tagBDSMThe Choice Ch. 41

The Choice Ch. 41


Chapter 41 -- The Finale

A dream, A fantasy or maybe somewhere A reality.

2013©angelface195 -- all rights reserved

We all have something to say to all those who have read our story. My wife, Stephanie has asked me to begin.


Hey, there I'm Brian.

After the whole Paul incident, our lives have calmed down and our relationship has taken a slight change. I especially realize how lucky I am and how much I love these two women.

First of all, I read the letter from Misty and this is what she said to me.

Dearest Brian:

I am sorry that I put you in a compromising situation. I take full responsibility for my actions. I was in a very strange place that is my only excuse. I know that you love Mistress and Anna. I hope to find a love like that. As I leave for a new life, I plan to take my time searching for someone who will love me as much as you love your wives.

Again, I am very sorry that I put you in this position and hope one day to make it up to you.

With much respect,


I read Misty's letter again then ripped it up and threw it away. It is of no consequence to me now. Misty was at fault but so was I. When I first came here, I believed I was in a competition with Anna. I was also thinking about the Mistress who died. I felt lost and thought I had to prove myself to Mistress and take charge, but now I don't feel that way. I am the man of this house. I have three children and one on the way. I am happy and I enjoy my life. I love being at home and taking care of my family. It is my job and one that I love. I have been offered my own restaurant many times, but I'd rather cook for my family and the parties that Stephanie has.

I know my place in this family and it is also being a good father to my three kids. I get to see them take their first steps, I get to throw a ball with Stephen and I will get to take him to his first day of school. I am exceedingly happy.

I also get to have mind-blowing sex with two of the most beautiful women in the world. Anna is sexy and stunning to look at. She makes me laugh every day. She cares about me with a love that is always open, always honest and always forgiving. Her generosity of spirit never fails to surprise me... We have a date night every week where we go to a movie or the theater. She sleeps with me two nights out of the week and we don't have sex all the time. Lately I've been holding her belly, feeling my child kicking and finding such joy in bringing another life in the world.

With Stephanie, she will always be my Mistress as well as my wife. She's a busy woman, but she always makes time for me. I had to earn my way into her heart because I was a bit of a brat and full of myself when I came here. I am submissive by nature with a touch of pride and determination to have my way thrown in. I have learned to be a husband and a submissive. I am happy. She still fucks me when she chooses and takes me down to the playroom to discipline me, but with each slap on my face, or hit with the crop or the whip or the flogger which to be honest is my favorite, I love her even more. I love how she takes charge of me. I would follow her into hell with gasoline drawers on if she asked me to. She is my life and I am and will always be her slave. My goal in life is to keep her happy. I don't drink anymore, not even one drink. I learned my lesson. I exercise everyday and am a good father to my children. I take care of our home that makes me happy. When I am allowed between my wife Stephanie's thighs with my dick I am in heaven. I love feeling her muscles clinch me, milking my dick, making me cum. There is no better place and licking her pussy after, sucking our mutual juices from between her thighs makes me want to cum all over again.

Time escalates and Anna gives birth to my son. We name him, Bentley Brian Stone. His two sisters kiss him every day and Stephen says, "I'm a big brother and I will take care of him."

Recently Mistress asked Anna and me if we wouldn't mind her using the eggs from Sir and having another baby. We both agreed that we would have one more child and then that was it. So when Bentley turned one Mistress was inseminated with her fertilized eggs and became pregnant. We are waiting for the birth of this baby, which we have been told, is a girl.

Although our life is calmer, we are still very busy with the new movie and Monica Casey is a handful as an actress. She always flirts with me when she comes here, but I ignore her. My dick belongs to two people and those two people own the keys to my cock cage when Mistress feels I need to wear it.

I'm sure we will have more adventures and if Mistress ever wants to tell you about them, I'm sure she will let you know, but for right now...We just want to enjoy our life, our love and our children together.

Thanks for allowing me to say goodbye for now.

This is Brian -- signing off.


