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The Clown


After fighting the traffic in the pouring rain, Robin tossed her purse down on her couch, quickly pulled off her wet clothes and then headed over to the refrigerator wearing only her panties. The curtains weren't fully closed, but with the pouring rain outside she figured no one would be peeking inside. Too tired to spend any time cooking, she planned to grab a microwave dinner and quickly zap it, before curling up in front of the television. Unfortunately, just as she grabbed for the freezer door, the lights flickered and then went out completely.

"Just great," she complained walking back through the living room and into her bedroom. Groping through her drawers she pulled out a flashlight and set it on her nightstand just in case the lights didn't come on soon. In spite of the storm there was still enough light from outside so she could find her way around for now, but in an hour or so she'd definitely need the flashlight.

After about thirty minutes, Robin figured the lights would be out for a while and since she was getting hungry she thought she'd try to pick something up to eat. It was still pouring rain, but if she went to a drive through it shouldn't be too bad. She pulled on a tee shirt and some shorts and headed for the door. Slipping on a beat up pair of tennis shoes, she locked the door and dashed out to her car, getting soaked again in the process.

The storm was apparently worse than she thought because the lights seemed to be out all over. She passed restaurant after restaurant, all dark and closed up. After fighting though heavy traffic for several blocks, she was ready to give up when she spotted a Hastie Burger Bar that appeared to have some electricity. The outside sign was out, but she could see some light coming from inside the restaurant and in that light she could see some people milling about.

As she pulled in the parking lot, she could see that the drive through lane was clearly not open because a number of empty cars blocked the lane. She guessed the people, wanting to park as close to the building as possible, simply pulled up into the lane and then jumped out. Figuring it was a good idea, she pulled up and quickly jumped out and dashed for the door, getting soaked even more in the process.

Once inside she immediately saw that the restaurant wasn't serving food. There must have been some promotion running, but as she stepped through the door she faced none other than Alfie, the Hastie Burger Bar Clown along with several other men simply milling about. The light she had seen was from several overhead emergency lights, apparently running on a battery and some high powered lights two men were holding. Figuring they must have been videotaping something, the looked up and said, "Oh, I'm sorry. I thought maybe you were open."

All of the men smiled to her and one stepped forward, "We're not open, but it's okay. You're welcome to stay here until the electricity comes back on or at least till the rain lets up."

"Well, thank you," she said, a bit overwhelmed by the boisterous welcome she received. Looking over at Alfie she felt a strange tingling of excitement roll though her, a feeling similar to when she was a child. She remembered the joy she felt riding in the car with her parents to Hastie's, the fun she had as they waited in line wondering what toy she'd get in her Hastie meal and the wonderful taste of the French fries she ate as she played with her toy. Later, when she was in high school she often dreamed of being locked in a restaurant with Alfie. All these memories flashed through her mind as she looked at the clown's face. When her gaze lowered and slowly traveled down his colorful costume, she felt another tingling surge of excitement.

A bit flustered, she murmured something about "...drying off," and headed down the corridor to the bathroom. She could see under the door that there was some light coming from the bathroom, so there must have been an emergency light in there. The men shined their lights down the corridor and walking carefully so not to slip and fall, she wondered why she had received such an enthusiastic greeting. Once she opened the door and stepped up to the sink she immediately knew why the men were so gracious. Looking into the mirror she saw that her tee shirt was so wet that she might as well not worn it.

Even in the dim light, she could see her nipples protruding out from the wet shirt, the material conforming to the texture of her skin in intimate detail. Looking down she also could see how her shorts had hiked up, pretty much leaving nothing to the imagination there either. She reached down and adjusted her shorts some but realized she couldn't do much with her tee shirt unless she planned to wait for it to dry. After trying her best to arrange herself a bit more modestly, she turned to head back out into the restaurant when Alfie pushed his way into the door.

Startled at what appeared to be happening, she gasped and slowly backed away when the clown said, "Hey, hey, it's okay. Look come here, I'll show you." The clown caught her hand and held it up to his chest, and suddenly her hand felt the gently curve of a woman's breast.

"You're a..."

The clown nodded, "Yes, I have been for as long as I remember."

"But Alfie..."

"Well, the Alfie I replaced was a woman, and I've been Alfie for maybe ten years."

"All those years and you're a woman. I used to be in love with you," Robin replied.

"You can still be in love with Alfie, hell the men out there just treat me like a guy."

"What do you mean?"

"Well they were really going on about you, I mean with the wet clothes and all. You would have thought I was a guy."

"It must be hard putting up with that."

"Yeah, sometimes it is. Hey look, if you want you can wait in here, let your clothes dry out some more. It doesn't look like the rain is going to stop. The guys really do have some work they can do using the flashlights and the emergency lights in the serving area."

"Okay. If we only had some electricity I could use the hand dryers to dry off my clothes."

"If you want you can just wring them out that may help some."

Sensing that Alfie was a bit too helpful Robin tilted her head and asked, "Alfie, when the men talked about me did they talk about seeing right through my blouse?"

"Yeah, one of them commented on how cold you must have been."

