The Choice


He's had enough. Why did she need to go and spoil everything? She's wasted two perfectly happy years of marriage for a roll around with her arrogant boss. Luke is pissed. Samantha was his childhood sweet heart and they were each other's firsts. Ok, things have been a bit boring in the bedroom department these days, but he's been busy at work and she's been away on several conferences. Little did he know, until a week ago, that Sam, as he calls her, has spent these conferences fucking her boss in the luxury hotels where she stays!

Luke discovered his beautiful wife's indiscretions after he unexpectedly went to her hotel to surprise her and instead caught her in the act. Seeing Sam bent over the bed, dressed in erotic underwear she had never worn to their bed, her beautifully rounded ass bobbing around as her conceited boss pounded into her, was the last straw.

Sam has always been a self obsessed woman. She likes to shop and bitches about everyone and everything. When Luke first met her, she was a quiet and gentle character but at university she got involved with a bad crowd. Now she's changed into someone who criticises everything he does, often belittling him in front of friends and family. However, he loves her. Plus, she is smoking hot. A perfect 10! Sleek, long dark hair, firm rounded ass and large plump tits that defy gravity are only a fraction of the charms she used to get him up the aisle. Her motivation? Money, Luke inherited a prosperous firm and, as his wife, she lives a life of luxury. Sam doesn't need to work but she maintains that she requires her freedom. Suddenly, Luke sees this to mean she wants her space to fuck who she wants whilst he is not around.

So what now? When he opened the bedroom door and listened to his wife telling her middle-aged, balding boss to fuck her even harder, Luke had shut it again quietly and left. Sam was unaware he was ever there and for the last week he's been thinking about what he should do about his cheating wife. She arrived back three days ago, her high spirits only adding fuel to the flames as Luke makes his decision. He may live to regret his choice, but he is sure as hell going to make her regret fucking her boss and fucking him over.

Luke makes plans to take Sam away to a cabin in the countryside. He cites the fact that they had been away from each other for a while and it is time to have some peace and quiet together. The thought of a walking holiday dos not inspire much enthusiasm from Sam but she finally agrees and books time off work. When the time arrives Luke carries all the bags to the garage and packs the things he needs to make this a weekend away she'll never forget. Pulling up in front of the house he picks her up and sets off to a remote part of the countryside.

Arriving at their destination, Luke asks Sam to wait before she gets out. Passing her a DVD player he presses play and sits back staring out of the windscreen. Keeping his eyes forward, he listens to his wife moan as an orgasm rocks her body on the video player whilst her ignorant boss called her a 'dirty cunt'. When he hears Sam's gasp of disbelief, and the video end, he turns and looks at his wife. A single tear flows down her cheek.


That is the only word she can form. Luke explains that he planned a sexy evening at the hotel that fateful night. Then he reminds her that early on in their relationship she commented on making an erotic video of them together. He arrived before her at the hotel and bribed the hotel receptionist into letting him into the room. Once inside, he'd set up concealed video cameras in a desperate bid to rekindle their lost spark. Instead, he captured her on film screwing her boss.

Next, Luke passes her a brown envelope, inside is a copy of their pre-nuptial agreement. Luke had not wanted one but his father had insisted when the company was bequeathed to him that something formal was in place. In red highlighter, the section about extra marital affairs is clearly highlighted for her attention. She would receive nothing. Everything that had been brought was in his name, she had signed over her rights to anything but what she came into the marriage with, which was a small pittance.

"I'll do anything, I'm so sorry! It meant nothing. How can I make it up to you?"

Luke sits silently as words form and Sam begs his forgiveness. All he can hear, however, are the echoes of her moans on the DVD player. Finally he speaks.

"Shut your lying mouth and take off your clothes, Bitch."

Sam stops her pleading and looks at Luke in shock, has she heard him correctly? Her disbelief is shattered when Luke suddenly turns in his seat and grips each side her plain white blouse in his hands and rips it open in one violent tug. Buttons bounce onto the floor, as he forcefully shoves the blouse over her shoulders revealing the drab cream bra she always wore around him. Again, his mind angrily flashes back to seeing her in the hotel in a sexy black peephole bra and a thong that was spread aside so she could be taken from behind.

