tagRomanceThe Christmas After Party

The Christmas After Party


He placed his hand on my lap as we were driving one night to go to my co-worker's Christmas party. I didn't know if he could see it in the faint moonlight, but he was making me rather bashful and rather nervous as the car slightly swerved every time he reached further up my thigh. We were lost and had been driving around for an hour. I was silently frustrated and impatiently thinking about all of the warm cider and iced cookies we were missing. Taking an early lunch that day was a bad idea. But he could always sense my frustrations, even if I didn't tell him so and he always knew how to alleviate them, even when I didn't want to give into his tender strokes.

"Do you want me to call her Cal?" I asked reaching for my phone resting deep in the pockets of my wool coat.

"No, I think we just made a wrong turn several roads back, I will get us there. Don't worry," he smiled. The smile was reassuring as he pressed his palm against my thigh with stronger pressure. Oh well, I thought. Maybe I should be staying away from those gingerbread cookies anyway. I relaxed back into the passenger's seat and stared out of the window at the passing backwoods of the country side. Most of the roads were unmarked and some looked too little to even be roads. My co-worker Jennifer lived on a small ranch out in the middle of nowhere; how anyone could find her house without knowing the area was a mystery. The sky wasn't quite black yet but a day blue anchored by a thick border of black silhouetted the arching trees. Rarely did we pass other cars or drive by houses all lit up far from the road. I felt that Cal and I were alone—something we haven't been in a while. And maybe it was my wool jacket, his hand on my lap, or the memory of us pulling over on a road just like this and making out until our mouths were raw and ready to be soothed by the building moisture of our excitement, but I was getting really warm...

"Hey Cal..."

"Yeah," he said craning his head trying to read an upcoming street sign.

"Do you remember that time when we were coming home from your brother's wedding and we turned off the lights of the car and parked on this little side road—"

"Of course." His face lit up and that familiar mischievous smile started to form. He didn't seem too interested in finding out what the name of that street was anymore.

"I remember, you nearly broke my nose while I was trying to get your dress off," he started as he looked in the rear view mirror at his face. "I swear it's crooked by an eighth of an inch..."

"Haha, my elbow barely grazed your face, you're the one who kneed my pelvic bone," I protested. "Your nose is perfectly fine and straight."

"Why are women's clothes so complicated to get off? There needs to be a line of women's clothes designed for easy access."

"It's called hooker wear darling," I informed him.

"Well I think you should get some. And you can wear it under your coat so no one will see it except me."

"Well Christmas is around the corner..." I sang. I loved the idea of wearing naughty stuff just for him underneath my buttoned coat. When we first started making love I wanted it all of the time, I still do but I have learned since then to control my urges. Every time I was with him I wore a dress and no panties, hoping to feel his curious fingers exploring my smooth legs pushing the fabric of my dress upward to penetrate me in my deepest, warmest, and wettest place to prepare me for his stiff cock. If had been a while since he has teased me like that, so I started wearing panties once more, waiting for the day when he'd ask me to stop wearing them again. On that night I was wearing a presentable dark green dress and drop diamond earrings and patent leather black heels. Cal wore one of those cheesy but funny Christmas sweaters and slacks.

I looked down at his pants as he drove on, wondering what color boxers he was wearing. He always left before me in the morning, so I rarely got the chance to see him get dressed. It was a shame—I loved watching him glistening with fresh water droplets straight out of the shower. There were always places he neglected to dry off, like the hair on the back of his neck that I loved to play with while he laid on my breasts. "Is that Hillenbran?" I asked temporarily snapping out of the image of Cal's naked wet body.

"Yeah, good eye babe," he said giving my thigh a quick rub before he put both hands on the steering wheel.

I immediately regretted my outburst. Just minutes ago I was anxious to get to the holiday games and festivities, but now all I wanted to do was make out like a couple of horny teenagers in the car. We pulled into the narrow dirt road leading to a large house surrounded by several cars and decorated with mechanical reindeers and singing Christmas lights. In a bit I would be surrounded by other people I was expected to socialize with in a rated G to PG-13 kind of way. But I still pondered on the image and the feeling of drying a wet Cal off and feeling him grow hard beneath the soft cotton towel...

