tagNonHumanThe Chosen One Ch. 03

The Chosen One Ch. 03


Thanks to all those who helped me get this ready, and a big shout out to Julie; another fine job dear. Not to make this long, but I'd like to point out that as writers, the readers get a glimpse into our imaginations. To give credit where it should be, it's actually our editors who make the stories you love so much pop out. Our scores are a direct reflection on their sometimes-thankless talents. You editors take our crazy babbling and turn it into something very special. From the bottom of this writers heart; thank you.

Two weeks later, Kevin, and Laura's condominium, Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Steam filled the room, the mirror now unusable, as the moisture ran down in small beads and dripped off the metal frame. The frosted glass shower door prevented anyone who entered from seeing the occupant inside, although with the amount of mist that hung in the air, a person would be unable to see anything.

Kevin ran the large porous sponge across the enhanced muscles of his chest. The constant physical training that a SEAL endured on a daily basis, gave his upper torso the appearance of chiseled rock. White soapy droplets fell from his brown nipples and joined the frothing water around his feet.

As the water jet pulsed on his shoulders, Kevin moved the sponge lower and lathered the defined abdominal muscles that ached from the hundreds of sit-ups he routinely performed during the morning twelve-mile run. He then moved the now soap engorged sponge to his flaccid cock.

As he moved the sponge around, his mind flashed to the other morning when Laura had awakened early and joined him. He remembered how delightful it had been when the hot water had begun to dwindle, cooling their excited bodies with its spray.

Kevin turned to face the shooting water as he allowed the jets to rinse his body, leaving only a shimmering wetness and a manly scent. Shutting off the water, he slid the door open and stepped out onto the blue mat. His muscles flexing as he maneuvered the soft cotton towel around him.

He chuckled to himself as he opened the door and allowed the steam to escape into the carpeted hallway. Naked, he padded through the condo, allowing the coolness of the air to soothe him.

Reaching the bedroom, his eyes were treated to the view of one lovely leg bathed in the sunlight shining through the blinds. He leaned against the doorjamb; watching her stir as she awoke. She was just beginning to stretch when she spotted him watching her. She smiled at him and exaggerated the stretch to tease him.

As the covers fell away, more of her body was revealed. She lifted her arms above her and arched her back, allowing the sheet to slide down, exposing her nipples to the cool air. "I want to wake up every morning and see that hot body of yours, standing there; waiting for me to wake up. You are one sexy man Kevin Dvorska."

Kevin remained still as he returned her smile. His eyes caressed the soft curves of her body as she shifted the sheet lower with her legs. "I just took a shower, so don't get any amorous ideas. I have a meeting with Adam this afternoon, and it would look bad if I couldn't walk straight," he said, but his filling cock betrayed him.

Laura's eyes hungrily slid down his body until they rested on his manhood. "Your lips say no, but I think something else is saying yes."

As the covers fell free, he noticed the small baby bump she now had. The erotic sight before him wouldn't allow him to deny his aroused desire and he moved leisurely toward the bed, causing his lover to moan in anticipation.

Laura gave a final flick of her toes causing the thin sheet to slide off the bed. Rising slightly to move aside, she allowed Kevin room to lie next to her. She tilted her head and gave him a needful, yet mischievous smile.

Kevin brushed a loose strand of hair out of her face, running his fingers over the soft skin. "Do you know how beautiful you are in the mornings?"

"You're not going to think that in a few months when I'm all fat and ugly," she whispered as she gazed into his eyes.

He responded with a small chuckle. "In a few months you'll be twice as beautiful and even more tempting."

Laura gave his shoulder a light push, causing him to roll onto his back. Running her finger tips up his tight belly, she moved her lips within inches of his. "God, I love you." With a gentle hunger, she placed her mouth upon his and kissed him, sending an exotic message straight to his hardening penis.

Kevin wrapped his powerful arms around her eager body and held her close; their tongues fighting a slow duel of passion. He began to sinuously slide a hand along the sensual curves of her body. She gave a low moan of pleasure as his hand paused to give a suggestive squeeze to her petite backside.

He gently eased her leg over his body, eliciting another low sigh of passion. As she felt the silkiness of his hardening cock brush against the sensitive inside of her thigh, the passionate groan became more urgent.