"You have a simple choice, Bitch. Strip and let me do whatever I want to you and your cheating body this weekend. Or, get out of the car, walk home, pack a bag and get out of MY house!"

Shocked, Sam considers her options as the cool air brushing over her semi-revealed breasts causing her nipples to harden to perfect peaks. What if he sends the tape to her company? She'd be fired as well as lose everything in the divorce. The tape was damning. She either gives in or she loses her entire world. Plus, Luke is unimaginative at the best of times in the bedroom. After a hard weekend riding her boss whilst away, her sexual encounters with her husband were always barely a blip on her radar.

Shrugging her arms out of her dreary blouse, Sam reaches back to unclip her unflattering bra whilst Luke watches her with cold, uncaring eyes. As the undergarment falls to the car floor she crosses her arms to cover herself the best she can.

"Get the rest off and show me everything, Bitch!"

The last word sounds wrong on her formally gentle spouse, he always puts up with her complaining and never argues back when she puts her foot down, which is often. Uncrossing her arms she unzips the side of her skirts and pushes it down, underneath are boxer style pants that are not designed for any romantic rendezvous. It is clear to Luke that she had no intention of creating any spark at their getaway but he already knew that. He'd searched her bags before packing the car and found none of the lingerie she'd been sporting at the hotel.

"This week you'll wear what I tell you to wear, when I tell you to wear it. However, most of the time you'll be wearing only me, Bitch"

Sam's eyes shoot up to Luke as he reaches his hand across to roughly pinch her right nipple. He squeezes it harshly between his strong fingers and rolls it around almost absent minded. Sam struggles to suppress a cry as she squirms to remove her pants and drops them onto the floor. Luke is pleased to see she has kept the only sexy part of her outfit on. Sam loves shoes. Her passion is to increase her collection of designers and styles. Now, she is wearing a pair of black stilettos with killer heels with a red ribbon that ties around her ankle.

"Keep your slutty shoes on. Put your hands on the back of your neck and keep your elbows and knees apart. Move them and the deal is over, Bitch."

So this was to be her pet name, Sam does as she's instructed feeling a blush of shame spread across her cheeks at the exposure. During the long drive, she'd been fantasising about her bosses long hard cock slamming into her cunt and it has left her wet. Looking at Luke she can see his displeasure as he runs his fingers over her moist crack. In retribution, he pinches the nub of her clit just between her folds as roughly as her nipple a few moments ago. This time she lets out a little scream but manages to keep her hands in place. Her boss had liked it rough occasionally and so she'd felt worse. However, here it is the lack of control and the inability to get of the situation which makes it so much harder to bear.

For several minutes, Luke explores his wife's body. Familiar territory but one he has not recently had the opportunity to spend much time with. He is not gentle. Instead, he pinches and squeezes her flesh like she is mindless cattle at a market. Eventually, he starts poking his fingers roughly inside her wet cunt, finger fucking her with enough force to lift her off the seat. Through it all she locks her fingers behind her neck and closes her eyes tightly shut. Even when he leans over the gear stick, and locks his mouth and teeth on her nearest nipple, she still does not move. Knowing all she has to do is follow his instructions. That he'll soon get bored or run out of ideas. Then she can get this over, start to repair her marriage and secure her financial status.

It is only when Luke's hand roughly grabs her head by the hair and pulls it down into his lap that her eyes fly open. At some point during his assault on her body he'd realised his rock hard cock and it was now aimed straight at her face. The gear lever roughly pushes into her as he grabs his cock in his spare hand and rubs it around her face leaving a trail of pre-cum in its wake. After making sure he covers every centimetre of her face, he rubs it back and forth across her lips.

"Suck it Bitch until it cums in your mouth and make sure you swallow every single last fucking drop!"