"You ready?"

"Yes," I said smiling goofily at him. He had no idea how much I wanted him in that moment, and it all started with his hand resting on my thigh. I grabbed the bottle of wine near my feet and got out of the car. The cold air hit me instantly even through my coat. I hugged the warm material against my body and followed Cal to the front door. I could hear several voices and sudden laughter coming from the other side before I rang the doorbell.

"Only an hour and a half late," he said to me right before the door swung wide open.

"Ellen!" Jennifer shrieked coming toward me with arms wide open wearing a red Santa dress trimmed in white fur and a headband of reindeer antlers. The whole place was decked out in elves, presents, snowflakes, Santa, and reindeer themed decorations. It might have been obnoxious, but I thought it to be rather fun and transporting. That was a time when I wanted nothing more than the latest Barbie doll and some clothes to accessorize her with, but this Christmas I wanted nothing really. As corny as it sounded I had Cal and couldn't ask for anything better. I imagined we would probably sleep in late, have Christmas sex, eat all of our edible Christmas gifts, and repeat the cycle until there were no more chocolate truffles left and my thighs were soar from our love making. But I wasn't supposed to be thinking dirty thoughts.

The air smelled heavily of spiked cider and warm gingerbread and all around me were faces I knew and loved from work including some faces I hadn't seen in a while. Since it was the first time I had bought Cal to the event, I had to do several rounds of polite introductions. He was charming and friendly just like always. Jennifer took an immediately liking to him and engaged him a conversation about her trip last summer to the Rockies and her encounter with an injured mountain lion. We all knew the story, even the part where she was not alone, but with a tour group and the creature could only be seen with a part of binoculars—that was the part she didn't tell often and definitely did not tell Cal. I left them to it to scope out the food situation. Gracing the snowflake table clothed table were platters of barely touched sweets. Everyone had more than hit up the kitchen where the alcohol resided, but the sugar cookies with the multicolored sprinkles resembling ornaments were untouched. I told myself that I was going to start eating healthier—this was something I told myself every week or after every indulgent meal, but this time I was serious. I stood before the trays of sweets in torture. But then I felt arms wrapping around me from behind. Cal pressed the front of his body against my backside temping me in another way.

"They are probably really crappy cookies," he said knowing very well how much of a weakness I have for sugar cookies.

"Maybe I can just try one, or two, or three, or five..." I started dreamily.

"If you make it tonight without having one cookie, I will..."

"Come on Ellen and Cal, it's time for Christmas Carol Karaoke!" shouted the overly excited hostess. Normally my co-workers weren't the type to belt "Have Yourself a Very Merry Christmas" but alcohol was a great inspirer. With cups of cider in hand Cal and I watched on from the back of the room, until Jennifer and a couple of my co workers dragged me forward to sing "Rocking Around the Christmas Tree" with them. I wasn't quite feeling the buzz yet, but the energy was contagious. I took the mic and sang my little heart out, after all no one was really sober enough to tell that I sounded tone deaf, except Cal who smirked sexily at me from the back of the room. Ending with a thunderous applause I was feeling good, and my mind was temporarily off of the cookies, but back to doing Cal.

I was pulled away for a while by another woman I worked with who wanted to know where I got my dress from. Overall it was a great night, filled with lots more karaoke, spiked cider and eggnog, and a white elephant gift exchange where I ended up with a candy cane picture frame and Cal ended up with a DVD of one of those old Claymation Christmas movies from the 70s. I got to meet lots of spouses and partners that I had always heard about but never seen. I was nice to hang out with my coworkers in relaxed and fun atmosphere, but there was still one more thing I was dying to do.

"Ellen is so great, she's so sweet and all of the patrons speak so highly of her. It was so great that you two came." Miss Spring told Cal just before we were about to leave. I smiled bashfully and we said our last goodbyes before walking out of the door leaving a few lollygaggers who needed to sober up before driving home.

"Sweet huh?" he teased weaving his arm around mine.

"Yes, I'm always sweet...speaking of sweet, I didn't have a cookie tonight, not a single one...so what is it that you were going to do?"

"Well first I have to make sure you're not smuggling any cookies, then I will tell you," his hands came at me to tickle me on our way to the car. I screamed uncontrollably and tried to avoid his advances.

