tagBDSMThe Choice Ch. 24

The Choice Ch. 24


A dream, A fantasy or maybe somewhere my reality. Safe Sex Always – The Kidnapping part 1

©angelface195 – all rights reserved.

Anna screams her orgasm so loud I have to cover her mouth with mine or the hotel would have been very upset. She literally passes out. She finally opens her eyes and grins up at me. "That was so incredible." I kiss her.

"Good night Anna. I think you need sleep." I said. "Can I take the egg out?" She asks. I shake my head and she sighs. Brian picks her up and takes her to the room he slept in. He deposits her in the bed, kisses her and Anna falls asleep. Brian closes the door, smiles and jumps into bed with me. "She's such a little girl." He says and that gets me into fits of laughter because he's such a little boy.

"I can't believe that you told the President about Anna and the egg. Did you tell her about me?" he asks.

"Nope. I told you, you weren't being punished, but I do plan to use the egg tonight when you fuck me."

Brian smiles, "When you turned it on, the feeling was so strange and I started getting erect. I'm sure Mistress Katherine felt it. Mistress you are so naughty."

I kiss his mouth as he leans against the headboard. Brian grows serious and I suck on his nipples. "I think when we get home I'll clamp this beautiful nipples of yours." He groans and strokes my hair.

I kiss his broad chest and open the little hole in his pajama pants taking out his dick through the slit. I hold the remote in my hand and turn it on. Brian sighs, "Mistress." As I take his cock in my mouth. I lick up its length as I stare into his eyes. His mouth is open and his blue eyes are just staring, watching me. At his tip, I lick the pre-cum that has oozed out. Brian puts his head back, closes his eyes and moans.

Slowly I take his dick inch by inch in my mouth, my tongue moving along. "Ahhhh" he sighs and I continue until he reaches the back of my throat, the egg device still vibrating in his ass. He is hard and as I move my mouth up and down, I hum his dick and he shivers and moans. "Yessss, only you know how to really suck my cock."

He starts to move in and out, in and out, in and out slowly, sensuously, in my mouth. I pull up and tug on his pants and Brian lifts up. They are off and I take my hands and lightly squeeze his balls as the vibrator whirrs on. I turn it up just a notch and Brian moans. "Damn you are the most frustratingly wonderful black woman."

I place my mouth again on the tip and suck on it. I lick up and down the shaft then lick his balls and he is groaning. Using my hand, I slide it up and down and up and down his shaft while my mouth is still sucking the tip. Brian is moving with me, his penis is jerking and twitching. "Please Mistress, let me suck you or fuck you or anything."

"Lie down." I tell him and over his face, I go with my pussy. He opens me wide and thrusts his tongue inside me, fucking in and out. I am having my own hard time concentrating on his dick, as he eats pussy so well. Sliding my tongue up and down his length, licking and moaning and sucking on his dick. Brian is moving up and down. Opening my mouth wide I go all the way down without touching his penis then I suck hard all the way back up.

"Oh shit! Mistress. I'm going to cum any minute. Damn, you own me. All of me. Oh God." I take him deep down in my throat, deep throating him and he cums, his semen sliding down my throat. I don't even taste him.

He takes a moment and I climb off him. He gathers me in his arms. "Thank you so much." I turn off the egg. "When you are ready I want you to fuck me hard."

Brian kisses me and holds me. I climb on top of him, "You are my love." We start kissing and touching each other. He rolls my body over and pulls me down to the edge of the bed. Brian turns on the lamp. "I love looking at your pussy." He directs the light to my sex. Brian pushes my knees up and asks me to rest my heels against my buttocks. Lovingly he looks at my pussy. I grab two pillows that I place under my head so I can watch him. Brian moves his tongue up to my clit; licking it in circles. He licks over the top and around the bottom. He licks down between my pussy and my ass; then starts licking my ass. I am moaning.

His hands play with my nipples, as he licks me. His mouth moves to my pussy lips and sucks them. In and out, he thrusts his tongue going in different patterns and motions. I am very wet. Brian takes his thumb and exposes my clit all the way. He begins to suck it and hums all over it, giving me good vibrations. Brian pulls my legs so they are around his neck, his hands under my butt and his mouth just licking my clit and I come gloriously, religiously, saying his name, praising him. I squirt into his mouth and he sucks and licks.

