tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Chambermaid

The Chambermaid


The chambermaid was flipping through my wallet when I unexpectedly stepped out of the bathroom. She had heard the shower running and assumed I was in it and hadn't heard me enter the room. She was just taking some of the money out of my wallet when I scooped up my camera from the desk and snapped a picture of her with her hands in the wallet. "Well, what have we here?" I asked sarcastically as Debbie turned ghost white. I put the camera down and strode across the room toward her. She was petrified. I slapped the wallet from her hand and grabbing her shirt between her huge tits, pulled her around and sent her sailing into the large armchair.

She was surprised, first by the camera and then by how quickly I had moved at her. She lay sprawled out in the chair, looking up at me as I stood over her with only a bath towel wrapped around my waist. I looked down at her huge tits and smiled.

"Please, don't turn me in." she begged. "They'll send me to jail this time." She bit her lip as if to stop herself from saying what had just escaped her lips. She didn't mean to show just how desperate she was but now she was totally at my mercy.

"What shall I do with you?" I taunted her.

"Please, don't turn me in." she repeated.

"In that case it's going to cost you." I taunted her. Debbie didn't have any money. She was trapped and terrified.

"How much?" she asked in a whisper. "I don't have any money." she confessed.

"A lot." I said in a threatening tone. "But I think I'll take it out in hide." Debbie didn't understand. She didn't grasp my intent - at least not yet. I moved closer to her and then I straddled her body and dropped down onto her hips, trapping her wrists under my thighs. She started to protest but I held my finger to my lips and went, "Shh." Reaching out, I began to feel her ample chest. I squeezed her firm tits in my hands and then pinched her nipples gently. I could feel the young beauty tremble under me as my fingers continued to squeeze her huge tits. I love the feeling of dominating a beautiful woman and Debbie was indeed beautiful. Reaching down between her full tits, I unbuttoned her blouse and brought her huge tits into full view. I reached down to her bra and grabbed the thin strap that ran below her deep cleavage. Twisting the clasp that held her bra closed, I released it and then peeled open the twin cups that encased her huge breasts. Her tits were magnificent; creamy white with large, dark nipples - hard nipples.

I tugged off my towel and lay my ramrod into the smooth valley between her massive tits. Sliding my shaft up and down between her breasts, I brought the tip just inches from her face. I kept squeezing her tits and pulling on her hard nipples until they began to hurt. Pulling up on her tits, Debbie arched her back to ease the strain on her aching titflesh.

I dropped her tits and pressed forward until my cock touched her sweet lips. She looked up at me pleadingly and I smiled down at her. "Suck!" was all I said and she reluctantly parted her lips and swallowed my shaft. I pumped in and out of her mouth furiously. My rocking motions kept my thighs rubbing across her massive titflesh. There was nothing she could do but suck and wait for me to fill her sweet, young mouth with hot cum. It didn't take all that long to oblige her with an overwhelming load. As she swallowed, I withdrew my shaft from her mouth and rubbed the tip all over her face as droplets of sticky cum continued to ooze out of the tip.

Stepping off of her body, I reached down and once again filled my hands with her massive tits. Squeezing them tightly, I lifted the young beauty to her feet. Her entire weight was being lifted by her tits and her face contorted with pain. It was like nothing she'd ever experienced before and her eyes filled with tears. Still holding her tits tightly, I turned her around and threw her onto the large bed.

Just then someone on the landing started calling Debbie's name. Looking up at me, the young maid began to plead, "Let me go, please. I'll get fired if they can't find me. They'll think I'm goofing off." I looked down at her as she lay before me, her blouse wide open, her tits red and heaving from their recent abuse. "Please, I'll do anything you want. Just don't turn me in," she pleaded. Once again I heard the voice on the balcony, only this time it sounded more insistent.

"What time to you get off?" I asked.

"Two o'clock." she answered.

"Okay. I'll let you go now but you be back here by 2:15 or else." I threatened. Debbie nodded and quickly reached down to close her bra and began to button her blouse as she lifted herself off the bed. She ran for the door as I gave her a flick across her beautiful ass with my towel. I scooped up the wallet and began to chuckle.


At 2:10 there was a knock at the door. Opening the door, I found the petrified, young maid standing before me. I invited her in. As she entered, I closed and locked the door. I drank in her beauty as she walked ahead of me.

