tagInterracial LoveThe Cleaning Lady Ch. 02

The Cleaning Lady Ch. 02


Please read The Cleaning Lady Part I before reading this story.

Minh and Ping showed up at Nicholas' door on schedule two weeks later. Nicholas let them in and they walked in and sat on the couch together.

Today they were dressed very nicely. They both wore white button-down blouses. Minh's had blue rhinestones sewn into a graphics pattern that trailed down the front parallel to the buttons. Ping's was embroidered with a subtle off-white pattern of swirls and other designs covering the chest area.

They were both wearing blue denim miniskirts and Nicholas was practically salivating over them as soon as he opened the door.

The two were also wearing big grins on their faces.

"Good afternoon Mr. Nicholas," Minh said slowly in heavily accented English. "I am sorry I was unable to clean last time."

Ping reacted to her sister's greeting with glee. She clapped her hands together and spoke quickly in Chinese to her. Minh blushed in response and then looked down at the floor.

"I taught her that," Ping said happily. "We work on it all day before we arrive!"

"Very good Minh," Nicholas said and Minh blushed even more deeply in response. "It was just perfect."

Ping spoke to her in Chinese and Minh giggled softly. Minh looked up and smiled graciously.

"We will begin to clean now," Ping said then commented in Chinese to Minh.

Minh went to the kitchen and Ping went to the linen closet to fetch the cleaning supplies they had cached there. Nicholas watched them go about their business wondering whether they would remove their blouses while they cleaned.

Ping had cleaned topless on her last visit here and Nicholas had pictured her naked tits in his mind as he masturbated countless times since then. She had also jerked his cock for him twice after seeing him get erect while staring at her tiny tits. She said at the time that they would clean topless from now on if he wished. Naturally, he had agreed on the spot that it was a great idea. Now that they were here again, he was unsure whether he should mention it.

Feeling slightly disappointed, he went to his bedroom and lay back on his bed with a book. Again he was unable to read as he continued to think about Ping's naked tits. As he half listened to the girls exchanging a few words here and there as they cleaned, he conjured up images of the sisters in his mind. In some, they were dressed simply in skirts and blouses. In others, they were either flashing their nipples at him as they bent forward, their blouses falling open to allow him to see, or they were completely naked.

He found it easy to imagine them naked. Without them flaunting it as far as he could remember, they were very pretty girls, with small petite bodies; neither of them was even five feet tall. Their moon-like faces and their long hair, so black it was almost blue in the right light, falling straight down their backs all the way to the base of their spines. Their cute faces with their almond shaped eyes set just slightly too far apart and their small button noses over top of full lips. Overall their whole appearance was striking and alluring.

Unable to resist, he decided to go have a look at the girls. Even fully clothed they were a delight to look at.

He walked from the bedroom and into the living room and found Ping mopping on one side of the room and Minh scrubbing the baseboards with a cleaning rag on the other. They were both wearing only bikini-panties; Minh's were white and Ping's were powder blue.

Nicholas stopped and stared at them with wide eyes and his cock immediately went hard in his black fleece shorts.

Ping looked up at him and smiled.

"Hello Mr. Nicholas," she said with a smile. "My sister and me decide that we did not want to ruin our clothes while we clean. We take off shirts and skirts. I hope this does not disturb you."

Nicholas cleared his throat with effort and tried not to look too salacious.

"That's fine Ping," he said with a calmness he didn't feel. "Whatever makes you girls comfortable is fine with me."

Ping smiled and nodded, stealing glances toward his bulge before she went back to her mopping. He noticed it and then thought it was entirely fair because he couldn't take his eyes off her tits.

He tore his eyes away from Ping and turned toward Minh. She was on her knees and looking at him expectantly. Her tits were slightly larger than Ping's he could see now that there was no blouse to obstruct his view. She smiled at him shyly and then bent to her work.

She turned her back to him and began scrubbing the baseboards again, her arms moving vigorously and strenuously. Her back arched and her bum stood up proudly. He found himself getting harder as he watched her bikini-panties stretch against her bum and her mound. The bulge in his shorts pulsed slightly with each beat of his heart and he gulped audibly.

Ping said something to her in Chinese and Minh looked up and nodded. She looked in Nicholas' direction and smiled and then went back to work.