Hi This is Anna

I know you think that Mistress loves me more, but I don't think that's true anymore. Things have grown and changed since Brian saved her and even before that -- the whole thing with Misty has made Mistress more aware of Brian.

She loves him and he her. Mistress and I do have a bond though. We've been through a great deal. She loves me, I adore her. On my knees between her thighs while she talks to me is my favorite place to be.

I love licking her sweet black pussy. I love munching on it and when I flick her clit with my tongue -- I am in paradise. I could stay there all day and all night if she let me. Even in my ninth month of pregnancy, she is my craving. Sometimes I beg her on my knees to let me taste her sweet essence. I crave it. It is my drug. I am addicted to her pussy and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Brian and I make love sweetly. It is nice and calm. I've gotten used to him fucking me and have gotten to like it, but I can't cum like that. He always eats my pussy, which makes me cum. When Mistress fucks me, it's savage and I cum and cum. She knows how to make me beg and I want to beg. I am her slave always and forever.

When she chose me at Sir Richards, at that moment I knew that I would adore this damn woman for the rest of my life and when she asked me to marry her, I was stunned and didn't know why or how I was chosen and finally with our beautiful wedding I knew that I would die for her.

I am her bitch, her whore, her slave, her pussy girl...whatever she wants I will do. She can whip me, flog me, hurt me in any way, but she cannot ever leave me because that will destroy me.

She is my Goddess and my life. I have children because of her, I have a husband because of her and I have a wife that I would never have had because of her. She is my soul, my spirit and my world. Along with my children and Bry, I could not be happier.

I have been through a great deal as you are well aware. But from the moment I met her she has protected me, cared for me, loved me. I belong to her. I will always belong to her. She can cut me, she can stab me, she can kill me and I would still love her.

Mistress is my life.

I am Anna the strong because of her. I know that I haven't always been strong, but I've found my strength in her love and protection.

I gave birth to Bry's son, my son, our son. Little Bentley is asleep in my arms and he knows that he is loved and will grow up in a house of love.

I've gone from submissive, to slave, to wife to mother. I have traveled it all and now I am completely and utterly happy with my life. Nothing and no one can hurt me now.

We go into the playroom every now and again and I relish that time. Mistress uses the whip on me. She's gotten over her fear of it and I relish the whip marks on my body. I lean into it. I love the sound it makes as it slashes into the air and she knows it. I beg her for more of that and finally when I have had enough she takes me down from the cross.

She takes her biggest cock and I crawl over to her and suck it, love it. Sometimes Bry is there and I crawl to him on the bed and sink my pussy on his rock hard cock while Mistress fucks my ass. I love this the best. Two hard cocks. This is when I know that Mistress owns us both. I fuck Bry while she fucks me hard. She pulls my hair and refuses to let me or Bry cum for a long time, but when we do, we explode all over. Our bodies are spent and then she takes off the cock. We know it is time for us to take care of her. She is in heat.

Bry and I eat her pussy like no tomorrow. We suck her juices and make her cum again and again until she nearly passes out. Bry and I kiss and I ease his penis into her pussy and begin to eat them both. After he cums I drink their juices from her pussy and again am transported to my special place, my own heaven.

Every now and again, I get to fuck her. While Bry fucks my ass. He holds my hips very tight. Bry pushes inside my ass and I squeeze tightly until he cums. I'd rather he fuck my ass all the time, but I've gotten used to him fucking my pussy and I enjoy it, but to be honest, I only cum when Mistress takes me. I love the feel of her big hard dick in my pussy.

But still even after all this time, when we talk is my favorite time and space. It frees my mind when I'm in between her legs licking her juicy succulent pussy. I hear every word and I understand what she says to me. It's a discussion I want to have every day when I'm there.

I am joyous every single day as I work in the office with her. I care about Skip and Dominic, Marlene and Abigail. I have friends and family. I go to award shows and movie premieres. Mistress dresses me in fabulous clothes. I have all that I need and I am happy.

