tagGroup SexThe Club Ch. 03

The Club Ch. 03


The Club (Part 3) David

“You know, I’ve always liked that Stevie Nicks song,” Annie said, trying to convince me to join her in sponsoring David at the club.

“What song?”

“Edge of Seventeen, you know, “Just like a white winged dove,” she replied.

“Oh yeah, on “Bella Donna” right?”

“And a few others.”

“David’s only seventeen?” I asked, “I thought the club…”

“Calm down, he just turned nineteen, but it’s close enough.”

“That’s two years.”

“I know, but can’t you just let me play with the fantasy a bit. He was seventeen when he started giving tennis lessons,” she said, with a bit of attitude.

“And how did you get set up with him?”

“Charlotte told me about him, but only after hogging him for a year and a half.”

“So he was almost nineteen when you met him.”

“Yes, well beyond jailbait by then. But of course, he was only a bit of a plaything, I had my eyes on you,” she said with a sly smile.

“You had your eyes on me, even back then?”

“Oh yes, I knew he could teach me a backhand, but you were my game, set and match.”

“So you’ve never done anything with him?”

Annie shook her head, “No.”

“What makes you think he would like to join the club?”

“Well, none of the ladies have done anything with him, not officially anyway.”

“Not officially?”

“Look, he shows me a forehand; standing behind me he guides my arm. I simply lean back a bit, wiggle my ass and in no time I can feel him hard. I just wiggle my ass some more.”


“Oh yes, delightfully so.”

“So we’re taking him to the club tonight?”

“He’s meeting us there, kind of a special thing, a celebration of my thirtieth lesson.”

“Does he have any idea?”

“I told him about the club.”

“You had told me about it, but I had no idea, not until...”

“Oh Dan, but you loved it.”

“I loved you.”

“You telling me you didn’t love the club?” she said.

“”Well... Okay, the club was nice too, but only because you were there in all that action.”

She smiled and leaned over, kissing me on the cheek, “That’s sweet.”

“It’s true,” I replied, pulling the car into the parking lot. “Where will David meet us?”

She smiled, “I told him about an initiation and gave him some specific instructions. I had the club save a room for us, he should be there now.”

“They let him in?”

“The paperwork was already complete, and if he followed instructions he should be in the room, naked, waiting for the initiation.”

“And what is this initiation?”

“Just you and me baby, a little three way.”

“Has he ever...”

“Well, if they are telling the truth, none of my friends have touched him... well, nothing more than what I did. Who knows what he has done with any girlfriends?”

“So what do we do?”

“Just get undressed and follow my lead.”

I had followed her lead so far, so I removed my clothes and waited for her. She was naked except for an odd bra like thing that left her breasts completely exposed and some crotch less panties.

“Oh my, you really do want to get him going.”

“This is for you, and I see it is working,” she replied, nodding at my cock as it rose to attention. “Follow me,” she said, walking through a door marked private.

Once inside, I could see David sitting in a chair. I could tell by looking at him he was very unsure of himself. Naked, but with an erect cock, he simply sat, looking at Annie. She walked over, kneeled in front of him and gently spread his knees. David seemed to jump as she touched him, and as she caressed his thighs, I could see his cock begin to twitch. He was moaning before she even touched his rod.

Annie continued to lightly stroke his thighs, and then leaned forward and ran a tongue along the length of his shaft. I could tell that, just from that light touch, he was about to come. Annie sensed it too, quickly grabbing him with her right hand and taking him into her mouth. She had just begun moving her head up and down, when he moaned loudly and thrust his hips upward, pressing deep into her mouth.

I watched her try to swallow it all, but some of his come leaked out around him, running down his penis and over her hand. He fell back into the chair moaning, “Oh my, oh my.”

Annie looked at me and said, “So soon, now what are we going to do the rest of the time here?” As she walked seductively towards me, I felt my penis rising. I slid back onto the bed and watched her crawl over to me. She grabbed me and began stroking. On her hands and knees, she took me in her mouth and began to suck. While moving her hand up and down on my shaft, she began twisting her head from side to side in perfect unison.

The sensation was incredible as she moved her hands and mouth perfectly on me. The wet, suction she maintained combined with the electric sensation as she slid her teeth over my glans was driving me crazy. So crazy! I didn’t immediately notice that David had walked over to the bed and was now kneeling behind her. She stopped her sucking a moment and wiggled her ass for him.

In an almost growl she said, “Come on, I know you’ve wanted me like this.” She closed her eyes a moment as he slid his penis into her cunt from behind. Once he began his motion, she continued on me.

Seeing him thrusting into her and the jolt that shivered through her body as he shoved himself to the hilt excited me incredibly. Our rhythms merged as I moved my hips up and down, my cock slipping in and out of her mouth. I could hear David slapping against Annie’s ass with each thrust, the sound inspired me. In no time I was splashing my come into her mouth. She swallowed the sticky liquid carefully and then let my penis fall out of her mouth. Her hand then left my shaft and reached between her legs to caress her clit. I lay on my back watching her work herself to orgasm as David pounded her from behind.

She began whispering, “Fuck me, please fuck me,” but soon was shouting it loudly. She massaged her clitoris, while she pressed herself back to meet David’s penis. From beneath her, I could see his balls slapping against her with each thrust. She moaned once more and cried out, “Oh I’m coming... Ah, yes.”

With that, David pressed deep inside her, “Damn, me too,” he growled through gritted teeth. The two of them then stopped their motion, pressed tightly together. After a few moments, they leaned over on their sides together, each trying to catch their breath.

After the breathing calmed a bit, I sat up and looked at David. “Welcome to the club.”

He got an odd look on his face and asked, “Is it always like this here?”

Annie smiled, “Oh you have no idea. I think your students may want to teach you a thing or two.”

“Students?” he asked.

She pointed to the back wall, where a face peeked from behind a curtain. I noticed David immediately blush, “Dan, I’d like you to meet Charlotte.”

Charlotte stepped from behind the curtain to expose a body that, though slightly overweight seemed very well preserved for her fifty-two years. She walked over and took David by the hand, saying, “Come with me, I think I’d like to work a bit on your backhand.”

David looked helplessly at me and then followed her out of the room.

I noticed Annie looking down at my cock, now hard again. “You liked Charlotte I see.”

“She’s fifty two?”

“Hard to believe, but yes, fifty two.”

“I wonder what she is like in action,” I replied.

“Ah, who’s the lecherous one now?”

(continued on part 4)

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