With that remark Luke stabs his cock between Sam's lips and drives to right into the back of her throat using her hair as a handle to hold her in place. As he hits the back of her throat she feels her gag reflex kick in but suppresses the urge and focuses on making sure she can breathe. Thankfully she manages to do just that as he yanks her back by her ponytail and then plunges himself back into her tight lipped mouth. She feels so good around his cock, after getting married she'd refused to give him any more blow jobs but now she was getting the mouth fuck of her life. Jerking her head up and down on his cock, her lips stretched around his wide breadth, he barely restrains himself from cumming too soon. He wants this moment to last, no mercy for her lying mouth. However, he can only hold on for so long and soon Sam struggles to take the engorged cock which pummels into her. Finally, with a last vigorous thrust of his hips and a tight grip on her head, Luke empties himself down her battered throat. Sam gags on the bitter liquid which has no escape but to squirt upwards making her swallow to survive.

After what seems like several minutes, Luke releases her hair and allows her to move her head backwards but not before he rubs his saliva and cum lubricated limp cock all over her reddened face.

"Get out of the car and walk over to the cottage, keep your hands behind your neck and walk slowly. I want to see that perfect ass shake as you move, Bitch."

Sam nervously opens the car door, even though there is no-one around for miles the thought of walking the long stretch from the drive to the cottage in just her high heels fills her with dread. However, she finds the courage as she knows that he won't be up for much action for a while as Luke was never was capable of more than one erection a night previously.

As she, steps out of the vehicle and walks towards the cottage she can feel his eyes zoned in on her. Remembering his command, she makes sure she swings her hips as she walks. This causes her ass to bob about and the extra motion causes even her firm ample tits to swing from side to side. Luke sits back and watches the show, revelling in the new found control and power he has over that perfectly formed body. His plans were working out, but this was only the start. Sam was in for one hell of a ride this weekend!

Carefully climbing the rickety steps of the cottage, Sam makes her way to the front door. Hearing the car door slam close she turns to watch Luke stride across the drive. Startled, she notices that Luke has not done up his fly and his formally spent cock is now hard again. Obviously, the sight of her strutting butt naked across the path has aroused him. Thinking he would not be up for any more action for a few hours, panic slightly sets in for Sam. What would he want her to do next? This is soon answered as moves up the steps and shoves her hard against the door. His strong arms lift her up, spearing her onto his throbbing cock. Pinned against the door, he spreads her thighs wide as he thrusts in and out. The rough wood of the door bites into her back and buttocks as she's slid up and down its surface. With a final thrust, he slams her against the door and pumps himself inside her. Once completely spent, Luke drops her on the floor and she lands face down on the hard wooden balcony.

"Lick me clean. Then crawl inside on your hands and knees. Time you learnt your place, Bitch"

Kneeling up, Sam looks up at Luke only to get a light slap across the face as a reward.

"A Bitch like you does not get to look me in the eyes, now lick."

As before in the car, Luke grabs a fistful of hair and his cock and forces her face into his crotch. This time it smells and tastes of both their fluids mingled together. She has never done this before and licks gingerly at the limp cock. For this she receives another light slap on the face, without a word she starts to clean the cock with more vigour. She even licks his recently shaved balls as he lifts them up for her to freshen with her tongue.

Once Luke is pleased with her work, he releases her hair and unlocks the cottage door. Gesturing for her to enter, she remembers to crawl across the hard floor into the building. As she passes him, Luke swats at her rounded ass just hard enough to leave a reddened handprint which he watches fade as she moves across the room inside.

Inside the cottage is sparsely decorated. Furniture is practical rather than decorative and only the basic features are evident. This is not the sort of place Sam would ever consider staying, but choice was not her option this weekend. Looking around more carefully, Sam sees that the cottage is open plan, that it is basically one large room with a closet and a bathroom. One side is the lounge and kitchen area and the other is the...

"Oh, my!"

The bedroom side is straight out of something from a medieval scene. A solid gigantic oak four poster bed takes up most of the space. However, it is the solid iron chains that cause Sam's shocked reaction. Each corner and post of the bed has restraints in various places with large metal rings around the bed so they can be moved. Sam re examines the rest of the cottage and starts to notice other features of her weekend home. The fore mentioned metal rings are secreted all around the cottage, including the low ceiling and the floor.

