raging hard-on. Then it became clear to him. He had fallen asleep while working on the design and he had a glorious dream. He knew now, more than ever, that he must continue with the design of The Chair.

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