tagCelebrities & Fan FictionThe Chronicles of Eve Ch. 6

The Chronicles of Eve Ch. 6



The armies had moved to Ireland for the battle. Bellow the highest hills of Ireland they waited. Ready for the battle of centuries... the battle that would take every hero the world had left, fighting side by side and ready to die.

There were spies and look outs posted on every corner of the emerald island. Their passion for this battle burning deep in their souls.

The armies of Ireland had joined these men with the approval of their leader and general, Angus. The big bearded man who had been made famous for his killings in the battle field. Though not a hard man to spot in a crowd for his size, he was crafty and cunning, as well as fierce and smart. The wolves would be put to shame by his power in the world of battle and raging war. He was indeed a man not to be trifled with.

Gabrielle had been sitting next to the large open fire, waiting for word from the Heavenly Twins, Castor and Pollux. She looked towards the dimly lit tent where Eve and her 'girlfriend' were sharing together. The inside candle was sparkling and one could faintly see one woman gliding slowly, up and down some strange object that was tied around another woman's waist.

She was curious as to how those two would live with one another, seeing as the world was against that type of union between two. They were however just fine with the fact that two people of the same gender could share a bed occasionally, but it was not right for them to share it as life partners at all.

Earlier, a few nights before, when the armies had been waiting for a morning attack had received word that the Irish army was to join them in their own land, Eve had in a sense perfect enough, asked Alissa to be her life partner.

When Gabrielle had heard of this, she felt a pang of jealousy. For it was she who wanted to share the same thing with Xena, but the two were not open to the idea. Only open to being friends who shared a love affair many did not know about.

She now had her new lover, Iolus to keep her warm. They had developed a love for each other once without admitting it. A hard attraction it was... for Gabrielle loved Xena more at the time. Now with Xena gone, Gabrielle was ready to move on. Iolus was much older now, but still has ruggedly handsome as always. Still as wild and viral. He had a son though... a young man of twenty years who would probably not like another woman trying to take place of his mother whom had died many years ago.

His name was Joshua. She had met him when coming to Ireland... his mother was once a lover and friend to Hercules named Morgan. She like Hercules was a half God. Which was what Joshua had become.

His eyes had a hint of evil in the way his eye brows arched over like devils wings above his eyes. He was tall with dark hair and a thin boyish goatee on face. A thin mustache above it... his hair was shaved down to thin, as if just growing back from not being there at all. He was very strong and good with his legs. His arms however, seemed to be his weakest link. For they were without balance. He had taken a liking to Gabrielle at first, but then became a solid bit cold to her when hearing of the engagement between her and his father.

Gabrielle had watched him wonder off with the Princess Xena... daughter of Diana and Philemon. They hadn't returned in quite some time, so Gabrielle assumed they were off 'consummating'.

Her brother the crown Prince, Lias, was speaking with the old and powerful Angus on methods of attack.

As Gabrielle looked around the entire land filled with soldiers that would face Dahak unto the end... she finally let it all sink into her mind. That today would be a good day of fighting... no... today would be the bloodiest day of fighting. There was no way both armies would come out of this war without the heaviest losses ever suffered.

Peace was dead in this land. Dead in her soul for this time... now it was the coming of a battle that would rid the world of good or evil... but which one?

"Mmmmmm, Eve." Alissa breathed lightly as she slowly glided her sex up and down, ridding the fake plastic penis that Eve had saved all these years.

"Ohhhh my Gods." She was moaning seductively. Slowly ridding her lover. "I love you Eve... oh I love to love my beautiful Eve."

Eve rose up to a sitting motion, with Alissa ridding up and down in her lap as she wrapped her arms around the beautiful girl. Her head buried in the girls breasts, kissing and biting them as she helped Alissa glide over and on her body.

"Mmmmmm, easy Alissa." Eve groaned as she felt Alissa's movements pulling and rubbing the strap into Eve's pussy.

"Hmm what?" Alissa came out of her cross eyed moaning trance.

"I want this to last as long as possible." Eve moaned as she suckled on one of Alissa's nipples while holding the young girls ass tightly.

"It will last forever..." Alissa sighed as she felt her wetness increase more and more as she let herself grind into Eve's fake penis.

