The Chastity Sack


The demonstration continued. The older girl turned her head back and gave me another long kiss, followed by a trail of nibbles that moved across my cheek to my ear. ... Oh gawd, not my ear. A tingle vibrated down my spine and re-invigorated my hard-on.

When she finished, the older girl moved her head down next to mine until our cheeks were touching. Together, we were looked up at her sister. She brought her hand up in front of our tandem faces and wiggled a "come hither" gesture to the young girl with her finger.

This was, indeed, getting dangerous. I wanted to roll out of the way, but I was hemmed in by the two bodies. I wanted to push them away or at least hold them off, but my arms couldn't budge against the binding. I was at their mercy.

The younger sister's resistance melted. She looked down at us longingly. Her face started down towards us and then hesitated, too timid to continue. Her sister reached up, placed a hand gently on the back of her neck and drew her down to us. The younger one's mouth gently floated onto mine. Her velvety lips gave me the essence of a kiss. It existed and then dissolved like a film of alcohol exposed to air, leaving me with a tingle on my lips and a warm glow in my chest.

She raised her head and examined me, and seeing nothing distressful, she leaned in and gave me another fairy kiss – sweet and ephemeral. Then her sister joined in, and they took turns nibbling and pecking and bussing. I was floating on a cloud, and my hard-on pushed firmly up against the restraining sheet.

Eventually, the older one whispered something in her sister's ear that caused her to rear back. Initially, her face expressed shocked, but then it took on more a look of disbelief. The older one rose onto her elbow and nodded her head up and down very deliberately to reinforce her view that her suggestion was, indeed, going to happen.

The younger girl bolted. She jerked up onto her knees and tried to lunge off the bed but was caught by her sister in mid flight. A tussle ensued, and over top of my immobile body, arms tangled and entwined. The younger girl tried to break free of her sister, but grappling hands and flailing arms prevented her escape. And then suddenly in the melee, a hand clasped tightly on her nightgown collar, tugged downwards and exposed two soft, pale and innocent little breasts.

The young girl reflexively gasped and cupped her hands quickly over her uncovered treasures, but the manoeuvre left her precariously unbalanced. Giggling, the older girl pulled down further on the gown, eliciting a helpless plea of, "ney, ney, ney, ney, ney, ..." from her sister, and then she pushed against her unstable stance, toppling her onto me. The younger girl thrust out her arms on either side of my head to break her fall, causing one breast to smack against my cheek.

The older girl continued to yank her sister's nightgown off her, and the younger girl wiggled her body to counter, inadvertently wobbling her small breasts against my mouth. Soft gelatine mounds dabbed and mushed and slapped against my lips. Finally – because I am only human – I let loose a flurry of licks and sucks and kisses.

Tender, pliant, perfectly formed flesh entered my mouth and became moist with my saliva. Then, a little bud landed on my tongue, was assaulted by my lips and withdrew slowly from my sucking grip. Almost immediately, another one presented itself. I opened my eyes to see the young victim no longer struggling against her disrobing. Instead, she was concentrating on alternating her nipples into my devouring mouth.

One nipple would barely pull up from its wet service, when another would rotate into position behind it. The older girl, having deposited the nightgown onto the floor, moved up to my face to watch the servicing more closely. Her sister looked down at her with an expression of helpless abandonment and began to whine with pleasure.

A left nipple, a right nipple and then back again. I licked and sucked and kissed. The older girl stared at us with intense curiosity until the young one took her turn at tugging at her sister's nightgown, inviting her to join in. She took the hint. Pulling her nightie down to her waist, the older girl set free two full, perfectly proportioned, teardrop breasts that swayed seductively with her movement.

She leaned towards my face and was given access by her sister. A fleshy bulb quivered down onto my mouth and pushed inside. I tongued and sucked on the offering, causing the older girl to rear back in surprise. Her sister brought a hand up to her own mouth and giggled at the reaction.

The older girl, recomposed, lowered herself back onto my welcoming mouth and reacted, this time, by murmuring with pleasure. Her sister moved in next, and soon, I lost track of whose fleshy mound was pushing against my conforming lips and whose bullet-hard nipple was quivering at the tip of my vibrating tongue. One soft, young breast was replaced immediately with another, all the time accompanied by the sustained whimpering of two excited, high-pitched whines.

