The Christmas Present


Casey looked at the front of my shorts. The tent was back from watching her. "Can I have my ass fucked now Master. Please," she whispered softly.

I stood up and took my shorts off. Casey moaned softly as my hard dick came into view, her ass bobbing up and down at the same time. "I've.... I've never wanted anything so bad in my life," she whispered.

"In that case, why don't you crawl into the bedroom like a big sensuous pussy cat while I follow you with the camera. Then I can tie you to the bed."

Casey shivered and turned to get down on her hands and knees. She crawled around the coffee table and made a snarling face at the camera as she passed it. With a smile, I picked up the laptop and followed her down the hall. Her ass swayed from side to side as she crawled. The handle on the dildo looked like a short stubby tail.

She crawled over by the bed and lay down on her side on the fuzzy rug next to it. I put the laptop on the Vanity and went across the room and got a hard wedge shaped pillow out of the corner. I placed it in the center of the bed and went back to the vanity for a pair of leather cuffs and a handful of straps.

"Up on the bed and on the pillow with your ass this way," I told Casey.

She snarled at me and climbed on the bed. She was playing the big cat to the hilt and having fun with it. I wondered if I had hit another one of her fantasies but that was for later. Right now, I had much more interesting things to do.

I put a cuff on each of her wrists and then ran a strap from each of those to the slats in the headboard. Three shorter straps, one around her upper thighs, one just above her knees, and one around her ankles, held her legs together. I clipped a strap to each side of the one around her ankles and ran those to the corners of the bed.

"So far so good?" I asked as I pulled the ones at her feet tighter. She nodded and wiggled her ass from side to side.

I added one more strap around her waist and ran a strap off it to each side of the bed. Tying those off to the bed rail, I pulled them tight. Casey wiggled again but could only move a little. When I pulled her arms tight above her head she moaned softly and tried to wiggle. She could but it took effort against the dense foam.

"One more thing and we are good to go," I told her.

I moved the laptop to the side of the bed so Casey could see it. Then I strapped a remote camera to a stand and positioned it near the left corner of the bed, high up, and pointed directly at her ass. I plugged the lead into the laptop and switched views.

Casey gasped as her ass came into view with the dildo handle sticking out of it. Then she moaned softly. "I can watch as you fuck my ass," she said in a trembling voice.

"You can watch, I can watch, and later, Shellie can watch."

Casey shivered hard and tried to flex her hips. I smiled as I reached over and patted her ass firmly. "Shellie likes her ass fucked after a hard spanking while it is still hot and red," I said softly. Casey groaned loudly.

"She has spankings coming when she gets home and wants me to fuck her ass while she watches me fuck yours. I wonder what she would do if she knew I was going to strap her down this same way and let you watch from the corner of the bed."

Casey groaned even louder as her ass twitched and barely moved. Her mind was working on her big time. I wondered if she would come when I removed the dildo from her tight ass. With a grin, I reached for it; there was no time like the present to find out.

I pushed in on the handle a quarter inch and then let go. Casey gasped and then whimpered as the last ball eased back to where it had started. I did this several times with the same results. The next time, I pulled the largest ball out of her ass after pushing it in. She gasped even louder and then moaned softly as I pressed it against the tight ring of muscles for a moment.

Easing the fourth ball out and then the third was easy. I held the toy still and watched her asshole contract around the shaft below the third ball. When it did, I slowly fucked her with the third and fourth ball.

Casey groaned loudly and tried to flex her hips. I slapped her ass cheek and said, "Lie still." She groaned even louder in frustration. She wanted to be fucked harder and faster.

A minute or so later, she whispered, "Please, please, please," rapidly.

I smiled as I rammed the dildo into her ass all the way to and including the fifth ball. She let out a soft yell of surprise and then groaned long and loud. I could see the opening to her vagina pulsing. "Are you coming?" I asked softly.

When she did not reply, I slapped her ass hard enough to leave a red handprint. She yelled again and shook her head. "No Master, but I am very close," she said in a very tense, quivering voice.

"Good," I said as I turned away and went to get the lube.

When I returned, I lowered the camera and centered it on Casey's sex and asshole. I also moved a light over closer to the end of the bed. Casey shivered at the new view and then moaned softly. "I have a handprint on my ass."

