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The Client


Ashley sat at her computer and opened her other e-mail account. She answered the usual barrage of questions meant to test her identity. It was a hassle but it kept hackers from getting her clients' personal information. Most days, it would be a waste of time, nothing more than an empty inbox. Today, she had a single new request.

This particular client was looking for something very unusual -- he wanted a girl who would be perfectly immobile, almost statue-like, no matter what was done to her. Ashley considered this with a smirk. The date requested was a week away. Plenty of time for her to learn to perform to her usual high standards. It was intriguing enough. With a shrug, she clicked on the accept box and copied down the instructions before logging out.

Over the next seven days, she practiced holding various sexual poses as long as she could with absolutely no movement. Poses with her arms and legs stretched to their limits, holding them as long as she could without letting them drop. She did all of these naked, wanting to know if any of the positions would cause her certain troubles on the day itself.

Her training didn't just consist of positions. Since she wouldn't be able to move, her client would most likely try to face-fuck her. Using a variety of dildos, she pushed her gag reflex as far as it would go. It wasn't easy, and she wasn't able to take all of them without choking and sputtering. Hopefully, her client wasn't that large.

The final thing she practiced was cumming while remaining completely still (or as close as was possible) and completely silent. This was the easiest part. She was usually a quiet cummer anyways; well, unless her client wished otherwise. Learning to keep her hips from bucking was a bit trickier but she managed to get it down. Odds were that her client wouldn't be worried about her pleasure anyways.

The day came quickly. Her instructions were to go to a hotel downtown and ask for a room with a particular name. Everything went smoothly, the attractive desk girl handing over the key easily. Ashley headed up to the room and went inside. It was empty, as it was supposed to be.

She stripped all of her clothes off and tucked them into the large handbag she had brought. Nothing she brought was to be in sight so she tucked it behind a bedside table. The final instruction was to stand in the middle of the room, arms by her sides and legs spread slightly apart. She got into position just in time, locking her limbs and facial features as the door opened.

An average looking man stepped into Ashley's vision, a smirk on his face. He went to the desk in the corner and scribbled something on a piece of paper. This piece of paper was held in front of her eyes and had a single word on it: mango. She understood. It was a safe word if she needed to stop for any reason. She couldn't actually acknowledge that she saw it but the client knew she did.

He crumpled the paper and tossed it away, looking over her body with a greedy look. The man slid in and out of her vision, walking all the way around her immobile form. She wasn't ashamed to admit that this was actually turning her on, not making a single move to cover herself. Her body was well taken care of and deserved to be ogled.

The client stopped in front of Ashley and started to pull of his clothes. Quite quickly, she noticed with a small amount of amusement. His smallish cock sprang from his boxers, aching to finally realize a fantasy it desired. It throbbed visually, twitching to and fro as he seemed to consider what he wanted to do to her first.

He put a hand on her shoulder and pushed down gently. Ashley let the man do the work in posing her, selling the illusion as best she could. He got her on her knees, hands down in her lap and mouth open. She was a little disappointed that he started with something so tame.

His cock pushed its way into her mouth, paired with a low moan. He was very cautious at first, watching her face as he went inch after inch. She suppressed a smile at his surprise at being able to fit the whole thing inside with no reaction. The surprise quickly turned to passion as he pumped his cock in and out of her gaping orifice.

Ashley held her head as straight as she could, rocking back and forth gently with each stroke. She kept her breathing calm through her nose, making sure not to panic and choke. It was a little uncomfortable but it didn't take him long. With a loud cry, he spent himself down her throat, pumping several times until every last drop was out.

The man didn't pull out until his cock had gone completely limp, every last drop of his cum drizzling out and coating the inside of her throat and mouth. When he did finally pull out, he walked away out of her cone of vision. She heard the bathroom door shut and a stream of urine start. Quickly, she swallowed several times to clear out her mouth and resumed her position.

If he noticed her slight movement, it didn't bother him. Ashley was grabbed gently on the arms and pulled over to the bed. He placed her onto her back, propping her head up on pillows so she could look down the length of her nude form. Her legs were pulled spread enough that her pussy was clearly in view.

Her client had gotten his earlier arousal out of the way and now took more time looking at her body. His hands seem to touch every part of her body, lingering on her breasts and thighs before moving down to her pussy. She suppressed a pleasurable shiver; his face was so close to her pussy now that his warm breath could be felt.

She hadn't expected what came next. The man started to lick her pussy, attacking the task with a vigor that very nearly caused her to cry out. An urge to thrust her hips and moan rose quickly, an urge that she barely managed to quell.

It had never occurred to her that he would bother to try and pleasure her. His fantasy was very much self-focused, not concerned with his partner at all. When she saw him smirk up at her unmoving gaze, she instantly understood. This was a game to him. He wanted to see if he could get her to fail.

He very nearly succeeded. The man was very skilled with his tongue and seemed to know the perfect places to linger just a second longer for maximum pleasure. Before too long, Ashley would have put her earlier practice to the ultimate test.

