The Christmas Present


It took me a moment to focus and then I grinned. "It's a butt plug similar to the one I put in Shellie's ass and your ass doesn't want to let go of it, would be my guess on the second part of your question."

I sat up in the chair as she asked sharply, "Why are my hands tied behind my back?"

She made a squawking sound as I grabbed her around the waist and pulled her down across my lap. My left arm held her upper body as my right hand landed solidly on her naked upturned ass. The spanking was short with moderate pressure and a cupped hand. It was more sound than fury but her ass was warm and very red by the time I stopped.

She was crying softly but her ass flexed and jerked as I rubbed the heat into her firmly. "I am the Master and you don't ever use that tone of voice with me. Is that understood?"

Casey nodded slowly, her crying down to a soft whimper as I rubbed her ass. When I tapped the base of the butt plug her ass jerked and she moaned. "The time out is over, so from now on it is Yes, Master or No, Master and all requests are to be made with a Please or Sir at the beginning or the end. Do you understand that?"

Casey nodded and my hand landed solidly on her ass. She gave a sharp yell and quickly said, "Yes, Master!"

"That is much better," I replied as I went back to rubbing her ass lightly.

She shivered and pushed her ass up to make firmer contact with my hand. "I've.... I've never been spanked before," she whispered.

"Can you feel the heat and how wet your pussy is?" I asked softly.

"Yes...." She said with a hissing sound in her voice and then she quickly added, "Yes, Master."

I turned my hand and pushed it between her upper thighs to cup her sex. She whimpered loudly as her legs opened wider. Her outer lips were slippery and my middle finger slipped between them easily. "You are very wet," I said as I ran my finger up and down her slit.

Casey's hips flexed as I moved my finger and then jerked as I touched her clit. She took in a sharp breath and then moaned as I continued to roll her clit around. A few moments later, her hips jerked again and I took my hand out from between her legs. She made a whimpering moaning sound of frustration, when I did.

I chuckled and patted her ass firmly. "You are a very greedy girl," I told her. "Two huge orgasms with no one touching your pussy and now you want one with me touching you." I paused to tap the butt plug again. "Your hands are behind your back to keep them out of your pussy."

She moaned loudly when I tapped the butt plug. "Hold onto your orgasm and keep it in," I told her as I tapped the butt plug again.

Her moan was softer but her ass flexed slightly. I tapped the plug again and remembered the laptop. Shellie would be mad if she missed too much. "Ok, off my lap while I go get the laptop. Shellie will want to see what is going on," I reminded her.

Casey shivered as she raised her upper body and sat back on her heels. I stood up and turned so the tent in my shorts was right in front of her. I rubbed the soft material with my hard dick under it against her face. She whimpered softly but held still as I did.

"What would happen if these were Shellie's panties, if she had any on, that is?" I asked her softly.

She moaned loudly and shivered hard, "I would probably come my brains out," she whispered and then glanced up at my face as she added, "Master."

"You're going to have to do better than that, unless you really want another spanking," I said as I stopped rubbing her face and stepped back.

Casey looked at the floor and whispered, "Yes, Master."

I grinned. She was a submissive all right. "Is that yes for doing better or for another spanking?"

"For doing better, Master." She replied quickly.

"So, you don't like my spankings. Is that what you are saying?" I asked sharply.

"I.... Uh.... I...." Casey stammered as she tried to figure out the best way to answer and not get another spanking. Finally, she said, "I'm not sure I'm ready for another spanking yet, Master."

I chuckled at her tact and honesty. "Stay where you are. I will be right back." I went to get the laptop.

Returning, I set it up on a small table and turned on the camera. Once it was recording, I walked over to Casey and said, "Shellie is going to be annoyed when she finds out she missed your first spanking."

Casey glanced at the laptop and then up at me for a second before she looked back down. Smiling I said, "Walk on your knees over to the coffee table and lay down across it."

Without a word, Casey did as she was told. Once she was draped across the table, I walked over and turned the laptop camera her way. "This should give Shellie an idea of how red your ass is and how wet your little pussy got. Not to mention how pretty your ass looks with a butt plug shoved up it."

Casey shivered and then whimpered softly.

"Spread your knees farther apart, let her get a good look at your sex," I said and grinned as she moved her knees a few inches out in either direction.