"It is only temporary I assure you. If you like it, it will have to be reapplied regularly." She shivered and moaned again.

I removed the dildo as I had earlier and ended up fucking her asshole with the number three and four balls as she watched. She whimpered and moaned the whole time but remained as relaxed as she could the whole time. When she started to tense up, I removed the dildo and went to the bathroom to wash it off and left it there.

When I returned, Casey was staring at the screen intently. "What is so interesting?" I asked her.

"My.... My asshole was, uh, open and then it slowly closed. I... uh...." She whispered and then she saw me lubing up my dick out of the corner of her eye and moaned long and loud.

With a grin, I climbed up on the foot of the bed and straddled her hips. I pushed my dick down and bent my knees until the spongy head touched her anus. Casey gasped; her eyes were wide as she watched the laptop screen. I rubbed the head firmly over her neither opening but did not push it in.

"It's.... It's so warm," she whispered in a trembling voice.

Then she groaned long and loud as I pushed down and slowly sank my dick in her tight hot asshole. When my hips touched her ass cheeks, her asshole grabbed me tightly as she gave a loud yell. She was coming as I started to slowly fuck her ass. My dick was a little longer than the toy and close to as big around as the fourth ball, so it moved easily in her ass.

Her ass grew hotter and tighter as her orgasm peaked. A few moments later, it began a pulsing, grab and release along my shaft. I continued to slowly fuck her with full deep strokes. Ever so many strokes I would pause with my dick fully planted, and whisper, "You have a dick completely in your asshole."

Each time I did, Casey would yell softly and her inner muscles would grab me tightly. I wasn't sure if those were small orgasms or just realizations in her mind causing the reaction. Over the next few minutes, I sped up the strokes and drove in harder to spank her ass with my hips.

Casey was now moaning almost continuously. At one point, her eyes snapped open, she stared at the screen for a moment and the she yelled, "Harder," and closed her eyes again. She gasped loudly and went back to moaning even louder as I slammed into her ass even harder on the next stroke.

My orgasm was building fast now but I tried to hold it off to see if she would come again. I need not have worried, as a few minutes later she gave out with the longest and loudest yell yet. Her asshole was now trying to crush me. That put me over the edge and I came as I planted my dick as deep as it would go and held onto her hips.


Casey seemed to be out of it again as I slowly climbed down off the bed. I stood by the end of the bed and watched as her asshole slowly closed. There was a wet streak from her vagina leading all the way down to her clit. For Shellie's benefit, I said, "She has an asshole full of cum and her pussy is wet enough to rival yours."

From the bed, Casey mumbled, "Yes daddy, I'll be a good girl."

I gave her a hard look and went to switch the camera and laptop off. I had an idea that I had stumbled onto something that Casey did not even remember herself, or maybe she was just having a dream. Only time would tell.

With a shake of my head, I headed for the bathroom for a shower.


I checked on Casey after my shower. She was snoring softly. I decided to let her sleep until Shellie called from the airport. I went to make some breakfast, as I was suddenly ravenous.


I had finished breakfast and was doing some editing on the video file, cutting out some time lapses, as I sipped on my third cup of coffee. My phone buzzed and I picked it up and said, "Hello?"

"I've just cleared customs and I'll be at the hotel in an hour," Shellie said in a rush.

"When is your first meeting?"

Shellie sighed and said, "It was supposed to be this afternoon but has been postponed until in the morning. If I had know that before I left, I could have taken a later flight."

I grinned and said, "Meaning, you could have played with Casey longer and been here when I got here."

Shellie chuckled and whispered, "Yes, Master."

"I'll send the file in a few minutes, so go get settled in your room and call me when you receive it. Don't open it until I tell you to."

"Yes, Master," Shellie said and then added, "I'm about to explode. I think I had a couple of small orgasms during my last nap. The dreams were so good."

"The actuality will be even better," I said and then closed the phone.

Grinning, I went to wake Casey and to untie her. She was still a little groggy as I helped her off the bed. "Time for a shower, some breakfast, and some coffee." I told her as I guided her to the shower.

"I... uh, I have to pee first," she whispered.

