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The Clinic


It was Kate's first time going to the student clinic. Needless to say, she was very uncomfortable about the whole idea of getting examined by a doctor she'd never met. She wouldn't have kept the silly appointment except- well, she just felt bad about cancelling appointments. It was her first year of college, her first time away from home, and she was wanting to feel like a real adult at her new school.

As she walked through the parking lot, she chuckled to herself just a little bit as she pulled her rain jacket closer to her body. What was she going to tell this doctor? That she had a little bit of irritation from a new vibrator and she promised to wash it with warm soapy water before using it again? Maybe she would just tell him it was from using a different brand of detergent. Yeah, she would tell him that! He is not going to believe me, she thought to herself. He'll know I've been getting myself off.

Kate sighed a barely audible sigh as she opened the heavy wooden door to the clinic room. Looking around, she appeared to be the only person there. Consulting her watch, she determined it was a little after 5 pm. She was probably the last patient of the day.

"Please sign in!" a cheerful voice echoed. It took Kate a moment to realize that a young looking receptionist had been only a few feet away from her.

"I didn't see you!" Kate gasped.

"I'm sorry to startle you. My name is Shanna. Please sign in and meet me at that door". Shanna flipped her long red hair out of her eyes and motioned to a large steel door near the back of the room.

Kate quickly signed in, and headed quickly towards the door.

Shanna said nothing once Kate crossed into the back of the clinic. She had a chart and a pen in hand, motioned for Kate to hurry along, and pointed to a room. Kate went into the room as instructed, with Shanna close behind.

"Take your clothes off, place them on the chair, get on the exam table, and put this drape over you. The doctor will be right in." Shanna said, then left.

"Drape? Looks more like a hand towel", Kate scowled,then quickly lifted her tight sweater off over her head. She blushed realizing she'd not worn a bra today. Her full, firm breasts seems to hover. Her tiny soft nipples quickly began to harden as the coolness of the room hit them. She traced their outline with her fingers. She slid her hands under her breasts admiring just how plump they were. She blushed again as she felt the need to hurry and get this appointment over with.

Kate unbuttoned her jeans and slid them off over her smooth legs. Then she tucked her thumbs into her satin panties and drug them down. As she bent over, she thought she heard the door creak open. Her head flew up to see no one. She stopped dallying around and quickly got on the exam table.

As she settled into the stillness Kate noticed there was no noise in the clinic. Complete silence filled the air. She ony heard the soft sounds of her breath and her heart thudding in her chest.

Footsteps echoed down the corridor. The door snapped open, and there was Shanna.

"The doctor is busy with another patient, so I will need to do your exam. Please put your feet in the stirrups".

Kate did as she was told, but with some reluctance. She had not mentioned to the receptionist when she called the nature of her problem, nor had she mentioned it to Shanna. Perhaps this was protocol for a first time patient? Either way, it was what she had come for.

Shanna walked over to the foot of the exam table where Kate laid, obviously nervous. "You ever had a pelvic exam before?"

"No" was all Kate could squeak out.

"I see you are a little irritated down there," Shanna said as she slipped a latex exam glove into her slim hand. "Have you been having much sex?"

"No. No none at all. I, um... I..."

"It's ok Kate, we all do it. Whether you are getting it from a man or a machine, it doesn't matter". Shanna put her gloved hands on Kate's bare knees and started sliding her hands down the length of Kate's thighs. "Open up, sweetie. Don't be shy with me. I've seen a pussy before."

Kate was silent. Why would she say pussy?

Shanna's cold hands where about 8 inches from Kate's vagina when she stopped. She slid her hands around the underside of Kate's legs, still moving very slowly and very deliberately. After reaching around to Kate's buttocks, Shanna then started moving her hands up Kate's hips. Quickly, Shanna yanked Kate to the end of the exam table. Kate's ass was hanging mostly over the edge. Shanna's breath was close enough to feel and Kate felt her cunt gape open.

Shanna moved her hands to Kate's swollen labia. Gently caressing the folds open, her moist breath still close enough for Kate to feel. Kate was oddly turned on and yet mortified at the same time.

Shanna held both the inner and outer lips open with one hand as her other fingers caressed up and down the opening of Kate's slit. Shanna slid one finger up towards Kate's clit and flicked it casually. Shanna heard Kate gasp a little, and she tried to hide a chuckle as she asked, "Does that hurt?"

"No. I just wasn't expecting you to.."

"To what- Pleasure you? Pleasure you like you pleasure yourself Kate?"

Kate said nothing. The silence was ringing in her ears. Her pussy vibrated with sensations she'd never felt before.

"You have a mild irritation. I will need to clean you", Shanna said as she turned and reached for a bottle that was in the cabinet behind her.

Kate was tilted back on the table to where she couldn't really see what was going on. An absorbent pad was placed beneath Kate. More rattling. Kate felt a slight squeeze then a pinch on her outer right cunt lip. A long cold object Kate assumed was some kind of clamp had been squeezed onto her and Shanna was pulling her folds open. The clamp was quickly tossed over Kate's thigh and the process was repeated on the left. Kate's inner labia were on display now.

