tagBDSMThe Choice Ch. 26

The Choice Ch. 26


A dream, A fantasy or maybe somewhere my reality. Safe Sex Always –

©angelface195 – all rights reserved.

The next evening I take Anna to her therapy appointment. Doctor Julia Black is seated in a comfortable chair, a yellow notepad on her lap. Anna is seated on the plush maroon sofa; I am seated a little ways from her. I want to give her some space.

"You went through a very difficult ordeal for the last few days; I think you need to speak about it." Julia says looking at Anna who is looking down at her fingers.

"Anna would you like me to leave?" I say. Anna shakes her head, "No Mistress. I don't want you to go. I really need to talk, but I'm afraid."

"What are you afraid of?" The doctor asks, "I'm afraid that Mistress will think I'm a coward." Anna says and glances up at me.

"I would never think that. You are the bravest woman I know." I say and reach out for her hand. She doesn't take mine.

Anna starts to talk, "When I knew it was my uncle all I could think about was how my father sent me to him. How he allowed that horrible man to touch me. It happened a month after I moved in. He came into my room. I was fast asleep. He just ripped off my nightgown and..." She couldn't continue, tears flowed, "It continued night after night until I ran away at age 17. Before that when he turned 15 he gave me to his son, who was just as brutal. I had saved a little money and I took a bus from Chicago to California. I wanted to put enough distance from him as possible.

I was alone and had no one and I slept in the bus station for a few nights. I didn't know where I would go or what I would do. There I met a man who asked me if I wanted a job. I cursed at him. He laughed and told me he wasn't a pimp, but he was a Dom. He would train me to be his submissive.

He told me what a submissive was. I realized at that moment that was who I was all along. He was good to me at first and I learned a great deal, but when he was in a really bad mood, he would beat me, not for pleasure, but just to hear me scream. I ended up the last time in the hospital that is how I met Sir Richard.

Sir Richard helped me escape and he healed me at his home. At first, I wondered what he wanted from me, but then I realized with help from his wife that he didn't want anything, but for me to be happy. Sir Richard told me about the school he ran, where he trained people like me and put me with people who would care for them and love them. He showed me how to dress, what to read, how to eat. Sir Richard and Mistress Diana were very good to me and I will always thank them for saving my life, but it was you Mistress that saved my soul." Anna took my hand and kissed it. She continued speaking.

"I was with Sir Richard for a couple of years and turned down quite a number of people. I thought I wouldn't ever find anyone until I saw your picture Mistress. I thought your face was the kindest and most beautiful face I had ever seen. I still do." She says looking up at me through her lashes. "I was in love even before I ever met you. When I was brought into the room, all I saw was you. I wanted you to want me and hoped you would refuse all of them, but when you picked the ones you wanted and I was last I wanted to die. I knew that I would never have anyone like you. I broke down and you came to me. You were so kind and gentle to me, so loving.

When you told me you were taking me, I was overjoyed. What you don't know is later that night Sir Richard and I talked. I knew that Sir had given me to you. Sir Richard said that I was in love and that in time you would come to love me too. I thought he was nuts, why would you want to love me. I was nothing, a nobody, just your submissive.

For a very long time I doubted that love. It was only after Sir died and then when Brian came I knew you would choose him. But I was happy, happy because I would be with you the rest of my life. In my heart, I wished Brian well. Why shouldn't you choose him? He is handsome, intelligent, a chef and he also loves you, but on the ship when you proposed I couldn't believe it, I was overjoyed and since then I have never been happier. Then this had to happen and I prayed with all my might that you would come and you did. I know now beyond any doubt that I love you and you love me."

The Doctor smiles kindly, "Then my dear what are you worried about?"

"I am worried that things will keep happening to me and Mistress will get tired of having to rescue me all the time? I'm worried that she will get tired of me. Look at her, she can have anyone."

I speak before the doctor can say anything, "But I chose you Anna. I love you. Look at you. You are breathtakingly beautiful, you are smart and it doesn't matter to me if I have to rescue you a hundred times, I love you." I kiss her hand, "I could never get tired of you. The sight of you here looking so vulnerable makes me want to rip your clothes off. When you walk into a room, my panties get wet. You are all I want."

The doctor looks at Anna, "Anna what do you want to do now, you heard what your Mistress said?"

