tagLoving WivesThe Christmas Party

The Christmas Party


Damn, Don't you look sexy as hell!" I exclaimed as my wife stepped out of our bedroom.

She had spent what seemed like two hours getting ready for her company Christmas party and was decked out in a little black dress that left very little to the imagination. The dress barely covered her sweet little ass and her boobs were pushed up on display. She carried a little black purse about the size of my wallet.

"What did you do to yourself?" I asked, not really caring what she had done, just extremely pleased with the results.

"All of the girls from the office are wearing 'little black dresses' and we all vowed to show up the other offices. I just hope I don't fall out of this dress," she said stressfully.

"Don't worry about that. I can guarantee you that later tonight that dress will be ripped off of you and a lot more is gonna happen," I promised. "Let's get going or we'll be late."

We live in a small town, a little over an hours drive from the big metropolitan area. There is a large tract of land that is private property adjoining a State protected area, with an old country road leading the way out of town. Woods and wetlands line the road for about twelve miles.

Tonight was her company's Christmas party for all of the various doctor's offices and medical support personnel with about six hundred employees and their significant others. This meant that there would be numerous young ladies dressing to catch the attention of one of the doctors and there would be plenty of eye candy. There were a couple of twenty something girls in Diane's office that I wouldn't mind getting close-up and personal with, so this was a prefect opportunity.

As we were driving to the party my wife commented, " Don't be surprised if I don't start shedding cloths on the way home. I am wearing a Victoria's Secret bra that is supposed to enhance and a pair of control top panty hose. And these damn heels are killing my feet already."

We arrived at the party at a fancy downtown hotel on the water just as the bar's were opening and several of the other girls from Diane's office began to arrive. Three of the girls are single and brought girlfriends rather than guys with them. And Diane was right, they all had 'little black dresses' on, or almost on. There were more legs and boobs visible than at the beach in July. And I wasn't complaining as they each came up and greeted Diane with a quick kiss and hug, then hugged me. Since I am over six feet tall I was looking down at heaven as they came up and then stood around talking.

One of the girls from Diane's office had already had breast enhancement surgery and was putting on a great display.

"Hey, Ginger, I love that dress on you. It really shows off the new boobs," Diane said before I had a chance. With that she leaned over and gave Ginger a peck on the cheek.

As I reached out to grab Ginger for a hug and a peck I commented, "Everyone here likes your new look. Especially all of the guys here tonight. Stay close to me and I will protect you from the perverts."

"Who will protect her from you?!", one of the others offered. Diane has worked in that office for a few years and she has entertained them with her stories of our sexual adventures. When we first got together Diane had been very shy about her body and very conservative in her appearance. But all that had changed gradually over the last few years after her first threesome and exhibitionist displays.

Ginger's strapless 'little black dress' appeared to be held in place just by her nipples which were hard and easily visible through the thin material. When she moved around looking at the most recent arrivals the boobs rocked back and forth along side me. I slowly moved around to be right up next to her and wrapped my arm around her.

Looking concerned I asked, " Are you cold?"

She snuggled in close and said yes. She asked if we could all go inside the dining area where it was warmer. We moved into the dining area and took a table close to the back corner of the room. Diane sat to my left and Ginger to my right. I knew that before the night was over my wife would be a little tipsy and would be easy to take advantage of later.

The hardest part about eating was trying to listen to the women talk about their latest encounters with men. Ginger had lamented earlier that she thought her latest boyfriend had broken up with her so that he didn't have to buy her a Christmas present.

She said she was horny without a guy around and I offered my services any time she felt the need.

"Diane does say that you're handy to have around the house, so I just might take you up on the offer. That is, if Diane doesn't mind."

"Call him any time you'd like. There is no satisfying him anyway," Diane grumbled.

After dinner deserts were served in the entry way where the bar's had been set up before the dinner started. A couple of the people from our table of twelve had made their was to the desert tables and returned with small little portions of cakes, pies and pastries. They looked like bite size samples, rather than typical deserts.

