tagBDSMThe Choice Ch. 36

The Choice Ch. 36


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I dream that night of babies. I am in a room full of them and they are all reaching their arms out to me. I look confused and don't know which one to go to first.

They all rush towards me then they all become one big baby that nearly squishes me and then I wake up puzzled but very happy.

Anna is in bed with me. Her head is on my chest. We are both in Brian's bed. Looking at the clock, I see it is 7:30. Opening her sleepy eyes, I see Anna smiling at me.

"What are you doing here?" I ask, my voice just awakening from sleep.

"Bry went in to feed the baby then he took Stephen with him to the kitchen. I woke up and pumped some milk so that there would be some for later. I thought about you up here alone so..."

"So you decided to get into bed with me." I laugh.

"Yes and I want to talk." She grinned mischievously.

I bite my lip. "You talk and I'll eat." I say and move swiftly underneath the covers to dive between Anna's thighs.

"Mistress!" says a startled Anna as I pull up her nightgown and dive right in. Her tone changes to a very soft "Mistress." As I start to lick on her pussy lips.

I lift my head, "So talk while I have a very early breakfast."

Anna sighs, then pouts, "This is not what I had in mind." She leans back into the bed as my tongue hits a very sensitive spot. "Ah Mistress." She moans.

All is quiet for a little while and then she says, "After the awards I am thinking that Brian can fuck me."

I keep licking, but there is a smile on my face. I look up at her and stop. "Are you sure?"

Anna bites her lip, "Yes, I think it's time. We've been married a year and he's our husband. He has a right to fuck me and I want to. Mistress I cannot live in the past." Anna says matter-of-factly.

Grinning I dive back between her legs. Anna screams and pulls my hair as she comes. We have breakfast then I go to work.

Later Anna spends the evening with Brian while I spend the evening with my son. He's healthy and happy. I am enjoying being his second mother. I wonder what it would be like to feel a baby growing in my body, to feel him sucking at my breasts. Tears form in my eyes and I quickly wipe them away. No sense crying over something that will never happen.

The time flies by. Anna and I do The View, which is fun, Good Morning America, which is too early and Katie. Anna is charming and witty. She tells Robin Roberts that she is happy being a mother and a wife and has no plans to be a full time actress, but will do something if it works out with her family.

I watch how at ease she is in front of the camera and a part of me wants her to do more, push herself, where another part of me doesn't want her spend time away from me.

After the interview at GMA, I take Anna to lunch. As we eat burgers, we have a talk. "Anna, I want you to be happy. If you want to take a movie role, we will work it out. You have quite a few offers."

Anna squeezes my hand. "Mistress if you think there is a role I should take, then maybe I will take it, but I like my life the way it is. I love being at home. Acting is not that important, raising Stephen and taking care of our home is what I love to do. Being with you and Brian makes me happy."

Enough said and I kiss the back of her hand.

Three weeks move fast and before I know it, we are all on the plane headed back to Los Angeles for the awards.

We have left the babies in New York with the Nannies. It is too much to take them away for only a few days - that we learned the hard way when we attended the Golden Globes.

As we dress for the awards, I am getting butterflies in my stomach. I really want this one award more than anything and even though I have two Oscars I want this one.

Anna comes out of our bedroom dressed in a very beautiful sparkling gown in a blush color. Her hair is swept in an elegant style and her makeup is dramatic. She looks surreal.

Coming up to Brian and I she asks, "How do I look?"

I am speechless. It is Brian who answers, "You look like a movie star, too beautiful to touch."

She laughs and that adds to her beauty. We are ready. Before we leave in the five limousines, I have hired all our friends gather to have champagne and pray for this night.

I look around the room; besides Anna and Brian there is Dominic and Marlene, Skip and Rachel, Abigail and Rebecca, Dunge and Sheila, my ever-faithful staff, Andrew and Daisy, our wonderful trusted friends Sir Richard and Mistress Diane and our new friends John and Amber.

A knock at the door and I open it to find Max and Adrian. We are all here. Andrew has opened and poured glasses of Dom Perignon and he passes them out. We make a toast.

The photographer I hired takes a photo of all of us. I want to remember this day. I want to remember everyone here. I look at Rachel who looks as if she is having the same thought.

In the limo, Anna is holding my hand which is shaking. "Mistress, are you nervous?" She asks astounded.

