tagLoving WivesThe College Recruiting Trip

The College Recruiting Trip


My wife and I have been happily married for ten years. We are both 38 years old and we have a great sex life. The one thing I have always fantasized about that we have never done is to have her have sex with someone else.

Once in a while during our lovemaking I would say something like this to her as I pounded her pussy, but we never spoke of it other than that.

Cheryl is 5'7, 125 lbs with blond hair and blue eyes. She is a knockout in anyone's book for her age. She has C cup tits that don't have much sag and great nipples that stick out when aroused.

About 3 months ago, an old neighbor called and told us her son was thinking about attending college in our town and she was wondering if Brad could come visit for a week and check out the campus and the city and see if it was a place he would want to spend the next two years. He was currently in junior college in their city.

We had not seen Brad in about 5 years, but we remember him as a nice young man and we got to know him as he often cut our lawn or did chores for money. We said ok and arrangements were made.

Two weeks later Brad showed up. He drove in from out of town and when we answered the door, Cheryl and I barely recognized him. He was 20 years old, dark tan, about 6'2 and 185 lbs. He was a good looking kid who obviously had spending some time in the gym.

We invited him in and got him situated. I am a very successful airline pilot and make a great living. We have a big house in an exclusive sub division. Our home has 5 bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, a pool, hot tub, and is very spacious.

The first night we all had dinner and got reacquainted and then retired to bed.

The next day was Saturday, and after doing some lawn work, I decided to take a swim. I went inside and changed into my speedo. I know, I know you are laughing at the speedo thing, but I have just always worn one and I am secure in the way I look in one.

So I came out and took a swim. Soon Cheryl was out in her bikini and Brad joined us soon after. Brad was ripped….just chiseled. I am sure Cheryl noticed. Brad hopped in the pool and joined me and Cheryl laid down on a chair and started to soak up rays.

Every so often I noticed Brad taking in Cheryl's whole body as he spoke to her. I could tell she liked the young man looking her up and down. Soon, I was ready to get out, so I got out and headed over to the chair next to Cheryl. As is normal with most men, my dick had shrunk quite a bit and you could clearly see through my suit that my cock had lost some size.

Brad got out a few minutes later and his suit just stuck to his body. He didn't bother to pull the suit from his body as he walked over to us. His cock was a good six inches and was protruding from the suit. Cheryl had sunglasses on and I am sure she was locked in on it. Hell, I could barely keep my eyes off it, just amazed by the fullness of his suit.

We made small talk, decided to change, and show Brad the downtown area. When Cheryl and I were in our room, I came up behind her and put my hand on her naked pussy. She was very wet. Much more wet than she would normally be just hanging out.

So I stepped behind her and slid my cock in from behind. I had her bent over the bathroom counter and I squeezed her tits as I slid in and out. We didn't mention Brad.

The next day, Brad said he was going to go upstairs and change and take a swim. He came back down soon after and said he couldn't find his suit. Cheryl said that she had taken it from the bathroom and put it in the washer.

"You can borrow a speedo if you want," I said.

He acted a little unsure, but I said, "I have a brand new one that I bought last month….I haven't even worn it."

He said ok, so I went upstairs to retrieve it. I gave it to him and off he went to change. Cheryl was doing household chores in her normal house outfit, a bikini, with shorts on top.

Brad came out in just the speedo and it looked like he had stuffed a sock in his suit. I couldn't believe how much he filled it up! He headed out to the pool and began taking a swim.

Cheryl had some more cleaning to do and I had to go pick up some fertilizer for the lawn. I told her I would be back in a while and stepped out.

As I was doing my shopping, I kept thinking about this guys cock. Not in a gay way, but I was simply amazed at the size of this kid's unit.

I came home about an hour later and the house was quiet. I looked outside and Brad and Cheryl were both catching some sun on the lounge chairs. They were lying next to each other each on their own chair, Cheryl on her back and Brad on his stomach. Every once in a while they would make small talk, but for the most part they were just working on their tans.

Soon, Brad started to turn over. When he came to a rest on his back, his cock looked like it was fighting to get out. It was pointed towards his feet and bowing out. It looked like a banana under there.

I laughed with what I saw next. I could hear Cheryl talking about all the new flowers and such that we had planted. Cheryl had to look over Brad to see them, so she had Brad turning his head allowing her stare unnoticed right at his cock. He turned back and caught her looking, but she just looked up and continued talking.

A few minutes later, she got the oil out and started to rub the lotion into her stomach. Her tan really stood out against her yellow suit. Next she rubbed it on her legs and then her chest. She took her time and rubbed it in pretty good on her tits. She was making sure not to look at Brad, so that he could take notice of her doing this.

Brad squirmed a little, and I could see his cock getting longer. He soon jumped up and jumped in the pool. His back was to her from the time he got up so I think he was embarrassed and shielding himself.