As the two lovers broke from the kiss, Laura looked into his eyes and settled her hips on top of his. With a glint in her eye and a sly smile, she leaned forward just a bit. "When I'm through with you, you're going to need another shower."

"You might have to wait; I think I used all the hot water."

With a lustful smile, Laura pushed herself upright. "Then I'll just have to think of a way to keep us busy until it gets hot, really hot."

"You know in some parts of the United States, this could be considered rape," Kevin replied as he felt her grab his swelling meat.

Laura had a wanton smile on her face as she lifted her hips. "Do you really think there's a jury out there that would convict someone my size, of raping someone like you?"

With a quickness that surprised him, Laura thrust her moist sex down, engulfing the now ridged member and rotated her hips. As she felt her lips part and his cock invade her; she moaned deep in her throat.

Given his girth, she could only take about half of him in this position. When she felt the pressure become too much, she raised herself and grinned down at him. "Mmmmm, good morning, my love."

"You know you could ask a guy before you..." Kevin let out a gasp as the tight folds enveloped him once more. He placed his hands on her thighs in an attempt to keep her from going down too far. He worried that his thick, lengthy member would cause harm at this point of her pregnancy.

Leaning forward and placing her hands on Kevin's brawny shoulders allowed Laura to take control to pleasure herself. She began riding him slowly, savoring the feel of his hard cock inside her. Like most mornings, she had awakened with a needful hunger and Kevin allowed her to gratify herself at his expense.

He eyed her lightly bouncing breasts and following his own lust, began fondling them. He wondered if they would swell when milk arrived and be an even more erogenous zone for her.

He heard a whimper of approval and saw that her eyes were closed, caught up in the sensations coursing through her body. He squeezed lightly and placed his thumbs on her nipples, stroking the hard buds. He was rewarded with an intensification of her plunging hips.

As her sex tightened in response, Kevin began to feel the start of his impending explosion. He watched as her eyes begin to flicker underneath the closed eyelids, and knew she was close to her own climax. He slid one hand down to her clit and pressed his cool fingertip against the hard nub.

Laura's eyes shot open, her lips in a silent gasp. She felt the surge of lightning rush through her body and gazed at her lover. "I – want – I want it – to last..."

Kevin leaned up against the force of her arms, his powerful abdomen getting its second workout for the morning. "It will last until my dying day, my love," he said and kissed her open mouth with a ravenous passion.

Laura could feel her body begin to shake, her legs straining for comfort, her passion for release. It started as a slow rumble, deep within her soul; growing to a point of no return. When the orgasm broke through, it caused her to scream against her lover's pressing lips.

Kevin wanted to return the scream, but held back as the passage his cock was embedded in clamped down like a vise. He felt the pulsing against the sensitive head and he joined his mate in release. As the super-heated liquid flowed down his groin, he moaned so deep in his throat, it sounded like a low growl.

He felt her body lose its strength and relax forward. With lightning reflexes, he removed his hand from her sex and placed it on her hip. Kevin moved her nonresponsive body to the side, allowing her to relax on the bed next to him. He rolled to his side and tenderly gazed down at her.

He stroked her now matted hair to the side and kissed her forehead. He saw her breathing returning to normal, as he ran his large hand across her moist skin. "I hope after the pregnancy, these sudden urges will become less frequent. I'd hate to know the one thing that would kill me, is the love of my life."

She opened her eyes and gazed back into the smiling and caring face of her soul mate. "Promise me you won't leave me alone in this world. I lost my parents and I don't want our child growing up without a father," she said as a small tear rolled down her velvety face.

"Laura, you know I..."

With pleading eyes, she reached up and grabbed his hand. "Promise me and our child you won't leave us."

Kevin gazed upon the worried face of the woman he would lay down his life for. He realized the danger of the missions he was about to undertake and was unprepared to deal with her feelings so soon. The truth would not console her; she wanted to hear only one thing. "I promise."


Vice Admiral Eric Olmsted leaned forward and flipped through the almost endless stack of message traffic. He had been reading the message board for over an hour now, and he looked at the edge of the folder to see how far he'd gotten. When he realized he still had another two hours to go until he reached the bottom, he slammed the metal folder closed and shoved it forward on his desk.