Brian stands looking at me with lust and love and lifts my legs up. He thrusts into me hard, my legs around his hips. Leaning down he captures my nipple with his mouth. Brian moves his hips, swinging back and forth and in and out. "I love being here. God, it's so good. You are the love of my life." He says as he moves inside me. I turn on the egg and he fucks inside of me faster and harder.

I love Brian, but more and more I am falling in love with him and he knows it. "You love me." He says demanding me to say it back to him. "Of course my dear boy, I love you." I say.

"No tell me. You love me as you love Anna. Tell me." Brian orders. Pressing my mouth to his, a part of me wants to tell him, but another part knows if I do, this boy will use it against me. "Just fuck me, my pussy boy."

He grimaces and continues fucking in and out, "Why won't you tell me. You love to torture me. I find my climax and he is close and whispers in my ear, "I know you are in love with me and one day you will tell me." He cums. I turn off the egg and say icily. "You may remove it when you are ready. Clean it and put it in my bag." I say and before he returns from the bathroom, I fall fast asleep.

I sleep but in the early morning, I turn on the egg in Anna's room. Anna opens her eyes and groans. Entering the room, I pull off the covers from her. Savagely I kiss her. Anna is naked and I maul her breasts. Anna kisses me, she tongues my mouth, capturing my tongue and sucking. She takes my head and presses it to her bosom and I suck her nipples. The egg is vibrating in her pussy and I go between her legs, licking and sucking her until she cums.

Anna holds me in her arms and I weep. I turn off the egg and she holds me. "You love him too don't you." She says quietly. I nod. "You're afraid that he will use it against you." I nod again.

"As always Mistress you are right and you cannot tell him, not for a very long time. If he knew this, his ego would take over and you would have to send him away, so please for all our sakes don't tell him." Anna says quietly and I know she is right. I hold her. "That's why I love you more because you know me."

"Then let me love you." She says and gets between my legs. She sucks and licks me until I come and then she continues and I come again. She goes into the bathroom and removes the egg. She cleans it and puts it inside me. She turns it on and licks me to a third orgasm, this time I scream and hold her head inside me as I come.

Sometime later, I remove the egg from my vagina, clean it and put it away. I get back into bed with Brian who has slept through it all and I sleep.

In Brooklyn, Mikel is punching holes in the plasterboard with his fists. Vladimir stops him. "What the fuck is wrong with you?"

Mikel passes him the newspaper and Vladimir sees a photo of The President and his wife dancing. "So what? The American President is dancing with his wife."

"Next page father." Mikel says and Vladimir sees a photo of Anna and me.

"This changes nothing." Vladimir says softly. Mikel goes into a rage, "This changes ever fucking thing. She is at the wedding of The President of the United States. Everyone will be looking for her. We can't do this. We need to leave."

Vladimir comes to his son and grabs him, "I am not leaving without Anna. Once we are on the boat, they won't be able to find us. Trust me."

Mikel calms down and nods. "Next Saturday we will grab her, not a moment later." He jerks away from his father, grabs his jacket and leaves.

He and Misha meet at another Russian bar. Misha says he'll come and work for him, but he has to know what the job entails. After quite a few bottles of vodka, Mikel tells him all.

Misha puts Mikel back in a taxi. He now has the information he needs. Who to give it to? He could call the rich black woman, but then again, if they manage to kidnap Anna then the information would be worth more to get her back. Misha decides to wait and see how it all plays out.

In the morning, I am again in control of myself. I send Brian back to his room to dress. Anna comes into our room. She doesn't mention a thing.

Breakfast arrives I inform everyone that we are going to the Smithsonian. Michael Worthington has arranged for us to have a private tour and then lunch. Finally, we will go to the Lincoln Memorial.

We have a glorious day and see the gowns worn by the first ladies, the tin man costume from The Broadway Musical, The Wiz, Slavery artifacts. We head over to the Air and Space part of the Smithsonian where Brian is enthralled by the planes owned by the Wright Brothers, while Anna likes the Titanic exhibit. My favorite though is the ruby slippers from The Wizard of Oz and the original Kermit the frog.

Lunch is fast food. At the Lincoln Memorial, I shed a tear as I read the Emancipation Proclamation. We arrive back at the hotel at five thirty and change for dinner.

Dinner is at the hotel at Bourbon Steak. I order for the table. We start with Black River "Russian" Osetra Caviar, a shellfish platter of lobster, mussels and clams. Brian asks if he may have some braised veal cheeks and I tell him go for it. For our main course we have steaks. They are cooked perfectly medium rare. The chef comes out to greet us. He takes Brian into the kitchen for a tour. Finally, our dessert is a red velvet cake with a bourbon-tasting trio. We leave the restaurant full.