"Turn around." I said as the trembling, young woman slowly turned. My eyes scoured her body and she felt that I was undressing her with my eyes. I was.

Earlier, when I had pawed at her young body, she felt intimidated but she couldn't resist, since I controlled her body by force. But now I would only have to tell her what to do and she would have to comply. She hated the feeling of losing control. I leaned against the footboard of the large bed.

"You want to keep me very happy." I said with a threatening tone in my voice. Debbie swallowed hard and nodded. "Strip!" I said. Debbie was stunned by the directness of my command. She fumbled with the buttons on the front of her blouse and then pulled it open. I nodded with a smile as once again I drank in the fullness of her massive tits. She peeled the blouse back and let it slide over her shoulders and then down her arms. She brought her arms down to her sides as I gazed at her lacy bra. I nodded and she reached up between her pendulous breasts and opened the clasp that held her huge tits in place. Peeling the cups back off of her magnificent tits, I waited as she pulled her arms back and let the bra slide down her arms. Her back arched and her huge melons were thrust forward in all their glory before me. They still looked pink from our session in the morning. Debbie stood very still.

"Now for the rest." I hinted. Debbie swallowed hard and then slowly unzipped the side of her skirt and hooking her thumbs into the waistband, she worked the tight material over her firm hips. Having done this she let the skirt fall to the floor around her feet. She stepped out of the skirt and stood before me wearing only her very brief panties. I nodded and as she looked at me with pleading eyes, she slid her thumbs into the waistband of her silky panties and leaning forward she slid them down her thighs as her huge tits swung below her chest. Gathering all of her composure, the young beauty stood up straight in front of me. She was completely naked and she looked spectacular.

I motioned her forward and she stepped up to me. Raising my hand, I made a circular motion and Debbie slowly turned her body as my eyes searched every curve and crevice of her naked beauty. Then reaching out, I cupped her massive tit and squeezed it gently. It was firm and heavy as I closed my fingers around her hard nipple and pinched it tightly. Her face contorted with pain as I increased the pressure on her hard nub. I lifted her huge tit away from her body as I held it up by her tortured nipple. She looked down at her tender nubbin as I lifted the full weight of her massive tit. She winced as I shook her tit and she felt the pressure on her aching nipple.

"On your knees." I said and Debbie slowly sank to her knees as her beautiful face was even with my crotch. She felt my hand slide around the back of her head and my fingers slipped through her soft, brown hair. I pulled her face firmly to my crotch and rubbed her soft features over the swell that protruded from the front of my robe. I could feel her body tremble as her face rubbed over my sheathed cock. Then I opened the robe and pulled her face to my cock. She opened her mouth and swallowed my rod. I watched as her head bobbed up and down on my shaft. Her tongue snaked around the tip of my cock and I felt her fingers close around my balls. I watched as she expertly sucked on my manhood as her lips slid over the length of my shaft and her tongue teased the sensitive underside of my cock as it slid between her soft lips. In another moment I would fill her mouth with hot seed but I stopped her. After all I'd already cum there once today. Wrapping my fingers through her silky hair, I lifted her face from my crotch and she slowly sat back on her knees.

The bed was a large four-poster with a canopy. I had hung a rope from the two corners at the foot of the bed. "Over here," I said and guided Debbie up onto the foot of the bed as I moved to lean against the footboard. I motioned Debbie forward and I took her hands and raised them up to the rope hanging above my head. As she grasped the rope she stood up on her toes. Her arms were raised slightly and her huge tits were lifted as they hung before me. She stepped up, placing her feet on the lower rail of the footboard. Her legs straddled mine and her moist pussy grazed against my abdomen. Her meaty tits brushed against my cheeks. I started to nibble and chew on her massive tits.

I could feel the moistness of her spread pussy as it brushed against my body. Pushing down gently on her hips, I guided her down until my cock wedged between her swollen labia. She gasped as she slid her tight pussy down onto my ramrod. She felt exquisitely tight inside as my cock filled her wetness. My hands came up to Debbie's tits and I started to maul her magnificent breasts. Debbie stood above me, spread-eagled as she was impaled on my cock.