"Are you going to be okay by yourself? I need to finish editing the video and get it sent to Shellie. She's in Peking and headed for the hotel."

Casey waved her hand at me as she raised the lid on the commode and sat down. "I'll be fine when I wake up," she said with a grin. "Someone and something knocked me out again."

I smiled and gave her a wink. "I have no idea what you are talking about. You must have been having as good a dream as Shellie had."

Casey chuckled as I left the room.


It took another fifteen minutes to finish the editing and to start the file on it's way to Shellie. I was making a fresh pot of coffee when Casey came padding into the living room with a towel wrapped around her head. She sniffed the air filled with the aroma of brewing coffee.

"I'm so hungry I could eat a cow whole," she said and then laughed as she added, "Horns, hooves, tail and all."

"There's bacon and scrambled eggs, and toast on the stove. Help yourself," I said as I walked over to the kitchen counter and sat down on the stool next to the laptop.

She came over and gave me a kiss on the cheek. With a light blush she whispered, "That was awesome to say the least."

"A kiss on the cheek, awesome? You're sure easy to please," I said teasingly.

She grinned as she walked over to the stove and looked the contents of the pans over. Getting a plate out of the cabinet, she dished up the food. She found a mug and poured her coffee. With a plate in one hand and the mug in the other, she joined me at the counter.

She looked at me over the rim of her mug after she took a sip. "My asshole still tingles." When I just smiled, she glanced at the laptop. "Is the file on the way to Shellie?"

"Yes, it is," I said and then sipped my coffee.

"Are you going to watch her as she watches me and us?"

"No, we are going to watch her masturbate as she watches the file," I replied.

Casey shivered as she sat her mug down and picked up her fork. "Will I be allowed to play with myself while she does?"

"Lets just say, I'll be recording us, watching her, watching the recording of us. That should either make a full circle or a time warp, I'm not sure which."

Casey grinned and took a bite of her eggs. A moment later, she whispered, "I'm betting on a nuclear meltdown on two continents."

Changing the subject, I said, "Tell me about your father."

Casey shrugged and replied. "There is not much to tell. He died before I was three."

"Did you have a stepfather?"

With a shake of her head, Casey said, "Mom never remarried, she always said she wouldn't make that mistake again." She paused and asked, "Why all the questions? Are you still trying to get into my head?"

"Just something you said while you were out of it earlier. Who is Daddy?"

Casey paused with the fork halfway to her mouth and giggled. Setting the fork down, she whispered, "Daddy is my fantasy guy since I don't have a real guy to use that I like enough." She paused a second as she looked me in the eye. "Maybe that has changed now."

I nodded. "You had me worried there. I thought maybe your dad or stepfather had molested you at some point."

She laughed and said, "The only person who has ever molested me was me." she paused again and smiled. "And now you and hopefully Shellie at some point in the near future."

"You can just about bank on that," I said mostly to myself as I took a DVD disk out of a case and a felt tipped marker. I wrote "Virgin Casey's beautiful and luscious ass" on it and then under that I put (First Time). Casey giggled as she saw what I wrote.

"Too bad we don't have a recording of you getting in that corset and being tied to the chair."

"Uh," Casey said and then thought a moment. "Maybe we do. Shellie's laptop was open on the vanity but I don't know if she was recording or not."

I chuckled. "She was recording, believe me. She learned from me the importance of first times and good times," I said as I put the disk back in the case. "I'll wait until I have her laptop so I can put that at the front of this file so we will have a full record."

Grinning, I said a few seconds later, "I'll put the file of her in Peking and us here on a second disk. It will make one hell of a home movie."

Casey laughed and shook her head. "No one will ever be able to watch the whole thing in one sitting. Not with dry panties anyway."

"I don't think anyone watching it will start out with panties on in the first place."

Casey laughed again and nodded. "Ain't that the truth."

"Now we wait for Shellie."


I had the laptop set up on the coffee table with my coffee on one side and my cell phone on the other. As time dragged by, Casey came over and lay down on the couch with her head on my thigh. Her eyes were on the laptop screen. Her hand came across my lap and she touched my dick for the first time. It was semi hard and laying on my opposite thigh.