I nod, "I really want this."

Brian laughs, "You know you're going to win, don't you?"

"The competition is stiff. George Clooney is my biggest competition for best director. His movie was amazing." I say.

Brian frowns at me, "The movie was good, but yours was better. I'm not just saying that because you're my wife and my other wife was in the movie." He grins, "But other people have told me that."

He gazes at Anna and me. A small smile is on his lips and his eyes grow a bit moist as he says to us, "Have I told you what a lucky man I am to be married to the two most beautiful women in the world? You both look incredible. I am proud to be with you."

Anna kisses his cheek, then takes a tissue and wipes off her lipstick. "You look very handsome yourself Bry in your Armani suit."

I reach over and squeeze his hand, "We are proud of you too and we love you."

We arrive at the Dolby Theater. The fans are out in force and we here cheers as we get out of the limousine. There are news crews from around the world and we very slowly make our way through. I greet celebrities I know and a few come over to introduce themselves to me. Jack Nicolson flirts with Anna, while a young actress named Penelope Baker flirts outwardly with Brian who gently puts her in his place. Anna and I are interviewed repeatedly as Brian stands by patiently.

Our dresses and designers are mentioned and then we finally find ourselves inside. Anna is holding my hand tightly as we take our seats.

Soon the host, the comedian, Manfield Benson makes us all laugh. He tells a joke about my relationship that makes Anna blush and me laugh. Finally, it is time for best supporting Actress. Jeremy Renner with Scarlett Johansson read the nominees. Anna is squeezing my hand so tightly that I think she might break it.

Finally Scarlett reads, "And the winner is, Anna Stone"

For a moment, everything moves in slow motion and Ann just sits there as the applause, which is deafening rains down on her. She has tears in her eyes as she kisses my lips, then walks past me to Brian to kiss him. As she walks towards the stage, she stops to kiss Adrian and then gracefully walks up to the stage.

I am so damn proud of her. Anna holds the Oscar close to her body, her eyes full of tears, she thanks the academy and then says, "I would not be here if not for the love I have of my wife Stephanie and my husband, Brian. My life has not always been easy, but now it is full. I am deeply humbled by this great honor and I thank you."

She beams as she walks off the stage. Tears run down my face and Brian's.

Anna is also a presenter and presents the award for foreign film. The evening goes on and we win lighting, lose cinematography, win best song and lose costume design. I am holding my breath as best actor category is announced. It is a tight race with Adrian and Hugh Jackman in the lead.

When Adrian's name is announced, Anna who is again seated by my side stands up clapping. I watch this handsome man, Max's love walk to the stage after kissing Max on the lips. He grins broadly and thanks me for everything. As the camera falls on my face, you can see the pride I have and I blow him a kiss. He worked very hard for this.

There is a musical number and then best original screenplay is announced. I am overjoyed to our screenwrites for this one. Finally, it is time for best director. I am in the middle between Brian and Anna and across the aisle are Dominic and Skip. We look at each other and Dominic winks.

When my name is called as the winner, I am stunned. I kiss Anna and Brian and as I stand, the audience stands. I am being given a standing ovation. I walk over to Dominic and Skip. I kiss them both then make my way for what seems to be the longest walk of my life to stand at the podium with my third Oscar pressed into my hand by Katherine Bigalow.

"Wow!" I exclaim, "This is such an honor. I thank the academy. I thank everyone who enjoyed this film. It was a labor of love. I want to thank my stars, especially Adrian. This film was made even more special because my wife, Anna was a part of it. I am a better director because of my wife, my husband and our little boy Stephen. I dedicate this award to the memory of my late husband, Sir Stephen Stone, who told me a very long time ago this was my destiny. To Stephen who I know is looking down at me and saying 'I am so very proud of you. I told you, you could do it.' I thank you very deeply for this award."

I am led backstage for interviews and photographs. Best Picture is the final award.

George Lucas announces our film. Dominic does a fist pump in the air. He kisses Marlene and hugs his son. Skip kisses Rachel, in a brief moment he looks at me, and I know what he is thinking. He is very happy that she got to see this moment. As I go to him, I take his hand. He hugs me. Anna hugs Rachel and we all go up to receive the award. Dominic gives the speech and then we are swept away. It is done. We've done very well.