He stood in the doorway watching them. Although he had seen Ping topless before, he hadn't tired of watching her small tits jiggle as she worked.

"You feel good?" she asked.

"Oh yes!" he said with a grin.

Ping giggled and continued her mopping.

Nicholas returned to his bedroom after a long time. His cock was throbbing from watching the two girls and he just had to relieve himself. He sat on the bed with his back against the headboard and reached into his shorts.

As he expected, there was precum all over the head and his hand became sticky when he touched it.

He was busy looking down into his shorts when he became aware of movement in the doorway.

Minh moved to the foot of the bed and Ping followed behind her.

"My sister will help you," Ping said.

Minh sat next to him on the bed and deftly reached inside his shorts. With extreme gentleness, she wrapped one tiny hand around his penis and cupped his testicles with the other. She looked him in the eye, her expression one of trepidation mixed with shyness. Nicholas returned her stare, though his expression was one of shock and surprise, though it was a pleasant surprise.

She stroked him so softly and gently that he moaned in response. She repositioned herself on the bed and rested her head on his thigh. She pulled his shorts down and he raised his buttocks. She pushed them to his ankles and then she began stroking him in earnest. She stared at his cock as she rubbed it, watching intently as her hand slid up and down the shaft.

Ping left the room, leaving her sister alone with Nicholas.

Minh began to run her hands over his cock a little faster and Nicholas grunted. He watched eagerly as her breasts jiggled with her motions. He stared at them in fascination and she smiled. She raised herself to her knees and began stroking him with both hands, thrusting her chest toward him slightly. Nicholas lay back with a sigh, raising his hips slightly and thrusting a little bit. He gasped and mumbled something inaudible and then Minh lowered her mouth over his cock while still stroking the shaft. She gave a muffled moan and then she began sucking and swallowing as her mouth filled with cum.

She sucked on it until he had spurted into her mouth twice. Then she began licking his cock from top to bottom, cleaning every trace of semen off of it. She placed it in her mouth once more when she saw another gob of cum drool out of it and then went back to cleaning it with her tongue.

"Feel good now?" Minh asked hesitantly.

Nicholas nodded breathlessly and looked down at Minh in amazement and gratitude.

"Thank you Minh," he said between gasps for air. "That was amazing!"

Minh blushed and smiled.

"I am happy to help you," she said, her lips showing a slight coating of white on them.

She climbed off the bed and got to her feet. She looked at him before she left and smiled, rubbing the back of her hand across her lips to clean the semen off. She glanced too at his spent cock and giggled as she walked out of the room.

Nicholas lay back on his bed grinning happily. He didn't bother pulling his shorts up to cover himself and his cock began to get semi-hard again as he relived the incredible hand job he'd just been given. He smiled as his mind went off on its own lusty journey and then he heard giggling.

He looked over to see Ping looking at his cock. It was hard again and he smiled at her as she approached the bed.

"My sister is good to you?" she asked, putting her fingers to her lips and chuckling softly.

"Oh yes!" he said. "Your sister was wonderful!"

"That is good!" she said.

He looked at her tits and watched as her nipples puckered and went hard. He smiled and looked her in the eye. She blushed and giggled as he stared at her.

"You like to see?" she said.

"Yes I do," he said.

She blushed again and then turned and left the room.

After a long time, he stood up from the bed and pulled his shorts up. He walked to the living room and found Minh washing the bay window that looked over the street. He wondered idly if any passers-by on the street below could see the topless Asian girl washing windows.

He went through to the kitchen and found Ping bent over and putting cleaning supplies away under the kitchen sink. She looked up at him and smiled.

"We are almost done Mr. Nicholas," she said.

Nicholas stood watching her as she bent forward, admiring her fine looking figure, petite as it was. She looked up at him and smiled and looked at the bulge in the front of his shorts. She pulled her head out from the cupboard below the sink and sank to her knees in front of him. She pulled his shorts halfway down his thighs and then gripped his cock gently. She wrapped her tiny hand around it and looked up at him with a broad smile.

She began stroking it, moving one hand gently back and forth along his shaft.

