tagGay MaleThe Computer in the Back Corner

The Computer in the Back Corner

byJohn Hamilton©

The following is a fictitious story from the mind of a bicurious guy.

I walked swiftly down the hall of the English building to the computer lab. It was Friday afternoon and that meant most of the students that lived on campus had already gone home for the weekend. The computer lab would be mostly empty, thus making it a prime place for looking up porn. It was a weekly ritual for me to use the computer in the back right corner of the English lab to look up porn on the weekends. I'ld get myself all worked up over the nastiest sex pics I could find and then go work it off in the rest room nearby.

The one in the corner was the perfect computer for looking up things you didn't want anyone to see. The only people in the whole lab who could see it were those few on the back row and one slight tilt of the monitor towards the wall would take care of that unless there happened to someone sitting directly beside you.

I got to the computer lab and saw pretty much what I expected. There was three people in the first three rows like any other Friday. But then when I looked on the back row their was a large muscular black man sitting at a computer. It was the one in the back right corner. Damn my luck! What were the chances of someone taking THAT computer?

I decided to be patient, I would go sit down beside him and just wait til he left. So I walked down the back row, as the black guy clicked away on his mouse, too absorbed in what he was doing to notice me.

I was about three computers away from him when I saw it. On his screen was a large picture of a buck naked Asian girl. She had small breasts, creamy light skin, jet black hair, and a firm tight body. She was sitting their spreading her legs exposing her pink little pussy while smiling at the camera. The black man smiled back. I noticed his hand was wrapped around something between his legs while making a subtle jerking motion. All I could see was part of his hand; the cock I assumed he was jerking was concealed under the table. Wow, this guy was actually jacking off in the lab itself! Awesome!

He suddenly noticed me and slid forward in his chair as he quickly minimized the picture of the Asian girl making her disappear from the screen. He trembled a little from the shock that I had snuck up on him so. He opened another Internet window and pretended to be browsing Yahoo or something.

I sat down beside him and logged on. I opened the Internet and I typed in the address of my favorite gay porn. I clicked on the ethnic pics sections and a half dozen thumbs of naked black men came on the screen. The large black man beside me glanced over, noticing what was on my screen for a second and then continued to stare at his screen, pretending to ignore me. I clicked on one of the thumbs, of a muscular bald black man with a long thick cock hanging down between his legs. I made the computers note pad open and wrote, "Relax. I'm in here for the same reason you are."

He glanced over and smiled slightly. He brought back the Asian girl he was jacking to and clicked on another pic of her. This time she was bending over with her small, firm ass towards the camera. He sat up in his seat and his hand started to make the small back and forth motion again between his thighs.

I clicked on a picture of a naked black man showing his firm muscular ass. I could feel my own cock swelling in my pants. I readjusted myself, rubbing my growing erection against my underwear. I glanced down at his hand going to town between his legs. It made my swollen cock throb even more.

He then went to a picture where the Asian girl was sitting on top of a muscular ebony man, riding his giant black cock up and down, screaming in ecstasy as she cupped her breasts. I glanced over and smiled, pulling up a picture a large erect black cock on my screen. I rubbed my crotch a little with my hand as I imagine the cock in front of me and the one beside me are one in the same.

I just had to see his dick. I typed on the notepad still on the screen. "I bet your dick is as big and powerful as the ones we're looking at isn't it?"

He looked over and smiled at me. He slid away from the table slowly exposing inch by glorious inch of his dark black fuck tool. It was at least 8 inches in length and very thick around. His hand held it firmly at the base. I couldn't resist it, it was so big and so hard. Without even thinking I grabbed the erection at the head with my right hand and started stroking it. He let go of his dick and looked at me. He was shocked for a second. Then he slid his cock with my hand around it back under the table. I continued running my hand up and down his smooth hard cock, slowing stroking the entire length of shaft. He smiled staring at the girl getting fucked on his screen. It was the biggest cock I'd ever had in my hand. It felt great.

He clicked to another pick of the Asian chick getting dicked this time from behind. I clicked on a picture of a large black cock in another black man's asshole. He gyrated a little his hips moving his cock back and forth through my grip. Then he clicked on a picture of the Asian girl with that black cock being stuffed down her throat. I don't know if he meant it as a signal of some sort but I took it as one.

I let go of his cock and slid down to the ground and crawled under the table. I crawled around his left leg and got between his massive spread thighs. The table was unusually high, tall enough for me to sit up some while on my knees. I grabbed his erection once again. I then shoved it in my mouth taking as many inches of it as I could into my warm eager mouth. I had never had a black cock in my mouth before. It was incredible. My lips stretched around it as I bobbed my head back forth on hard man meat. He didn't make a sound but I knew he was enjoying it. I could feel his hand firmly holding the back of head as I sucked furiously. His hips started to thrust back and forth shoving his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth. Suddenly he pulled back sliding all but his massive cock head from my mouth. He then came with a faint groan, shooting streams and streams of cum into my closed mouth. My mouth was overfilled with his tasty white cum. I had man jiz dripping down my chin. He pulled out and I held the warm hot cum in my mouth and savored the taste, then I swallowed. The black man quickly zipped up and left before I even crawled back in to my seat. When I got to my seat I saw the picture of an Asian girl sucking black dick wasn't on his screen. It had been replaced with a pic of a white man chocking on a black cock. I grinned as I turned off both our computers and left. I went to bathroom and jacked off furiously to the memory of sucking off my first black cock. Afterwards, as i washed my hands I noticed a stream of cum was still on my chin. I smiled as I wiped it off and left the bathroom. It was a good beginning to the weekend.

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