Ginger said she was going to get some deserts and Diane and I offered to go with her. On the way out to the deserts Diane said she had to run to the ladies room and asked if Ginger wanted to go along. She said no that she was going to see what was on the desert tables. There were several tables set up along the wall, from the center doors to the back corner.

As we walked along the tables the lighting got a little darker and made the deserts hard to see.

"I guess they did that so that you can't see what you're eating," Ginger stated. "Let's see what's in the corner."

We made our was to the last table to find small squares of key lime pie, cake like pastries with a dollop of frosting and other tiny delights. Ginger got a small plate and picked up a couple of different types of desert and a fork.

"There aren't a lot of people out here getting deserts, yet, Ginger said.

"Well, sweets and alcohol don't mix and I think a good number of the people have been drinking heavily since the liquor is free. Look at those two," I said, pointing to a couple in the other back corner locked in a deep embrace hands going all over each other. "They wouldn't be doing that with out a little help from booze."

Ginger was lifting a piece of the frosted pastry to her mouth and, when she turned to look, had dropped it into paradise. It was sitting at the top of her cleavage, slowing sliding down.

"Here, let me get that for you. You have your hands full and I would be happy to assist."

I raised my hand and carefully reached for her cleavage and the lost desert. I slid my fingers down the cleavage and pulled the pastry out. I dropped it onto the busboys tray and reached back for the remnants. The used my index finger to gather the crumbs and frosting.

"Can you think of a better way to get that off?" she asked mischievously, with a permissive look in her eyes.

"Sure I can!." I set my plate down and pulled Ginger up close to me. Looking around to make sure there was no one close by, buried my head between her luscious boobs and began to enjoy the opportunity. I grabbed her ass and pushed her crotch into mine and continued to bury my head deeper down her front. I looked up and kissed her, long and deep, my tongue playing gently with hers. I held her ass with one hand and used the other to grab her breasts.

"Not here," she said cautiously. "Lets go to the men's bathroom."

"But I might have to share you in there," I protested.


We made our way towards the bathroom just as Diane appeared.

"I should have gone with you,' she said to Diane. "Now I have to pee really badly."

"There's a line at the ladies room. You might want to get Jeff to check the men's room for you and wait while you use that one," Diane offered helpfully, "if you don't mind."

"No, I was going to go too, so I'll just have to wait for her to get a stall."

Diane headed off towards the deserts and I headed for a quickie with Ginger. We got to the men's room, and the attendant raised an eyebrow. A twenty brought a quick smile to his face and suggested the handicapped stall, since there were two of them.

There was room for at least four wheelchairs in the stall and we got in and I turned the lock. When I turned around Ginger had hiked her dress up over her ass and pulled the top part down to show her beautiful breasts. The dress looked more like a scarf than a dress and it revealed the fact that Ginger had come without panties or bra. She grabbed me and locked her lips on my while her hands fumbled to undo my belt buckle and unzip my pants.

"Hold on." I mumbled into her mouth as I grabbed my belt buckle and quickly had my pants down around my ankles. " Just slow down and enjoy."

I let my mouth find its way from her lips to her lightly scented neck. I nipped and nibbled her neck while one hand continued to massage her now naked ass and the other hand fondled her breasts. I heard her moan into my hair.

"Touch me down there," she whispered breathlessly. My hand worked its way free of her breasts to be replaced with my mouth and tongue, and I slid my hand slowly down her body under her arm, down her waist and gently found her mound. I caressed her clean shaven mound as she ground her hips into my hand. I was kissing the bottom of her tits as my finger found it's way inside her. I felt her body shudder as I worked another finger inside her and then began to getting withdraw them and slowly push them back inside. She continued to moan and tremble and my fingers did their magic. My tongue continued to draw little circle around her right nipple. Only then did I realize her nipple was pierced and I carefully took the piercing bar between my teeth and pulled my head away from her.

My finger had quickened their pace and Ginger shook in my grasp.

"Oh, God! I'm gonna come," she practically screamed. "Oh! Oh! Oh! Uhuhuh, here I come." With that she went limp in my arms as I pulled my hand from her and brought them to my mouth.