I came outside a few minutes later and everything seemed normal.

The rest of the day I kept thinking about how I wanted Cheryl to fuck this guy. I didn't know if I should talk to her about it and try to help the situation along or if I should just sit back and watch. I decided on the latter.

The next few days much of the same took place, I noticed some innocent flirting and admiring, but nothing to my knowledge took place. I did however enjoy Cheryl fucking me like she hadn't in years. We have always had a good sex life, but she was 10 times more into it than usual.

Brad went about the campus tour and investigating. He was gone for most of the day and I always noticed how Cheryl's spirits seemed to rise when he was around.

Fortunately I was in town and not flying during Brad's stay so I could keep on top of what was going on. The next day, I had some errands to run and when I got home I once again found the two outside. They were both in the pool. Cheryl had her yellow suit on again and Brad, my speedo.

I went up to the spare bedroom and peered out the window. I cracked the window so I could hear what they were saying.

Cheryl's yellow suit was very transparent when wet and I could see her nipples clearly as she walked to her chair. I couldn't see her bush though…had she shaved it?

After a few minutes of drying off, Cheryl turned onto her back and asked Brad to put lotion on her back. She reached behind her and untied her top and then lid down on her stomach. Her breasts were pushed out a little on each side of her.

Brad got up and sat on the edge of his lounge chair and reached over and started to rub the lotion into her back. He had his legs spread with his dick hanging down low. He took his time rubbing the lotion in and then I heard him ask if she wanted her legs done to. She said yes, so he began to work the lotion into them. I was hoping that his hand would suddenly slide between them but it didn't. He did however get a full blown erection that was actually pulling my speedo away from his body. His dick was still pointing towards the ground.

Cheryl turned her head and was eye level with what was happening. She laughed out as she looked at him. Brad seemed a little embarrassed, "I can't help it. I'm sorry." He said coolly.

"Don't be embarrassed, I definitely don't mind looking at that. It's natural, don't worry," she said. "Lay back, I will put lotion on you."

Brad laid down and his cock was fighting to stand straight up. He was clearly embarrassed as Cheryl just laughed.

"Do you need to adjust yourself to be comfortable?" she asked. "I'll turn away."

She turned her head and Brad pulled down the speedo and his cock sprung out. It had to be 10 inches long and rock hard. He laid it so that it pointed towards his chin, but it was so big that it stuck out of his speedo by about 4 inches. He just rested his hand on the part that stuck out.

She turned around and laughed again, but started to lather up his legs. She finished there and squirted some lotion on his chest. She started to rub it in and got as low as his hand. "You know Brad, you can move your hand. Don't worry about it. Seriously, don't worry about it." He moved his hand, and she just sat there looking for a few seconds.

She started to rub the lotion around the cock on his abs. "How big is it?" she finally asked. "I don't know, I never checked."

She just kept rubbing his chest and abs but not touching his cock. She then reached out for the waist band with her left hand and pulled it down so she could see it entirely. She looked at it for a few seconds and then picked it up with her right hand. She pointed it straight at the sky. She looked it over and then her hand started to descend down the shaft, and then back up. She started slowly but gradually picked up her pace.

Not a word was spoken as she pumped his cock. Brad reached down and pulled his suit down a little more so she didn't have to hold it. Cheryl reached and picked up the lotion while her hand kept stroking that 10 incher. She paused and squirted lotion all over his dick. She now grabbed it with both hands and pumped him hard. She pumped with her right bottom hand while the top left hand would circle around the head at the top.

Brad started to move around and groan so she pumped harder. "Holy shiit…here it comes!" he yelled.

Huge amounts of come shot out of his cock and went all over him. He came for about 20 seconds as Cheryl slowed down her pumping. She finally stopped and laid his dick on his stomach.

"You have got one huge cock. Sorry about that, but I just had to do that. We better get cleaned up fast."

With that she wiped him up with the towel she was laying on. Brad put his dick away and jumped in the pool. I ran down the stairs and headed out to the driveway. I grabbed some stuff from my car and came back in.

"Hey honey..what's up," Cheryl said.

"Not much…just working on your tan?" I said.

"Yeah……Brad's in the pool. What do you want to do for dinner?"

I replied, "How about we just barbecue and rent a movie?"

She agreed so that was the plan. Another thing we have in our great house is a home theater in the basement. There is a movie screen built into the wall with a sectional couch that seats 10 in front of it.

I went downstairs and shut the blinds leaving two of the blinds doubled up so that you could see through them. I also opened the sliding glass door that the blinds covered a few feet.

We ended up grilling steak for Brad's last night and I had the wine flowing. Everyone drank a fair amount, and I have to hand it to those two, if I hadn't seen what I saw, I would not suspect a thing by their behavior.

