tagInterracial LoveThe Cleaning Lady

The Cleaning Lady


Nicholas needed a cleaning lady. He knew it. He didn't like cleaning and he wasn't very good at it. Even if he could drag himself into actually doing any cleaning, he knew it wouldn't be done very well. So he decided to pay someone else to do it for him.

He perused the message board at the local grocery store and found exactly what he needed, or so he thought. It was a simple advertisement, printed on standard printer paper and written in English, although the grammar and diction hinted that the person who wrote it wasn't comfortable writing in English. There were a number of tear-away strips on the bottom of the ad, each with the number to call. Nicholas grabbed one and shoved it into his shirt pocket.

By the time he got home and put his groceries away he had forgotten all about the telephone number in his pocket. He found it three days later as he was throwing his laundry together and had no idea what it was. He puzzled over it for a few minutes and tossed it onto his night table.

The following weekend he went once more to the grocery store. He saw the message board in the lobby of the store in the corner of his eye and then he remembered the phone number. He stepped up to the board and saw with dismay that the advertisement for the cleaning lady was no longer there. He muttered angrily to himself and then went about his business. When he got home he put his groceries away again and forgot once more about the cleaning lady.

That night he was getting changed to go out when he saw the phone number on the small strip of paper on his night table. He looked at it curiously for a moment, knowing there was something important about it. He frowned and then realization hit him. Dressed only in his boxer shorts he grabbed the strip of paper and rushed to his computer desk to retrieve a pen. He wrote "CLEANING LADY" over top of the number and set it down on the desk.

He looked at the time and saw that it was just past nine o'clock. He shrugged and grabbed his cell phone. He dialed the number and hoped that someone would answer.

When they did answer he felt a pang of irritation. The voice on the other end was speaking a language he didn't understand. He had no idea what it was, although it sounded Oriental.

"Hello?" he said hopefully, wondering if the girl who answered understood English.

She asked a question; he knew that by the inflection in her voice, but he still had no idea what she was trying to say.

"Hello," he said again, "I'm calling about the cleaning lady."

She said something else he couldn't understand and then he heard some crackling and thumping and guessed that someone else was grabbing the phone.

"Yes?" he heard another girl say.

"Yes, hello," he said with relief. "I'm calling about the cleaning lady."

"Oh yes!" she said, "very nice to hear you."

Nicholas heard her say something foreign once more.

"Yes, very nice!" she said. "My sister is cleaning lady!"

"Okay," he replied. "Is she there? Can I speak to her?"

"No," the girl said with regret. "She cannot speak English, only Chinese. I can speak for her. We come to your house and speak, yes?"

"Oh," Nicholas said, beginning to feel uncomfortable. "Okay, I guess we could do that. So, she can't speak English at all?"

"A few words only," the girl said. "But I will help her understand what you need! We can come over to your house?"

Nicholas frowned and decided that he might as well see what she's like.

"Yeah okay," he said. "You can come over tomorrow."

"No need to wait!" the girl said. "We can come over right now! Please give address and we will speak soon!"

After a moment's thought, he gave them the address and he heard the two girls talking excitedly.

"We will come very quickly!" she said as she hung up.

He dressed in casual slacks and a button-down shirt and sat down to wait for their arrival. After about thirty minutes he began to get impatient and dialed the number once more. After several rings the phone was answered, but apparently it was the girl who couldn't speak English.

He said hello a few times and then the phone was passed to the English-speaking girl.

"Hello, yes?" she said uncertainly.

"Hello," he said. "You said you were coming over?"

He heard her say something rapidly to her sister and then she was back on the phone.

"Yes, we are coming," she said pleadingly. "We are only several blocks away. We will be there very soon!"

"Are you walking?" he asked her.

"Yes, we walk very quickly," she said. "We will not take long."

He said okay and sat back, musing on the decision to meet with them tonight.

"I should have insisted on tomorrow," he said.

After another twenty minutes there was a knock on the door.

When he opened the door his breath caught in his throat. Standing in front of him were two Asian girls, both of them staring at him with wide eyes. The word "China-Doll" came to mind as soon as he saw them.

