tagBDSMThe Choice Ch. 19

The Choice Ch. 19


A dream, A fantasy or maybe somewhere my reality. Safe Sex Always

©angelface195 -- all rights reserved


Anna comes home early the next day. Brian has gone to make breakfast. I am still in bed asleep. She undresses and climbs into bed. I feel her mouth on my breasts and stroke her hair as I awaken.

Anna smiles down at me and I grab her hair and pull her down into my pussy. She sucks and licks me, but I really have to go to the bathroom so I stop her and get up. When I return she is stroking her pussy. I go to her and get back into bed. "Hello there." I kiss her. "I have missed your pussy Mistress. I really want to finish my morning suck.

"Not yet, my dearest I really want to talk to you." I say, "Did you have a nice time with Rachel and Daniel?"

She strokes my arm, "Yes, Daniel still needs to learn control, but he will make a good Master to Rachel. He loves her. I missed you the whole time. Did you have fun with Bry? Anna asks as she kisses my shoulder.

"Yes, we had a nice evening." I say and pull her closer to me.

"Would you like to look at wedding dresses this week?" I ask. Anna's eyes grow wide and she laughs, "I know you've already thought of something, so why don't I just take what you've already picked out."

I sit up, grab her and take her over my knee. I swat her behind, "I have thought of something, but I want you to try on gowns." I say laughing. "You think you know me so well."

Brian knocks on the door, "Come in." I say and I swat Anna, who's laughing hysterically again. Brian enters and smiles at the scene before him. "So what brought this on?" he asks.

"Anna thinks she knows what I'm going to do." I say, "So I just want her to know to expect the unexpected."

Brian laughs, "Breakfast will be ready in twenty minutes. Would you mind Mistress, if I spent some time with Anna this morning while you shower?" Anna looks at me, her face surprised. Then she looks at Brian and he grins at her. "No and I think I'll shower now. Don't take too long you two."

I deposit Anna back on the bed with a peck on her lips. Anna laughs opens her legs and Brian gets in between them. I look lovingly at them and head for the shower. Over the water of the shower, I hear Anna yell, "Yes Brian, yes, I'm cummmming." And I chuckle.

Brian has left. Anna is dressed as I walk out of the shower. She comes over to me and takes the towel. She dries my back and on her knees, Anna licks my pussy. I hold her to me as I cum in her mouth. Anna smacks her lips and I laugh. She helps or should I say she hinders me getting dressed, but soon we are at breakfast.

The mail arrives and I receive two invitations from The White House. One is to a bachelorette party for Katherine Morgan, the President's fiancée and the other is the very beautiful wedding invitation.

I have a lot of work to do for my movie project so I tell Anna that she and Rachel may go in my place to the party, but the three of us will go to the wedding in June. Brian is very excited to be going to the White House.

Dominic and Skip are due to arrive with Daniel later in the day. I have gotten the house ready for their visit. Daisy and Andrew have prepared their rooms.

Daniel is on his way to the house. He went home to drop his bags. I will spend the rest of the day with him and Dominic. Anna is going to have a night out for the evening. She has learned her way around New York. Skip will spend some time in the next couple of days with her and a few friends he knows here.

Dominic arrives and his surprise is Marlene. She is a bit thinner but beautiful nevertheless. Her red hair is gleaming and her eyes sparkling. Seeing me, she lowers her eyes and when Marlene enters my home, she kneels at my feet and says, "I apologize to you for my behavior. I am deeply sorry for the death of Sir. I also want to thank you for giving me to Sir Dominic. He is a wonderful Master for me."

I help her up and kiss her on the lips. She opens her mouth and moans as I slide my tongue inside. When I release her, she is breathless. Anna hugs and kisses her.

Dominic comes to me and pulls me aside, "When I first met her, she was very timid. I would come home to find her kneeling for I don't know how long. Marlene was afraid I would beat her if she did anything wrong. She told me what happened to her in Abu Dhabi. How she was punished for the littlest infraction. She has learned her lesson and is really going to try very hard to make it up to you. When she found out that Sir had died she cried uncontrollably. We have taken it slow, but I think she and I are a good fit. I want to thank you."

I hug him. "I had a feeling that the two of you would work. How is she getting along with Skip?"

"She is wonderful with him, very kind and patient. He likes her. Marlene is really very kind and gentle. She learns quickly. I think in a year or so if things keep going this well, I'll ask her to marry and get her pregnant as fast as possible. I want another child and if something happens to me then she will have a child or two to raise."

