tagNovels and NovellasThe Color of Sex Ch. 01-03

The Color of Sex Ch. 01-03


Thanks to BradBigBrain for editing suggestions! This is a complete story with all chapters submitted to Lit. and posted under the Novel/Novella genre. It contains, but is not limited to MF, FF, BDSM, Non-con/Reluctance, and Group. I hope you enjoy this tale as much as I enjoyed writing it! ~ Red ©

Chapter 1

Renee found it hard to maneuver her car through the winding streets of the city. Rain fell in sheets and the dense clouds moving in, kept the fog dense. Visibility was almost non-existent. She looked at the clock on the dashboard and cursed, pulled into a parking lot, placed the car into park and picked up her cell phone. Her husband's voice reached out to her.

"Hey babe, what's up?" he said.

"Is your boss still planning on coming over for dinner?" she asked, as she stared out the windshield of her car and tried to make out her surroundings.

The idea of having Rick's boss sitting down at their dinner table had been, for the most part very appealing. It was rare for the head honcho to sit across from one of the lesser known employees, and when he did do it, according to Rick, it almost always meant a promotion was on the table. Now though as she took in the bad weather she began to second guess hosting the meal. It was obvious it was not going to be an impressive one.

"Yeah, he is," Rick said over the phone, bringing Renee back to reality. "It sucks, I know, but we both know how important this dinner is. Is there any way you can get home in time to make it as spectacular as we'd hoped?"

Rick eased slowly along the entrance ramp to the interstate, all the while keeping an eye on the road and an ear tuned to his wife. He knew she understood the importance of the meeting and he knew she would do everything in her power to make sure the night went off without a hitch. The weather though was beyond either one of their control.

Renee sighed in frustration, closed her eyes and knew there was only one solution. "Look, I'll give Candice a call and let her know what is going on. Dinner is going to suffer though. You know she's not a talent in the kitchen. Your promotion better not be based on how well your twenty-one year old daughter can cook, or you're screwed. I better give her a call and let her know she's going to have to start supper."

Rick chuckled softly. "Don't worry, I'm pretty sure the promotion is in the bag and this is just Ben's way of making sure the whole family is on board."

Renee smiled into the phone. "You know that's why I love your job and your boss. He's not like the typical CEO of some finance company. He works hard to make sure the little guy gets noticed just as much as the big guy and he tries hard to make sure he knows something special about everyone under his employ." Renee sighed into the phone, "Look, I better get going and you be safe. I'll make the call and let Candice know what's going on. See you when you get home, okay?"

"Okay and I am sorry about all this. I love you," he said.

"Honey, it's not you, it's the weather. I love you too," Renee answered before ending her call. She then pressed the correlating number to her daughter's cell. It rang several times and Renee feared she would be left speaking to Candice's voice mail.

A quick prayer was answered when she heard her only child say, "Hey mom."

Renee took a deep breath and launched into what she hoped would not annoy her daughter too much. She knew Candice hated cooking and the idea of having to cook a meal for her dad's boss was going to make her stomach churn. It was already causing Renee's to.

"Hey honey. I'm running late. The storm outside is really making the roads nasty and traffic is at a crawl," Renee shared with her daughter.

Candice turned around and looked outside. "Hmm, I guess it is. I hadn't noticed." She winked at the boy on the couch, whose pants were undone and cock wet from her saliva. She placed her hand over the phone and blew him a kiss. "Mom," she mouthed, before turning back to face the living room window.

"Well, I need you to start supper," Renee said. She waited for a moment, allowing her daughter to digest the meaning behind her words. "You still there?" Renee asked when she was met with only silence.

"Yeah, I'm still here," Candice answered. She had heard her mother's proclamation and at first thought nothing of it, until she remembered that her dad's boss was supposed to be dropping in. "Umm---mom, isn't this the night dad's boss is coming to dinner? Or did the storm change his mind?"

Renee sighed. "I wish, but no it didn't and yes it is. But before you freak out, you don't have to cook a lot. I'm sure Mister Tarnish will understand why there isn't a seven course meal laid out in front of him."

Candice's jaw dropped. "Are you kidding me? He's still coming over and you want me to cook for him? The man that can either make or break daddy's career and..."