I stepped forward and slapped her ass hard. She jumped and then spread her knees even wider. "Much better," I told her as I rubbed the handprint on her right ass cheek.

When I bumped the butt plug, Casey flexed her hips. I put two fingers on the end of it and rocked it up and down. She whimpered and flexed her hips. She had a very sensitive asshole it seemed. "Does that feel good?" I asked as I continued to move the plug around.

"Yes, Master," she whispered.

"How do you think it would feel if I fucked your ass with it?"

"Master, I don't know. It would probably feel good if it didn't hurt."

I went to the bedroom and returned a minute later with a bottle of lube and a long tapered dildo that had balls along its length that got bigger from the tip up. "Did it hurt when I put it in?" I asked.

"I don't remember, Master," she said softly.

"Then I will have to take it out, apply some lube to it, and see if it hurts going back in," I said as I laid the long dildo down on the coffee table so she could see it.

Casey whimpered as she saw the long dildo and then she moaned loudly as I tapped on the butt plug sharply. She moaned even louder as I pulled it slowly out of her ass. I squirted lube on it and slowly pushed it back in. She groaned loudly and flexed her hips when it was fully seated.

"Did that hurt?"

"No, Master, it felt good."

I pulled it out again and then pushed it back in. Her hips flexed as it locked into place. I slowly fucked her ass with the butt plug until her hips quivered. Then I asked, "So you do like having your ass fucked with the butt plug?"

"Oh yes, Master. It feels even better than my finger ever felt."

"In that case, are you ready to try something else?"

Her eyes had been closed until I asked that question. They popped open and grew wide as she looked at the long dildo. She chewed her lip a second and then nodded her head and just as quickly shook it.

I chuckled and slowly pulled the butt plug from her asshole. I laid it next to the dildo and let her look at both. A minute later she groaned and whispered, "Yes, Master."

"Now that wasn't so hard, now was it?" I said as I picked up the dildo and applied the lube to it.

Her ass flexed in anticipation, as she said, "No, Sir."

I let her wait a moment or two and then pressed the first ball against her asshole. She jerked as it entered easily, as did the second. The third ball was slightly larger than the butt plug and slowly slipped inside as I held a light pressure on it. Casey groaned and wiggled her ass hard. The fourth ball disappeared before I could stop it.

Her ass was flexing up and down and she lifted her arms up and down several times, as her ass moved. "I take it you like this even better than the butt plug."

"I.... I feel.... Feel so full... and tingly," she whispered as her hips kept moving. She had forgotten all about Master with the dildo up her ass.

I pulled the dildo out of her ass slowly and laid it on the table. She whimpered and moaned as I did and then her ass moved up and down and around in a circle as if it was hunting for the dildo. "It's on the table," I said.

Her eyes jerked open and she said, "But... but," as she saw the dildo lying next to the butt plug again.

I slapped her hard on one ass cheek and then the other. "What did you forget?" I asked her and swatted her ass twice more.

She flexed her hips hard and almost yelled, "Master!"

"Thank you," I said and rubbed the handprints on her ass cheeks. Her hips moved slowly up and down as I did.

I reached over and picked up the dildo, swapped hands with it, rubbed her ass with my left hand, as I pressed the small ball against her asshole. It went in slowly to the third ball and I held it there letting the fourth ball ride against the tight ring of muscles as her ass flex up and down.

When she gave a little moan of frustration, I pushed the fourth ball home and started to fuck her ass with the third and fourth ball. She shivered and flexed her hips faster. I slapped one ass cheek and then the other. "Be still and let me do the work."

She moaned loudly and answered, "Yes, Master," as her hips stopped moving. "I'll try to be still but...." The rest of the sentence was lost to a long drawn out moaning groan as she started to come and come hard. Her ass was jumping and jerking.

I continued to fuck her ass and at one point pushed the fifth and last ball up her ass. She had almost stopped jerking but when that last ball entered her, she started all over again. I let go of the dildo, sat back on my heels, and watched her ass jerk and buck.

At one point, I turned to the camera and grinned. "She reminds me of someone else we both know," I said.

A few minutes later, Casey was down to an occasional twitch and whimper. When I reached over and patted the end of the dildo, she gave a jerk and groaned. "It's still in there," she whispered in disbelief a few seconds later and flexed her hips rapidly up and down.