Skip comes in with some luggage. He and I hug. I kiss him lightly on the lips. He turns beet red. "Hello Mrs. S. I'm so psyched to be here." Anna kisses his cheek and he blushes again. I have her show Marlene and Skip to their rooms.

Dominic and I go into the office where we work until dinner. Anna, Skip and Marlene spend time together and Anna takes them for a walk around the neighborhood. They come back with fruit and a bottle of wine. Rachel comes for dinner. We all have a lovely dinner of steak and potatoes with asparagus tips. Brian has made us a chocolate soufflé for dessert. They are all going out tonight with Skip to a club to go dancing. I was asked, but Daniel, Dominic and I have too much work to do besides I don't want to hang out with a bunch of under 30's. So let the kids have their fun and I will be working. After dinner, Anna, Skip, Marlene, Rachel and Brian get into the Bentley and go out clubbing. A black sedan follows them to the club and watches.

They exit about 2:30 a.m., get into the Bentley and return home. The sedan follows them.

Andrew and Daisy bring us coffee and tea and some delicious sugar cookies after everyone has left. I send them home at 9:30. We continue working until eleven, then Dominic goes to bed. Daniel and I talk about Rachel and Anna. I ask him to stay over. He agrees and calls Rachel to let her know to come here to sleep.

I am sound asleep when they all return. I awaken to the sound of laughter and I smile. I hear the elevator and know that Brian has gone up to bed. I hear Skip say good night to Marlene who goes into the room she shares with Dominic. Rachel and Anna whisper outside my door. I hear Rachel go into Daniel's room. Anna goes into her room for a moment, and then opens the connecting door.

I am smiling and now pretend to sleep as she creeps towards the bed. Anna is trying to be quiet, but I believe she's had a little too much to drink and she almost knocks over the lamp. She is naked and tries to climb into bed with me. I smell her and I stop her before she can get into bed with me. "Before you touch me, go into the bathroom and wash up. Put your clothes in the hamper. You've been drinking quite a bit and I smell it from here. I also smell all the cigarette smoke and sweat from you." I admonish her. Anna sighs, "I'm sorry Mistress and you are right, may I sleep with you after I wash."

"Yes, you may and you are going to get a spanking before bed for drinking so much. How much have you had?" I ask.

"A lot." Her voice is slurred. Brian kept buying us drink, then Skip." She says. "I threw up before I got into the car." I decide to get up. "I'll deal with them tomorrow, but for now, let me take care of you." I take her hand and pull her towards the bathroom and into the shower. I turn on the cold water and push her in. Anna screams, "It's freezing, please Mistress. Please turn it off."

I let her stay under the cold-water then turn it to warm. Stripping off my gown, I get into the shower with her and start washing her. Anna holds me as I wash her hair. She looks up at me petulantly. "I'm sorry Mistress. I drank too much." I kiss her nose. "Brush your teeth and dry your hair. You are forgiven this once, but don't do it again. I'm going to have a discussion with Brian and Skip about getting you two girls drunk and tomorrow Brian will be taken into the playroom. He should know better." I barely dry off, I'm annoyed.

While Anna is getting ready for bed, I go upstairs to Brian who is fast asleep in his clothes lying across the bed. I go into his closet, take out his belt, and hit him on the butt hard. He barely moves, so I hit him again harder and he jumps, "What the hell?" He gazes up at me, "Oh Mistress, sorry." He sits up.

"This will be the last time I say this to you, don't ever come home drunk like this again. Tomorrow you and Skip are going to the playroom. For now, I want you to get into the damn shower and into your pajamas and go to sleep. You are to be up to make breakfast by 11. So get to it." My voice is stern, but really, I think it's great they let off steam, I just can't let them know that.

Brian stands up and walks towards me. He gathers me in his arms and before I can move, he kisses me. His voice stinks of alcohol. He's still a little tipsy, "God you look so hot standing there naked with my belt. Please Mistress; whip my ass while I'm in the shower."

He releases me and starts undressing leaving his clothes as a trail. Brian gets into the shower. I walk into the room and he has his back to me. I open the shower door and start whipping his ass. He is moaning and jerking off. "Yes Mistress, I behaved very badly, please more."

