tagExhibitionist & VoyeurThe Challenge After The Match

The Challenge After The Match


All four players after they where led off the court after presenting Jill and Tony with the cup that had held She's penalty. Tony had removed his jock to " just be one of the gang" prior to accepting the trophy. Afterwards they headed for the shower. Play-Mate had just one, very plush, shower facility. After all Sheila had been told this was Play-Mate, they had a reputation to think of. Men and women shared both shower as well as dressing room. Any thing else would be no fun at all they where told.

A warm shower seemed just what the doctor ordered Sheila thought as she let the water cascade down over her body. She was a little startled when Bob spoke from right next to her. Asking if she wanted her back washed. Just a glance confirmed Bob wanted more than to just wash her back. " Sure but only if I can return the favor."

Bob was obviously pleased, judging by the addition hardening of his penis. Sheila turned her back and pulled her hair forward over her shoulder. Bob's touch as he started to rub her back displayed that he was also nervous as well as horny but as he got into his work his touch was firmer and the feeling on her skin was overpowering his initial nervousness as he started to reach a little further forward to graze the edge of her breast.

" My turn! Turn around Bob " Sheila said as she turned Bob complied but looked pained at being stopped just as he was starting on the "interesting parts'. Sheila squirted a little soap in her hand and started to wash his back in a very workman like fashion. Bob at first tense began to relax after a minute or so. Running her hands over Bob's back aroused her in an instant. As she worked her way down his back to his butt Sheila could feel his tension rising as did her passion. She allowed her tits to lightly brush his soapy back as she washed. As she ran her hand down over his buttocks. Bob let out a soft moan. His moan grew as Sheila began to run her right hand up and down the crack of his ass while holding her left lightly on his hip. Bob almost collapsed as Sheila gently rubbed her fingers over his ass hole.

The experience was totally unique for both Sheila and Bob. She was the man her fingers playing over his ass hole as a man would play with her pussy. Sheila wantonly began to rub her breasts over Bob's back but kept her hand firmly on his hip to keep him facing away from her. She could see Bob's stiffly erect cock from her angle and knew she would be feeling it in her but not yet. As she ran her hand up and down Bob's crack in his ass Sheila gently eased her finger into Bob's ass hole. For a brief moment Bob tensed and Sheila started to with draw her finger but Bob moaned and leaned back into her and pulling the cheeks of his ass apart to give her unrestricted access to his anus.

As Sheila began to slowly shove her finger fully up Bob's ass he began to grind his butt into her hand " fucking " her finger. The soap had provided an excellent lubricant. As Sheila began pumping her finger in and out of Bob's hole Bob's breathing became erratic. Sheila continued to rub her breast against Bob as well as rub her bare pussy up and down his leg. The feeling of the hair on his legs against her shaved pussy quickly brought to the edge. Sheila slid around to his side but refused to allow Bob to touch her or himself with his hands. Sheila began working her hand in ever faster motion. Ramming her finger all the way in and then bringing it almost all the way out.

Bob began to moan his cock oozed his pre-emission, a glistening drop at the tip of his penis. Sheila ground her pussy harder against Bobs leg his course hair against her shaved pussy bringing her to the edge.

With a groan Bob came. Sheila had never watched a man come. As he shot his load of hot white come Sheila grabbed his cock with her free hand and milked it. Pulling with long full strokes cupping the tip of his still gushing peter and using his own come as a lubricant.

Sheila could feel her on love juices dripping down Bobs leg as she continued to knead her pussy on his leg. Bobs cock oozed out the last of his load into her hand, now full of come.

Sheila had given her boy friends hand jobs before but had always had them come in to space or into a towel but had always somewhat avoided getting on her. She liked the feeling of a lover coming in her but she had always felt a little slimy out side of her.

This too had changed. She took the come and began to rub the white load over her breasts and down her stomach. The feeling was unbelievably sensual.

Chapter 13

" Sorry to interrupt." Grace was her elbow with a smile on her face. " Watching you two through the mirror Jon "came" upon an idea for you and Jill. I'm afraid you'll just have to "come" as you are."

Sheila had almost thought it was impossible given the last few days but she again felt a full "body" blush. " You mean you where watching us? "

" Oh much more than that my darling. Jon had us run a video tape, of course, but when things got so interesting we had it tapped into the instant replay monitors. "Everybody" loved it." Grace added with a lusty chuckle.

"What do you mean, "come" as you are?" Sheila asked.

"Just that, follow me you can shower and dress later. For now we go back to the court. I think the "volunteers" we rounded up should be more than ready."

Sheila followed Grace out of the locker room to the courts. The stands where still packed and as she appeared they almost as one unit rose to their feet wildly applauding. Twenty five or thirty young men stood milling around the side line. Grace led Sheila to just in front of the awards stand and then went to the microphone.

"Ladies and gentlemen as you are all aware we received quite a bit more than we bargained for in our little post game show. I assure you that like all of our events it was quite spontaneous. Sheila has been a real sport and we have tried to find ways to please her as well as ourselves through the last several days. We have also tried to do our best to be reflexive of both Sheila's mood and yours."

"Sheila seems to be quite fond of the feel of a little come...So we've decided that with the help of our eager volunteers, to oblige her."

It took just a split second for Grace's declaration to hit both Sheila and the crowd.

"Gentlemen, if you will please get ready as discussed."

Immediately the young men began disrobing any embarrassment they may have felt, over powered by their desire and the sight of their target. Some men stood by with eager lecherous looks, others now that they where nude where unsure what to do with their hands.

Grace quickly took charge. Sheila could not believe what was going on. A horde of very horny men soon had her surrounded. Throbbing penises pointed at her from every direction. She had been neatly trapped by her own actions. But shit everywhere she looked a cock stared at her. The men had crammed in around her on all sides. Including above and behind her from the award stand.

"Alright gentlemen, go to it." Grace demanded.

Almost instantly a hot stream of come shot against her hip. Some one was apparently more than ready. Sheila felt disconcerted she in one way felt humiliated but the arousal that had been cut short when interrupted came back with a rush. Not any one thing but a combination of many. The sight of the lascivious stares of the men. The spectacle of close too thirty men jerking off. The cameras catching it all, the crowd every thing combined was incredible. The men had been strictly informed that they where not to touch her. This also added a surreal dimension to the scene.

Within a minute virtually non stop streams of hot sperm discharged from almost every direction. Grace was calling to Sheila telling her to turn every now and then to "spread the wealth" those in position to do so tried in particular to shoot their loads at her pussy, ass and for those on the platform the prime targets where her breasts and face. Jets of warm sperm plummeted her body her back, her hair as well.

White creamy come clung to Sheila's body dripping slowly. Sheila's hands ran feverishly over herself. She at first had felt repulsed now all she wanted was more. Her sense of frustration also mounted. She was so close to the edge but hung on the edge. She frantically ran her hands over her body kneading her aching pussy. She was over the top, coming with a impact that brought her to her knees. She barely felt the last few men release their loads on her.

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