"Will it?" Eve asked, worried.

"Eve, what's wrong." Alissa sighed as she looked down into Eve's beautiful blue eyes, losing herself in them as she always had with a deep smile.

"Today... it all happens." Eve said. "We fight a war we might not win... a war that might separate us forever. I don't wanna lose you, but I'm afraid of it happening. I'm afraid one of us will die and never see the other again."

Alissa's hand reached up to caress her lovers face. Her lips moving gently down to press against Eve's own in a loving intake.

"Eve." She said. "If one of us were to die today. We'd be reunited in the life after and then the next... whatever it may be. We'll be together always... we belong to one another in ways we've never belonged before. Don't let this fear into your mind when the battle starts, for it will most certainly bring us to an almost certain death. Think about the glory and let the fear go... we will make it through this war with our lives and we will live together in splendor and happiness for the rest of our natural lives and beyond."

Eve laughed softly. "I thought I was suppose to be full of wisdom and words of love." She kissed Alissa. "I love you so much. I wanna love you every day and night for eternity."

"Then do it." Alissa said. "Love me now, love me tonight, love me tomorrow, and make love to me always... right now."

Eve slowly lifted Alissa, again surprising the young girl with how strong she was, and gently let the beautiful Amazon lay on her back as Eve knelt between her legs. Firmly but gently pushing the strong phallus deeper into Alissa's pussy, bringing a gasp and groan from the girl lips as they embraced arms in arms, kissing, holding one another as Eve's hips began to grind firmly into Alissa's.

"Mmmmm Oh Eve!" Alissa gasped. "Yee Gods!" She was laughing softly. "You're about to make me cum... please don't stop... don't stop, don't stop."

Eve watched as Alissa's eyes closed tightly as her womb closed tighter around the fake cock that was pumping into her. Bringing the young girl into the throws of passion. The blonde girls face moving side to side as her moans grew shorter in gasps, but louder none the less.

"oh Eve... Eve... Eve... oh GODS!" She was rhythmically throwing her hips up against Eve's... taking as much of the phallus as she possibly could into her tight young body. Her body glistening all over with the sweat of their love making overtaking her.

"EVE!!" She cried out... her body frantically rushing up to meet Eve's thrusts, the little firm thrusts that were sending Alissa far over the edge of her orgasm.

"Eve, I'm cumming! Oh Gods, Eve, you're making me cum!" She was babbling and throwing her head side to side as her face grimaced and her body trembled and pushed up into Eve's. Her eyes locking tightly as she let her moans turn to cries of ecstasy.

"Cum for me, Alissa." Eve was panting. "cum for me... cum for me... now... cum for me lover." Her lips pressed firmly against Alissa's as the blonde's moans and cries went into Eve's mouth.


The morning was finally here and the armies of Dahak were ready for battle. They stood on foot and some sat on horses. Hundreds, maybe thousands of soldiers ready to shed the blood of the innocent who dared to cross their dark God.

Solan ridding before them on his pure white steed. Beside him on his right, sat on a dark horse with light spots, Velasca. Beside her was Loki on his sandy colored mare. On Solan's left, was Seth with his own white horse.

The soldiers of this army stood waiting in pure blood lust for the order to slay all the followers of the path of good and righteousness.

"My people!" Solan's voice rang through out the sight. "Our day alas has drawn upon!" They all cheered as Solan's fist reached into the air. "We march now to bring a new order to the known world. An order of pure and menacing chaos!" The loud roar of cheering rouse the entire area with their leaders hard voice rising in victory.

"Suns and moons before, our loyalty was put to a great test. A test that many a time we failed... but now we come together, to strike out stake towards paradise!" The people hooting and hollering their agreements and pleasures. "Many times doth the saying be said over and over, that evil never shall prevail, but that in its end, shall fall! This time, I say no more to those who would stand in our way. Now we stand against those who call our earthly pleasures evil and make good all that they see fit. Now paradise is in our hands and we will march and take it to our hearts. We will be champions!!"

The cheering grew louder than before. Loki smirked at the words as he took in the very phrases that spoke what he wanted to hear many times before.