Shanna grabbed a bottle off the table and started dripping it slowly onto Kate's gaped puss. The liquid was extremely cold and Kate buckled and arched her back trying to wiggle away. Shanna smacked Kate promptly on the ass cheek and sternly said, "You'd better be still. This is going to take a while!"

Shanna soon started to rub the cold solution all around Kate's clit and inside her little pussy lips. Kate was really feeling turned on, but at the same time she was still frightened.

Out of liquid, Shanna took some gauze and started blotting Kate dry. Kate had to admit, her vagina was feeling much better, with the exception of those pesky clamps.

Shanna picked up both clamps and Kate let out a sigh of relief. Freedom at last! she thought. Shanna let both heavy clamps drop, still attached to Kate's pussy. The weight was tremendous. Kate started to wiggle again and Shanna smacked her on top of her pussy mound. The stinging sensation almost felt good to Kate.

Kate was tilted forward again, slightly, and Shanna finally relieved her from the clamps. Shanna rubbed a cool hand over Kate's swollen cunt. Shanna took a seat again and continued to rub Kate. More moist breath. More rubbing. Kate was feeling a little light headed. She wasn't sure what was happening as Shanna bent closer towards her and started licking her pussy. The rush was intense. Kate had never felt such pleasure before. A moan escaped her before she realized it. She was embarrassed again. Shanna softly whispered that there was nothing to feel embarrassed about, and she continued to pleasure Kate.

Kate could feel herself rushing towards an orgasm. Shanna could feel it too. Kate's pussy tasted hot, her clit was sticking almost strait up, and her cunt was dripping sweet juice. Kate felt a finger glide inside her. Then two. She was rocking back and forth in time with the finger-fuck she was receiving. More and more juice was dripping from her sweet insides.

Shanna slowly pulled the two fingers out, slid them around the outside of Kate's hole, and backed her tongue away.

More rattling.

Kate was so close to cumming already she couldn't imagine what Shanna was going to tease her with next!

Shanna took her thumb and two fingers and spread Kate's pussy open once more, this time inserting a speculum. Slowly, Shanna cranked open the speculum open to widest setting possible. Kate had never been forced open like this- the feeling was painful, but breathtaking. Shanna started rubbing Kate's clit again. The pleasure was intense. Kate knew she was close to cumming, but it seemed as if Shanna was one step ahead of her slowing her motions as Kate neared orgasm.

Shanna backed off the speculum a little, and Kate's pussy spasmed. Shanna jammed a lubed finger inside Kate's ass and Kate howled. She had never been so close to orgasm before and not been allowed to cum. Shanna took her other hand and poked two more fingers into Kate's speculumed puss. She gently caressed the vaginal walls anywhere she could reach around the blades of the speculum, applying the most pressure to the top near where Kate's G-spot was.

Kate couldn't take any more of this torture. She arched her back, pushing her pussy towards Shanna's hand as much as she could, then exploded into orgasm. A stream of jizz shot from Kate's open cunt hitting Shanna in her open (and waiting) mouth. Kate shook with force at the intensity of the orgasm. The room spun around. The lights seemed to flicker.

Shanna slid her fingers out of Kate's ass and pussy. She started to pull the speculum out, but hadn't closed it. Slowly, the open speculum gaped Kate open more and more. A second wave of pleasure hit Kate as Shanna rotated the open device around inside her. Shanna closed the speculum a little more, pulled it out a little farther, and gave Kate's clit one last long slurp and tug as she popped the speculum out.

Kate's pussy remained gaped open, and Shanna slowly bent to kiss it. Kate could do nothing at this point but pant for air. She was totally spent. In fact, Kate was so out of it that she hardly realized Shanna was pulling her lab coat off. Shanna then untied her scrub pants and let them drop to the floor. Shanna tugged her satin panties off much the same way Kate had earlier in the afternoon.

Kate was barely conscious when Shanna reached down between her legs and freed a cock from between them. A cock that had throbbed for over an hour now. A cock that had been wanting that sweet, wet pussy Kate had so selfishly pleasured for herself for months on end.

Shanna slid her member into Kate's gaped cunt, grabbed her by the hips, and fucked her as hard and as fast as she could until Shanna filled Kate's already dripping cunt with seed. Shanna pulled her dick out, and sticky sweet wetness dripped to the floor.

Shanna couldn't help herself. She just had to lean back down and taste Kate's pussy once more. Their juices had mixed, and Shanna couldn't remember the last time she'd tasted something so delicious.

Shanna redressed Kate as best she could, then carried her through the empty clinic into the darkness of the parking lot and placed Kate in her car careful to lock the door.

Kate awoke hours later, confused and sore. A small piece of paper was on the steering wheel in front of her. It was a prescription for a soothing vaginal cream that was to be applied three times a day. If there were any questions, she was instructed to call the front desk and ask for Shanna.

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