Whatever she wants to do is all right with me. I am in love with my wife and my husband. I want for nothing.

I used to have this fear that all this would disappear and go away, but I don't anymore. I think after all that I've been through that God has decided to bless me. God decided that it is my time to have the best life can offer and I thank God. I thank him for all his blessings.

I am complete. I am Anna Stone. I am in Love and every day is a blessing. Thank you. I have to feed my son now. Have a very wonderful day.



This is Skip and I know I'm not supposed to be on this page but I need to say a few things.

I lost my mother at a young age. It was just my father and I. But Stephanie came in. What you do not know is that I lived with her for a while -- 2 years. My father, Dominic was in a bad way. He had a very hard time and left me with the Nanny for days at a time. Stephanie came and took me back with her to New York to live with her and Sir.

She became not only a mother figure to me, but she kept my mother's memory alive for me. She shared stories about my mother and showed me her picture every single day so I would not forget what she looked like.

Mrs. S. loved me as her son and has every since. I am who I am because of her. I work with her now every day and I can say that I enjoy my work. I've learned a great deal about the business, but I have also learned how to be a man because of her.

I chose the lifestyle because it is who I am. My father never pressured me and neither did Stephanie, but they taught me to be the best Dom I could be and for that, I am grateful.

Abigail is my submissive and I know that one day I will marry her. She is suspended above me waiting for her Master to take her down. I will in my time and then I will fuck her hard. I push her to her limit and she begs for more. I've learned how to be the Master she needs.

I am grateful for my life. I am happy for my life and I am grateful that Mrs. S. has found Anna and Brian. I love them also. They are my family.

I am also glad that my father married Marlene and we have Lucia. I can thank Mrs. S for that also. She introduced them. I know that losing Sir was very hard on her. He was a great man. I know that he is with Rachel and looking down on us all. He would be the first to say that his wife is the best.

I salute her, I love her and she is and always will be my mother.

I just wanted you to know that she is one very special woman to all of us.

Thanks for letting me intrude,



This is Marlene and I'm not supposed to be here either, but here I am. We have had quite a few adventures with Stephanie and I hope she writes about them sometime, but I owe her a great debt of gratitude.

Despite my behavior, she forgave me and introduced me to my Master/husband. I could not be happier and now we have Lucia and a surprise, I am pregnant again. Shush, do not tell, I am going to share it over dinner tonight.

Thanks for reading,



Hello, this is Stephanie.

I think it is time we wrap this up. We have been on this very long journey. You know this started out as a onetime thing. It started out as my telling the story of how Sir and I went to Sir Richard's and found not one, not two but three submissives.

Instead, we have gone on a journey. A 41-chapter journey that I have enjoyed sharing with you. I was given the letter from Misty and I want to share it with you:

Hello Mistress Stephanie:

I know that I have disappointed you. It was the last thing I ever wanted to do. I know I had no right to expect forgiveness, but you forgave me and protected me. I promise you that from now on I will make up for what I did. Thank you for protecting Dylan and me. Thank you for giving me a new life.


A few pieces of information that you should know. We saw Misty again three years later when she came for a visit. She moved to London and lives there with Dylan who is quite the handsome boy. He stays with us every summer now and he and Stephen are as close as ever.

She has been granted a divorce and given most of Paul McKenzie's money. Paul was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Misty met a wonderful man courtesy of Sir Richard. He's a Lord and she will be a lady. He's a Dom and is training her to be his submissive. I am happy for her.

I know that Skip and Abigail will one day get married. I'm already planning for the wedding even though they don't know it yet.

My movie, The Racketeer is doing well at the box office. I had some interesting moments with Monica Casey (I will tell you about that some other time) and I've had to put her in her place, but she's behaving. She did hurt her sister very badly, but she in turn got hurt. I hope she has learned her lesson.

I've had a great time with Kate, the President's wife when I held several fundraisers for Grant. She's really very special and the country is lucky to have her.