They were both small in stature, about four feet ten inches in height. Their bodies were petite and Nicholas felt that he could put both of them into his pants-pocket they were so tiny. They both had long straight black hair, which fell all the way down their backs. They looked strikingly similar, though they were not identical. It was easy to tell they were sisters. Their eyes were big and just a little farther apart than one would expect. Their noses were tiny and turned up into small button-like bumps just above their doll-like mouths. Their lips were full, or at least full compared to their small moon-like faces that contrasted deeply with their jet-black hair.

"Hello!" he said as they stared at him expectantly. "Please come in!"

They both smiled and walked through the door together. They were smiling and continued to stare at him.

"Hello," the girl on the left said. "My name is Ping and this is my sister Minh."

They both extended their hands in greeting and he felt his palms turn sweaty as he gently shook each one in turn.

They were wearing short skirts; Ping in a blue denim skirt and Minh in white denim. They also wore blue denim jackets and white tops underneath that appeared to have rhinestones sewn into patterns across the front and on the collars.

"Hi, my name is Nicholas," he said.

"I am sorry we took so long to come here," Ping said. "I thought it was closer to our home."

"You walked all the way here?" he asked.

"Yes," Ping said.

"We could have done this tomorrow," Nicholas said. "Maybe it would have been better for you."

Ping blushed and looked at the floor. She looked at Minh and whispered something to her. Minh blushed too and craned her neck to look past Nicholas into the apartment.

"If we could see your home," she said, "you may decide when you want Minh."

"What?" Nicholas said.

"You may have Minh whenever you want her; tell her what to do," Ping said with a smile. "You can have me too if you like me."

Nicholas pictured Ping on her knees in front of him with his cock between her lips and Minh bent over his living room chair with her skirt up her back and her legs spread wide. His cock grew hard before he could control himself. He swallowed hard, trying to push the image out of his head.

"Yes," he said uncertainly, "let me show you."

He turned away from them and quickly adjusted his cock in his pants so his erection wouldn't be easily seen and led them into the living room.

Minh looked around with wide eyes and nudged Ping with her elbow. They whispered to each other quickly and Minh took in every inch of his small apartment.

"Minh says your place is small," Ping said uneasily. "Are you sure you want someone to clean?"

Nicholas expected this response.

"Yes," he said, "I know it's small, but I'm no good at keeping it clean. That's why I want you."

He smiled and led them through the living room and into his bedroom. Then he showed them the kitchen and bathroom. Minh was right. It was a small apartment.

Ping whispered to Minh and Minh giggled softly. Ping spoke sharply to her and Minh giggled again.

"You will please forgive my sister," Ping said while staring at Nicholas's shoes. "She meant no disrespect. She is only surprised that you would want to pay for a cleaning lady for such a small home."

Nicholas grinned and gestured for them to sit down.

"No need to apologize," he said. "I know it's small."

He sat in the chair facing them and both girls sat on the couch. He couldn't help but notice how their skirts rode up high on their thighs as they sat, though neither of them seemed to notice how their motions had exposed so much of their legs. In fact both of them were staring at him with big smiles.

He offered them drinks but they both declined. Then they discussed the cleaning schedule and the rate. After a brief conversation the deal was struck and they agreed to come over the next day on Sunday for the first visit.

When their discussion was concluded Nicholas drove them home despite their objections. He didn't want them walking home at such a late hour and they were very grateful when he dropped them off.


The next day he was lying on his couch watching television wearing nothing but his boxers. He heard a knock on the door and frowned, wondering whom it could be. He stood up and walked to the door expecting to find a Jehovah's Witness or someone equally annoying. He threw open the door and his mouth opened in shock as he saw Ping and Minh staring at him and holding their hands over their mouths and giggling. He realized they were staring at his boxer shorts and Minh whispered something to Ping. Ping spoke rapidly to Minh and tried to look Nicholas in the eye but ended up blushing furiously and looking down at his feet.

"I am sorry Mr. Nicholas," she said, trying not to giggle. "My sister meant no disrespect."

Nicholas blushed as well and left the door to his apartment open for them as he rushed to his bedroom to grab his bathrobe.