Oh, why was my body bound in the face of this unrepeatable opportunity? I wanted so much to leap up immediately and violate either of the girls ... or both of them, for that matter. I guess that was the answer to my question right there. In frustration, I began to hump the sheet that was tightly pressing against my hard-on.

Then, with a breast pushed into my mouth and a nipple vibrating stiffly against the tip of my tongue, the older girl suddenly sucked in an audible lungful of air, gripped the back of my head with her hand and pressed her chest forcefully against my mouth. From deep inside her, a low, muffled moan reverberated strongly up her throat and out her mouth. "Ohmmuughphh!!!" Her whole body spasmed, and her breast convulsed against my tongue.

Afterwards, little trembling eddies travelled up and down her body, and eventually she collapsed on her side, breathing heavily. The younger girl stared down at us, her eyes wide in amazement, or perhaps even fear, at the unrestrained reaction she had witnessed. The older girl smiled at her sister's worrisome expression, reached up and petted her cheek reassuringly.

The younger girl took solace from the gesture and laid down on my other side, and together, the three of us took a breather. ... It suddenly became quiet and still in the room.

*** Going Further ***

The older girl blindly traced little patterns on my chest with her fingertips. Her fingers looked like the legs of a figure skater on the snowy white sheet covering my body. A circle, a figure eight, a diagonal line – the two-finger performer skated across my chest, around my stomach, back up, then down again, then ... it ran into my bulge.

The older girl rose onto her elbow and cast her eyes down the sheet, suddenly reminded that more fun was at hand. She reached over, took hold of her sister's hand and, smiling, placed it gently on my chest. Then she pulled it slowly down my front, over my stomach, over my waist, and up onto my bulge. The younger girl whipped her hand away in shock and sat upright to see what she had just touched.

The older girl traced around the outline of my penis and balls, and then up over top of them and down both sides. Her light touch tickled as she went. She reached over and took her sister's hand again, which this time was a more willing participant. Together, the hands explored my sack and shaft and head – touching, squeezing, feeling and rubbing through the sheet as they went. It felt fantastic. My breathing became noticeably faster and louder.

Then, the older girl developed a huge, evil grin. With her hand, she turned her sister's face towards mine and then guided her into making a long, slow, firm stroke with her palm down my shaft, as she had remembered from her previous session with me.

I squinched my face and took in a long deep breath. The younger girl's mouth grinned broadly and her eyes twinkled brightly as she saw the effect she had caused. She stroked me again, this time on her own.

I couldn't keep quiet. The long stroke along my hard-on felt like a long stroke along the nerves of my spine. I squirmed and expelled an "Errounmphh ..." The two girls looked at each other and giggled. She stroked again. "Errmunphh ..."

"Stop," I tried to whisper to them, "You have to stop." I was not going to be able to hold out if this continued. It felt great, but we were definitely entering pitchfork territory ... as good as the ride was getting there.

The older girl leaned over my face to shush me, and then another stroke was administered. I squinted my eyes and moaned, which prompted my silencer to begin kissing me. I don't know if she wanted to share my experience orally or just quieten my protestations, but her lips worked energetically.

Wet smooching, wet smooching, firm stroke; wet smooching, wet smooching, firm stroke; ... I was beginning to plateau. I clenched my loins to prevent the pending release. Then the stroking ceased, and with a tap on the older girl's shoulder, so did the kissing.

When I opened my eyes, I noticed the girls hovering over my waist. The younger one was occupied with something on the sheet. I hoped that it wasn't a wet spot or a stain. The older girl extended a finger to investigate, and then all off a sudden, I felt ... oh heavens! ... I felt her a fingertip touching the skin of my penis. ... Oh gawd!!! They had found the hole in the bag!!

The older girl poked around the hole to see what she could get access to. Fingers prodded at my hard cock and worked it towards the hole. She was figuring it out. "Don't!" I tried to stop the developing situation, but she merely looked up and smiled at me. The smile implied, "It's cute that you think I would stop," and her excavating continued.

Finally, geometries aligned, and my shaft pushed vertically through the opening like a retractable car antenna being engaged. The two girls watched in amazement, and for a moment, the exposed pole became the focus of all our silent attention.