"Fuck!" I said and she began to move on my shaft. It was hard for her to get much leverage but she started to fuck up and down on my shaft. As I stood motionless, she had to work very hard to keep her movement steady as she impaled herself on my ramrod. She had never fucked a man who did nothing to help. Her insides started to moisten with her sweet flow as her tits bounced freely in front of my face.

Reaching down to her ass, she felt my hands tighten on her firm cheeks. She ground her hips hard against my body. Sliding my hands around her hips, I reached under her thighs and pulled her legs open and over the footboard of the bed. Her feet rested on the end of the mattress but now she had more leverage and could pump her body up and down my shaft.

Debbie began to pump her juicy twat up and down on my cock as her huge tits bounced hard against my chest. My hands gripped her ass firmly as she began to moan loudly. Her body went rigid as her pussy creamed, bathing my ramrod with her sweet flow. I thrust my finger into her tight ass and she let out a soft scream. Her inner muscles began to grasp at my invading tool and she felt my cock stiffen even more in her tight wetness. Taking one more plunge onto my shaft, she squeezed with all her might and with a gasp, I flooded her tight, young pussy with my load. Her muscles continued to milk my shaft as it gushed into her warm wetness.

Totally spent, she dropped her arms and collapsed onto my cock. Most of her weight was supported by my cock as her clit ground hard against my body. I pulled her arms behind her back, forcing her to arch her spine. Immobile and impaled, she was helpless as I began to bite at her huge tits once again. Debbie bit her lip to keep from screaming as I chewed on her tender nubs.

As my shaft shrank inside her body, I released her and let her step down off of my cock. I looked down at her and pressing down on her wrists, Debbie knew what she would have to do. She sank to her knees and licked the tip of my cock with her tongue. She could taste the saltiness of my cum, mixed with her own flowing juices, knowing that any enjoyment that she got out of this ordeal was strictly accidental. Opening her mouth, she sucked the length of my shaft between her lips. I watched as her face slid up and down the length of my cock.

Having bathed my cock and licked my balls, Debbie thought her ordeal was over and that she would be able to go home to clean up and try to forget the entire episode. That was not what I had in mind. I lifted her body and motioned her to lie face down on the bed. Taking the sash from my robe, I pulled her arms behind her and tied Debbie's elbows together. The young beauty was petrified. She'd never been tied up before and didn't know what I might do to her.

Leaving her lying prone on the bed, I sat down at the desk and started to go through her purse. Her mind was racing as she tried to figure out what I might do to her. I looked down at her wallet and wrote down her address and phone number.

Returning to the bed, I rolled Debbie over onto her back. With her arms bound behind her, her huge breasts were thrust forward toward me. Again I began to play with her beautiful titflesh. As I toyed with her pert nipples, they got very hard between my fingers.

"Won't you leave me alone?" she pleaded. "Haven't you done enough to me?"

"Not by a long shot." I teased her as my fingers pinched her taut nipples a bit harder and I shook her huge tits. Debbie watched intently as I reached over for a length of string that was lying on the end table. I made a loop and laying it on her massive tit, I pulled her nipple up and tightened the loop around her taut nipple. I could feel her body tremble beneath me as the loop closed around her aching nipple. I tugged to see if the loop was tight and Debbie watched as her entire breast was lifted up by the cord wrapped around her tender nubbin. Satisfied, I tied her other nipple in the same way. I tugged the strings and Debbie felt her huge tits pulled and lifted by her sensitive nipples.

I helped Debbie to sit up as I let go of the strings attached to her breasts, easing the strain on her nipples. Debbie's huge breasts hung full below her chest. Pulling straight up on the strings, Debbie's titflesh hung heavily below her straining nipples. As I jerked up gently on the strings, Debbie watched in fascination and horror as her meaty tits shook. The strain was unbelievable on her poor nubs. With a quick knot, I pulled her nipples together until they almost touched and tied them together. Debbie looked down at her massive tits, so grotesquely bound together. She felt the strain on her nipples as they were stretched by the cords binding them.

As she sat on the bed, I straddled Debbie's hips and pressed her body backward until she lay flat on her back. Normally her huge tits would slide to the side but the string forced her massive mams to remain together on top of her chest, her tender nipples stretching towards each other. Sliding forward, I lay my shaft across the top of her nipples. The sensation of my smooth glans against her sensitive and tortured nipples was unbelievable. Debbie looked at my cock in horror, realizing what I had in mind. I prodded the underside of her magnificent tits with my cockhead. She felt the hardness of my shaft as it prodded her massive titflesh. Finally the tip wedged into her deep cleavage. As I continued to press forward, my cock forced its way between her massive tits.