When he returned, the two girls were in his living room and Minh was staring at him as he reappeared wearing his robe. Ping spoke harshly to Minh and Minh giggled in reply. Ping blushed again and whispered to her once more.

"We are here to clean Mr. Nicholas," Ping said.

She shot a warning glance at Minh when she giggled once more and Nicholas felt himself blush again.

"I'm sorry Ping," he said sheepishly. "I forgot you were coming today and I thought you might have been a door-to-door salesman or something. Please apologize to Minh for me too."

Ping passed his message on to Minh who giggled again, commenting in rapid-fire Chinese and blushing as she stared at Nicholas' midsection. Ping elbowed her sister and said something quickly in Chinese to her. She looked at Nicholas once more and was about to speak when Nicholas cut her off.

"No need to apologize," he said. "I'm the one who was disrespectful. I meant no offence to either of you."

Minh smiled and spoke slowly.

"You look nice," she said and then blushed deeply. "I like seeing you."

Ping opened her mouth in shock and said something Nicholas didn't need to speak Chinese to understand. Minh responded to her calmly and giggled once more then walked deliberately to the kitchen. They heard her begin running water in the sink and they knew she was starting to clean.

"We will begin our cleaning now," Ping said with her eyes downcast.

Nicholas nodded and made his way to the bedroom. He changed into a pair of track shorts and a loose T-shirt and lay back on the bed to read a book.

He could hear the two girls moving around as they cleaned and he thought about what Minh had said. She said she liked seeing him. He wondered if it was her poor English skills or if she really meant it as it sounded; that she liked seeing him in only his shorts. He knew he'd like to see a lot more of her.

Today Ping was wearing a skirt. It was slightly longer than the denim skirt she'd worn last night but it showed off her legs well. She was also wearing a pull over blouse that was very loose on her small frame. He wondered if she were wearing a bra because if she bent over it would be very easy to see down the front of her top.

Minh was wearing khaki shorts that came to her mid-thigh. They fit her loosely and the button down khaki shirt she wore was just as loose.

He was staring at the ceiling and daydreaming about how the two sisters would look naked and his hand moved without his thinking about it to hold his stiffening cock. He held it through the fabric of his shorts and squeezed it softly when he heard a soft gasp and another giggle. He looked over to see Minh staring at him. Her mouth was opened to a small "o" with her hand partially covering it. Her eyes were glued to his hand and his very hard cock and she blushed as she turned away and went through to the bathroom. He heard her beginning to clean in there and then he saw Ping approaching his bedroom door.

"We are almost done Mr. Nicholas," she said.

She smiled as she looked at him and then her eyes rested on his shorts. The bulge in the front was obvious and, even though he'd taken his hand away after Minh had seen him, there was no mistaking the outline in the fabric. Her eyes went wide and her mouth opened slightly too. Nicholas saw her nipples harden against her blouse and then she blinked and swallowed. She turned away and went toward the living room.

Thinking now that he would never see these girls again, he frowned and fished seventy-five bucks from his pocket. He stood up and tried his best to make his hard-on disappear and then went to the living room.

Minh and Ping were sitting together on the couch whispering and they looked up at him as he entered.

"Thank you for coming today," he said.

He handed Ping the money and she drew a sharp breath when she took it.

"This is more than we agreed upon!" she said and showed the cash to Minh.

Minh smiled and nodded a thank-you to Nicholas.

"It's a tip for doing a good job today," he said. "Besides, I'm afraid I embarrassed the two of you and I feel badly."

Ping glanced briefly at his mid-section and licked her lips nervously. Then she was looking him in the eye again, though her smile was somewhat forced.

"There is no need for you to feel badly," she said and then stared at his feet. "We were happy to come and clean for you."

Minh stood up and stepped forward to shake his hand. Nicholas took her tiny hand in his and couldn't help but feel that she was shaking slightly. She spoke softly in Chinese and then looked over her shoulder at Ping.

"She says she wants to know if you want her," Ping said, still staring at his feet.

Nicholas wasn't sure, but he thought he saw her glance quickly at the front of his shorts again.