As the longest serving active duty SEAL in the Navy, he had the title of 'Bull Frog' assigned to him. The title had its good points, along with a few that he wished it didn't have. As the salt and pepper haired SEAL stared out the thick glass window on the fourth floor of the Pentagon, he thought back to a time when he was with his men.

Eric stood and approached the window. Looking down he watched the numerous people walking into the building and began to wonder if he was being punished for something he hadn't done. He started to question his decision on accepting the lead position of the government's Anti-terrorism division. "I've done some really dumb things in my life, but this is moving up the list fast," he thought to himself.

The black phone on the desk began to buzz with an annoying tone, interrupting his thoughts about his career moves. "Maybe a bomb went off in some third world country and I can get out of this fucking box," he whispered as he picked up the phone. "Vice Admiral Olmsted."

When he heard the voice on the other end of the line, he almost dropped the phone. The man kept speaking and he knew it wasn't wise to interrupt him. Eric held the phone to his ear for what seemed like an hour as he listened to what the President wanted. When there was a small pause, Eric cut in. "With all due respect, Sir, I don't think that's the wisest course of action."

Vice Admiral Olmsted remained silent as he continued to listen to what the President of the United States was asking. When there was another pause in the conversation, he began to chuckle. "Permission to speak freely, Sir?" With the affirmative answer he continued. "As much as I'd love to get out of this office, if this goes south, I'll be chained so deep in Leavenworth that the rats will have to go down a couple of flights to say hi to me."

He continued to listen for just a few more moments, but knew orders were orders. "Yes, Sir, I'll make it happen."

Cape Henry Trail, Virginia Beach, Virginia.

The sun was shining bright as the two sedans pulled into a small parking lot just off Shore Drive next to the beachfront. Four well-built men stepped out and adjusted their sunglasses as they scanned the area. One of them, Chief Greg Swanson, motioned for one of the others to check the vehicles that were already parked there.

Cryptologic Technician Naim Azzi, moved to the front of each of the six other cars, and even though they were different makes and models, they all had one thing in common; base stickers. He looked over at Swanson and nodded his head. He then turned around, studying the thick forest for any signs of the others.

Another muscular man, Construction Electrician First Class, Chris Brooks shut the passenger door and walked slowly along the edge of the pavement, his skilled eyes examining the soft earth. After a few yards, he stopped and knelt down, placing his large callused hand against two indented lines leading to the woods.

The point man assigned to SEAL Team One, Charlie Fire Team, snapped his fingers and signaled the others to follow him. One by one, the four men walked into the tree line as their training took over and each one scanned a different area around them.

The last man in line, Scott Ross, looked back as the forest engulfed him. "What in the hell are we doing in the middle of nowhere?" he thought as he turned back around and followed the others.

The four men took care as they moved with silent steps through the loose foliage that covered the area. After a few hundred yards, Brooks stopped with a quickness that brought everyone's attention to the area in front of them. He looked over his shoulder with a smile, and then moved with a quicker pace toward what appeared to be a small clearing.

Kevin Dvorska was leaning back in his lawn chair when he sensed the four men approaching. He gave a chuckle and looked at Adam, who was drinking the last of his beer. The other six men around them seemed confused about what the joke was, all except Dan Vasquez, who realized Kevin's werewolf side had just picked up the rest of the other guests.

Adam reached into the large cooler that he had brought along for the meeting. As he opened the lid of the two-wheeled monster, he wondered if three cases of beer were enough for twelve SEALs in the middle of the woods, with nothing to do but talk.

The team leader pulled a fresh can out and as soon as his hand was clear, he shut the lid with such force that it caused a loud thud to echo through the woods. "It's about time you dumb fucks got here, the beer's almost gone," he said to an area just outside the clearing.

Chris Brooks was the first to emerge from the woods. A large smile crossed his tanned face as he saw the black plastic wheels on the cooler. "You must be Lieutenant Commander Dawson, because only an officer would leave tracks like that to a secluded meeting."

Adam laughed at the remark as the other men joined the group in the clearing. "I wasn't sure how good of a point man you might be, so I decided to help you."