Nicholas gasped and looked down at her with his eyes blazing and his mouth open in a silent grimace. He thrust his hips back and forth and she allowed a small amount of cum from the head to coat the inside of her palm. She put both hands on his shaft and moved them back and forth rhythmically. Her eyes were intent and she watched in fascination as the semen drooled slowly out of it.

Nicholas looked up to see Minh staring at them from the doorway. Her expression was unreadable but her nipples hardened when she saw Ping stroking his cock.

Ping turned her head to see Minh standing behind her. She stared at her sister for a long moment, still stroking Nicholas with both hands. She turned back to watching the sperm drip from the head and cocked her head to one side as the flow quickened.

Minh asked a question in Chinese and Ping replied but she kept her eyes glued to Nicholas' penis.

Nicholas gasped and then he was cumming. The first two spurts splattered on to Ping's chin and neck. The next one seemed to jump from his cock and landed squarely on her left nipple. Another spurt landed between her breasts and then a gob or two dripped slowly over her hands, which were both still wrapped around his cock.

Ping smiled widely and then got to her feet.

"Feel good?" she asked.

"Oh yeah!" he replied.

"Good," she said.

Minh spoke in Chinese and Ping smiled at her and replied. Minh nodded quickly and went to the sink and soaked a washcloth in warm water. Then she approached Nicholas and washed his genitals thoroughly with the cloth, smiling and staring into his eyes as she moved the warm cloth all over his cock and balls. Nicholas closed his eyes and sighed. He reached forward and cupped Minh's right tit in his hand. He tweaked her nipple and rolled it between his fingers briefly and then his cock began to grow again. Minh turned to Ping and spoke in Chinese. The sisters giggled together again.

"My sister say you have much manhood," Ping said, still laughing as she cleaned his semen off of her neck and chest.

She turned to Ping and asked her a question. Minh replied and both of them tittered quietly.

"I ask my sister if she means you are big or if you have much sperm," Ping said, still laughing at their exchange. "She say it is both!"

Minh wrapped the cloth around his cock and began stroking it. The grainy feel of the washcloth against his shaft was slightly irritating but Minh's grip was gentle. She moved her hand to grip the skin of his shaft and then wrapped one of her shins around his leg. She leaned into him, squashing her soft breasts against his chest and then drawing his thigh forward with her leg to rub it against her mound.

She stared him in the eye the whole time, grinding her pubis against him slightly. Her eyes took on a half-lidded expression and she began sliding her bikini-panties several inches up and down his thigh.

He cupped her tit again and she sighed against his chest. He whimpered a bit and then his testicles tensed and he felt himself ready to cum. He whimpered again and she held his cock against her belly. When he came his semen shot all over her tummy.

She smiled and leaned her head against his shoulder, speaking softly into his neck, although he didn't understand what she said.

She then used the cloth to wash his cock again, holding his flaccid member up as she cleaned from his testicles to his lower belly.

She stepped back and looked at her hand. There was a large gob of cum on the webbing between her thumb and forefinger. She put it to her mouth and licked it off. She used the washcloth to wipe at her tummy and then cleaned a small semen stain away from her bikini-panties.

Ping had watched the entire episode and gave a big smile when he ejaculated on to Minh.

"We have finished cleaning for today," Ping said. "We will come back in two weeks to clean again."

She went to the breakfast nook where the girls had left their clothes. Minh stopped Ping and scooped up a small gob of cum from her nipple with one finger. She brought the finger to her lips and licked it off absently. Ping nodded to her in gratitude and then inspected Minh's midriff. She found a small streak of cum near her navel and put her finger to it then brought it to her lips. She gingerly tasted it and then commented in Chinese. The two of them pulled on their miniskirts and began buttoning their blouses.

Nicholas pulled seventy-five dollars from his pocket and placed it on the table for them.

"Make it one week," he said as he watched their blouses close over their breasts, hiding their deep red nipples from view. "I want you here every week."

The girls exchanged a look and then grinned broadly.

"Very good!" Ping said. "We come back in one week!"

"Happy to see you!" Minh said slowly.

"You are not disturbed too much when we take off our shirts to clean?" Ping asked as they made their way to the door.

"I'm not disturbed," Nicholas said, trailing behind them. "I like it! I feel very lucky!"

"Good!" Ping said. "We like cleaning for you."