Once inside of the car, we settled down and buckled up. "Just so you know, I'm definitely going to fuck you before we get home," he said nonchalantly carefully backing up the car avoiding the moving mechanical reindeer. YES! , I wanted to shout. Being a good girl does have its rewards. "Maybe even twice..."

"Oh yeah," I breathed softly.

"Yeah, so you better start taking off your clothes, but you can leave the heels on."

"Yes sir," I responded sexily. As he drove I reached up the skirt of my dress and found the top of my panties. They were black and patterned with little pink roses and a pink lace trim around the edges. They slid down my long brown legs with ease. Next was the dress. I need a bit of help on that one, so I asked Cal to start tugging down the zipper for me. I pealed the chiffon material off my warming skin. Cal snuck peeks every time he got the chance to. The dress pooled around my heels and I picked it up to toss it into the back seat. I was now sitting there in nothing but my strapless black bra and my black heels. As soon as I reached around to unhook my bra, Cal pulled over into the first spot that looked secluded.

Just before you know you are about to get it, there is a moment of such physical anticipation--it's almost better than an orgasm. You know that in a minute his hands are going to be all over you and his fingers eventually inside of you making your body respond in ways only he can. On a dark night, on a secluded street, in the back of our car that feeling of anticipation was swelling up deep inside of me as I sat naked in front of him. As I shifted my legs I could feel my own wetness ready to spill out. Cal was getting undressed quickly, thumping his head on the low ceiling every now and then. This had been the scene of many steamy sessions ending in fogged windows, but something about this time something was different. That mischievous smile hung on his face and I knew I wasn't in for just fucking in the backseat.

I watched as he undid his black belt and placed it beside him and not on the floor with the rest of his clothes. Then he emptied his pocket of a little party bag of cookies from the party. They were soft sugar cookies with a thick layer of green, red, and white icing almost as thick as the cookie itself.

"Are you planning on torturing me later with those cookies? You know I have sworn off cookies."

"But I haven't." He placed them by his belt and took a hard look at me. Before him I sat naked and cold with my large and dark nipples at full attention. "You look almost good enough to eat yourself."

"Well you could always taste me, but of course I'd like to taste you too," I sat up and placed my hand on his lap where his penis strained against his pants.

"There will definitely be time for that darlin', but right now I need to do some cookie decorating, so lay back," he commanded. I leaned against the car door and laid down as much as I could leaving Cal a bit of room at the other end. "Now I know you can't have any cookies, but I have been craving cookies for a while now, and these happen to be my favorite. Do you know what I like them? Because the icing is oh so delicious..." Cal opened the baggie in one ripping motion and pulled out the first cookie covered in green icing and white sprinkles. "Green was always your color."

Using the cookie's icing as his marker, he dragged the dyed icing down my stomach starting from between my breasts down to where the top of my panties should have been. The icing was neither cold nor warm, but very green against my golden brown skin. The white sprinkles rubbed off as well making my stomach a small constellation for Cal to discover. My stomach rose and fell subtly as he thought about where to put the icing next. After giving coating both of my nipples with the icing he took his finger and smeared a light layer on my parted lips. My tongue reached out for his finger playfully before he dived in to kiss the sweetness from my lips. He sucked the icing off tugging my lower lip with his teeth. Our tongues met and I got a taste of the sugary icing myself, but icing was the last thing I wanted to taste at that moment.

He kissed me until all of the green icing from my lips was gone. His kisses then trailed down my neck and onto the next point of interest. I thought he would start from the top, but instead he lowered himself down to the part of my body which was radiating enough heat to keep us both warm.

In long and painfully tantalizing stokes he dragged his tongue from the bottom of the icing streak all of the way to the top. Three times he did this, each time making my body arch to meet his tongue. His tongue was now green and hungry for more. I literally shoved my sensitive nipple into his face begging him to take it into his warm mouth and suck as hard as he desired to. But he was teasing like always, and delicately tasted the icing with the tip of his tongue tickling my nipples. Soon the small wet flicks became a full swirl of his tongue around the sensitive hardness. The icing disappeared as he lowered himself onto my full breasts. I lifted by body to meet him and offered my nipple to him. He took it into his mouth and held it there with the suction of his mouth, pulling it deeper and deeper. It was the very same thing I wanted to do with his cock...