I found out today that I am pregnant with Sir's child. I don't know what it is yet, but I think it's going to be a girl. I'm not sure, but I think so. Whatever it is, I just want it to be healthy.

Andrew and Daisy are still with me. I have asked them to be godparents to the little one I am carrying. They are thrilled.

Little Stephen looks a great deal like Sir. He is smart and strong willed. He is protective of his little sisters and his little baby brother Bentley. He will also be protective of this little one playing soccer in my belly right now.

Rachel and Renee are both their daddy's little Princesses and I find Brian in the nursery with them playing tea party and dressing up dolls. He wants to take them to Disney World next year and I think we'll all go and enjoy ourselves at the second happiest place on earth because our home is the happiest.

Brian and I make sure we have a date night out, as do he and Anna and Anna and I. Sometimes it's hard to schedule everything, but we are making it work so no one feels neglected. Sex happens -- not as often as it used to. Thank God, but often enough. We are all too tired at the end of the day to indulge every night, but we do better than most couples do. We also have three way dates and enjoy each other's company, but most of our life revolves around the children. They are our life.

My favorite time is dinner. We never know who is going to join us. Sometimes we have guests and sometimes it is just us home alone with the kids.

The business is going well and we are looking for our next project. I think we will take some time off for a much-needed vacation. Dominic needs to take time off too; Marlene just informed him she is pregnant again. He's a happy man and he even looks younger.

My boy Skip. He is such a man. He is going to take Abigail to Paris because she has never been and you should always to Paris for the first time with someone you love who loves you.

The only fly in our ointment is Sheila, Dunge's wife. She's been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She is coming to stay with us and have a few treatments.

John and Amber are also pregnant and I am happy for them. They drop by quite a bit these days.

It's over for you -- for now -- but we may come back to this again in the future. I don't know. It's up to my two, Anna and Brian if we are going to do this again.

Brian and I along with Anna will have a full household, five children. I never thought I would have one let alone five. This has changed me, has changed us all.

I have to tell you that I love my life. I loved it before. I had a great marriage with Sir. I thought that was it. We were very happy together and when he died, I thought that I would never have a better life. Who is given so much? The heavens though have smiled at me. I am blessed and very, very grateful.

My life is so rich and so full. I have the loves of my life in Brian and Anna. I have learned so much from both of them. I have learned that Anna is courageous, inspiring, organized and strong. I have learned to let her take care of me and let her grow. I have learned that she can take more than I thought and that she gives 150% of herself all the time to our family and me.

And Brian, he has become a man. A man I can depend on. He saved me. He is the man of our house and I love him. Brian has grown the most because he knew that we needed him to grow. His shoulders are broad and strong. His shoulders are there when I need him to be there. I adore him.

Brian went into therapy after the shooting at my insistence. He needed to talk about it. He goes with Andrew into the safe room and helps him clean the guns. He knows how to protect his family and he knows what's important, his family.

I also went into therapy because for the first time I allowed myself to be vulnerable and I allowed myself to feel what could have happened if Paul had taken me away and my family lost me. I cried for many nights and had bad dreams, but Brian always came and held me. He held me until I calmed and fell asleep.

What can I say to you who have been on this journey with me? What can I say to you who have followed along from Sir Richard's home in Los Angeles to my home in New York? We have had kidnappings, murders, and craziness yet you stayed with my family and me. You understood and you cared. I am grateful.

I say simply, Thank you for your love. Thank you for your caring, Thank you for believing in us even when I was not sure about where we were going. There were times when I thought that Brian would never grow up but you believed. You championed him because you knew that he would be my rock. You saw his growth before I did.

There were times when I thought I would lose Anna, but you knew that I would not. You knew that she would be safe because she is strong. You saw her strength and rooted for her to win.

You cheered me on when I fought Reese. You gave me your strength to fight Anna's uncle. You cried with me when Rachel died. You are my power and I thank you. There were times when I did not think we would continue let alone make it, but you kept me going even at the darkest hour.

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