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The Conference


Three weeks ago my eight year old daughter came home from school and right away I knew something wasn’t quite right. She was quiet and didn’t divulge her day to me as usual. My wife and I both realized something must have happened at school and we agreed that she would speak to her before bed.

I was about to fall asleep when my wife came in and told me everything was okay but she had been in trouble at school.

“What kind of trouble?” I asked.

“She was breaking sticks of chalk and Sister Paula chastised her.”

I wondered for a moment.

“You mean she scolded her in class?”

“Well, she received a spanking,” my wife said quietly.


“Shhh! She was given a spanking in private in the principal’s office.”

I was seething by this time.

“Are you saying Sister Maria had a hand in this, too?” I asked.

“I guess…”

I interrupted my wife by going and asking my daughter directly.

She assured me it did not hurt but was embarrassing.

She seemed to be okay but I was mostly disappointed that no one made an effort to reach me prior to the punishment.

I decided to visit the school the very next day after work. I didn’t tell my daughter nor did I tell my wife.


I walked in the doors of the old school. Nothing had changed since my days there at Saint Benedict’s. I had calmed down since the prior evening but I still needed to let them know this wasn’t acceptable.

Not once was I struck by any teacher when I was in school. I didn’t get into Stanford by being a bad kid. Breaking sticks of chalk was not worth the trouble and I was determined to get to the bottom of it. The nuns were known for corporal punishment but it was rare and for big crimes. I do, however, remember some of the nuns being less than supportive and bordering on verbal abuse. I still had a slight chip on my shoulder for that.

I approached the classroom where Sister Paula was sitting at her desk. I introduced myself and from the outset she told me to take my issue to the principal, Sister Maria.

I walked the hall to the office and she greeted me with a scowl. She was old fashioned and chose to wear the habit even when most of the others wore every day clothes.

“Why are you here?” she quickly asked.

“I’d like to know why you struck my child yesterday. No, no…never mind why. I would like for you not to touch her again.”

“Her teacher and I had good grounds for spanking her.”

“What?” I asked. “You both spanked her?”

“She had to be held down…”

“Bullshit! There is no reason…”

Sister interrupted me.

“I don’t approve of your profanity, Mister…”

“Bullshit!” I repeated.

“You are asking for a punishment yourself if you don’t stop that foul tongue of yours,” she said as she stood from her desk.

“Bull - shit!” I said slowly.

I could sense the nun had heard enough. She walked briskly around her big desk but instead of opening the door for me as I expected, she pulled me out of the chair by my collar.

“What the fuck?” I said as I jumped to my feet.

“You need your mouth washed out with soap this instant!”

I pulled my arm from her grasp as we both stood there staring at each other.

Then she walked around her desk and said, “Drop your pants.”

I stood watching as she pulled from her drawer a leather strap.

“I said drop your pants!”

I continued to stare at her as she pointed the strap my direction.

She shook her head in frustration and tossed the strap back into the desk and fumbled around before removing a whip with multiple cords.

Holy shit. This bitch meant business. A vague sense of sexiness emanated from her bitchiness, unintentionally I’m sure.

I’ve never been one to run from conflict and this time was no exception.

I began to unfasten my belt but realized my cock was semi-erect.

I tucked my cock tight in my underwear with hopes she wouldn’t notice.

My pants were unbuttoned and she reminded me again, “Drop your pants.”

I let them go to my ankles as she approached me from the side.

“What are you waiting for? Drop your briefs and grab your ankles.”

“I’m not that limber anymore! I can’t grab my ankles.”

Pull your briefs down and bend over the desk then.”

I took a deep breath and stared at the ceiling momentarily.

Sister took it upon herself to dig her nails under my waistband and pull my shorts to my ankles.

My cock sprang up as I reached to conceal it.

“Now. Bend over the desk,” she said.

I did not envision this outcome ten minutes earlier but now I was strangely aroused at Sister’s request. I waited for her to either strike me or announce her bluff but she walked away from me and locked her office door and shut the blinds.

“Sister?” I said nicely.

“Shut up!” she fired back.

I turned to look as she was lifting her robe over her head.

Underneath she wore black rubber thigh highs with matching hipsters. The lower part of the habit covered the top half of her breasts. If things hadn’t been strange enough up until that point…

I was surprised at how fit this middle aged woman was. She had a narrow waist for the size of her big thighs and hips. I was also extremely aroused and dumbfounded by this erotic scenario. I quickly looked away.


“OUCH!” I screamed.

The feeling of several whips came down at once and burned my back end.

Sister grunted as she stepped into each blow. She hit me at least two dozen times in succession and each with all her strength.

The burning was replaced by numbness and my cock was standing at attention.

I figured Sister was out of surprises so I reached back and raised my shirt to my shoulders as she obligingly struck new territory. My back was on fire as were my loins. She knew I was savoring the pain.

Sister struck me several more times up and down my legs before stopping.

I continued to lay there gasping as she stepped back into her robe.

“If that is all, you may leave,” she advised.

Without a word I stood up and dressed myself.

I was hoping that wasn’t all but that was for her to decide.

I did not know what to say. I didn’t know whether to sue her or submit to her.

“Thank you, Sister,” I said.

She was sitting at her desk and did not look up.

I watched her for a moment and closed the door behind me.

Before leaving I entered a broom closet and began furiously beating off into a sink. I came quickly as though I never had in my life.

I cleaned myself off and walked out the door.

A trophy case in the hall caught my attention. My eighth grade basketball trophy and picture were still there as well as a medal I received for track.

I had forgotten about that medal and wondered if I could have it back. I had nothing to lose by asking the principal if she had the key and could retrieve it for me.

I walked to her office and noticed the door was slightly ajar. I was about to knock when I saw Sister Paula and Sister Maria in the middle of a kiss.

Not a friendly peck on the cheek but a long, passionate kiss with their bodies pressed against each other. It occurred to me Sister Paula might have seen my entire whipping.

I tiptoed away before being noticed.

I do not plan on telling my wife and for the past two weeks I’ve prevented her from discovering the lash marks on my body. Some of the heavier blows left cuts and are slower to heal.

I shutter to imagine what would happen if my raging wife stormed into the principal’s office demanding an explanation. I think she would have to be held down for her punishment.

Maybe I should tell her.

This is my story and I’m sticking to it.

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