"It's all in there," I said and then patted the handle of the dildo again.

She groaned again and wiggled her ass. A moment later, she giggled uncharacteristically and whispered, "I can't believe I ate the whole thing."

"Horns, hooves, tail and all," I said with a grin.

Casey giggled again and then sighed deeply. "Master, can I just sleep here? I don't think I have the energy to move anywhere else."

"How about supper?" I asked.

She giggled again and whispered, "I'm too full to even think about food, Master. My mind is too focused on my ass at the moment."

I went to the bedroom and found the keys to the handcuffs. When I took them off her wrists, the first thing she did was to reach down and feel the end of the dildo. She used a fingertip to trace the point here the handle stretched her anus.

Looking over her shoulder at me, she asked, "Master, what is keeping it in?"

"The muscles are in a ring at the opening. The largest ball is inside that ring and there is not enough force to snap it back past that point," I explained.

She felt of the taught skin again and slowly came up on her knees. She slowly worked her hips from side to side and then back and forth. She whimpered softly several times and then asked, "Will it fall out?"

"As tight as your ass is, I doubt it. Go ahead and stand up slowly but remember it is back there and don't sit down or it might get a little hard to retrieve," I told her with a grin.

She shivered. "It's a little hard to forget, believe me," she said and used the coffee table for support as she slowly stood up. Her ass was pointed directly at the camera, so I knew Shellie would get a great view of it, as she had all of the events earlier.

Standing, Casey wiggled her hips and then rotated them. She took a deep breath and turned around slowly. "Not too bad," she whispered and then she took a short step. The second step was longer and she shivered. She bent slightly forward and slowly walked around the room.

She was quivering by the time she stopped. "I.... I think.... I could come just walking around," she said breathily.

I took a few steps back and said, "Straighten up and walk to me as you normally would."

She straightened up and took a deep breath. She took the four steps with her normal stride and speed. Her eyes got wide and her mouth opened. I held onto her arms as she tottered back and forth. "Oh! Oh, my...." She whispered softly.

"Wait until you try it with high heels on. It changes the angle completely and from what Shellie says, it's mind blowing."

Casey groaned and whispered, "I can hardly wait."

I laughed and replied, "Ok. As for now, just relax and let your body get used to the idea of something up your ass and moving as you do. Remember to sit on the side of your ass and not flat down on it."

"Yes, Master," she whispered as she straightened up again.

"The scene is over," I told her and then added, "I will need to get you a collar if you come back for seconds. Putting it on starts the scene and taking it off ends things."

"A collar? You mean like the choker Shellie wears now but didn't a year ago?"

"Yes, something like that," I replied. "She wears hers all the time as an honor to me and to tell others in the lifestyle who and what she is."

Casey looked at me hard for a moment and then smiled as she came up on her toes and brushed her lips gently against mine. When she dropped down off her toes she gasped and flexed her hips. She chuckled and shook her head. "That was a jolt."

"Do you want me to remove it?"

She laughed and shook her head. "I feel like I'd fly around the room backwards, if you did, at the moment."

I walked over, turned the camera off, and then shut down the laptop. Looking over my shoulder at Casey, I asked, "Are you staying here or going home?"

"I hadn't thought about it, I've been a little tied up," she said with a grin.

"If you take off with Shellie's favorite toy still stuck up your ass, she is not going to be happy."

Casey looked at me and tilted her head to the side. "Mad enough to give me a licking, I mean, spanking?" she asked softly.

I laughed and nodded my head. "Something like that."

She walked around the coffee table and lay down on the couch on her stomach. She wiggled and then pulled a throw pillow down and stuffed it under her hips. Her ass was now angled up and elevated enough so the handle of the dildo showed barely above her ass cheeks.

She crossed her arms under her head and asked, "Are you going to turn the camera back on when you remove the toy?"

Her eyes jumped to the tent in the front of my shorts. "Are you going to fuck my ass when you do?"

"Do you think I should?"

She stifled a soft moan and nodded slowly. A moment later, she pushed her hands over toward the end of the couch and closed her legs tightly with her toes pointed at the opposite end of the couch.

I grinned and said, "You want to be tied down with your legs together when I do."