Casey grinned as she ran her fingertips up and down its length and then slipped her fingers around it. She squeezed it gently and then ran her closed hand up and down as it slowly hardened to full length.

I reached for my coffee and as I sat back, I asked, "Are you having fun?"

She nodded and then whispered, "I've always been too shy to openly play with one like this."

There was a piece of Christmas ribbon lying on the floor next to the foot of the coffee table. I had noticed it earlier but now I had a thought. "Hand me the ribbon off the floor," I told Casey.

She rolled forward, looked down and then reached over and got the ribbon. The ribbon was wide with red and green stripes. It was curled up tightly, probably the end of a roll. Casey rolled back and unrolled the ribbon. With a grin, she wrapped it around my dick several times.

"Pretty but I have a better idea," I told her as I unwrapped it from around my dick. "Come straddle my lap and let me show you something."

Casey giggled and eyed my dick, which was much firmer and starting to stand up against my belly. "I think I've seen this trick before but in a different position."

I shook my head as I looked down at her. "You might see that trick again once we get Shellie on the video camera but right now, I have something different in mind."

Casey shivered hard and rolled over to come up on her knees. "I don't know if I could with Shellie watching," she whispered as she started to straddle my lap facing me.

"Turn around with your back to me."

She tilted her head and turned around. She lifted her left leg and moved it across my lap. Her feet ended up next to my hips and her knees were next to the edge of the couch. As she sat back, my dick was pressed to her tailbone and lower back. She whimpered and then settled her weight onto my upper thighs. The laptop was directly in front of her.

She shivered as my hands came around her sides and stretched the ribbon in front of her chest. With a grin, I rubbed the ribbon across her breasts and against her nipples. She leaned back against me and rested her head against my right shoulder.

"Tying the ribbon around your breasts might be festive," I whispered as I twisted the ribbon around her right breast and pulled it tight. She moaned softly and lifted her breasts by arching her back.

I laughed. "I don't have enough ribbon to do the job right, so lean forward." She leaned forward and I wrapped the ribbon around her neck once and then twice. I still had enough to tie a bow in the back.

Checking the tightness around her neck twice, I got the bow tied. "Now you have a Christmas collar," I said. "If you stick around, we will have to find something better for later."

Casey shivered and explored the ribbon with her fingertips. "Go check it out in the mirror," I suggested.

She wiggled forward off my lap, turned and whispered, "Yes, Master," and then trotted into the bedroom.

She returned with a big grin on her face. "I love it and I love the way it makes me feel. I feel like I'm part of something much bigger than just me."

Suddenly there was a chat request on a messenger service on my laptop. "Come sit on my lap, Shellie is requesting a video chat."

Casey moaned loudly and climbed up to sit on my lap, as she had been earlier. My thighs spread her legs wide and her sex looked very wet as I activated the web cam on our end. I split the screen and brought up Shellie's web cam. She was laying on her side on a bed, her head, shoulders, and the upper part of her breasts filled the small screen.

Shellie's eyes were not looking at the camera but at the screen of her laptop. She licked her lips and groaned softly. "You two sure look comfortable."

"So do you but we can't see all of you. Do you have your remote camera with you?" I asked. Shellie nodded. "Then get it and attach it to the post on the footboard to the left of your laptop. That way we can look up along your whole body."

"Uh, how did you know this bed was a four poster?'

"I can see one post behind you so...." I let the sentence trail off.

Shellie grinned and shook her head. "You are sometimes much smarter than you look," she whispered.

I frowned and said, "Be careful or Daddy will spank." Then I noticed she was not wearing her collar. "Where is your collar?"

Shellie squirmed on the bed and said, "Uh... I... uh.... Casey is.... Uh... I thought...."

"If you were home and topping Casey then you would still wear your collar if I was here."

Uh, yes, Master. I'm sorry, Master. I didn't understand," Shellie said quickly and then she rolled away from the camera.

Casey squirmed on my lap. "Can I ask what a top is, Master?" As she spoke, her hands moved from my thighs to her own and then folder across her belly. It was as if she didn't know what to do with them.

I took a wrist in each hand and pulled her arms behind her back. I placed her arms so they were parallel and had her grab the opposite elbow with each hand. "This should keep your hands out of trouble," I said teasingly.

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