Anna grins and looks up. She blushes and says, "I want to get between her legs and eat her pussy." The doctor grins and lets out a little chuckle, "Mind if I join in?"

Anna and I both look surprised. The doctor stands and says, "Our time is almost up and I will say this last thing. Anna you love Mistress and she loves you. I would like to play with both of you right here, right now. All my appointments are done for the day. I don't think Anna needs to return here for treatment. I think that what she did was remarkable. Anna you survived all of it. You have someone who loves and treasures you not only as her sub, but also as her life partner. So as of this moment you are no longer my patient and I would like to join you and Mistress." Dr. Black stands.

I look at Dr. Black. She is 5'8", with long dark hair and hazel eyes. She is about 33, with a shapely figure, nice size breasts, skin that has been lightly tanned. I'd say she is a C cup and long shapely legs that she shows in the skirt she is wearing.

"If you want to play with Anna and me than you know who's in charge." I say staring into her eyes.

Dr. Black lowers her eyes and says, "You are Mistress" and she sinks to her knees.

Another two hours later, Anna and I return home. Dr. Julia Black was practically insatiable. She wanted to stay between my thighs and Anna's. She didn't want to be eaten out, only fucked with the strap on she had in her desk drawer. I obliged and she came screaming into Anna's cunt as she made Anna cum for the third time.

When we are home, I take Anna into my bedroom. Sitting on the bed, I kiss her hard on the lips. "You are my love. You are my life. I don't want you to ever feel you are not worthy. I love you and I will always take care of you." I say stroking her face.

"Tonight, I would like to talk between your thighs. I love when we do this may I?" She asks.

"Of course we may. I also just want to talk. We have a wedding to finish planning. I also will have a great deal of work coming up and I will be busy. I am going away for a week." I say and she looks at me panic-stricken.

"Honey, don't look at me like that. I will have security here. Dominic, Brian and Andrew will be here along with Daisy and Marlene. Rachel is leaving with Skip and you know about the safe room. I am going on a rest." I kiss her hand, "I am going to the Golden Door Health spa for some time to myself."

Visibly Anna relaxes, "I will miss you." I pull her to me and unbutton her blouse. I kiss her chest, "All of you belong to me, but I think we both need some time to just be. I want you to think about what you want. I want you to be happy."

Anna unbuttons her blouse the rest of the way. I take her in my arms and pull down the top of her bra. My lips capture her nipple. She says to me, "I want you to always want me like this. I want you to always take me over your knee, spank me and take me in the playroom even when we are old. I love you so very much and I want to live my life with you."

We fall back onto the bed and I kiss her while fondling her breasts. I lie on top of her and nibble her ear. "You are mine. I will always take you over my knee even when I'm ninety. I love spanking that ass."

She wraps her arms around me and kisses me. "I love you more than life itself. You are so wonderful. I love the way you use the whip." Anna hesitates. She looks at me, "Anna? What are you thinking?" I say looking at her pensive face.

She kisses me again and whispers in my ear, "Will you use the whip on me?" I am shocked. "Anna, I can't. I won't. I." I can't speak.

Anna caresses my face, "Please, not now, but sometime, I want you to. I want to feel it on my body. I want you to use it on me and then fuck me and shove my head in your pussy. I want it really bad Mistress, please. You could give it to me as a wedding gift after we marry. Please." She begs.

I can't think. "Anna." I say quietly, "The whip is like a drug for me. I don't think I could. I don't want to lose control with you."

I sit up. Anna gets on her knees. She looks so sexy with her breast hanging out of her bra and her shirt unbuttoned. She lays her head on my lap and says, "You won't lose control. I want all of you and this is a part. I have imagined it and before I get pregnant, I want this. Please Mistress, please Stephanie, whip me."

Closing my eyes, I bend down and kiss her. "I will think about it. But tonight, after dinner and before sleep you will make me come again and again."

She kisses my hand. I squeeze her breast and she sighs. What Anna has asked is very hard for me. I don't want to hurt her not that way. Anna climbs into my lap. She unhooks her bra. Her beautiful breasts spill out. "Tonight would you please clamp my breasts before we talk? I am so looking forward to tonight." I capture her breast in my mouth and tongue nipple as she squirms on my lap. "Yess Mistress, yess, that feels so nice. I enjoyed having Julia between my thighs, but I like this so much better." She moans. "It is always your lips I want."