"I hope you like your weekend home Bitch! Found it online, thankfully it was free this weekend. I think I'm going to enjoy it here."

The grin on Luke's face shows that he has every intention of enjoying himself but it also tells Sam that he doubts she'll have such a good time. Once again grabbing her by the hair, he steers her to the leather couch where he sits down. Instructing her to kneel up in front of him with her arms once again locked behind her neck. As he relaxes in his chair, Sam feels his eyes boring into her body. She dares not look up at him and keeps her eyes fixed to the floor. Looking down she can see her tits shaking from the effort to stay still. She knows how good she looks and hopes that by displaying herself to the best she can please Luke and maybe he'll get over all this and she can get her life back.

After what seems like forever, Luke gets up and tells her to stay where she is and if she moves even an inch he'll make sure she regrets it for the rest of her life. Luke leaves and goes to the car to collect the luggage. All the bags Sam packed at the house are still back home in the garage. Luke left them there after sifting through them. Now all that was packed was implements to make this weekend extra special and a few bits of exotic lingerie Sam had found hidden in a box in her wardrobe.

Returning to the cottage, Luke is pleased to see that Sam has not moved. He stands at the door for a few minutes and wonders if this is what she really wanted from him all along. She could have left at any point. Luke decides to test his theory and see how much she can handle this weekend. He is still unsure what will happen once they return home, but for now he is going to use and abuse that perfect body and make sure she regrets ever messing him around.

Striding back to the couch, Luke sits down and takes out a package from the backpack he brought into the building. Upon hearing this, Sam braves a peep at what is happening and sees him take out what appears to be a wide dog collar. Surely he can't mean for her to wear this? Next, he takes out four leather cuffs. All the items seem to have large metal D-Rings and strong looking buckles. First, Luke takes the collar and, leaning forward, slips it around Sam's slender neck fastening it securely at the back. Cruelly, he tests it by grabbing the loop at the front pulling her forward making her lose her balance and go face first into his crotch. Her arms move off her neck to stop her fall and she manages to steady herself before Luke uses the ring to wrench her back up. Another slap stings across her cheek.

"Did I tell you to move your arms Bitch? For that you'll have to be punished, but first let's decorate those pretty wrists and ankles of yours. Stand up and put your hands behind your back and remember to keep those cheating eyes down."

Following his instructions, Sam stands and places her arms behind her back where Luke attaches a cuff to each of her wrists and then attaches the two together so she cannot move her arms. Then he places one on each ankle, and like the wrists, he attaches them together, but this time with a short chain which only allows her to shuffle. Sitting back on the couch, Luke tells her to move over towards him. Her short steps make her tits bounce delightfully and the wide collar keeps her head help up which makes keeping her gaze downwards even harder.

When she's at the edge of the couch, Luke uses the collar ring to pull her face down over his knee. Manoeuvring her so her cunt can feel the hardened cock wrapped up in his tight jeans and her buttocks are in a ripe place. With one hand he presses her face sideways into the couch and with the other he raises it and smacks it down onto the lily white ass on top of him. Unable to move, Sam starts whimpering in distress but is soon screaming as Luke continues to rain down blows onto her buttocks. Her slight squirming massages his cock through his trousers and he nearly cums there and then. However, he manages to hold on and after a few more thwacks he stops and starts to pinch and rub the enflamed skin below him.

Not once did Sam ask him to stop, she begs his forgiveness and tells him she is sorry, but through all the spanking she does not once ask him to stop. Luke is shocked that when he stabs his finger into her cunt from behind he finds her wetter than he's ever had her in their entire relationship. Her juices have even seeped into his jeans, merging with his own pre cum to create a massive stain. First sticking in one finger, he then goes to two and then three, shoving them in and out like a steam piston. He fingers drenched he wipes them on her ass and gets an idea.

Sam had always had one rule in the bedroom, her anus was off limits. Luke has long had wet dreams about taking advantage of that virgin opening and now he had the perfect opportunity to try. If she said no then the deal was off, he'll leave her here and call her boss to come pick her up. However, if she didn't object then...

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