Nicholas had a mental image of Minh wrapping her naked body around him, her legs gripping either side of his thigh and her hand stroking his cock lovingly.

"What?" he said as his cock began to grow in his shorts once more.

"Do you want my sister?" Ping asked him, her eyes going wide as she watched the front of his shorts being pushed out by his growing member.

Minh cocked her head to one side as she watched her sister and then she too looked down at his shorts. Her mouth opened and her eyes went as wide as Ping's. They looked at each other briefly and then again toward his shorts.

Because their gazes seemed to be locked on his crotch, Nicholas had no control over his cock now. It was hard and throbbing and he could feel it pulsing against the front of his shorts with each beat of his heart.

"Perhaps you would like to have the two of us," Ping said as she stared at his shorts. "We could both come if you like us."

"Yes," Nicholas said, his mouth suddenly going dry. "Please come back in two weeks. I want both of you."

Minh smiled and blushed and she looked down at the floor. Ping stood up and, bending forward as she stood, Nicholas saw her top open up and suddenly he was seeing her all the way down to the waistband of her skirt. She was not wearing a bra and her nipples, small and deep red, showed briefly before she straightened up.

He turned toward Minh and saw that her gaze was once more fixed on his shorts. He looked down and saw the fabric of his shorts darkening with wetness and realized with dismay that he was leaking precum. The small stain was centered on the end of his cock and, although it was no longer standing out straight, it was still obviously hard. He blushed and Minh looked up at him and grinned shyly.

"I like seeing you," she said quietly.

She bowed slightly, bending forward at the waist for a moment and then he was looking down at her tiny tits, the nipples puckered and hard like little candies. She smiled at him once more and then started walking toward the door.

"Thank you Mr. Nicholas," Ping said, extending her hand to shake. "We will be back for you in two weeks."

Nicholas noticed her hands were shaking too and then she bowed from the waist, exposing her hard little nipples to him again.

"The pleasure is all mine," Nicholas said, meaning every word.

He walked them to the door and they both smiled broadly at him. They both glanced down at the stain on his shorts once more and then looked at each other with their eyes wide and their mouths slightly open.

He closed the door and leaned back against the wall of the foyer. He reached into his shorts and stroked his cock only three times before he came. The semen splattered all over the inside of his shorts and then his cock was hard as a rock all over again.


Two weeks later Nicholas was waiting anxiously for the sisters to return. There was no way he could forget they were coming; not like the last time. Since their last visit, he had masturbated too many times with their faces, their bodies and their tiny little tits in his mind. He had thought about their hard little nipples time and time again since seeing them that Sunday two weeks ago. He had considered having them come to clean every week instead of every two weeks, but decided that he didn't want to appear too impatient to see them.

When the knock on the door finally came he opened it eagerly. They were both standing in the doorway and smiling at him as they did before.

Today they were both wearing shorts and loose shirts. Minh's were white fleece track shorts that hung down from her waist almost like a skirt. Her body was so tiny they looked like they would fall off without the string tie that was sewn into the waistband. Her yellow pullover had no sleeves and hung down almost as low as her shorts. The armholes looked like they would offer Nicholas some tantalizing views today.

Ping wore denim Daisy-Duke cut-offs that also hung loosely on her. Her legs, although shapely for her tiny body, poked out of her shorts like little sticks. Her shirt was a white button-down that was tied off at her midriff, although it hung a lot lower over her belly than was generally fashionable. The buttons were fastened except for the top two, exposing her chest only slightly. Nicholas hoped her shirt would sag forward when she bent over as her other shirt did when she was last here.

"Come in!" he said. "Please come in!"

They came through the door and he offered them drinks. Again they declined and Minh stepped forward shyly. She shook his hand and spoke softly.

"Nice to see you today." She said haltingly.

Nicholas smiled and Ping said something encouraging to her in Chinese.

"I taught her the proper greeting since the last time we come here," she said with a bright smile.

"Nice to see you today too Minh," he said and smiled.

Minh blushed and looked down. When she did, her top fell open at the front slightly and he saw the little valley between her tits come into view. He did not see her nipples. He guessed that her shirt was too tight to show much when she bent forward.

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