Brian knocks on the door and enters, "Can I join in the fun?" I look up at him and say, "Of course, but did you come for this or to tell me that dinner is ready."

"Dinner in half an hour." He says, comes, and sits on the bed. He begins to suck on Anna's other nipple as I reach under her skirt and play with her pussy. "Oh yess," She moans, her head back, lips parted. I slide her over to Brian and she sits on his lap. His dick is growing as he licks and sucks Anna's breasts. I get up go to the bathroom. When I come out Anna is lovingly sucking Brian's cock and he is close to coming. I sit down next to him and start kissing him as he cums in Anna's mouth. She has a look of success on her face as she finishes sucking him and licks him clean. Getting up she goes into the bathroom to wash and change for dinner.

After dinner with Dominic, Skip, Marlene, Rachel, Brian, Anna, Andrew, Daisy and I we all go our separate ways. Brian and Daisy to clean up, Andrew to take care of some other household duties. Dominic tells me that we will have an early workday tomorrow. He takes Marlene back to Daniel's apartment. Skip and Rachel go into his room. I take Anna into my sitting room to watch a movie.

I am holding her in my arms and playing with her breasts and she is leaning into me. From my pocket, I take out the nipple clamps and put them on her breasts. I tug on the chain and Anna sighs, "Thank you Mistress."

We half lie on the couch and watch the movie, my hands have moved down to her pussy. She is wearing a button down dress and I have unbuttoned all the buttons. Underneath as usual she is naked, just the way I like her. My fingers are playing with her clit and sliding in and out of her pussy. "Mistress that is so very nice.' She says. "Shush, watch the movie." She leans into me. "I really like this." She says and kisses me.

Brian finishes up in the kitchen and joins us. "I hear that you two are going to have a talk later, may I join in?"

I pull on the chain and Anna moans, "You have a big mouth."

"I'm sorry Mistress but he asked what we were doing tonight." She says guiltily and I tug on the chain again causing her to moan. "Brian, you may take off my pants. We will have a talk. He grins and does as I ask. I'm wearing panties. He starts to take them off. "Oh no. You get to eat with the panties on for now. When I tell you, you may take them off." He starts licking me through my panties. His tongue is so good.

I'm kissing Anna and I start to talk, "I am going away for a week. Brian you are in charge of the house. You are to make sure everything is done. Andrew is in charge of everything and you do answer to him and Daisy. Anna is not to go out alone. The two of you should go out together to a movie or a club. Enjoy your time and take time to think about what you want out of life.

You both need to make some friends and Brian you'll be taking classes in the fall and you Miss Anna will be working with me. Anna you are to help Dominic. If you get horny, you may lick and suck each other. Brian, if you ask Dominic he may allow you to fuck Marlene."

Brian stops licking my panties. I know what he's going to say and I say it for him, "I know you don't want to fuck anyone but me, I was just offering. You may take off my panties now and get to eating my pussy."

Eagerly he does while I am enjoying kissing my Anna and having Brian's tongue in my snatch. I hold his head in my pussy. "I would like you both to talk to each other about what's going to happen after we get married and have babies in the house. Sex will be different; the playroom will be used less as the children get older. Yess, Brian right there. I love that tongue. Baby, our lives will be changing."

I don't want to come just yet, so I grab Brian by his hair and put his face into Anna's pussy. He goes to eat her and she groans, "Bry that is so nice. Mistress he has the best tongue."

"Yes he does." I continue talking, "When I return from my trip, we will talk about our new lives. We have a few months but things will start moving quickly. Next year, I'll be going to New Zealand for a few months. I will take one of you for a little while then the other. I have too much to do to take both of you. There will be a great deal of time on your own. If you don't want to go just let me know or I will see you when I return.

Anna says, "I want to be where you are, so I want to go. Bry, lick my clit. I'm close to coming." He does and I hold her as she cums in his mouth. He continues licking her until I take his hair and pull him back to my pussy. He gazes up at me and I know he has something to say, "Yes Brian." I stroke his handsome face. "Mistress, I also want to go."