The older girl was the first to budge. She ran a finger lightly along the skin from top to bottom. I felt a corresponding tingle travel down my shaft. She then engaged her whole hand, touching and squeezing and sliding. Eventually, I couldn't help but to squirm my hips, and the two girls looked at each other with large smiles.

The older girl grabbed her sister's hand and drew it into service. There was a little bit of resistance, but curiosity facilitated her participation. A creamy soft hand wrapped around my eager erection; the thin digits and little joints made a couple of exploratory slides. Then, holding the pole erect at the base, she brought her other hand up and scrutinized the head with a fingertip. She seemed especially captivated by the slit. The tip of a fingernail poked at the hole and managed to rub across the sensitize inside skin, causing a jolt to shoot down my urinary tract and my hips to flinch.

The younger girl must have thought that she had hurt me because she leaned in and gave the head a little ... a cute little ... a tender little ... kiss. ... Ohhhh ... I groaned appreciatively, and so the older girl placed her hand on the back of her sister's neck and encouraged her to keep at it. The kissing continued.

I hadn't anticipated oral attention, and I knew that I would have little resistance to it. Without thinking, I jerked my arms uselessly to intercede; they didn't move an inch. Warm, wet lips were molding themselves around my cock head and drawing slowly over its tender surface. I tried to rock my body out of the way, as I moaned with the dangerously building pleasure. The older girl flung her body onto my chest to settle me down and whispered to me, "Ney, ney, ney, ney, ... shh, shh, shh, shh, ...," but my moaning continued.

The older girl knew that she was on to something and pushed down on her sister's head to get her to take more of me in. Then she leaned back and began kissing me aggressively to muffle my protestations. I couldn't move, I couldn't struggle, I couldn't cry out, but I sure could feel the warmth and wetness of the young girl's mouth bearing down on my helpless shaft and the nervous feeling gripping and twinging my balls.

I tried to object – to warn them – but my throaty words were caught by my upper molester's mouth and turned into a muffled murmur. I bucked my hips, but my lower molester kept a grip on her oral project and renewed her activity.

My balls gripped, my thighs cramped, and suddenly, a contraction in my abdomen sent cum rushing through my cock and into the unexpecting mouth beyond. The younger girl tried to reel back in surprise, but a hand still on the back of her head kept her engaged. I shot and shot and shot, filling her virginal mouth. Finally, she pulled off and sat straight up, a look of incredulity on her face. Her sister glanced over to check on the after-effects.

The younger girl's eyes were wide with shock, and her sister asked her, "Vas?" with concern. The young girl's lower jaw opened slowly, and a creamy mixture of cum and saliva drooled down her chin and dripped onto her innocent, white breasts. She looked like she was going to cry, and then she started coughing. She clamped a hand over her mouth, leaped off the bed and ran from the room. Her sister bolted out behind her.

The room was quiet and empty again. As flush faded from my brain, a wave of pleasant exhaustion washed over me. I lay still.

*** Coming Back ***

A thin trickle of cum residue ran down my abandoned pole. I was concerned that a stain would develop and glanced down to check. I suddenly realized that, regardless of a stain, having my penis on the outside of the bag was probably more of a give-away and was therefore definitely pitchfork material. I scrunched my hips to draw the little indiscretion back inside but couldn't get enough movement on it. I grew worried.

It had, however, moved a bit when I tried, and so I theorized that, with enough attempts, I might be able to work it back in. I scrunched my hips again and achieved some success, but the tension on the sheet caused the hole to grip my penis and pull along it, resisting my effort.

I tried again, and again, it gripped and pulled ... and felt kind of good in doing so. ... Focus! ... Scrunch – slip, grab, puullll, ummm ... No, try again. Scrunch – slip, grab, puullll, ummm ... Arghhh! This was frustrating! Scrunch, scrunch, scrunch – pull, pull, pull ... Ummm!! ... Well, it was pointless now; I had succeeded in pulling on it enough to turn it into a substantial hard-on again.

I laid my head back and closed my eyes. What now? What were the chances that a single pitchfork blow could miss all major arteries and vital organs? If I swung my legs off the bed, how far could I get by hopping in my bag? If I pleaded that my penis had become overheated in the middle of the night, would my exposure be excused?

The creak of a floorboard ended my positing. I opened my eyes and noticed the older sister bending beside the bed to retrieve the discarded nightgowns. When she stood up, our eyes met. I saw that she intended to just gather and run, but I needed her to help me out.

