tagBDSMThe Choice Ch. 20

The Choice Ch. 20


A dream, A fantasy or maybe somewhere my reality. Safe Sex Always -

©angelface195 -- all rights reserved


In the middle of the night I maneuver my way from between Marlene and Dominic who I must say snores to Rachel's room. I am wearing a nightgown with a matching robe. I smile as I see Skip on the floor with a blanket. I notice that he has brought her juice and water. He's learning. Rachel opens her eyes and motions for me to be quiet as Skip is sound asleep on the floor. Rachel gets up to go to the bathroom and I help her.

After she and I go into the kitchen, I ask her. "Would you like some hot chocolate?". Rachel smiles, "I haven't had hot chocolate since I was a kid. My mom used to make it for me."

I make us both a cup of real hot chocolate with chocolate and milk and fresh whipped cream. She looks lovely sitting at the kitchen counter. Her blond hair cascading around her face. "How are you?" I ask as I take out a tin of cookies. Rachel takes one, "I'm better, thank you. Since I'm going to be here for awhile, may I sleep with you one night Mistress?"

"Of course Rachel, how about tomorrow for a little while. You are still under punishment? I'm still annoyed with Anna and she should spend two nights by herself. I'll check on her later." I say and Rachel nods. She has whipped cream on her nose and I go over and kiss it off. Rachel surprises me and puts her cup down and pulls me towards her. She kisses me sliding her tongue into my mouth.

"Mistress, I'd like to make love to you now." She smiles sweetly. I extricate myself. "I really want you to rest today. Tonight will be soon enough. I'll give you a bath to soothe you."

She sighs, "yes Mistress." She finishes her hot chocolate and stands unsteadily. Skip comes out of the room and puts his arm around her waist. "You need to be in bed. Mrs. S. can I take her back?" He asks. "Yes I tell him." Rachel looks at me and smiles, "until tonight." She says.

I sit in the kitchen and think about my life. People have certainly surprised me today. Walking downstairs, I am surprised to find Daniel sitting in the office. "What are you doing here? It's four in the morning."

He smiles sadly, "I'm leaving on the 8 a.m. plane and didn't want to be home. I called Sir Richard and asked if I could come earlier."

"Have you been up to see Rachel?" I ask. "No" He shakes his head. "I'm appalled by my behavior. I am not the right man for this."

"How do you feel about Rachel?" I ask. "I love her, but I don't know if I'm in love with her." He says. "Go to Sir Richard and work it out." I say and am a little sad for him.

"I am but what if I return and I don't want this life?" He says. "Then that is your choice and Rachel will make her own choice. You are having a very bad time. If you want I will go with you to the airport or you can go on my plane."

"No. I'm fine and I'll take a cab. I just wanted to make sure that I left instructions for Dominic and for you about things I have been working on. The screenwriter should have the script ready next month. Will you keep me informed of how the project is progressing?" He asks.

"Of course." I say, "Why didn't you think I wouldn't. I'm still your partner."

He smiles, "yes you are." I take his hand and he leans forwards and kisses my lips. We sit holding hands until it's time for him to go. When I return upstairs, I find an empty bed. I am very happy to sleep alone and fall into a deep dreamless sleep.

Breakfast is a serious affair. Brian is in a bad mood, Anna is quiet. Skip has been between Daisy's legs again and he's getting a little grumpy. Rachel is feeling better and wants to do some shopping while Marlene and Dominic are smooching like teenagers. I am very happy for them.

Dominic and I work, while Brian gets things ready for lunch and dinner. I have been asked to give a speech in a few weeks about film making at NYU and I agree. I have a meeting with the screenwriter in a few days and the casting director for our project. Marlene, Rachel and Anna go shopping and Anna asks if they can have lunch out. I tell her to make a reservation at The Russian Tea Room and enjoy.

Before lunch I go up to see Brian. He is reading. After the summer, he will be taking a class in restaurant management. Brian puts the book down. "Stand up." I tell him and he does. I unzip his pants and take out his cock that is still in its cage and with my key, I unlock the lock and open the cage. He sighs. "Don't get too excited, you have six days to go." Brian grimaces. "Mistress please."

"No Brian, a full seven days. But right now, I'm going to have some fun." I push him onto the bed and take his dick into my mouth. Brian moans. "Mistress ah, yes, please." I ignore him and keep sucking as he moans. "No coming yes. This will be for my pleasure." His erection is growing and I lift up the red skirt I am wearing and sink onto his dick.