"Then that is settled. Get back to eating my pussy boy. Make me cum." I tell him and push his head all the way in me. I let go of Anna and sit up wrapping my legs around Brian's back. I start grinding my pussy in his face as Anna lifts up my shirt and starts sucking my nipples. I cum holding Brian into my pussy as he licks me faster and faster.

He continues licking me until I release him. I grab his shirt and pull him up so I may lick his lips and thrust my tongue in his mouth. I know that he is hard, but I want to take him later. "You are not to come yet, I'll take care of this later. Right now, I want you to strip. I want to just feel and touch you, but I don't want you to come. It's all about control baby."

The movie is forgotten and I turn it off as Brian undresses. He kneels before me with his dick sticking straight up, hard, a little pre-cum at the tip. I tell Anna she may kiss and lick him everywhere except for his balls and his cock.

She begins. I go into the playroom and get a black leather harness that I snap around his cock and balls. This will keep him hard. Brian groans. "What is your main job in this house?" I say standing in front of Brian naked, my breast hanging down in his face.

He turns red and says, "My main function is to please my Mistress." I bend down, take his face and kiss him hard, "yes that is your main function. Lie on the floor, arms up. I am going to fuck your face until I come and then I'm going to fuck your cock until I come again while Anna rides your face. When I've come as many times as I wish, I will unhook you from this and you may stroke yourself until you come."

"Mistress, please may I come in your pussy." He asks. I slap his face, "No. This is about my pleasure. I've been too lax with you. One more word and you will not come for a week. I will put your cock back in the cage. Don't make me tell you again, lie down!"

Brian lies down on the rug and puts his hands up. I cuff his hands to the legs of the sofa and get a pillow off the sofa to put under his head. The pillow isn't for him, but for my knees and to get him in nice and deep. "Anna while I am sitting on Brian's face you are to suck his dick and my pussy. " I grab her hair and pull her into my breasts. Tonight it's all about me and you will be eating pussy all night long. Do you understand my little slave girl."

Anna gazes up at me, "Yes Mistress, I only live to please you."

"Then get to it." I order. Brian's tongue goes to work immediately as I sit on his face. I fuck his tongue and pinch his nipples as Anna sucks his cock and then my pussy. "Yes, my two pets. You need to know that you both belong to me to do with as I choose. It will be worse for you once we are married. I will not put up with anything. I will take you into the playroom and whip you. There will be no safe words there will be no mercy. I own you both for life." I lift up and smack Brian's face, "Make me come. I own you. Is that what you want?"

I lift up. Brian says enthusiastically, "I want you to own me. You are my goddess and my life."

I grab Anna's hair and shove her into my cunt, "You will be punished whenever he misbehaves and so will he when you are naughty. From the day I marry you, both of you are responsible for each other and if he gets into trouble, I will give you the same punishment. Yes, Anna, get in deep; that's how I want it. You are both here to service me." I say and push her further into my pussy." I can see the juices dripping down her cunt. She is so into this.

I slide down Brian's body leaving a trail of my juices down his chest and I lift up and drop down hard on his cock. He grimaces, "Mistress." He moans.

"Shut the fuck up. I'm going to fuck you and when I come I'm going to sit on your face and you will make me come again and then you will be free to stroke yourself and you will come on Anna." I fuck him hard, grab Anna again, and make her suck my pussy and his cock. He is so hard and he wants to come. It is hard to come in this device. Later tonight or tomorrow, I will let him come with this harness on his dick. The come is forced through. I am holding Anna's head as I come hard and hold her there.

My head is thrown back and I say, "Yess Anna suck me. You are both all mine to please me! Don't ever forget it." I cum and cum again.

I get up not too gently and Brian groans again. Anna licks him and takes off the harness. I untie his hands and Brian immediately starts stroking himself as I say. "Come on Anna's tits and after you have come you are to eat it off of her then take off the clamps and suck her tits. She will sit on your face and you will pleasure her until she finds her release. Then the two of you will go and shower. Anna will come to my bed and you may come sometime in the morning."

Brian is watching me as he is stroking his penis up and down, up and down. I straddle him and he knows not to put out his tongue until I tell him.

"You may lick me as you come." I say and drop my pussy onto his face. He is stroking and he is close, but he licks me and I come again holding onto his hair tightly, pulling his hair. Into my pussy, Brian moans and his come spurts out onto Anna's breast and neck.

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