It is a very late night full of interviews and parties a whirlwind. We hit bed at one in the morning to awaken at five for more interviews and an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel's Oscar show. I am exhausted. We stay in Los Angeles one more day really to rest up and spend most of the time sleeping.

Everyone else has returned to New York. When we arrive home, the house is full of balloons and gift baskets. Little Stephen has been put into a baby tuxedo to welcome us home. He looks so cute in his little suit.

The awards are put into a case with the other two. I now have four. Anna puts hers with mine."

Dominic, Skip and I hug each other and relish this moment. A shadow passes over me because I know this is only a moment that will not last. Death is staring us in the face and we need to start preparing.

Skip takes Rachel away for a vacation. Our life is busy with the new film. I take a week away with Anna and Stephen. We travel to London to visit Sir's brother Norman and his wife. Brian does not come because he is taking classes. I suspect that he doesn't come because he wants this to be about Sir.

We stay with Norman and Bess. It is a wonderful visit. They adore Stephen. They give me the silver comb and brush set that was Sir's and his christening gown.

I get a surprise from our lawyer Evan that Sir has set up a trust to be used for any children we have from my fertilized eggs. Little Stephen is already a millionaire.

We hold the christening ceremony a month later and Norman and Bess come to New York again. It is a family affair, Skip is the godfather and we have asked Rachel and Marlene to be godmothers.

John and Amber get married in a lovely ceremony in a loft on Soho.

Anna hasn't slept with Brian yet. She still isn't ready. However, I know she will when she is ready. The heat arrives in August full blast. Brian and I take three days in Hershey where we have spa treatments and go to the amusement park.

We celebrate my birthday with a small party of fifty people at the house. Later that night I spend in the playroom with Brian and Anna. Brian fucks me like no tomorrow.

Three weeks later, I start feeling ill. I am nauseous and I have a fever. I think I have the flu. I go see Dr. Heart who runs a few tests. He calls me to come into his office. Anna and I go in the afternoon. It is September and a beautiful Indian summer day.

Dr. Heart tells me to take a seat. Dr. Kennedy comes in and I look with her with surprise. She sits and they both smile at me. I am very nervous.

"Stephanie, we have some news to tell you and then we need you to take it easy." Dr. Heart looks at me reassuringly, which makes me more nervous. "You're pregnant."

I didn't think I heard him. "What, what did you say?"

"You're going to have a baby." He says again soothingly.

Anna cries, "Stephanie, you're carrying Brian's baby. Oh my God! That is so wonderful. I'm so happy." She says hugging me.

My eyes tear, not from joy, but because I have never been able to carry a baby to term and I'm afraid that I will lose this one.

Dr. Kennedy sees the fear on my face and she says, "We will monitor you every step of the way. I know you've had some high-risk pregnancies, but we will do everything to give you a healthy baby. "

I am speechless as tests are taken. My heart is heavy. My mind awhirl with thoughts as Anna talks about how happy Brian will be, how happy she is. I am not happy. I don't want to disappoint her or Brian. I am scared to death.

I am examined. Dr. Kennedy gives me instructions. Stay off my feet. If I see any bleeding or spotting to call immediately, etc. I have an appointment in a month. Dazed I walk home. Just before we get to the front door, I say to Anna, "You cannot tell Brian, not yet. If I make it past the third trimester, I will tell him, but..." I leave the thought hanging.

Anna who has been chatting nonstop about a playmate for Stephen stops talking. She understands, "I'm so sorry Mistress. I've been going on and on about this." Anna kisses me gently, "It's going to be fine. I won't tell Brian." She squeezes my hand, "I have a feeling that this time, you will give birth to a beautiful baby."

I look at her smiling face and kiss her gently, "From your lips to God's ear that is my prayer."

For the next month, I am working on The Racketeer, taking it easy with Anna watching my every step. We've told Brian I just had a bug and he believes us.

I start having morning sickness and manage to hide it from him for the three weeks it lasts, then I am fine. Stephen is crawling all over the place and we make the entire house baby proof.

At my doctor's appointment, she tells me that everything is in order, but I am determined not to tell Brian until after my first trimester.

Rachel has been spending more time in bed. She has been having intense headaches that leave her weak. Abigail and Rebecca are both now living at Skip's new home that was Daniel's old apartment while Dominic, Marlene and Lucia have moved into an entire floor down in Battery Park City.

