tagBDSMThe Color Of Jade

The Color Of Jade


The room was dark, the air was cold, the walls were silent. In the back of my head grew the memory of my friend Jade who had told me to come here. I didn't want to, but in some way she had slowly changed my mind, and I could still remember how anxious I was to come here. The trees had been so green, and the air only seemed breathable in the direction of this house. It was as if nature was altered to get me here, but I knew that wasn't possible, or was it? I could see her dark brown eyes in front of me, even in this pitch black room, the depth of them and the soft humming as she always seemed to be humming on a song without words. Almost as if she had a tune in her mind, but just couldn't get the words to the melody.

Jade had become my friend some years ago when I was feeling lonely. Back then I had just moved to town, and only knew people like the cashier at the neighborhood store. It was then when I had no one to talk to but my friends on the net and some old friends over the phone, that I met her. I could still remember her red dress, and the way her long curly black hair flowed over her shoulders. She had been standing in front of me in the ticket line to the cinema. In my loneliness I had decided to go to some movie that all TV channels were advertising about. Some action thriller, and I thought that if my life were as boring as it had been ever since I moved, at least I could see some action on a silver screen.

I had actually felt shy standing behind her, trying not to stare as I let my eyes wander from her head to toe. She was shorter than me, but most people were. Being 6'5 I've come to look down on most, yet never had any thoughts of being disrespectful. I had the chance to inhale her soft perfume, to see her graceful movements as she slowly walked before me. She had paid for her ticket, and when she turned around she had looked me in the eyes with her narrow Asian eyes and walked away. I had bought my ticket in a hurry, but when I tried to find her, she was nowhere to be found. I searched the hallway, but no intense red dress was to be found.

I had watched the movie and even if I'll have to admit that it was an exciting and well made cinematic experience, I still couldn't take my thought from the slender lady in red. The twinkle in her eyes as she had looked at me for a glimpse of a moment. When the movie was over, I had rushed out, and waited outside until the last person came out, but no luck in finding the mystery lady. It had been difficult to sleep that night. As soon as I closed my eyes, I was taken back to the moments behind her, the scent of her perfume, the fragrance of her hair and the glimmer in her eyes as she turned around.

It took two weeks before I saw her again. She had been driving a red Volvo station wagon, and I had rushed towards her, but to no avail. For days after that, I was on the look out for what I assume to be her red Volvo, but every time I saw one I got disappointed when the driver was someone else. As time passed, I looked no more. It was a dream, and I couldn't continue running after someone that appeared to be impossible to catch, a glimpse and then disappear as a ghost.

The air was getting thicker and I felt it moving as if a window had been opened, or a door. No light revealed anything, not even a shade of gray. The inner vision as I entered the mansion gate, and moved to the front porch. The soft smiles from the servant woman who had shown me to the office, and the quick conversation I had with the female superintendent. The walk in the hallway, and the surprise as I was lead down to the basement. I had an appointment with Mistress Dark, and I sat down on a wooden chair at the bottom of the stairs, and the silence as I waited. The waiting and silence that was cut with a sharp voice from a nearby speaker commanding me to undress, and to enter the door on my right. The difficulty I had to breath as I saw the wooden pole in the center of the room in the pale light of a single spot. The strange eagerness that I felt as I placed my hands in the cuffs far up on the pole, and secured them to my wrists, and the loneliness I felt as the spot darkened.

The air was motionless again, and the room was silent as before. No movement, no sound, nothing. Time passed and I tried to listen to any sounds, but there were none. I was alone in the room, and not using the space very much either. I remembered how I finally had met Jade, when she one day rang my doorbell. I can't describe how surprised I had been, or how dry my mouth suddenly became, but it was surely a moment I'll never forget. The surprise I got when she introduced herself as my new neighbor, a real story to tell the grandchildren. Several weeks, yes even months of looking, only to find her living next door one day. How time had passed, how we got closer and closer, and slowly wiping out the mental walls of what was her apartment, and which was mine. We began to eat meals together, watch videos, listen to music, and so on. Then one day she asked me if I would do something for her, a kind of sexuality test. I was surprised by her question. After all, it wasn't as if we were innocently living next door to each other. She explained that she wanted me to go to a mansion where they served sexual pleasures. I was stunned by her request, and said no.

It was now two hours from that no. How easily had she not twisted my thoughts? How strange wasn't the feeling I had when I had to go to the mansion, not knowing what to expect, not knowing why. Standing here in the center of the room, secured to a pole was maybe her test to see if we would match on another level than the usual? I didn't know, all I knew was that I couldn't go anywhere and the feeling I had that someone was watching me grew and grew. What would happen? Would I come home with long red stripes over my body? I began to fear the fact that I was left in the hands of someone else, not knowing what Jade had arranged for me.

Suddenly a bright red light broke the darkness. The silhouette of a woman was all I could see in the red light, and a dark female voice saying.

"Welcome to my realm."

She moved closer, but the light made it impossible for me to make our any facial features. The air was moving, causing goose bumps on my skin, and shivers down my spine.

"I know why you have come. For this."

I could see her raised hand and a transparent plastic bottle in it with some clear liquid. She opened the cap, and moved her hand towards my neck, where she squeezed out a drop. She withdrew her hand, and stood silent. Suddenly the cold drop began to itch like crazy, and with my hands tied, I tried to reach with my chin, but couldn't get there.

"Yes, such a nasty feeling."