Soon after dinner, we all headed down to the theater. Cheryl was wearing a light weight sundress, Brad in cut off sweats and a tank top.

Cheryl and I cuddled up and Brad was a few seats away. After about an hour, or so I started to pretend to sleep. I would then wake up for 2 minutes and then be asleep again.

Finally, Cheryl said," Honey, why don't you go on upstairs and go to sleep?"

"Yeah, I guess you are right, I can't keep my eyes open. Alright, well you two enjoy the flick and I'll see you in the morning."

I walked up the stairs to the main floor and then up the next level to our bedroom. I made sure to step very loudly every single step so that they heard me walk all the way up both flights. I fumbled around on purpose in the bathroom and dropped a thing or two for effect. Then I was silent.

I snuck down the stairs and out the back door. I went down our hill to the basement sliding glass doors. I stood right in front of the crack and knew that neither could see me because of the tv light and it being dark outside.

Both of them were still watching the movie and drinking wine. In fact Cheryl hadn't even moved.

Maybe I was going to be disappointed. She then got up and grabbed the wine. She stood in front of Brad as she poured him another glass. She put the wine back and sat in the seat next to him this time. They just watched the movie for a few more minutes, when something funny happened on the screen. They both laughed and Cheryl put her hand on his thigh. She kept it there. They were sitting close to the window I was at, so I could hear them easily.

She turned to him and said, "Why don't you take off your clothes." Simple enough. He didn't need to be asked twice. He stood up and peeled off his tank top, and then dropped his short sand boxers in one motion. He sat back down on MY couch naked. That irked me a little but oh well.

Cheryl reached over and grabbed his dick. It was only about 5 inches now, but it started to grow as she held it.

It grew to its full size, and Brad said, "Actually it is 9 inches long, I said I didn't know earlier because I wanted you to keep looking at it."

"You are smart, although I probably still would have looked." She smiled.

She stood in front of him and peeled her sundress over her head. She was now standing in front of him with just a bra. No panties and she had shaved her bush. I now had my cock in my hand and was slowly stroking. She reached behind her and unclasped her bra. Brad was now looking at the best 38 year old body he would ever see.

She spun around once in front of him and then dropped to her knees. She took his cock in her hand and licked up the shaft and then back down. She took his balls in her mouth and stroked him at the same time. He just laid his head back and enjoyed.

She removed her mouth and said, "Look, I love my husband but I have to get fucked by you. We have about two hours. Will you fuck me?"

He just looked at her in awe and nodded yes.

She climbed up on him and rubbed up and down his length with her pussy and ass. Brad's hands were instantly on her tits and he started to lightly pinch her nipples. Cheryl reached behind her and lined up his dick with her hole. She started to sit on it and started to take a little at a time. Soon she was taking seven inches. She would slide all the way up and then slowly back down. Her pace picked up. At one point she was leaning back as he held her hips. She was moaning like I had never heard her. She almost sounded like she was crying it felt so good. She came twice as she bucked him.

Cheryl then got off his dick and stood on the couch with a foot on both sides of him. She squatted over his wand and lowered herself onto it. She put her hands in front of her and he grabbed them balancing her. She went down his cock and then back up….faster and faster. She was soon taking his whole cock and bouncing right back up. She did this for about 5 minutes with brad meeting her at impact. "Ohhhhh Cheryl, I am going to cum!! Cheryl I am going to cum."

Cheryl stayed relatively still and Brad just pumped his hips up to meet her fucking her from underneath. He thrusted and thrusted and finally pulled out and came all over his chest. Cheryl reached down and jerked him off as she drained him.

She slowly climbed off him and collapsed on the couch. Brad didn't even move….he just sat there panting. She got up and grabbed a towel and wiped both of them clean.

They made some small talk as Brad's cock never got smaller than 6 inches. After about 15 minutes she leaned over and took it in her mouth. He was rock hard again in 2 minutes.

This time Brad got on top of her and fed his cock into her pussy. He varied his strokes as Cheryl just laid back and took it. He built up his pace as his cock pistoned in and out of her sucking on and pinching her nipples. Brad sat up with his cock still in her and pushed her legs into her chest. He held them behind the knees and he stuffed her repeatedly. Cheryl squirmed and thrashed and basically just flat out got fucked. He finally turned her over and brought it home doggy style. He started to finger her ass hole and started to drag his middle finger in and out of her butt as he fucked her.

Cheryl was losing her mind and soon Brad was ready. He pulled out and came all over her back.

I figured the show was over so I headed up to bed. Cheryl finally joined me about 2 hours later after taking a shower and probably fucking him again. I pretended to be fast asleep and soon she was too.

The next morning we said goodbye to Brad and asked him to visit anytime. We just found out the other day that he will be going to school here so I think that Cheryl is probably very happy about the future.

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