Brian and Anna go for a swim in the pool, while I call Michael and thank him for the day. I get into bed and am asleep with the television on when my two lovelies come in. They let me sleep. Brian and Anna sleep in his room and I have the entire bed to myself. I get up in the middle of the night to find them in the other room, Anna lying on his chest.

I return to my bed and sleep. In the morning, I am up before everyone and take a walk in the Washington air. My thoughts wander to my feelings about Anna and Brian. I love them both and my heart knows that I made the right decision by asking Anna to marry me.

I am also worried about her and I know that I have done everything that I could possibly do to ensure her safety. The rest is up to the Universe and the man upstairs who watches over all of us. I say a prayer and just want our lives to be all right.

When I return breakfast is delivered and I wake up my sleeping ones. We have breakfast and Anna packs up all our belongings and the bellmen comes to get our luggage. I take her hand and she smiles at me. Brian takes my other hand and we ride down the private elevator to the lobby and get into the Bentley.

The drive home is uneventful and we only stop once, for a quick lunch and a bathroom break. We arrive home at 4.

The house is all neat and tidy. Dominic tells me that Marlene and Rachel have been helping Daisy and Andrew with the house. Skip has had a great weekend and is becoming the Dom that Rachel needs. Dominic believes that Rachel is falling in love with his son. All the sheets have been changed, the rugs vacuumed, the floors washed and waxed. It looks great. Daisy has prepared a little snack for us until dinner.

Anna and Rachel gossip about the wedding. Rachel shows Anna the newspaper. Anna laughs and brings me the paper. Even in a newspaper, Anna looks stunning. As I look at the paper, I get an uneasy feeling. Taking Anna's hand, I take her into the bedroom. I hand her the box with the bracelet. "No matter what, you are to wear this 24 hours a day. Promise me."

She is surprised, "Yes Mistress. It's beautiful. I promise I will never take it off. Thank you."

I kiss her and hold her. "You're welcome. You can shower with it. Actually, it's a gift from the President. The First Lady has one like it."

"Really?" Anna asks as she puts the bracelet on. A sense of relief washes over me. I go back downstairs as Anna puts away the clothes. Dominic and I go into the office and I tell him about the bracelet and the rest of my conversation with Michael.

I also tell him about the vibrating egg and the President. Dominic howls. "I have to remember that." He says. I laugh and then I grow serious and tell him about Brian and what he said and Anna said to me later.

Dominic takes my hands in his. "I know he loves you and Anna is right. You can not tell Brian that you've fallen in love with him. He's a young man that needs to learn. He can't have that kind of power. You know when you first asked Anna to marry you, I thought you were wrong. I really believed that you should have asked Brian, but the more I see you and Anna together, the more I know that you made the right choice."

Dominic kisses my cheek. I nod, "I know that, but I also have strong feelings for him. Last night he just caught me off guard. I won't let it happen again."

"I know you won't. One day when you're sure of him, you will tell him, but Brian needs to grow." Says Dominic and I know he's right.

Brian knocks on the door to the office. "Dinner will be ready in half an hour."

I smile at him, "Thank you. Dominic and I will be up."

He leaves and I watch him. I sigh, "It's for his own good."

Dominic takes my hand. "Let's go to dinner." I take his and upstairs we go.

The week passes by very quickly and I know that we have an Oscar worthy script. We are now thinking about our cast and speak with the casting director.

On Saturday morning, I send Rachel with Anna to the gym where Anna is going swimming. Brian is busy shopping for brunch and dinner, Andrew and Daisy are off, Dominic and Marlene are at Daniels and Skip is still asleep.

Anna has her swim and Rachel exercises. Bradley is conversing with them as he walks them to the door. As they step out of the gym, a black van pulls up, four men get out, and they grab Anna and Rachel. Bradley goes out the door yelling, "What the hell? Stop it! What are you doing?" One of the men takes out a gun and shoots Bradley in the leg. He crumples to the floor. "You shot me!" He screams, "Police." People start running, the men with Anna, who is kicking and screaming until a rag is placed over her face and Rachel who is too shocked to scream are put in the van and it drives away.

