tagBDSMThe Collector's Revenge

The Collector's Revenge


Two nights later I run into you coming out of your office and decide I need to take control of things. I come over and take your hand. You begin to resist, but are torn between the pleasure and interactions we've had and the fact that you don't really know me. I drive you back to my apartment and bring you into my basement. I can feel your excitement and fear. I put you on my massage table, and fasten your arms and legs to the table. I pull out a scissors and cut the rest of your clothes off. My fingers caress your skin, your ass lifting in the air. I pull our a massage oil and squeeze some over your bound body, drizzling some between your ass cheeks, both threatening and promising things to come.

"What are you doing to me?"

"Whatever I want." I stand in front of you. The table has been preset to a certain height: the perfect height for me to fuck your mouth. My fingers caress your head and play with your hair as I slip my dick between your lips. "Be a good girl and suck. You know you want it. I might even let you go. Or maybe I'll keep you as my sex slave." You moan and begin slurping. My fingers play with your hair, keeping it off your face. A finger traces your cheek. I'm so horny and your talents are immense. Despite your inability to move, the slight rocking of my hips combined with your swirling tongue on my cock and I quickly explode, my salty seed filling your mouth. "You better swallow, bitch. You don't know when I will feed you again." I hear your mouth move, your body adjust and I look to see that your lips have not lost a single drop.

"Good girl." Reaching for a ball gag, I put it on your mouth guaranteeing that you won't talk, but leaving it loose enough that your moans will be audible.

I sit, naked on my wheeled stool and slide back around to the bottom of my captured wench. I see your toes, the red paint glistening under the light. I lift a foot and slide my tongue between your toes, biting gently on the rough skin. MY hands caress your feet and my mouth worships your toes. Soft moans escape your bound mouth. Many minutes later, my hands have been over every inch of your back skin: legs, ass, back, shoulders. But I've left your ass alone. I pull out a small toy, three inches long, with a wire running from it to another device. I spread your ass and slide my tongue across the tight, dark pink skin that is your little hole. I tongue it briefly, then wiggle the toy into your ass. I see the clench, the tightness, the resistance. I give your ass cheek a strong, swift slap. "Submit, Emily." You relax, but I feel you struggling against your bonds. The toy fills your butt and I slap your other cheek. My hand leaves a pink print, where the blood has rushed to the skin.

I walk over to my bar and pull out a bottle of port. I put on a robe and open the tawny, pouring some into a glass for myself. Then I pour some in a McDonalds cup, put the straw in and place it under you on a small table. I unfasten the ball gag and tell you to sip. You hesitatingly sip the wine. A soft voice, "Who are you?"

"Your master." I reach for the device resting on your ass and press a button. The toy in your ass begins to vibrate slowly. I pull the cup away and reach for the thermostat, turning it up for your comfort. I sit in my leather chair, and reach for my humidor. Pulling out a long, narrow Macanudo cigar, I begin to puff silently. You begin asking questions, making accusations, moaning from the pleasure caused by toy inside your darkest parts, but I leave you in silence. I reach for the toy and turn it off. We both just sit, you, my centerpiece of the room, quivering, excited. I sit for a long while. Minutes drip by like a leaky faucet. After ten minutes you stop asking questions. I see your breathing begin to become more regular and toss a blanket over you and let you sleep while I finish my cigar.

I give you an hour before I turn the ass toy on again. I see you begin to wake up, confused at your surroundings for a second. I pull the blanket off you and again my eyes feast on your naked body. Then I slip my thumb in your pussy, the juices having stewed ever since I picked you up at the park. You inhale deeply and I begin fucking your pussy with my thumb, slow, deep pressure. I kiss the inside of your thighs and begin licking at your juices. I sit on my wheeled stool and spread the legs of my custom made massage table apart. The toy shakes gently in your ass and I begin toying with it, fucking your ass with my toy while my lips play on your clit. I slurp and suck, swirling my tongue around your clit, sliding between and amongst the various lips I find. Tremors begin in your core. I can feel you begin to shake and quiver. Moans come from your mouth. A strong, hard orgasm comes over your body as you struggle against your bonds. In the deepest throes of your orgasm, I shove my cock inside you and enjoy the sensations as they surround my cock. Pushing you a little harder I turn up the anal probe and it buzzes harder inside you. Minutes pass as your body struggles to deal with the multiple sensations. I count several orgasms before I begin to succumb myself. I haven't moved, just shoved my cock inside you, but your quivering has driven me over the edge. Filling your pussy, I shove a few times to make sure all my jizz stays inside.

Reaching for another toy, I replace my cock with a short but squat dildo that I put inside you, securing my juices inside you. I fasten the device and return the blanket over your body. I reach and turn off the anal toy. Walking up to the head of the table, I put my cock out and instruct you to clean it. I feel your warm mouth sucking our joint juices off, your sweet pussy juice mixed with my savory semen.

"Are you comfortable?" I inquire?

"Yes, actually. Very. Thank you for letting me cum."

"You're welcome. Goodnight." I flip off the light and head to bed.

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