She nodded and then flexed her hips. "That's my biggest fantasy," she whispered as her hips moved harder and faster.

"Hold it in," I told her. "Let it build and build."

She groaned and froze, holding her hips still except for a quivering at the backs of her thighs. Slowly she relaxed and then sighed.

"Good girl," I said with a smile.

She opened her eyes and gave me a shy smile back.

I sat in the reclining chair and watched Casey on the couch as I finished my watered down drink from earlier. It was not long before she dozed off and I wasn't far behind her.


My phone buzzing woke me up. I picked it up off the table next to me and said, "Hello?"

"I've had two meals, three drinks, and a nap and I'm still four hours from China," Shellie said softly.

"And you are about to go crazy with curiosity."

"That also," Shellie whispered and then added, "I need to change my panties again worse than I did before I left."

"Go to the restroom, take off your panties, hang them on the hook on the door, wash yourself and then return to your seat and call me back," I said in a soft but commanding voice.

"But... but...." Shellie started to protest.

"Speaking of butts, you already have two spankings coming and now it could be three. Casey has already had one and a few disciplinary swats. Right now, she is asleep on the couch on her stomach, with a pillow under her hips and your favorite anal toy stuff up her beautiful ass," I said and then waited.

Shellie whimpered softly and then groaned as I spoke. When I finished there was silence, and then she whispered, "I'll call you back, my panties are now an even bigger mess and my neighbor is looking at me funny." The line went dead.

Casey stirred on the couch and opened one eye. Seeing me looking at her with my phone in my hand, she smiled and asked, "Is that Shellie?"

"It was but she had to hang up and go take her panties off."

Casey looked confused and shook her head. "Huh?"

"Time, anticipation, and a good imagination had her panties as wet as they were before she left here. A few details and I think she came sitting in her seat on the airplane," I explained.

Casey laughed and shook her head. "Miss Prim and Proper came in public. I would have loved to be a fly on that wall."

"It's not the first time, nor will it be the last," I said with a grin.

Casey looked thoughtful for a moment and then laughed again. "That explains a lot, believe me."

My phone buzzed and ended whatever else Case was going to say. "Hello?" I said into the phone.

"I'm back sans panties, a little cleaner, a lot cooler, and still horny as hell," Shellie whispered on the other end of the line.

"Shellie sends her regards," I said to Casey.

"Hey, Shellie," Casey called out.

Shellie groaned on the far end of the line and asked, "Is she still laying the same way on the couch?'

"Yes, she is, shall I turn on the camera for a few minutes?"

"She can't be in China yet," Casey said as I stood up.

Shellie said, "Please, Master."

And to Casey I said, "For later."

"Later than what?" Shellie asked in confusion.

"I told Casey my turning on the camera was for you later, when you land."

"Have you fucked her ass, yet?" Shellie asked in a whimpering whisper.

"Not yet, we fell asleep."

"Are you going too?" she asked in the same sort of voice.

"She asked me the same question not too long ago and I'll ask you what I asked her, "Do you think I should?"

Shellie moaned loudly and then whispered with a hiss in her voice, "Yes, and I want you to fuck my ass when I get home with us watching you fucking her ass."

"You are going to shock your neighbor again talking like that," I cautioned her.

"He went to the bar or at least I hope that's where he went and not the bathroom," she whispered and then laughed.

"Either way, he'll have a stiff one," I said with a laugh of my own. Shellie laughed along with me.

When she quieted down, I said, "Ok, hang up the phone and call me when you land."

"Yes, Master," she whispered and then made a kissing sound just before the line went dead.

I closed the phone and looked at Casey. "She will call again when she lands."

Casey pushed up onto her hands and knees and then stretched forward and back like a very large cat. Then she put one foot on the floor and stretched again with her ass angled more toward the camera.

"Play to the camera girl," I said and chuckled.

She arched her back and then dipped it low as she moved the other knee to the floor. Her ass was now pointed directly at the camera. She flexed her hips up and down as she watched herself on the laptop screen. She spread her knees wider, arched her back lower and did it again.

With a shiver she said, "I've never done anything even remotely like this and damn, I look sexy and wild."

"Shellie will go nuts watching you do that with her toy up your ass. She knows exactly what it feels like and there will be mental transference."

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