It never got that far. The man pulled away with a large grin. "Not yet," he said quietly. They were the only words he spoke the whole evening.

Her heart beat rapidly in her chest. She felt warm all over and had to concentrate on her breathing to keep it calm and hidden. This was more arousing than she had expected. There was something about letting this man have whatever way he wanted with her. If he kept trying to make her orgasm, success would probably be guaranteed.

Maybe it wouldn't come to that. She could see that his cock was already hard again as he stood up. His arousal was raging violently. His orgasm was certainly more important than hers.

He grabbed at her again, more roughly this time. Quickly, she was made to stand in front of him. Reaching down, he grabbed her right leg and rotated her until it was pointing straight up. She had practiced this pose; otherwise, this might have gone very differently. He pulled one of her arms down to the floor to brace herself in this awkward position.

She felt his cock slide into her pussy, not at all slowly. Biting the inside of her cheek managed to keep her moan from escaping. The cock began to pump in and out of her, each stroke excruciatingly slow. This time, he wanted it to last.

Ashley was on fire all over. She had never been fucked in this position and it seemed to hit all the best spots in her dripping pussy. The pleasurable tremors shot up and down her leg, threatening to make it go limp and drop them both to the carpet. She willed her leg to stay locked with every ounce of strength she had.

Thankfully, this position was brief. It must not have been as good for him. Her leg was pulled down and she nearly sighed with the relief it brought. Her client forced her back onto the bed but onto her hands and knees this time, doggy style. He slid into her just as forcefully but it was much easier to remain quiet like this. Her breasts swayed back and forth painfully but she could endure the discomfort.

The man's strokes began to quicken, his breathing becoming ragged. Just when Ashley thought he was going to burst, her pussy was suddenly empty. She was turned over onto her back again and her legs spread as far apart as they would go, almost sticking out in a straight line horizontally.

Her head fell onto its side. She couldn't turn to look at him without moving. He grabbed her thighs and pulled her closer to the end of the bed. Again, his cock slammed into her without a second's warning, his balls slapping loudly against her body. He pounded her vigorously for a minute before again pausing. She could feel his cock trembling inside her, aching for release.

Ashley felt the man lean over and turn her head, allowing them to meet eye to eye. He kept his gaze locked on hers as he continued to pump, a hungry look in his eyes. Her whole body begged for release, begged for some kind of movement, but she kept herself still. She would not be broken.

Finally, her client couldn't take it anymore. He pumped three more times quickly and the fourth time, he slammed his cock home with a deep moan. She felt the insides of her pussy splattered with his cum, hot and sticky and delightful. It wouldn't have been enough to make her cum if the man hadn't also reached out and rubbed her clit at the same time.

The orgasm was welcome but she fought back as best she could. Her arms and legs wanted to move, her hips wanted to buck, her mouth wanted to open in cry of passion. Every second she lay immobile, it just seemed to build higher and higher. Somehow, she managed to remain still, every ounce of her will begging her body to remain motionless.

The man watched all of this with a mix of amusement and anticipation. She knew that he wanted her to fail at her task. It was all she could do to not stick out her tongue at him in defiance when her orgasm finally subsided. She shivered slightly but it couldn't be helped.

With a sigh, the man pulled himself out of her pussy with a quiet squelch. His cock was covered in a mix of both of their juices. Ashley watched him check the time and groan. He must have had somewhere to be. Her client grabbed his clothes and disappeared into the bathroom. A few seconds later, she heard the shower start.

Her contract was done but she didn't move yet. It was a matter of pride. She knew that if the man came out to see her gone, he would feel that he won. No, she would stay right here, unmoving, until he left entirely.

The juices inside her pussy started to drip out and puddle between her legs. Having nothing better to do, she thought about how good it had felt being fucked while being perfectly immobile. Remaining this way didn't help; she could feel her arousal rising again when thinking about her immobility. It burned even hotter than before and she ached to reach down and answer the call.

She remained that way for ten agonizing minutes while her client took a shower. The door opened quickly, hoping to catch her in the act. The man looked disappointed; she hadn't moved a muscle. He dawdled as long as he could but he never got want he wanted. Finally, thankfully, he left the hotel room.

Ashley waited as long as she could past that, wanting to make sure he didn't double back. Her limbs began to scream in agony, aching to switch positions. The fire between her legs begged to be squelched. Sweat began to drip into her eyes, burning and itching.

She couldn't wait any longer. Her right hand darted down to her pussy and drove three fingers deep inside, pumping in and out. Her left hand went to her clit and diddled it furiously. Barely thirty seconds passed before she had the best orgasm of her life. She screamed loudly, not caring who heard. Her body flopped and flailed, every twitch bringing the fresh pain of muscles being used after a period of disuse.

When it was over, Ashley lay there trembling. It felt like every ounce of energy had left her body. She hadn't expected this job to be just as pleasurable to her as it was to her client. Maybe she would have to break the rules a little and get his name again. The thought brought a smile to her face. As long as it wasn't anytime soon!

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