He sucked both of my nipples until they were raw and my legs were wriggling. My own wetness was now all over my inner thighs, but Cal was careful not to touch me there yet. "I think I will have some icing now," I said pushing Cal away from my swollen nipples. "I think I've been a very good girl...so I deserve this."

I pushed his chest back until he sat up on the other end of the back seat. Before I took out the white cookie, I helped him undo his pants. His cock sprung out of his pants as if it needed to gasp for breath. With his pants and underwear rejoining the rest of our discarded clothes, we are now both naked. Every time Cal's dick appeared it was like my birthday and someone just presented me with a large lollipop to lick until I couldn't lick anymore.

During our time together I have gotten to know his cock just as much as I had gotten to know him. On lazy Sundays Cal would watch tv and let me play with his flaccid member. I'd run the tips of my fingers across the short powdery skin, over his veins and the ridge of the mushroom like head. I knew every inch of his cock--when it was hard and when it was soft. And I knew exactly how much of him fit in my wanting mouth. I didn't know another woman who loved giving head as much as I did. But to me there is nothing better than looking up at your lover while a part of him is inside of you and he has his head back with his eyes closed, gone to a place of pleasure—a place that only you can take him. Before I touched him, I bend down to kiss the head ever so softly.Already precum was beginning to seep from the top. I coated my lips with it just as he had done with the green icing. "I need a clean slate," I told him before cleaning the precum off of him with my tongue.

With the white icing from the cookie on my fingers I painted his cock with the sugary sweetness. His cock twitched at my touch. As much as I wanted to tease him more, I was almost slobbering at the thought of taking him as deep as I can in my mouth. This dick stood straight up, ready to be ridden, but first I wanted to get a taste of him. Just like he did to me-I started from the bottom with my tongue and worked my way up. He watched as I greedily tasted the icing off of him, before I could even get my 3rd long streak in, I went in for it. I braced myself on his things and made his cock disappear into my mouth. Inch by icing covered inch, I could feel him filling my mouth up with a hard warmness. I took my time working my way down his large shaft and only stopped once the head of his cock was at the back of my throat and I could feel his soft balls against my chin. That was all it took to get me into the "cock zone" a name I used to describe the state of mind I entered where the only thing that mattered was my mouth and Cal's cock. I wonder if Cal knew how much I loved pleasuring him in that way. Once I was in the cock zone it was hard to come out of it. My mouth began to relax and salivate and the motion of my neck started up again. My lips wrapped around his shaft and I began to slide my lips and tongue up and down on the soft skin of his hard rock. Soon his hands came down on my head, helping me with the bobbing motion.

My hand slid from his thigh to down between his legs to his balls. Cal had very sensitive balls, so I just massaged them gently in my hand as I began to work up a steady motion, this time using my other hand as the base of his cock. My hand and my mouth moved in sync up and down his slippery penis, increasing speed as my gag reflex relaxed. When it became too much he lifted my dreamy head and told me "not just yet darlin' ". I felt that I had been pulled out of the cock zone too early. My jaw was loosened, my lips swollen, and I would have loved to feel his warm cum down my throat, but he was right; a good fucking was still in order.

Our bodies were coated with a light layer of sweat and the backseat of the car seemed to be getting smaller and smaller. Cal opened up the door he was closest to and invited me out. His cock still glistened as we stood outside under the moon light with nothing on. The cold air was more than welcomed to my overheating body, but I had a feeling Cal didn't bring me out there to cool down. With him he bought his belt which he was now attaching to the top of the car. The belt dangled off the side of the car away from the street.

"Grab onto it," he told me. "And don't let go..." I had the tendency of pushing Cal away when his thrust got too intense, but he loved pinning me down and making me give into the pleasure. I grabbed onto the bottom of the belt with my body facing the car and my backside toward Cal. Like a good girl I bent over slightly and spread my legs as far as I could. I was so ready to be fucked I wanted to scream it. My pussy burned with desire for him and the burning needed to be soothed with his hardy thrusts. "Not just yet, there is still one more cookie..."

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