"Ride on, my people! My children!" Solan cried out. "They have called me child. They have called me Khaymen... my name will be and forever stands to be. Follow me... fight and bleed beside me in this battle, for I am SHANGRALA!!"

The cheering shook ground again. This time with many feet hitting the grounds as the army moved on with their soldiers on foot. Generals on horse back... weapons and catapults on wagons. The song of their mighty leader ringing in the air as they sang on in his name.

March with us, my Dahak. Bring us to a war. Victory and power, Through the blood of broken souls. Oh hail to our Dahak... hail to his name. Bring us to a victory... Our God, Shangrala!!

Gabrielle stood beside Iolus to his right. On her own right, Prince Lias mounted his steed and rode before the great armies. Ares riding behind him with Odin following... the three Gods with Prince, looking over their massive armies, ready for war.

Eve and Alissa knew it better to stake out at separate ends of the armies. For they would fear too much for one another in vision, and that would certainly seal their doom. Eve stood next to her former lover Discord, with Jet and Hades behind them. Alissa on her side, stood between Hephestus and Autolycus. Magnus, Philemon, Balder, Thor, Athena, and Artemis stood behind.

Among the great mass of warriors, Apollo stood side by side with Pollux. Castor hadn't come yet... for he was still gone, making ready for war with his idea that he said would save the day.

Princess Diana was upon her mare before her beautiful Greek daughter Xena and the Greek Latin warrior son of Iolus, Joshua.

Angus had come ridding up before Prince Lias and the three Gods, speaking to them before ridding closer to the masses, before Gabrielle.

"They think you should speak." He told her.

Gabrielle rode a ways out between the prince and three gods, and the armies. She looked over the great masses before she let her voice ring out to the open ears.

"This may be your last day on this world, or even in this life." She started. "You may or may not have a big influence on the world's future. You may even come to wonder why you even came here today... so always remember, you came for honor. You came here to battle the dark forces that would put their boots upon the backs of your necks. You came here to fight for the right to live your lives as they should be lived without any dark God telling you how its done. When you are out there, with your weapons raised... raise them in victory, and honor. Raise them to secure your names as those name that will be spoken by bards and other story tellers through out the times... You will be here for eternity in spirit and name. If you live or die, you will know you stood on the ground of a thousand dead warriors."

The audience was captive in her words as she let tears rise in her eyes. She took another breath and stood taller.

"With myself today... fight... fight for the glory of all man and woman kind alike. Fight for the chance to be hero's... true hero's. Fight for your lives and those of your children. Today, we battle darkness and we battle like the legends of a thousand years. Gain the one true freedom you have and keep it... and that is the freedom to live!"

The masses let out a loud roar of a cheer at her words. They felt the blood rush through their bodies as they let their own voices cry out in a louder shudder over the world.

Almost all at once, that cry was broken when Shangrala's army came ridding up beyond the hills of the north. The many faces of the men and women that would die this day for the evil they served, came into view.

The dark army let out a cry of menace as they spotted the armies of the light while marching down the hill. Solan let his face cover with a sadistic smile when he spotted Gabrielle from afar.

"Ready the archers!" Loki commanded.

A large number of soldiers with bows and arrows came marching in front. Dropping to their knees and pulling the arrows out and putting them into place.

"Ready!" They all cried out at once.

"Light em up!" Velasca yelled.

A number of young men came out with torches and began to light the tips of the arrows to a bright flame.

"Lit!" They all cried in unison.

"FIRE!" Seth cried out...

In a massive wave of fire, the flaming arrows went flying through the air towards the great armies in the distant.

In a horrid cry into the dark sky, men and women from the armies of the light began to fall to world's floor as the flaming arrows sank deep into their flesh, ravaging their lives into nothing.

"ARCHERS!" Angus cried out.

A mass of archers standing circling outside of the dark army came into view. An ambush of arrows came raining down upon Dahak's army bringing a load of shouts and cries from the opposing force.

"Attack!!" Ares yelled out to the ground, and from below, many men and woman rushed out from hiding and ran towards the dark army.

"Rebound!" Loki called out.

A surge went through the army of lights forces as many traitors came into the open from inside. Their weapons cutting down enemy at will...