"Candice, stop. Take a deep breath. You're twenty-one years old and you can cook a steak if you put your mind to it. Set the timer for God's sake, and you don't even need to start them until he pulls into the drive. There's a box of Pasta that you can cook up, toss in the seasonings that come along with it, and some mayonnaise. Also, there is a bag of mixed vegetables in the freezer and some bread too. Follow the directions and you'll have everything piping hot when he walks in the door. If your dad and I aren't there yet, eat without us." Renee waited to hear her daughter complain and yet when she heard the long sigh of frustration instead, she knew Candice was going to do as she was told.

"What time?" she asked her mother, as she leaned back over the cock she'd been sucking. Her fingers played with the head, but her heart just wasn't in it any more. She hated the idea of cooking dinner, but also knew the meal, even a mediocre one was necessary. Her mother's voice had sounded too determined.

Renee thought a moment and knew that due to the storm, she couldn't really give her daughter a time line with anything, not even the steaks, though she had thought to earlier. "You know what, he knows we're running late. Your dad talks about him enough, I feel as if I know him. He'll understand and will mostly likely offer to help. Just stick him in the living room with the remote in one hand and a beer in the other."

Candice chuckled, as did her mother. "I'll take care of it and promise not to burn the steaks, but you guys owe me! You know I suck in the kitchen," she said, before closing the phone and returning to the dick in front of her.

Renee pushed her phone back into her purse and slowly eased her way back onto the road. She knew that the dinner would be far from perfect, but she also had faith in her daughter to do all she could to insure Ben was made to feel comfortable in their modest dwelling.

Candice wrapped her fingers around Bobby's shaft. It was thick and hard, eager for tongue. She licked her lips and stroked his rod, before lowering her head to the swollen tip.

"What was that about?" Bobby asked. His hands reached out and stroked her hair, before gathering a large fistful and lifting her from his dick. He then took her hand and moved it from his cock and held it himself. He rubbed the mushroom top across her lips, while she spoke.

"Mom and Dad are running late; guess the rains coming down hard. I hadn't noticed," she admitted before she licked at the cock rubbing across her mouth. "I need to fix supper," she said before grabbing it with her mouth and holding it between her lips. Candice sucked hard and Bobby groaned in appreciate. He pushed her head down and she willingly swallowed the length.

"Nice," he said before lifting her back up and then pushing her back down. He used her mouth for several torturous strokes until pulling her back up to the tip. "So we have some time to kill, maybe a quick fuck before I leave?"

Candice chuckled. "No time for that now," she told him. "Besides cooking for the boss, I need to get a shower and prep the house." She pushed his hand from her hair and began to take charge of the game they had been playing before her mother interrupted them. She alternated between sucking him in deep to only playing with the head. Her hand stroked and twisted his member, until he was thrusting hard into her face.

"Fuck yeah, Candice," Bobby grunted, as he felt his ball sack tightening and his testicles retreating upward against the base of his sex. He pushed as deep as he could into her eager mouth and shot his thick and heavy load into her throat. The loud groan of release seemed to bounce around the room and echo down the hall.

Candice's pussy pulsated as she swallowed Bobby's cream. He was her third blow job that week and the money she was going to pocket would help pay for a new purse she'd seen in the display window of Monroe & Sons. It was a beautiful red purse, with a price tag of $300.00 and she only had a couple more cocks to suck and it would be hers. She knew if she fucked him, she'd make up the difference, but there really wasn't enough time to properly send him off. He'd be disappointed, but she'd pencil him for later on in the week.

She popped off Bobby's dick, licked the sticky fluids that had coated her lips and smiled. Her hand instantly went out and Bobby laughed. He sat up, reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet. His dick, soft and sedated from the blow jobs, hung limp. He pulled out a fifty and handed it to her.

"Sorry I don't have change," she said with a wink. She took the fifty and slid it into the front pocket of her short denim skirt. Candice never had change. The first time she had sucked cock was the eve of her boyfriend's birthday, she'd been nineteen and he had been twenty.

He had asked her to suck him off since she wasn't willing to fuck him; she had jokingly said she would for a dollar. He had jumped at the chance and she had laughed at him. He however called her bluff, and began offering her more money. It wasn't until he hit the twenty dollar mark that her eyes took on a hint of greed. He had noted it and handed her a fifty. The first twenty-five was for the use of her mouth and the second was so he could cover her face with cum, instead of having her spit or swallow.