Greg Swanson moved around Chris and headed straight for the cooler. After tossing out beers, he pulled the tab of his own ice cold drink and downed half of it in one gulp. He reached his hand out to Adam who shook it firmly. "Damn good to see you, Adam. It's been a while."

"A while! Hell, last time we saw each other was graduation night after BUDS training," he replied as he pointed to some lawn chairs against a nearby tree. "Have a seat."

The four men grabbed chairs and joined the others. Chris pulled the tab on his beer and looked at Kevin. "You're Kevin Dvorska, aren't you?"

Kevin set his beer down and stuck out his hand to the fellow SEAL. "Yep, that's me."

The fellow point man grabbed Kevin's hand with a strong grip and shook it vigorously. "Man, your rep in the teams makes you sound like some kind of voodoo witch doctor on point."

Kevin laughed. "I don't know about all that. I can't think of a time when I went around chanting in the woods to find my way."

As if on cue, both point men looked up to the clear sky and began looking around. It took a few moments for the others to catch up as the sound of approaching helicopters invaded the serenity of the small clearing. "H-60s coming our way," Chris said.

Kevin shook his head. "Half right is better than all wrong. One 60 and one H-46, can't you hear the thump."

Lieutenant Jack Patrick sighed in mock anguish. He knew of Dvorska's skill when it came to being a point man, but thought he should let it go seeing as they were in a clearing in the middle of the woods drinking beer. "Can we stop being SEALs for just one afternoon and enjoy the cold beer?"

Greg finished his beer and reached into the cooler once again. "Don't mind if I do. So tell me – Mr. – Dawson, what has your panties in such a bunch that you bring the four of us from the west coast to have beers in the middle of some woods? Not that I mind the beer, but I could do without the woods."

Adam set his beer can down on the soft grass beneath him. "You were never the one to beat around the bush, Greg. First off, the reason I chose this spot was that I know there are no hidden microphones out here, and because what I'm about to say, never happened."

The others nodded in agreement as they realized what they were about to hear was off the record. "You are all the top operators in your field; weapons, electronics, point men, corpsmen, and of course foreign language," he added as he nodded towards Naim.

Electronics Technician First Class Zack Miller gave a huge smile. "Is this the part where we get medals and shit?"

Mark Wolfhorst, sniper for SEAL Team Two Bravo, slapped his friend in the back of the head. "This is the part where you shut up and let the man finish."

"Thanks, Wolfie," Adam said with a smile. "I've been asked to put together a group of SEALs who are the best of the best. From what I've read, you guys are it."

Bill Haley groaned aloud. "Why do I get the feeling that the beer was a set up?"

Adam reached down to the cooler and tossed the SEAL medic another one. "If any of you say no to my proposal, that's your choice. You will continue being the best in your respective teams, and I won't think the lesser of you."

Bill leaned over to V-man. "Is he always this drawn out, or is it just me?"

"I hate to tell you this, Bill, I know what's coming, and you better have another beer."

There was one other Chief in the small group of men, Randy Cross. He had flown in from Aviano, Italy with his medic and sniper, and the thoughts of what a secret meeting should look like didn't match up to what was happening now. Visions of the take down at Ramsgate began to fill his mind, and then in a flash it came to him. "Adam, can I say something?"

"You should know better than to ask something like that, Tiny," Adam replied, using Randy's SEAL nickname.

"This is starting to sound like you're making a secret SEAL hit squad. The CIA does stupid shit like that, not SEAL teams."

Adam let the comment hang in the air for a few moments as he studied the face of each man. The longer the silence remained, the more their expressions changed. "You're kind of right, Tiny. I think everyone here knows Neil Hawkins, well; he came up with the idea. So, at least we're starting off on the right foot. They want to make a team made up of the best SEALs in the world. Every member has to be a seasoned SEAL and we can relax our grooming standards."

Greg looked over at Kevin's out of regulation hairstyle and laughed. "Looks like your point man is already in on the deal."

Adam leaned forward, his face taking on a serious look. "Listen guys, I don't know if the CIA will be in on this or not. I know a few people presently there now that we can trust, so that isn't a concern of mine. I give you my word, if this turns out to be a personal hit squad, I'll pull the plug myself. As far as I know, we're doing the same missions, but no one knows who we are or what we do. The missions will be a hundred percent sterile."

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