The holiday season is again upon us and after my next doctor's visit, I decide to tell Brian the day before thanksgiving, so we can make the announcement on Thanksgiving Day to our family and friends.

We are going to have a house full. Besides the regulars, Denise and her daughter will be joining us as will a friend of mine I haven't seen in a number of years. His name is Basil and he is a singer. We have been friends for ten years but I haven't seen him since just before Sir and I went to Los Angeles to chose our submissive and you know how that turned out.

He has been on the road so he missed everything. We email and SKPE occasionally, so he's met my family in the virtual world, but this will be the first time that he will meet everyone in the flesh. Basil is a light-skinned black man. He sings baby making songs. His voice is a cross between Teddy Pendergrass and Luther Vandross. He has won ten Grammy awards and at thirty-five, he is at the top of the charts again with "Baby What You Do to Me."

I am looking forward to seeing him. He's going to stay with me for three days. His first three days in a row in four years not working. He is tired and as he tells me, he is looking for a wife. He's had it with being on the road and what he doesn't know is that I might have the answer for him. I want him to play Malcolm Bannister in the Racketeer because Brandon Heath has had to back out due to an injury.

I arrange a quiet dinner with Brian in his apartment upstairs. Anna is downstairs with the baby and the Nanny, Daisy is preparing dinner for the rest while I have brought up dinner for Brian and me.

When he is finished in the kitchen, he comes upstairs. He brings a bottle of sparkling grape juice. He does not question why I do not want wine because since Anna's pregnancy we have been drinking a great deal of grape juice for celebrations since Anna has also been nursing. Stephen has just recently gone to a cup.

I gaze up at him as I sit at the table and he pours us each a glass of grape juice. He starts to take a sip but I stop him. "I have something to tell you my love and I'm a bit nervous."

Brian raises an eyebrow. "You nervous Mistress? Are you angry with me?"

"No." I smile reassuringly. "I don't want you angry with me."

He frowns, "I could never be angry with you."

"I've kept something from you, not because I didn't want to tell you, but because I was afraid to hurt you if something happened."

Brian looks worried. Running his hand through his hair, he waits for me to speak.

I bite my lip and look down at my hands. "Brian." I look up slowly, reach over and take his hand." I'm going to have a baby." My voice is soft.

He gapes at me. "Did you say you're having my baby?" He looks at me incredulously.

I nod and stare into his blue eyes that are wide with wonder and delight. Brian's eyes smize, then he beams, then he gets up and comes over to me. He gets on his knees and pushes my chair back to lay his head in my lap. "You have made me so very happy." He says and I gently strike his hair.

He kisses my stomach and looks up so I can kiss his lips. "I love you Mistress, my wife, my everything. How far along are you?"

I sigh, "I'm three months along. I've known about this for over two months, but I wanted to get past the first trimester because I wanted to make sure."

He looks up at me and stares into my eyes, "Does Anna know?"

"Yes, she was with me at the doctor's office." I say and caress his face, "I wanted to tell you, but I didn't want you to be disappointed if I lost the baby. I'm still worried about that. The doctors say it is a miracle that I even got pregnant. They are watching me carefully to ensure that we make it to the end.

Brian," I say kissing his forehead, "I'm scared, but happy. I have to take this one day at a time. I will not do anything until the baby is born. I have been through this before and even delivered a stillborn child. I am terrified of losing this baby."

He nods and puts his arms around my waist. He kisses my stomach again and says, "You in there, this is your father, I love you already. Stay healthy, protect your mother, protect her and come into the world where you will be loved."

Tears spring to my eyes and I hold him there for quite some time. Eventually we have dinner. He is trying to hold in his enthusiasm. "From now on I go to the doctors with you and Anna." He says sternly.

I nod. I am happy for him, but I am still anxious. I sleep with him that night and he makes love to me as if I am about to break. He tells me how much he loves me and how he wanted me to be the one to carry his child. He doesn't care if it is a boy or a girl. He just wants me and the baby to be all right.

In the morning, he leaves me and goes to finish Thanksgiving dinner.

Anna comes upstairs being our little one with her. He is trying to walk and I take him into my arms kissing his little face. He giggles. "So how did it go with Brian?" Anna asks and I smile.

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