The thickness of my cock placed an even greater strain on Debbie's already stretched nipples. Looking down, Debbie could see the tip of my shaft as it emerged from between her bound breasts. She couldn't believe the pain in her chest as her chafed nipples were stretched as my shaft pressed her tits apart. Reaching over her head, I pulled a pillow up under her head. Pressing back between her tits again, I forced my cock up until it touched her lips. She kissed the tip. Placing my hands firmly on her tits, I pressed them together, easing the strain on her nipples as I fucked her massive tits. The firmness of her tits and the smoothness of her skin, felt sensational as my shaft plowed back and forth between her meaty melons.

Debbie felt the pain in her tits as I mashed them mercilessly while stroking my cock up between them. Her nipples continued to chafe as the cord binding them pulled at them. Debbie's eyes were riveted to my cock as it kept emerging from between her firm tits. Pulling my shaft from between her breasts, I took a firm grip on her tits and Debbie fought to lift her upper body, knowing that I was about to lift her up once again by her massive mams. With her arms still bound behind her, I pulled her off of the bed and moved her back down to the footboard.

I bent her body over the footboard until her face and tits rested on the mattress. Her beautiful and so far neglected ass, stood open before me. I nudged her legs apart with my hand and began to probe between her legs. Debbie grunted as she felt my fingers press into her hot, little hole. I slid one and then another finger into her tight pussy. I could feel her body shake as I teased her moist pussy. She was getting very wet - I wanted her nice a juicy.

Stepping up to her creamy ass, I traced my cock around her upper thighs and across her engorged pussy lips. She moaned as my rod slid between her tender lips. Debbie was only worried that I would force my way into her tight ass. She knew how painful that could be, so she was relieved to feel my cock inch into her tight pussy.

Debbie's weight was resting primarily on her bound breasts and as I rocked into her pussy, her tortured chest ground against the mattress adding to her pain. I continued to thrust into her cunt as her pussy flowed with cum. With my hands pressing firmly on her creamy ass, I drove relentlessly into her beautiful body. Then, without warning, I pulled out of her pussy and plunged full force into her tight asshole. The pain and surprise made Debbie scream but with her face pressed to the mattress, it wasn't heard outside the room. Never in her life had Debbie felt anything to compare with that pain. At least my cock was wet with her own flow but the pain was intense in her bowels as she felt ripped apart. I waited for her viselike grip on my cock to ease a bit and then began to rock and then thrust into her tight asshole. Faster and faster I pumped into her loins but I'd already cum twice today. I rammed my cock deep into her bowels as her tight sphincter clasped at my invading shaft. Every thrust into her body made it lurch forward as her bound nipples were mashed against the mattress. Debbie was squealing in pain as I felt my load begin to rise as my shaft skewered her tight asshole. Then with one final thrust, I buried my shaft to the hilt and filled her ass with hot, sticky cum. Debbie screamed softly as she felt my cock explode deep in her bowels and she collapsed on the bed.

I pulled out of her ass so quickly that I could hear a loud pop from the suction. Walking around her panting body, I sat down on the bed in front of the young beauty's face. Taking a firm grasp on her shoulder length hair, I raised her up and slid two pillows under her tortured chest. Changing position, I brought my cock under her face. Debbie could smell the powerful aroma of cum on my shaft and knew that it was all fresh from her own ass. She also knew what I expected of her and so swallowing hard, she opened her lips and began to suck on my tool.

Satisfied with her efforts, I grasped her thick hair in my hand and lifted her face from my crotch. I slid back a bit and dropped her head as I slid off of the bed. Debbie did not move as I gazed down at her naked body while I got dressed.

"Well, that was certainly enjoyable." I quipped as I slid my hand across her firm asscheeks. "But what shall I do with you now?" I asked tauntingly. "I could shove you outside onto the balcony the way you are." I thought aloud. Debbie thought about the utter humiliation of being forced outside while completely naked. I knew that that wasn't a real possibility and she also soon realized it and calmed down a little. Reaching down for a handful of her thick hair, I pulled the naked beauty to her feet.

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