"Please," I whispered to her, "Tuck me back in." She stared at me blankly and then shushed me. What was with all the shushing? My exposed member would get me in trouble whether her parents woke up now or later. I guessed that we were having communication problems, and so I bounced my hips up and down to draw her attention to my predicament.

When she looked down at my signal, her eyes fixed on my hard-on and bugged out. Oh, no. She had misunderstood. She looked back at me, smiled and nodded her head. ... No, no, no. Just adjust it ... She bent over my waist ... just ... Awww, she took me into her mouth. I was back on dangerous ground.

She had been an attentive learner of her sister. My cock slipped soothingly into her mouth like a bather's leg sliding into a warm bath. After her first suck, she looked back at me warily, checking my reaction. I took it that she wanted to avoid replicating "everything" that her sister had experienced. When she saw that I was not on the verge of exploding, she went down again ... Jeeezzz, that felt good. Way too good. Maybe she would get the whole treatment after all. ... No! If she bolted, then I continued to risk exposure and a potential stain. I had to get her to quit and cover me up.

"Stop," I pleaded, but she just grinned and continued. The nightgowns slid out of her hand and flopped back onto the floor as she lost herself in her task. She dropped her hand, now free, to between her legs and rubbed herself rhythmically. Soon, a low whining sound mixed with her light slurping.

I was having trouble controlling myself, but she seemed to be having an even harder time. As the motion of her hand increased, her head pulled away from its bobbing and dropped sideways onto my stomach, lost in concentration. Her breathing was loud and laboured.

She rose and looked back at me pleadingly through squinting eyes. She needed relief. Her hand continued to swipe furiously, and a low anxious moan vibrated from her throat. "Ooohh!!" Maybe I should have shushed her.

Facing the bottom of the bag, she climbed up on the bed and straddled my chest. Then she started riding me. Propped on her knees, she rocked her hips forward, dragging her vagina down my torso on top of the sheet; then she rocked her hips back, bearing down again as she recoiled.

Back and forth, back and forth ... As I watched her ass cheeks separate and clench with the movement, I imagined her crack mouthing the moans she was uttering. Her rubbing soaked the sheet with her juices along the track of friction.

Back and forth, back and forth ... The sheet pulled and pushed over my body in synchronicity with her bucking, causing the hole to flip and flop my cock up and down. Each time my penis whipped up toward my abdomen, it slapped against the sheet, reminding the girl of her abandoned duty. She leaned down to take me back in her mouth, but she was too far down my body, so she wiggled her hips towards my face, causing her to cease her grinding.

An engulfing warmth told me that she had returned to her sucking. Her vagina hovered tantalizingly over my face. Despite my concern for the situation, I felt compelled to return her favours, and I reached up with my tongue and licked her pussy. ... She froze immediately.

I licked again. It was a slow lingering lick that started at the top of her slit and pushed her lips gently apart as it travelled down. She moved her hips slightly in reaction. I licked again – slow and wet and mushy.

In a quick, deliberate motion, she moved around on top of me and re-straddled my head. Now visible, her face looked anxious, eager and determined. She reached down, spread her pussy lips apart with her fingers and lowered herself onto my mouth. We were now working to her agenda; I was not required to be consulted.

My entire field of view was taken up by smooth, pink flesh and soft, curly hair. A moist fold of skin grazed my mouth. ... "Ohnnunhh," she moaned. ... It had a pleasant, pungent scent that seemed to exude erotic anticipation. I licked what was offered, ... "Ohnnunhh" ... and the taste provided the same indication.

The girl manoeuvred herself over me with precision – up ... "Ohnnunhh" ... to the left ... "Ohnnunhh" ... down a bit ... "Ohnnunhh" ... over ... "Ohnnunhh" ... smushed in ... "Ohnnunhh!!" ... I just licked, and she oriented the places on her pussy that needed my tongue's attention.

Then, she focused on rocking into my mouth, and her movements became very forceful. Smush, smush, smush ... "Ohnnunhh! Ohnnunhh! Ohnnunhh!" Juices trickled down my chin and cheeks, and I found it hard to take a breath. Suddenly, she grabbed the sides of my head and bore down. I couldn't breathe at all, and my arms fought vainly against the tight bag as they instinctively tried to reach up and push her off.

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