"Ummmm! You taste delicious! I should just eat you now."

"No, now it's my turn. I'm sure I can make you very happy."

She pulled herself up against me and kissed me deep and yet soft. Her lips played across my mouth feeling warm and tender, almost like a soft breath against my lips. She stroked my chest with her hands and her hair. She rested her head against my chest and let out a slow sigh while her right hand worked its way to my dick. Already hard from our encounter, she wrapped her hand around it while she softly purred with her head still against my chest. Now, her head followed her hand while she continued to pull down my underwear with her other hand. When my cock was free of confinement, she guided it towards her waiting mouth while she cupped my balls in her other hand.

With one smooth motion she took my entire cock into her mouth and moaned. I felt one hand leave my cock as she continued to do her magic. Her breath felt warm and wonderful on my cock as she kept most of it in her mouth as she guided it in and out. M hand found her hair and my fingers were soon woven into her curls.

I swear I felt her vocal cords vibrating as she slowly sucked and I realized she was moaning as she continued to suck. I looked down and saw that the hand that had left my balls had found its was down between her legs. She was enjoying a cock in her mouth and pleasuring herself again with her own fingers!

Soon I was on the brink of coming and quietly warned her I was about to explode. This just quickened her fury as she mover faster on my cock. I felt myself coming and grabbed the back of her head with both hands and pulled her into my crotch. I shuddered as I came down her throat. She slowly slid her mouth off of my cock, wiping it with her lips as she moved away. She gave the tip a bath with her tongue and got all of my juice.

"How was that?" she asked coyly. "Are we even?"

"No. It will take at least another encounter or two, or three to try and even things up."

"Well, I'm available and Diane has given her permission."

We gathered ourselves up as best we could and made our way out of the stall. There were five guys standing near the sinks with big smiles on their faces. Two of them gave Ginger their cards with cell phone numbers hand written on the back.

"Throw-away phones their wives don't know about," I told her, "That way the misses doesn't find out about their extracurricular activities."

We got back to our table and sat down as some people were starting to leave. I looked at my wife, Diane and saw that she had been taking advantage of the open bar still going on.

"Are you about ready to go home and get out of that dress?"

"Did Ginger have to get out of her dress?" she asked playfully accusing.

"Nope. We just rearranged it," as Ginger smiled a wide smile. "We made due with the situation."

As we were walking out of the party Diane came up on my left side and Ginger was on my right. I reached over and wrapped one arm around each of them saying, "It will be cold outside, but I'll keep you warm while we wait for the valets to get the cars.'

While we waited for the valets to get both cars I let me hand drop down the Ginger's back until I found the bottom hem. Knowing she wasn't wearing any panties I pulled the back of her dress up a little and slid my hand between the crack of her ass. She sighed as leaned into me as my fingers explored her womanhood. I could still feel how wet she was and dipped my fingers in side her. I worked them slowly to get them good and wet then moved my hand back to insert my index finger into her asshole. She jumped a little and took a quick breath, but then relaxed as she realized I would be gentle.

"Sweet," we heard from behind us and I turned to see one of the valets on break watching us. I moved my hand and dropped Ginger's dress back over her bottom, as I felt her move away from my grasp.

She turned and dropped the top of her dress to reveal her tits to the young man. "He got to play with these earlier,' she said quietly as she then reached down and lifted the bottom of her dress, "and he got some of this."

Giggling, she turned back around fixing her dress and wrapped my arm back around herself.

On the way home it became apparent that Diane was a little tipsy and having a great time.

She kicked her high heels off and began tugging at her bra and said," As soon as we get out of the city, I'm pulling this off as well as these damn panty hose."

As we left the city and entered the wooded area Diane kept her word by unsnapping her bra in front and pulling it free of her dress. This also freed her right breast from the dress.

She then hiked up her skirt around her waist and tugged the panty hose down past her feet. This little act left her clean shaven pussy fully exposed.