When she agreed to it, she hadn't really thought much of it. They'd been dating and had done some heavy petting, but that was all. She'd rubbed his cock through his jeans and he'd had his hand up her skirt and fingered her to orgasm. But she'd not yet given him head. He wasn't pushy, never had been, so she was willing to suck him off, but to make money off of it, that seemed even better. Later, as their relationship progressed, they did fuck and she did it without turning a profit. She wasn't ready to be a whore, just a cum-slut, she'd told herself.

Two years later, she was more than willingly sucking off her friends and her friends' friends for some fast change. A quick fuck though, that was something else entirely. She had to set out a block of time, devote all of herself to it, and she had to separate herself from the event.

She was known by many in her circle as the "cum sucker" of Chicago, not the "backstreet alley girl". Sometimes it bothered her, but for the most part she didn't mind. She'd tell herself it was just cock, pocket her twenty-five bucks for each job, a hundred here and there when the mood suits her and be on her way. She liked cock and she wasn't screwing all of them. Besides, she wasn't hurting anyone and before giving head she thoroughly examined a dick for any signs of sexual disease and all her fuck partners wore condoms.

Bobby stood up, put his dick back in his pants and zipped his slacks. Candice rose and turned away to look for her blouse. Since he hadn't had anything smaller than a fifty, she'd allowed him not only come in her mouth, but to come on her tits as well. She hadn't wanted her silk blouse or her very expensive bra ruined.

"I'd pay to fuck you," Bobby said.

Candice laughed. "And I might have let ya," she said, as she began to put her bra back on. "But mom and dad are countin' on me, and since I live here for free, I best not let them down," she told him. She saw Bobby's eyes widen and his brighten. "What?" she asked.

"You have company."

Candice looked in the same direction Bobby was and paled.

In front of the window, protected from the storm by the screened-in porch, stood a man in a black trench coat. "Fuck," Candice hissed and spun away.

"Who the fuck is it?" Bobby asked. "He's pretty old, are you sucking Professors too?" His grin was huge as he imagined the college girl giving head and making As. "Or maybe you're considering just charging so much only the old guys can afford you," he said with a wink and a lopsided grin.

Candice rolled her eyes. "Get your shoes and coat. He's probably mom and dad's dinner guest. Holy fuck," she muttered as she turned to gaze back at the gentleman, who looked humored and curious as to her state of dress. She quickly finished buttoning up her blouse and grabbed Bobby's arm. She pulled him along with her, pausing in the hall to grab his coat and shove it into his hands. She reached the door and pulled it open, just as Bobby was slipping on his shoes.

"He was just leaving," she said, as she ushered the young man from the house.

Bobby shivered at the sudden change in temperature, but said nothing as he passed the stranger. He tucked his head into his chest and tried to protect himself from the falling rain. He hurried down the steps, across the yard and out to his truck. Candice spared a quick glance to Bobby's retreating form and rolled her eyes, before turning to look at the man before her.

"Mister Tarnish?" Candice asked, though she knew the question was rhetorical.

"Yes," the man said, with a smirk on his face. "Your father called a short time ago, told me that he and your mom would be late," he nodded back to the living room, "I take it that was the boyfriend?"

Candice chuckled, and then blushed. "Um, sure," she said. "Come on in and I'll take your coat."

Ben stepped inside and took a quick glance around the foyer of the farm house. It was a nice dwelling, but showed signs of age and decay. It was obvious that his employee Rick and wife Renee weren't cashing in on their daughter's new found entrepreneurial experience and what he was going to offer the young woman would either secure Rick's future or destroy what he already had. He chuckled softly to himself as he moved to take off his coat, once again mentally patting himself on the back for purposely arriving early.

Candice eyed him cautiously as he looked around their house. His laughter though soft had been heard and she knew he was laughing at their home. Her eyes grew narrower and her jaw tightened.

"I'll take your coat and there is a towel for your shoes if you want to wipe the rain and mud off."