He groans. His dick is a bit sensitive, but I fuck him hard riding his dick. Brian reaches up to touch me and I take his hands and put them into the restraints on the bed. He looks upset. My hands are on his chest and I'm moving up and down on his dick. "Mistress, I'm sorry." He begs, "Please, please let me out of this cage."

"No baby, this fuck is for me and you can come only when I'm ready for you to come and then back in the cage." I tell him and ride his cock like Zorro rides a horse.

I cum and then I let him cum. Brian is still restrained and I lay over his face. My pussy dripping with our mixed juices and I lower myself down until he begins to lick. I take his cock and lick the tip then put it back into the cage and lock it. The key is on a chain around my neck. He groans as he hears the lock close.

Brian eats my pussy and I cum again. I get off him. "You are to lay here for an hour and think about what you did last night. Also tonight before bed, I'm going to spank you. Tomorrow you will take a shower without the cage, but then it will go back on."

Brian frowns, "You didn't have to fuck him in front of me. Haven't I been punished enough?" He yells. I go to him and pull his pants all the way down. I pick up the intercom phone and ask Daisy to tell Skip to come upstairs and on his way to stop and bring the two pair of handcuffs and the paddle. Brian looks at me, but says nothing. Skip comes upstairs with the items and I say to him, "Brian hasn't learned yet. So I would like you to take off his pants and pull his legs up. I have Skip take one of Brian's hands and cuff them to his leg, then the other one. Brian is now crying and I know again that he really wants this.

I feel his butt. "Who is your mistress?" I say and I smack him hard with the paddle as Skip watches. "You are." He says loudly. "Who owns you completely body and soul?" I ask and hit him again, "You do." He yells. "I will fuck whomever I wish to fuck, while you, my property will do what I wish, understand." I hit him on the balls and he screams. I hand the paddle to Skip. "Hit him once more and then uncuff him." I take his hair, pull his face up to mine, and kiss him hard on the lips. "You are my bitch, understand that. The next time, Dominic will fuck your ass. Behave yourself."

Brian nods. I'm done and I leave the room. Brian comes down for lunch and gingerly sits down. He is silent throughout the meal. Anna, Rachel and Marlene return, bringing with them loads of bags. While I spend time working, they spend time trying on clothes. Later Dominic takes Marlene out to a romantic dinner. Skip asks to visit a friend and I tell him to be home by midnight. He agrees. Anna, Rachel, Brian and I have a somewhat quiet dinner. Brian is still not speaking to me. Daisy and Andrew leave at 8:30.

Daniel calls to tell me he's arrived safely at Sir Richard's. Brian goes up to his room early. Rachel comes and sits on my lap. "Can we take that bath now?" She asks. I take her hand and she turns back and sticks her tongue out at Anna. I ignore this behavior and run a bath.

When Rachel and I get into the bath, I say to her, "It's not nice to tease Anna. I'm sure this is hard for her and she knows why she is being punished. If I had not intervened, you would still be punished."

"Mistress I'm sorry, but Anna is always bragging about how much you love her, how good you are to her. It gets on my nerves sometimes." She says and I understand. I will have a talk with Anna about this.

Having a submissive is a great deal like having a young child. They need to be taken care of, disciplined and loved. I think about Anna's punishment and smile. She will learn. At 11:40 Skip returns home. He asks about Rachel and I tell him she's fine and he can check on her in the morning.

I have a very nice night with Rachel and she is healing. I eat her pussy and she comes. I stop her from eating me. I have other plans for my pussy and I want to be very horny. I take Rachel back to her bed, tuck her in and lie with her until she sleeps.

At five a.m. I get out of bed and go into Anna's room. I am wearing a short silk bathrobe and nothing else. She is sound asleep. It is dark with just a little bit of light coming through the blinds. Walking over to the bed, I grab her long hair and tug hard. Immediately her eyes open, "Mistress?' She says, "Down on your knees cunt! Do you think your punishment is over?" I say and pull her until she is on her knees. I notice she is wearing baby doll pajamas and I rip the pajama top from her body. She is now naked. I open my robe. She stares up at me.

Wrapping my hands around her long dark brown hair I bring her up to my pussy. Straddling her face, I hold her to me, "You like for me to talk while you eat me, well I'm going to talk and you're going to eat and make me come."

