tagLesbian SexThe Claiming

The Claiming


Even as Paige slips her keys into the front door to her house she couldn't shake the feeling of being watched. It left the hairs on the back of her neck standing on end for most of the night. It was times like this that she hated living alone. Though as the door gave a soft click a light sigh passes her lips, once inside she would feel a lot better.

As she opened the door and started to step inside the relief soon turned to fear. Being pulled quickly into the house and spun around to be slammed onto the door as it shut. A gloved hand reaching from behind her turning the knob to the bolt lock. The click sung within her head as a black silk material was then moved up over her eyes. Panic set in, though before she could let out a yell for help another piece of silk material was placed between rose colored lips. Acting as a gag her yells where muffled.

Her mind racing Paige tried to think of how she could get away, even as she was jerked from the door and pushed around her house. The thought passes her mind again, it was her house and this person was making her feel lost within her own house. Struggling she manages to break free for a moment before being slammed back into a wall. The grip around her wrist tightened even more so then before. Though she was quickly spun around leaving her off balance.

Before she knew it the distinct feel of a silk rope wrapping around her wrists and being tightening was felt. Paige let out a cry, though it was muffled by the gag as she was pushed hard backwards. Until she fell onto something soft. Her mind races of where she could be, even as her arms here being bound above her head. All at once everything became clear, she was in her bedroom. Paige's struggles come frantic as she kicks. She knew one of the blows did send her attacker onto the floor with a loud thud.

A low growl sounds as the gloved hands quickly takes hold of an ankle. Securing it to one side of the bed. Paige tries with all her might to get free even with the one limb. Though it too was quickly caught and secured apart from the other leg. Before she knew it Paige hears the sound of her clothing being cut away from her body. A shiver ran down her body as she tries with all her might to fight back and free herself. The bounds however left her stuck where she was and her naked flesh to the whims of her attacker.

Paige let out a muffled sob as she felt one of the rough gloves move harshly over her skin. Until the glove moves up to push her hair away from her face and to the side. She felt the the weight of her attacker as they lean over her body. Feeling a tongue slide along her ear as one of the gloved hands move to take hold of her breast and play harshly with a nipple, tweaking it until it became a hard bud. A low soft whisper echoes by her ear.

"Mine to take. Mine to have."

She knew that voice! It was a woman's voice that belongs to her new girl friend Joan.

Fear gave way to anger and excitement. Even though she now knew who it was, Joan did not let Paige go. The gloves move harshly along her body. Grabbing and twisting her other nipple. The voice echoes in her head over and over again.

"Mine to take. Mine to have."

One gloved hand moves along her taunt stomach then lifts away. Only to come smack hard down over Paige's mound. Covering it with the whole hand. Paige moans low into the gag as the voice echoes once again.

"Mine to take. Mine to have."

Roughly the glove moves over her hips and under her. Grasping her ass and pulling upwards more against Joan's body. The tongue flicking out over the ear again before growling low and whispering.

"Mine to take. Mine to have."

Soon rough gloves gave way to nails that dug into the flesh. Leaving dark red lines as they drag along the skin. Pinching and pulling on each nipple, as teeth sunk into Paige's neck. She could feel the marks that where being left upon her body. That wonderful tongue slips out and over the hot mark on Paige's neck before the whispers continue.


Joan ran her tongue along Paige's body, flicking over each nipple. Pulling them between her lips suckling and nipping each in turn. Nails sinking deeper into Paige's hips as Joan moves down over the taunt stomach to just above her mound. Pulling up on hips as light drops of crimson glimmer along painted black nails. The tongue moves along the lips before covering all of it the voice echoes loud enough to hear.

"Mine to take."

It didn't take long for Joan to bring her just to the edge and then stop. Paige letting out a frustrated moan of protest to being brought so far then dropped. Joan moves up to bite one side of Paige's hips growling with a slight chuckle. A hand having left one hip then in a loud sound come smacking down onto Paige's mound again.

"Mine and only mine. To have when and where I want."

Two fingers slide deep between Paige's folds. Pumping and pushing deeper. Some where between moans the gag was removed. Making the moans seem even louder then before. Joan moves up taking one of the nipples between her teeth as her fingers pump faster. Just enough to keep Paige wanting but not being able to find that release she so wanted and needed.

Finally not being able to take much more of the torment Paige yells out with a loud moan.

"Yes! Yours to have and take. Yours!"

The two fingers soon became three as the teeth sunk more into the nipple. Sending a shock wave of pain and excitement through Paige's body. Her back arching up as hips push more into the fingers. Riding them harder while being driven into ecstasy. Then slowly then being brought back down again with a heaving chest.

Paige being left shivering Joan moves over her body to cover her. Licking along the collar bone and up the neck, over the mark that was left. To Paige's lips, only to stop and a whisper echo once more before Joan covers the lips with her own.

"Mine to have. Mine to take."

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