Angus rushed into the middle, his mighty ax ripping away at the heads of traitors left and right. His victorious cry searing through the air as he killed dark soldier after dark soldier. Their treacherous blood staining his face.

"For you Ingrid!" He called out to the heavens as his ax took down man after man. The name being that of his wife long ago dead.

Philemon had followed behind Angus, tearing down soldier after soldier, oblivious to the massively giant dark army running at the light armies.

"FATHER!" Prince Lias called out as a Philemon felt a dagger find its way into his back. Turning his head to find his daughter had rushed up behind him for a kill.

"Xena?" He choked.

"Go with your Gods, daddy." She pulled her dagger out and let her tongue sample the blood of her father.

"XENA!!" Lias cried out as he rushed at his sister. His sword drawn upon her, but his attempt made futile as Pollux jumped ahead and hurled his own dagger into the heart of the crowned prince.

"Pollux!" a voice rang out loud.

As the God turned, he found his twin brother running at him with his sword drawn. Castor had returned...

A loud sharp clang soared through the sky as Castor's blade came in contact with Pollux's own.

"where's your surprise?" Pollux teased.

"Don't worry..." Castor strained as he pushed his weight against his brothers own. "That will be revealed in time."

Gabrielle and Iolus had stood with the other Gods and a mass of soldiers as Solan's army came rushing at them with a great force.

Their blades drawn upon the men and women, clad in black leather with the seal of their dark God upon their shoulders.

Jet in his cocky intake tried to reverse rush at the dark soldiers, but found himself with three blades penetrating his flesh before his own sword finished a second soldier. His life passing from his body as the men holding the blades came to meet their maker by the blades of surrounding soldiers.

Ares had been taking soldier after soldier down with his own sword, laughing at his victory. The pure feeling of invincibility surging through his veins until a small daggers blade had sliced passed his forearm.

He looked at the man who drew his blood and saw that it was not a man, but a woman. Velasca... she had drawn his blood with an already bloody dagger. The blood already staining the dagger however, was the blood that glowed in a raw power. The only power that went through the blood of the God killer Shangrala.

"Time to die, Ares." Velasca just turned and walked away as the God of War fell to the ground. His life force running from his body slowly as he quickly came to embrace death.

His eyes rested upon the many dying soldiers of his own armies. Even the lifeless body of his fellow God and uncle Hades caught his attention. Discord's horrid cry catching in the sky as she fell to the green floor, her life no longer there.

We will surely lose. Ares thought. We can't win...

His mind closed to darkness as he life left him completely while watching another fellow god lose to the blood of the dark one Shangrala. Hephestus's head was cut clean from his shoulders and rolled upon the ground as his body dropped like a stone.

Princess Xena had been fighting Angus when Magnus ran up with his long staff to join the elder warrior. Except his advance was broken when Joshua came with a staff of his own and all but challenged the prince of thieves himself.

"Wrong side to betray, lassie!" Angus sneered at the princess.

"To hell with you, you grubby old bag of bones!" She cried out as her sword desperately sought out to strike the aging Irishmen.

The old man was simply blocking her every thrust as she let her temper over come her senses... her pitiful attempt to destroy the old warrior became a comic.

"Damn you!" she yelled into his face.

"I'm done playing with you, potato pie!" Angus growled as his arm came to block Xena's to let him gain chance to run his sword into her gut. Spilling her blood to the floor in vengeance for the betrayal she committed not only on her family, but Angus's armies.

She cried out into the dark blood filled sky as she felt the deep pain of the blade shudder through her entire body before rendering her lifeless to the ground. Gaining Angus yet another victory.

Joshua had watched as Angus murdered the princess he had become lovers with just a few nights before... Taking his staff and thrusting it upside Magnus's head, he reached for his dagger, pulling it from his waist band, he immediately thrusted it into Angus's neck from the back. The blade finding way out of the front of Angus's throat, killing the elder man in the last battle for this Irishman.

"Damn you!" Magnus cried out as he leaped through the air, swinging his staff across Joshua's face, throwing him unconscious over a ditch into a deep hole.

Autolycus came running up beside his son. Swinging and thrusting his sword into dark soldiers left and right. Dropping them to the ground by the tens.

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