"Good," he echoed. "You can go without tops or bottoms if you like."

"Good!" Ping said and then laughed.


Saturday came and Ping arrived with Minh right on time. Nicholas invited them in and offered them drinks. Ping accepted a glass of wine but Minh still declined. When offered tea, she accepted that with a smile and a deep red blush.

Both girls were dressed very nicely. Ping was wearing a white summer dress with what looked like a garden scene with lush flowers and vegetation painted on it. It fell to just above her knee and Nicholas thought she looked ravishing.

Minh wore a simple blue cotton skirt that reached her mid thigh. Her white button-down blouse was sleeveless and had off-white embroidered pattern sewn into it. She too looked completely edible and Nicholas was grinning to himself from the moment he opened the door.

"Thank you for sharing with us Mr. Nicholas," Ping said with a bright smile.

She sipped at her wine and waved away her sister's severe looks. Minh commented to her quietly and Ping answered her sharply.

"My sister say drinking in the day is bad," Ping said.

Nicholas shrugged and sipped at his own wine.

"So long as you don't do it every day, it can't be that bad," he said.

Ping chuckled daintily with the fingers of one hand held over her mouth.

"I could not drink this every day," she said. "It would be too much for me."

"Me too," Nicholas agreed. "Well, I'll leave you to your cleaning now."

He stood up and made his way to the bedroom. The girls grabbed their glass and cup and took them to the kitchen.

In his room, Nicholas picked up a book and held it in front of him as he sat back on the bed, but he knew it was just a ruse. He couldn't possibly concentrate on reading when he knew the girls were going to be nearly naked in the next room.

He lay back and pondered. They knew he enjoyed watching them clean so there was no real reason for him to retreat to his bedroom when they arrived. He was thinking about this when Ping showed up in his doorway. She was still wearing her dress and looked serious.

"Hello Mr. Nicholas," she said gravely.

"Hi Ping," he said. "What's on your mind?"

She frowned and looked at the floor for a moment and then gave him a somber look.

"My sister say you would not mind," she said. "I am not sure."

"I wouldn't mind what?" he asked.

"My sister say we should remove everything to work today," she said with concern. "She wear very expensive panties today and she not want to ruin them."

Nicholas stared at her as his heart began to thud rapidly in his chest.

"And you're not comfortable doing that?" he asked her carefully.

"I do not mind," she said. "We clean like this at home. I am afraid you will not approve."

"Oh," he said with as much gravity as he could muster.

"I do not want to offend you Mr. Nicholas," she said. "I like cleaning for you. I do not want you to say we should go."

"That's fine Ping," he said, trying not to dance a jig as he pondered watching the two girls work naked. "I won't be offended. I just hope you and Minh won't be offended if I stare at you. I can't help but look."

Ping blushed a little and stared at the floor. She looked up again and smiled.

"I do not mind," she said, looking at the floor again. "I like seeing you. It is natural for you to like seeing me."

"Maybe I should remove my pants and shirt too," he said. "Then we're all equal and we can look at each other as much as we want."

Ping blushed again as Minh walked in to join them. She had already removed her clothing and stood calmly beside her sister with one hand on her hip. Nicholas sucked in a sharp breath as he saw her and Minh smiled. Her pebble-like nipples stood up proudly over her tiny breasts. Her tiny vagina was surrounded by a thin covering of black hair that pointed straight down.

Ping spoke to Minh and Minh smiled and nodded.

"My sister say she not mind if you remove your shirt and pants," Ping said with a glint in her eye. "She say she like seeing you too."

Nicholas grinned and stood up from the bed. He pulled his shirt over his head and then dropped his pants. He looked down at himself and watched his cock twitch a bit as it grew hard. He looked up again to see Minh undoing the zipper on the back of Ping's dress. Then her dress came off followed by her panties.

Ping naked was more than twice as good as Ping topless. Her nipples were hard and bright red so Nicholas guessed she was as excited as he was. Her pussy was even tinier than Minh's if that were possible. It was barely a small slit between her thighs and the hair around it was sparse and thin.

She looked at him as he stared at her and she in turn gazed at his hardening cock. Her face and chest turned red and he thought he saw her pussy lips glistening with moisture. They also seemed to swell slightly as they looked at one another.

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