Her dark voice was filled with no sympathy. Instead she reached out again, a quick squirt and the feel of the cool drops on my left nipple. I looked up into the darkness that hid her face, and I closed my eyes as the intense itching began. It was so intense, and all I could do was to try to receive it, as there was no escape. I closed my eyes, and tried to move to have the itching stop, but there was nowhere to go, nothing to do.

"What have we here?"

I felt her hand around the shaft of my cock, and the warmth made me slowly grow. I couldn't resist her hand, and the blood was already pumping from the itching just rushed to make the cock rock hard. I looked down to see my cock in her hand, but my mind blanked as I saw her aim the tip of the bottle against the hole on the top of my cock head.

"Want me to stop?"

I panted, tried to move back, but the pole was there to hold me in place. I looked up and pleaded with all my heart.

"No, dear God, no. Don't, please."

Without seeing her face, I knew that she was smiling when she squeezed hard around the bottle, and whispered.

"To late."

Without waiting, I saw her take a few steps back into the light and then the light disappeared. I couldn't keep my eyes shut, and my tears ran down my cheeks without stopping. It was just to much to handle. I felt my hard cock in front of me, pulsating as blood rushed into the shaft over and over again. It was as if it was trying to swell as a struggle against the itching. There was no protection, no available shelter, and all my body did was continue to pump blood into the rock hard cock. The itching went from intense to insane as my cock began to ache. I felt how it stood straight out into the cool air, but nothing would stop the itching, absolutely nothing.

The darkness around me made my inner vision apparent, but all I could see was my own cock growing. The intense itching and pain was multiplied with each breath I took, and it ended up with me holding my breath. It didn't help at all. I came to the verge of fainting, but never crossed over to the relief of unconsciousness. Seconds turned to minutes, minutes into hours. With no clue of the time I stood there in my personal agony, the light suddenly appeared again. The same bright red light, the same silhouette. She stood there in front of me for a moment, then she pulled a chair into the light, and sat down.

"You look so delicious, I could eat you."

Her legs raised up, and rested on the arms of the chair, and I heard her moan in the chair. Time passed, and in the light I could see myself hard as a rock, straight forward, pulsating to fight the itching. My cheeks were wet from my own tears, my mouth dry from the panting. I could hear her moaning louder, panting as she continued to masturbate in front of me. How I wished I could kneel between her legs and drink from her nectar. She continued to moan and groan in her seat, and with each passionate sound she made, the itching in my hardness got more apparent. I looked at the passionate silhouette in the red light, and realized that I had never been this horny before in my entire life, yet I couldn't do anything about it. All I could do was watch as a captive as the conqueror had her glory of victory. Her triumph was a long scream of passion and I felt totally numb in my entire body except for my cock.

She stood up, her long slender body steaming in the light, and during a few moments, she remained still before me until she walked towards me. I looked into the darkness of her face, as she spoke again.

"What have we here? Aren't you just longing to slip that into my tight pussy, and slowly fuck me from behind."

She turned around, and moved her butt against me. Her long legs and high heels made her butt touch against my stomach instead of my hard cock. Oh how I wanted to fuck her, to feel her satin walls around me.

"Don't you want to cum for me?"

Her low whispering voice could be heard in my entire body, and I gasped for air and replied.

"Yes, please, yes, oh, yes, please."

I felt her hand surrounding my shaft, and then how she began to stroke me with slow motions. I felt how my balls began to boil instantly, but she continued to stroke me slowly. Teasing me with her warm hand, her butt against my stomach, and then she press herself against me, securing me against the pole as she rigorously forced me over the edge with rough fast strokes. I couldn't help screaming as the intensity of the waiting was ended and turned into a almost painful relief. She continued her strokes through out my orgasm, forcing me to shot out all of my load before us, as if she was enjoying the sight of my cock between her legs shooting out thick white loads over and over again. I cried throughout it all, and when I felt her hand release my cock, I watched her walkaway to a door, and the cuffs unlocked with a click.

I fell to the floor like a wet rag, and I couldn't raise myself to my feet. My body was still trying to comprehend the intensity of the wildest orgasm I'd ever had in my life. It took me a few minutes before I had regained enough strength to stand up. I walked out the door where I had entered, got dressed and left the mansion with an itch in my pants. It was almost midnight as I drove home to Jade. Why on earth had she wanted me to visit the mansion was beyond me. I simply couldn't understand why she wanted me to go through that.

- - - - -

When I got home, I found Jade in my kitchen making tea, and with her sweet voice she welcomed me back home. She wanted to know everything about the visit to the mansion, what I thought, what I had been through and all that I could think of. I told her exactly everything, told her what I had felt, what I had been through, and in some shame also admitted that it had been the wildest orgasm in my life. Her smile was warm, and the dark eyes were sparkling as she heard my story. When I had told her everything, she drank the last of her tea. Her hand reached out to the lamp and she turned it off. In the cold blue pale light she held my hand and said.

"I hope you would understand."

Her voice wasn't the normal bright voice, but much darker colder and I knew.

"I couldn't let you ask me to marry you unless you knew everything. This is what I do, this is my job. Please say you understand."

I couldn't drink the remains of my tea, I couldn't hold the cup in my hands, I couldn't stop my tears from coming. I placed the cup on the kitchen table, and took Jade in my arms. I hugged her for an eternity while I chanted in her ear.

"I love you Jade. I love you Jade."

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