Bradley takes out his cell phone as an ambulance with lights blinking and sirens blaring comes to get him. He has me on speed dial and I answer at the second ring. "Mrs. Stone, Anna and Rachel have been kidnapped!"

"What! Where?" I say trying to stay calm, yet feeling my stomach twist.

"They got snatched as they left the gym and the guys shot me." Bradley says in pain.

"I'll be right there." I say and I run downstairs. On my way, I call Dominic. "Rachel and Anna have been kidnapped. Call Michael Worthington and start that tracking. We need to find them." Dominic only says, "I will and I'll be right there." Calmly he adds, "Don't worry; we'll take care of this real quick."

Dominic gets up. Marlene is now wide awake and sitting up. "What's the matter Master?" She asks. He gives her orders, "While I call the White House, call Sir Richard and Dunge, tell him to bring Randolph. Also call the pilot, he's on standby and should be ready to leave as soon as they board.

Marlene hops to and takes the phone in the other room. "Michael, I don't know all the details, but Stephanie's just phoned me and told me that Anna and Rachel have been kidnapped." Dominic listens as Michael gives him instructions. A team from the FBI will be at the house in 30 minutes, they will take over from the local police.

Michael also knows about Dunge, Randolph and Sir Richard. "I hope you get there before the FBI." Michael says. "Do what you need to do and get back to me. I'll have a team to clean up the mess."

Dominic thanks him dresses and he and Marlene take a taxi uptown.

I am by Bradley's side, "Oh My God! I'm so sorry. Bradley I'll take care of all your medical. Please tell me what happened?" The police are there and try to move me. "Listen to me; the two women who were kidnapped were my fiancée and another woman who lives in my home. They are under my care. I need to speak to Bradley now!" I say in my best Domme voice. An FBI agent steps forward. "Hello Mrs. Stone, the White House phoned and everyone." He looks at the police officers, "I mean everyone is on top of this and will do whatever you need."

He introduces himself as Agent Chris Evans and he's taking over with his team. He and I get into the ambulance with Bradley and he questions him. Bradley tells us all that he has seen and wonderful man that he is has taken a photo of the license plate of the van.

Bradley sends the photo to the agent and the agent makes a call. When we get to Lenox Hill, which is only 10 blocks away, Bradley is taken to the emergency room and I tell the hospital that I will personally pay for everything.

The agent and I take a quick walk back to my house and they take over the downstairs. Brian has returned. He is shocked by all these men in the house. I take him upstairs and tell him what happened. I call Daisy and Andrew who are at the house within minutes.

Daisy goes into action, taking Brian with her and they prepare sandwiches and coffee for the officers and the FBI. Agent Evans comes to me, "The ransom call should be coming soon. The President's chief of staff says that you think it is Anna's uncle, Vladimir?"

"Yes." I say. My body is going into overdrive and the pain in my heart is starting to ache. I need to keep moving, keep doing something so I don't start to think about what could happen to Anna and Rachel.

Agent Evans takes my hands, "I know you're worried, but this only happened a little while ago. We will find them. We are tracking the bracelet, but we lost the signal after six miles. I don't think they've left the New York City area. We'll find them."

Dominic has arrived with Marlene and fills Skip in. Skip is anxious, so his father sends him on an errand.

Mikel and his men have gotten to the warehouse in Brooklyn. They take the sleeping women and bring them in. Anna and Rachel are laid on beds. They are handcuffed to the iron headboards.

Vladimir is beside himself with joy as he gazes at her. His dick immediately starts to rise. He runs his hands down Anna's legs. She had changed from sweatpants to a short skirt. She is wearing sandals and her legs are bare. Vladimir runs his hands up her legs and finds she has on no underwear. He opens her legs, takes his finger and runs it down her slit. Slowly he inserts it inside the drugged Anna's pussy. He feels her wetness, "Even knocked out, your pussy is wet. I can't wait to get inside you my dear one." He licks his finger. "Mikel come here and taste your cousin." He says and kisses his son on the lips. "We will all be together now." Vladimir shoves his son's face into Anna's pussy and he licks her. "She tastes so nice, but it is the other one I want." Mikel says.

Mikel goes to Rachel and strokes her hair. "So blonde, so beautiful." He rips open her blouse and takes out his pocketknife to cut open her bra. Mikel gasps as he sees her white skin and rosy nipples. He can't resist and bends down to suck them. Rachel moves. He laughs, "So responsive, this one is. I can hardly wait to shove my cock inside her."

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