"And did the men like what they saw?"

"Oh yeah, they liked it a lot."

"And Alfie, did you like what you saw?"

Silence... Alfie got a strange look on her face and then tried to answer several times but stopped herself. Finally she leaned back against the wall and said, "I loved what I saw."

Looking directly into Alfie's eyes Robin asked, "And I'm just going to take off my blouse and ring it out, perhaps hang it over the partition there?"

"If you want to, if you want I can leave."

Robin pulled off her blouse and then looked back at Alfie. Alfie's eyes lowered for a moment then snapped back to look into Robin's eyes.

"My shorts and panties are soaking wet too, they probably need wringing out."

"They probably need wringing out," Alfie replied.

"My fingers are a bit numb from the chill, will you take them off of me?" Robin asked, letting an old fantasy rewrite itself.

So now, instead of Alfie's strong masculine hands undressing her, Robin felt Alfie's softer feminine hands undressing her. She watched as Alfie slowly tucked her fingers inside the elastic waistband and slowly pulled Robin's shorts and panties down to her ankles. The clown then hung the garments over the partition next to Robin's blouse as Robin stood shivering.

"You're so cold," Alfie said, wrapping her arms around Robin. The clown was tall and even rising up on her tiptoes as she embraced the large woman she felt her face press against her breasts. They were much firmer than Robin expected.

"Oh, my breasts, I have to wrap them tightly to keep my real identity from poking out too far."

The clown's dry and warm clothes warmed Robin up enough to stop shivering and when she ran her hands sensuously over the woman's ass, she felt herself lifted up into the air. The woman gently set her down so she was sitting on the countertop at the sink and then moved her hands to Robin's knees. Robin turned her head up and met the woman in a kiss, opening her mouth as the woman's tongue slipped inside.

As they kissed, Robin opened her legs, feeling Alfie's smooth hands slide up her thighs. Moving her hands down beside her, Robin lifted her ass up and scooted forward, giving the woman easier access to her pussy. Alfie kissed Robin all over the face and then kissed down her neck and moved to her breasts. She kissed over the soft mounds and then moved to a nipple, sucking it into her mouth.

Feeling a tingling sensation shoot down her body, Robin moaned and then gasped as Alfie quickly kissed down her belly, tickling her some. Before she knew it Robin felt the woman's tongue slither though the soft curls of her pubic hair and run down her slit. She could feel the hot moist breath from the woman's nose as she felt her tongue burrow into her pussy, first just slightly penetrating her opening and then pushing deep inside her.

Leaning back, Robin carefully ran her fingers into Alfie's curly red hair, wondering for a moment if it was a wig, it seemed to hold so firmly, but then losing herself into the sensation of the tongue that was pushing in and out of her pussy. Since her teenage years she had a weird fantasy about getting fucked by Alfie and now, as an adult, here she was with Alfie eating her pussy.

Robin felt Alfie's tongue move up to her clit and she clenched her teeth, feeling the pleasure building inside. She began to move her hips, trying to push them onto the clowns face. Alfie then sucked her clit in between her lips letting her tongue move quickly back and forth just light brushing the clit. The sensation was incredible, driving Robin into a frenzy as she pulled Alfie's head to her and ground her pussy into the woman's face. She then felt a jolt of pleasure crash though her body and bright lights shined in her eyes. Her whole body trembled as she pulsed from inside, the pleasure rolling through her again and again.

It was several moments before she realized that the bright lights were the lights coming back on. She looked down and met Alfie as she rose up from between her legs meeting in a kiss. Tasting herself on Alfie's lips and tongue, she breathed hard through her nose as their tongues mingled together. When the finally broke apart she looked at the clown and saw her cheeks and chin in a flesh color and the rest of the face in white. Glancing down between her legs she saw the white makeup from Alfie's face and the red makeup from her lips all over her thighs.

"Oh my, this must be one of the hazards in loving a clown," Robin said.

Laughing, Alfie replied, "Oh yes, here, we better clean you up some." She handed her some paper towels which Robin dampened in the sink and ran over her thighs, removing some of the makeup.

"But what about you? You can't go back out there looking like this," she said, running her fingers gently over Alfie's face.

"That's the good thing about these pants, I can carry all the makeup I need," she replied, quickly working the white over her cheeks.

"You don't have a makeup person do that?"

"Not on the Hastie Burger Bar budget, I do it all myself. I got to where I can get it on in no time," she replied reaching in her pocket for the red lipstick. "See what I mean," she said after fixing the lips.

"I guess I can use the hand dryers on my clothes," Robin said.

"I better get back out there and see what they plan to do. You're welcome to stay in here as long as you want, but if customers start coming in they may want to come back here."

"What about you, will you come back here," Robin asked, running her hand along the inside of Alfie's thigh.

Bending down to kiss Robin again, she replied, "I'll come back and let you know either way. I am hoping they don't open up. That way I just need to hang around while they finish up their paperwork, I then will need to leave with them."

"Okay, come back soon," Robin said. She watched as Alfie the clown slipped through the restroom door. Alfie slipped through the door after becoming Robin's own fantasy come true.

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