"Don't you dare come, that is your punishment. Tomorrow afternoon, you and Skip in the playroom." And I hit him once again. He turns to me and shows me his dick hard and he smiles. He is so damn arrogant. I get into the shower and grab his cock. Turning around I order him to fuck me. He does and he's moving and I am so close. I know I'm going to come. "Don't you dare come. This is not for you, but for me." He fucks me hard and plays with my clit. I cum very hard and squeeze his dick with my pussy. He's very close, but knows it will be worse if he does cum. I stand and walk out of the shower leaving his belt on the floor. I don't turn back to look at him.

Drying myself, I return downstairs where Anna is waiting for me in my bed. I get into the bed, grab her hair and pull her into my pussy. "Eat me and make me come. You better be quick about it." She goes to it, but since I've already come, I know she'll be down there for quite awhile. Finally, after about an hour or so I come in her mouth and fall fast asleep with her still between my legs.

In the morning, Anna is nestled in my arms. I kiss her awake. It's 9:30. "Mistress, I was really bad last night." She says looking down at her hands.

"Yes you were. Did you have a good time?" I ask and finger her snatch. She moans, "I danced most of the night and I had fun, but I wish you were there." She starts to finger me. I suck on her nipple and Anna groans, "I love being in bed with you in the morning. Can I sleep here every night after we're married?"

I kiss her hard, my tongue in her mouth and my hands now cupping her butt. I am very horny this morning. "Many nights, but there will be some that I need to just sleep alone. God you make me so very hot."

Brian knocks and enters. He has just come down to begin breakfast. I look up at him, "And how are you this morning?" He bows his head, "I'm very sorry Mistress for my behavior."

"Come here." I tell him and I unzip his jeans and fish out his cock. He looks down at me as Anna takes his cock in her mouth while I stroke him. "Please Mistress, may I cum?" Anna sucks harder. "No you may not. After breakfast you and Skip are to come into the playroom." Brian groans, "Please Anna, I'm close." She stops. "Mistress it isn't just his fault or Skips, but Rachel and mine. Marlene told us we needed to stop."

"So after breakfast you all will be in the playroom." I say. Brian goes into the kitchen and I send Anna into her room to dress. At breakfast, Dominic, Daniel and I sit and talk to the submissives and Skip. Skip is hung over and Daisy gives him her cure all tomato juice drink. Dominic says, "Skip, you should know better. You are a man and supposed to look after the girls. You are also a Dom and should have made sure they didn't drink too much. We had this conversation yesterday. You are supposed to be the responsible one. So you are to go in the playroom and await your punishment." Dominic starts to say something to Marlene and I stop him, "Anna told me that you tried to get them to stop. How much did you drink Marlene?" I say to her.

She looks up at me through her lashes, "Two Mistress. I drank soda the rest of the night."

"Thank you and you will not be punished. In fact you are going to help with the punishment." Dominic says and he motions to her to come to him. She sits on his knee and he unbuttons her blouse. Dominic scoops out her breast and sucks on it. She gasps through clinched teeth and he whispers in her ear, "You behaved and you will get your reward." Dominic puts her breast back into her bra and buttons her. He says, " Marlene go into the playroom and pick out a crop, then put on your black leather pants, the one's with no crotch so that I may fuck you after." She drops to the floor and kisses his hand, "Thank you so much Master."

She leaves. Dominic turns to his son, "in the playroom with just your underwear on. Rachel will show you the position. You are a Dom and should know better how to treat a submissive. Today you will be punished and it should help you to remember." He orders.

Skip starts to speak, but thinks better of it and closes his mouth. Daniel talks to Rachel, his voice is stern, "What did I tell you before I left home and reminded you again before you went out?"

She is quivering with excitement or fear, I can't tell. "You told me only two drinks."

"How much did you drink slave?" he asks angrily. "I don't remember." She says truthfully. "But more than two right?" He asks. She nods. "I want you in the playroom, naked in the position and just wait." Daniel says. She starts to get up, "Crawl into that room and keep your head down." She does as he asks.

Brian and Anna are left. "Anna, you follow Rachel on your knees. Brian, you will get the worst of it from me because Rachel, Anna and even Skip were in your care. You are supposed to take care of them. Ask Anna to strap you to the cross." He kneels down, "I'm sorry Mistress." He crawls towards the playroom.

Daniel, Dominic and I sit. Daisy comes out of the kitchen, "Don't be too hard on them. Brian told me they really had a good time."