I jam her head into my pussy and she immediately starts to lick me. "Put your hands on my butt and squeeze it." She does as I ask and caresses my butt. I hold her by her hair and fuck her face hard. She is licking and sucking my pussy lips, swirling her tongue. "Fuck my pussy with that mouth." I order. "You are such a good pet. Today you will crawl all day long. You will not sit on any furniture in this house. I will collar you and put you on a leash. You will follow orders and when it is time for bed, you will be restrained in the closet until I come to untie you." I move my hips and pull her into my crotch tighter. If I had a dick, she'd be choking on it.

Anna continues to lick me. "You will stop bragging to Rachel or anyone else what you have and don't have. Yes, my pet, suck my clit." I know she is in a painful position and I know she is sexually frustrated, but Anna needs to learn this lesson. "You are my property and I will do with you what I choose. You still haven't learned that all of this can go away. Make me come bitch, that's all you're good for right now. You are my pussy girl today and I will take you like this again. Eat me, pet and make me come. You belong to me. You are mine and once you become my wife, I will expect even more from you. You are never to get drunk again!" I pull her head back. "You may speak bitch!"

She licks her lips and stammers, "Mistress I am so sorry that I disobeyed you. Rachel was talking about Daniel and how he was going to marry her and give her an even bigger wedding. She was talking about how she was going to carry his child and I got upset. I'm very sorry. I will do as you wish."

I grab her face and stare into her eyes, "You know you are the most important thing to me. I love you, don't you get it. Ignore what anyone says, now get back to my pussy and take care of me!"

She goes back to work and I tug on her hair. I am very close and I reach down and pinch her nipple hard. She groans. "Stop playing with my pussy and finish me." She takes my clit and flicks it again and again, pulling me closer to her. Anna is buried in deep. "I'm there pussy girl, that's so damn good. Yesss." I say and I come hard. I rub my pussy all over her face and nose. She licks from my ass back up to my clit as I rub her face.

Releasing her hair, I take the sheet off the bed and hand it to her, "You will keep my juices on your face until morning. I will see you on your knees by my side at breakfast. You will spend the rest of the night here on the floor." I tie my robe and leave.

I can hear her sobbing and my heart clinches, but I go into the bathroom and cry. I love her more than she knows.

At breakfast, she is dressed in black pants with a button down shirt and no bra. I know this because I leave these clothes for her. She is kneeling by my place at the table. Dominic raises an eyebrow, but I ignore him. Marlene, Skip, Brian, and Rachel say nothing. Breakfast is pancakes with syrup, bacon and sausage. Also a fruit cup.

Brian still looks miserable and his head is bowed. I sit down and give Anna a piece of bacon which she eats from my hand. I pat her head. In my hand I hold her collar and leash which I put around her neck and attach the leash.

She bows her head. "Today, Anna will be on her knees all day. She is to suck anyone's dick except for Brian's today and eat anyone's pussy except for Rachel. Dominic, "He looks at me, "She is yours to instruct in the office and to bring you off at least twice today."

I look at Skip, "you may use her mouth once today and you are to restrain her in the closet in her room. You cannot fuck her. I'm sure Daisy has that in mind for you." Skip turns crimson, Daisy has fucked him every day since he was punished. Daisy smiles at me. "Daisy, Anna's mouth is also yours and your husband's today. Brian?" His head snaps up. "Tonight, at 4:00 am you are to untie Anna and put her into her bed. You are to eat her pussy until she comes. Her punishment is over. As for you, I will deal with your situation tomorrow. If you behave today. I might let you out a day or two early, but if you complain, you'll be in that cage for another week."

Brian nods and still says nothing. I turn to Rachel, "You my dear are a tattle tale and I will have none of that. When you are feeling better, I will punish you for tattling. For now, you will be cared for, but my feeling is that you like getting Anna into trouble and I won't have that , so you will have punishment waiting for you by the end of next week."

Rachel nods and says nothing. I feed Anna some pancake and bacon. I spoon fruit into her mouth and hold the glass for her to drink. When she has finished eating. I pull on her leash and she goes under the table to feast on my pussy. She makes me come quickly as I hold her head into me. I hand the leash to Marlene who makes Anna take down her panties and pushes her face into her pussy.

Dominic and I are talking about locations when we hear Marlene cum. She goes to hand the leash to me and I give it to Dominic. He gets up and takes Anna down stairs to the office.