"I'll just take them off, no big deal," Ben said interrupting her. He handed her the coat and slipped off his shoes. His gaze shifted from her face to her chest and back again. "You have a little," he reached out and watched her angle her head back. He dropped his hand. "You have some cum on your chin," he said with a straight face.

Candice's eyes widen. She reached up and scrubbed her chin with her fingers. Ben chuckled, turned away and walked down the hall. She watched him leave and followed after him, stopping only to hang up his coat and drop his shoes on the floor inside the closet.

Ben stood in the living room taking stock of his surroundings. He noticed the worn furnisher the torn carpet and the scratched coffee table. There were family heirlooms here and there and a handmade quilt lay on the back of the couch. Yet, he would have sworn the young girl's blouse was real silk. He smirked. She wasn't sharing anything with mom and dad. Her greed was evident in the lack of finery her parents had and she wore.

"If you'll follow me, I'll show you the house. You're a lot earlier than I was expecting. Mom thought you'd be here around five," Candice said, interrupting his thoughts. She looked up at him, noting he was several inches taller than her and broader in the shoulders than her father. He wasn't old, like Bobby had suggested. He looked to be in his late twenties, or early thirties. Her parents were old. They were in their fifties. Ben Tarnish looked pretty damn hot no matter what his age.

Ben stood there, allowing Candice time to drink him in. He wasn't a fool. He knew he looked good. He worked out, dressed to kill, and had a smile that he'd been told was "rakish". When he saw her blush, he knew she'd been caught staring at him. He watched her eyes lower to the floor in embarrassment. His cock twitched at the notion of making her blush creep all over her skin.

"I finished up an errand I had and assumed it would be okay to head out early, given the storm. I take it you're in charge of dinner tonight?" he asked.

Candice cleared her throat. "Yeah, don't worry. I can cook, if I have to. I just don't like doing it. You won't leave hungry, but it won't be a five-star meal either," she confessed.

"I'm sure I won't leave hungry," Ben said. His eyes raked down her body, pausing at her breasts and crotch.

Candice shifted nervously on her feet. "Is there anything I can get you to drink, Mister Tarnish?" she asked. She tried to ignore the heated stare that seemed to undress her with a swiftness unlike any boy she'd ever dated or been paid to suck or fuck. She'd seen lust in a man's eyes before, but this was different. It was almost predatory.

"You can call me Ben and I don't need anything right now, thank you."

Candice smiled nervously. "Okay, a tour then," she said, and walked him around the house, showing him where various rooms were. During the tour she knew his eyes were focused on the sway of her hips, not the décor of the house. When they returned to the living room, she again offered him a drink.

"What's upstairs?" he asked, ignoring her offer.

She looked to the closed door. "Just my room, another bedroom, and a shared bathroom for me and for guests."

"Ah, I see. Why don't I help you get started with supper," Ben offered. He wanted to keep her within his sights, to further discover what type of girl she was, after all his dinner with Rick was not a typical gathering. Rick thought it was, but Ben had other plans.

"Mom said the food won't take too long and she's right. It's pretty simple. I was going to shower and..."

Ben winked. "Probably a good idea - with your boyfriend having been here."

Candice blushed. "He's not my boyfriend," she admitted. "Just --- a friend."

"So you and..."

"Bobby," she said, answering his unspoken question.

He grinned. "You and Bobby haven't taken it to the next level, or did I just arrive too soon?"

She chewed on her lower lip, and glanced around nervously. "It really isn't any of your business, is it?" she asked.

Candice noticed Ben's raised brow and stern expression as his lips grew flat against his face. She paled slightly, suddenly remembering who she was talking to. "I'm sorry, you're my dad's boss and I guess you – well, you intimidate me. Bobby and I haven't had sex. It was his birthday and I figured why not," she lied. "I've sucked cock before, so I figured for him, it was a fun gift. You aren't going to say anything to my parents, are you?"

Candice had no clue why she had suddenly launched into an explanation for her actions. But she had. She wondered if it was like this for everyone where her father worked. This man walks in and everyone seems to cower to his needs.

Ben shook his head. "No, I don't see where it is my place, and you're right – it isn't my business. I was curious, that's all. So you're still a virgin or do you and your parents have an understanding. A don't ask, don't tell policy?" He knew the answer, but was willing to play the ignorant one, for now.

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