As I looked over to enjoy the sudden strip tease we were also rounding a ninety degree left hand turn in the roadway. The car drifted across the double yellow line and I jerked the wheel back to the right and pressed the gas pedal and started accelerating. I looked back over to grab an exposed body part when the red and blue lights began to flash in the rearview mirror.

"Shit'" I muttered and quickly hit the window button to drop both front windows to allow some of the smell of alcohol to dissipate. I pulled the car off to the shoulder and reached for my wallet.

"You might want to cover up a little," I said with a smirk.

When Diane realized her pussy was exposed she grabbed the sweater she had brought along and tried to cover up her crotch and legs. Her breast was still exposed, but I figured it just might help get me out of a ticket.

With all of this going on, neither of us had seen the officers approach, one of either side of the car.

"Excuse me, ma'am. What are you trying to hide?" a voice boomed from just outside her window. "Put your hands where I can see them," he ordered.

With that he shined his flashlight onto Diane's lap and reached in the window. He pulled the sweater off of her lap to reveal the dress pulled up around her waste and her naked pussy. Then he must have realized that her boob was hanging out.

'Keep you hands in front of you and step out of the vehicle, ma'am," he again ordered. His partner had left my side of the car, without my license or registration and was making his way around the car with his flashlight adding to the illumination of my half naked wife.

"But I need to cover,,," my wife quietly began to protest.

"Ma'am, out of the car, NOW. Step up here to the front and put your hands on the hood of the car. Feet back and spread 'em. Wider. Wider. Right there." He turned to his partner and told him to keep the light on her.

The first deputy reached around the front of my wife and began a 'pat down'. It was really more of a rub down. His hands lingered on Di's breasts and as his hand slid down the dress he managed to pull both of her breasts completely free from the top of her dress. His hands slid back over the now exposed breasts as I watched helplessly and rather fascinated from the drivers seat. His hands then slid down to her waste and he pushed the bottom of her dress up a little higher to completely reveal her pussy and ass. As I watched I could tell that Di was quietly moaning and writhing to the deputy's fondling. The deputy moved his hands down to the top o her legs and traced them all the way to her ankles, then reversed the motion and brought his hands back up her legs. As his hands found the spilt, I could see the fingers of one hand appear between her legs, and then disappear into her mound.

Diane was now laying on top of my hood, with her breasts padding her. I continued to watch as the office worked his fingers in and out of her hole and Diane twitched against my car. I saw the orgasm rack her body and then she went limp.

The deputy left my wife laying on the hood and walked over to my window.

"Do you know why I stopped you tonight?"

"To grope my wife?" I offered as a smartass as I handed the deputy the business card case holding my license, registration and insurance card.

"Have you been drinking this evening? You wife seems a little intoxicated."

"No, officer. I had one beer about three hours ago and a shot of Jack about two hours ago. I can pass the breath test or a field sobriety test, if you want," I said rather firmly.

"That won't be necessary. But your 'wife' looks just like a woman with a warrant out for her arrest for embezzlement and prostitution. Does she have any type of identification?"

"She might have her drivers license in her purse, but trust me, she's my wife."

"Let's see some identification."

I looked around for her purse and glanced up to see the second deputy patting down Di again. He was spending a lot of time on her tits, and while I watched she turned to face the deputy. Her hands went down to his waste and disappeared between the two bodies.

"Have you found her ID yet?" the deputy demanded impatiently.

I continued to look and finally found her purse. I brought it up to my lap and started to open the small purse.

"Slowly. Very, very slowly. No sudden moves or you could get tasered,' the deputy stated.

I opened the purse only to find her lipstick, a small hairbrush, an eye lash brush and four condoms. I looked up to see the smirk on the deputy's face.

"Are you sure she's your wife? Seems like an awful lot of condoms for just one couple. If you're concealing her identity, you could go to jail, too."

"Officer," I offered lamely, "I could try to explain but you probably wouldn't believe me. We really are married and have been for a few years. We just lead an interesting lifestyle."

"Well, we're going to have to do some checking." The deputy walked over to Di and the other deputy who seemed to be zipping up his pants as Di appeared to be wiping something off of her hands onto her dress.

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