I have some shopping to do and invite Marlene to come with me. I take her to LaPerla and buy her some sexy things to wear for Dominic. She is very grateful. Marlene and I have lunch at a small Italian bistro I know. "So how are you doing since you came back?"

"I'm much happier. Sir Richard had me return five months earlier and I was glad. It was hard. I had no privacy and I worked from morning to night, but with Sir I am treated like a Queen. He makes sure I am happy and we have a lot of fun together. Sir says that he wants me to be permanent and I told him yesterday, yes. I am very happy." Marlene looks at me seriously, "I was very arrogant and rude to you. I was flabbergasted that you did this for me. I thank you so much." She kisses my hand.

"Marlene, I knew that you needed a Master who would care about you." I kiss her lightly on the lip. "Dominic is one of my closest friends and I wouldn't have put you with him if I didn't think you'd work out."

She and I spend the rest of the day together and get home in time for dinner. Anna looks like she has spent her day sucking cock and I'm sure she has been. Dominic is grinning at me and Marlene. Anna looks a bit unhappy, but she doesn't say anything and Brian has gone out to buy fish for dinner tonight. When he returns with Daisy he is in a better mood.

I take him upstairs and free his cock from his cage. I tell him that tonight; I will cage him after he takes a shower. "Mistress, may I eat your pussy tonight?" he asks, "Maybe." I say.

Brian starts to speak, then stops. "What?" I ask. "I made a friend, his name is John and he owns his own business. He has asked me to hang out with him. I'd like to and also would like to invite him over. May I Mistress?"

"Yes, I told you, you could have friends over and you may go out with him, let's talk about it. What is he like?" I ask. "He's a guys, guy. He has a girlfriend named Amber. I met him at the gym and we have had coffee. He's 35 years old and is thinking of getting married."

"What have you told him about your situation?" I ask curious, "He saw the interview and wants to meet you. He's also seen your movies. John has asked me why I have this relationship and I've told him that I love you and I made this commitment to be your permanent slave. It is what I want. He's curious."

"You may invite John over next Saturday." I tell Brian and he looks happy. "May I ask his girlfriend Amber to come also?"

"Yes, she may come too. Brian come here." I say to him and he comes to me. I kiss him and unzip his pants. I play with his balls and he moans. "Mistress please I know I was irresponsible. It won't happen again. I just want you to let me make love to you." I take my hand and stroke his cock. He groans, "Mistress, I'm going to come soon and I don't want back in the cage."

"Brian, I'm sorry but you have a few more days, but tonight, I will let you fuck me and then eat me out. I will put you back in the cage. You will finish out your punishment. I want you to really think about what you did and to remember that when you are out with Rachel or Anna and Skip because he is younger; you are responsible for them." I hold him in my hand. He kisses me hard, "I love when you punish me. I love how you love me. I will be with you forever."

"When do you want to go out with John?" I ask. "On Thursday Mistress unless you have something planned. I will make dinner before I go out."

I keep stroking him and Brian is moaning, "Mistress, please, yess, you know exactly what to do to keep me in check." He moans. "You may go out with him on Thursday, but everything has to be done. You can have three drinks max and you are to be home by one." I say and he has grown bigger and bigger. I zip him up and tell him to clean the cage and leave it on his dresser for later.

He takes me into his arms and kisses me again. "I love you." I kiss him again, "I love you too Brian."

After dinner, Anna spends time with Dominic and Marlene in the play room. I go upstairs and take a shower, change into a long silk nightgown with a matching robe and walk to Brian's room. He has a balcony and I stand out there looking as he comes upstairs with some canapés and a bottle of sparkling grape juice. Brian comes outside and sees me standing there and puts his arms around me. He kisses the top of my head. "You look so lovely out here Mistress." I turn to him, Brian slides his hand up my nightgown and feels my pussy. He kneels down and places his face just on my pubic area and kisses it.

Brian gets up, takes my hand and brings me inside. He lifts me and kisses me. He undresses me and we go into the shower where he washes me and caresses me. He dries my body, then lifts me in his strong arms and puts me in the bed.

We make love and after he has cleaned my pussy with his tongue and made me cum again he brings me the cock cage, which I put back on him and he lies down beside me. He falls asleep and I get up, putting on my nightgown and robe. I return downstairs and run into Skip. "Mrs. S., I've tethered Anna and I am getting something to drink for Rachel."

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