"Would you like to join us Daisy?" I ask. She blushes and says, "I'll ask Andrew and if he says it's all right, may I ask a favor?" I look at her surprised, "you may ask anything."

"I'd like to spank Brian and have," She looks down at the floor, "Rachel eat my pussy. I'd like to have Skip fuck me."

Dominic looks up. Daisy is old enough to be Skip's mother, but just barely and this will be more like pleasure to him than punishment. "You may have Skip fuck you, but if he comes, he has to eat his sperm out of you." He says and Daisy beams.

We sit having coffee and tea and then it is time to discipline our misbehaved subs. We have a plan. I go into my bedroom and get into my Dom outfit. I am wearing black leather pants with a black leather bustier and long black leather gloves and red Louboutin heels. My hair is pulled back in a severe high ponytail and I have on black lipstick and dark eye shadow. I walk first into the playroom. They are all in position with Skip looking most uncomfortable. I go to Rachel and feel her back. She is trembling.

Brian is restrained on the cross his front facing the wall. His naked body vulnerable. He is nervous and I walk up to him and feel his back. I take my gloved hands and run them down his back and up to his front. I grab his cock and stroke him. He groans. I go over to the chest, open it and take out the ball gag. Standing on a stool, I put the gag over his mouth and he bites down. I stroke his cock. "No moaning, no groaning, silence. This is punishment and you will learn to take better care of my property." I stroke him. He's moaning and I know he is close. I want him to come. I keep going and he's holding back but he is close, so very close. I keep stroking and he cannot stand it anymore and he comes all over my gloved hand.

I take the gag out and feed him his cum. When he has licked my hand clean I replace the gag in his mouth. His cock is now flaccid and I go into the drawer and take out a cock cage CB6000 which is a device shaped like a penis with a slit and air holes. The cock goes in the device and is locked with a padlock. I hold the key. I rarely use these things, but he really needs this punishment. I am not a cruel mistress. I don't use milking which is making a person come and come again until it is painful.

In the cock cage, Brian will not be able to come. He will be able to pee and I will decide when he will be allowed to come again. I lock Brian in the device and silent tears fall from his eyes. "One week and if you behave, I will take it off." He nods.

Daniel comes into the room wearing a pair of red leather pants that button at the crotch and nothing else. He is barefoot and carrying a small whip.

Daniel takes Rachel over to the spanking bench and cuffs her hands. She is bent over, her bottom sticking up, blonde head bowed.

Dominic enters, he is wearing a pair of leather boots that go past his thighs and up his leg, and they are held together by snaps in the front of his genital area. He looks hot! Dominic goes over to his son. "Because this is your first infraction, you will be a bottom to everyone in the house, which means you have to ask permission for everything except when to go to the bathroom. For one month, you will not be able to drink alcohol and be in bed by 11:00. You will be treated for this month like a submissive. When we are home, you will take care of Marlene's every need. While you are in New York, you are responsible to Daisy. She will spank you tonight and then you will fuck her but not come. Do you understand Walter?"

"Walter?" I look at Dominic. Dominic smiles, "That's Skips real name and he hates it, don't you boy?" Skip grimaces and nods. "He is called Skip because when he was a boy he used to skip everywhere and it stuck." I laugh and he groans.

Finally, it's Anna's turn. She has managed not to weep and I'm glad of that. "Anna, you are not only my submissive, you are my fiancée, you embarrassed me in public by being drunk, what do you think your punishment should be?"

Anna eyes are down at the floor, her arms stretched out. "My punishment is whatever you wish it to be Mistress. Although I am going to be your wife, I will always be your property and my behavior was horrible. Please punish Anna as you see fit."

Daniel and Dominic look at me. I look at Marlene. "Marlene come here." She comes to me. "You will decide Anna's punishment since you told her to stop drinking and she continued and with Dominic's permission, I would like you between my thighs tonight and in the morning."

Marlene thinks for a moment and says, "First Mistress, I thank you for the honor. If my Master agrees, I will do everything possible to please you tonight and in the morning. I think that Anna's punishment should be twenty-five slaps with the crop so that she cannot sit down without being uncomfortable and then to be fucked with the nine inch strap on, but not able to come."

Dominic says loudly, "yes you may sleep with Mistress and you may deliver the punishment, after Brian and Anna will watch as I fuck their Mistress." He smiles at me and asks my permission. I nod. This should be very damn interesting. Dominic and I have never fucked, but I know by the end of this night, I will be ready for a good fuck.

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