tagNovels and NovellasThe Confession Ch. 09

The Confession Ch. 09


Graduation day finally came and the two boys received their diplomas, after the ceremony was over Jack's parents invited Kelly and Kevin over to the house for cake and ice cream. Kelly agreed and followed them to their home; Jack got a moment alone with Kelly out in the driveway when Kevin announced he had to use the bathroom.

"I think today would be a good time to tell them we are in love." Jack said.

"No Jack let's wait a little longer." She said as if she was distracted.

"No more waiting Kelly, we tell them today." He said grasping her soft hands.

"Okay, we will tell them." She reluctantly agreed.

Jack's mother was cutting up the cake and putting ice cream on the side of the little Styrofoam plates. His father was fiddling around with his digital camera and Kevin was on his cell phone talking to Shannon. Kelly took a seat at the kitchen table next to her son and Jack stood behind her. He reached down and placed both hands on her shoulders, he slowly began to rub them. Kelly tentatively reached up and placed her hand on one of his, all of this did not go unnoticed by Kevin who stared at them curiously.

"Mom, Dad I have something I would like to say." He said.

"Sure son go ahead." His father said.

"I have fallen in love with a beautiful woman a couple of years ago, finally she gave me a chance to show her that I could both make her happy and satisfy her needs. Mom, Dad, Kevin, I would like to tell you that Kelly and I are in love and we plan on living together when I leave for college." He announced to the stun room.

"Holy shit you got to be kidding me Mom!" exclaimed Kevin.

"Oh Jack." His mother gasped.

"Great my teenage son seduced by this older slut, just like you see on the news." His father grumbled.

"Hey asshole, that is my mom you're talking about." Kevin said jumping out of his seat.

"Dad please refrains from calling Kelly a slut." Jack said calmly. "Can't you be happy for us?"

"Happy!" yelled Kevin. "Fuck you Jack; I lost both my best friend and mother today. You want me to be happy for you."

"Kevin please understand." Kelly sobbed.

Kelly started to cry as she watched her son storm out of the house; she put her hands to her face as if to try to hide the fact she was crying. Jack did his best to comfort her by kneeling down and putting his arms around her.

"Jack I will give you a choice." His father said. "Give up this slut and everything will be alright. If you do not I will kick you out of the house, not pay for your college or your insurance on the truck I bought you as a present."

"What truck?" he asked.

His father reached into his pocket and tossed him a set of keys, Jack looked at them as he held them in hands. Jack's dad had purchased him a new pickup truck as a present for graduation.

"I don't need your money for college, I have a scholarship, I will live with Kelly and if I have to get a job." He said firmly. "I don't want the truck either."

"Get out of my house and the truck is yours, your mother had I put everything in your name." said his father who now went to console his mother. "We are going for a drive to calm down, you better be gone before we get back."

"No way." He said. "I'm out of here"

Jack's parents left the kitchen and left the house, he could here his Dad start his car and pull down the driveway. Jack took Kelly by the hand and pulled her out of her chair; he gently stroked her hair and wiped away her tears. He loved looking into her eyes yet it hurt him so to see them full of tears.

"I have no regrets." He said.

"What about Kevin?" she sobbed.

"He will come around to seeing our love is a good thing." Jack said

"I love you and now I have something I really need to tell you." She said.

"I love you too." He said. "So what do you need to tell me?"

"I'm pregnant." She said.

"Wow." He said. "I never thought of you getting pregnant when we started having sex."

"I don't believe in abortion and I will understand if you do not want to be tied down to a family at your age." She said looking away.

"Whoa Kelly you have me all wrong." He said. "I love you and I want to be a family with you and the baby. I will do whatever it takes to make all of this work."

"Oh Jack." She said throwing her arms around him.

The two of them began to kiss passionately in the kitchen; Jack reached up and began to slowly unbutton the front of her blouse. He unhooked her bra and began to suck her tits in his parents' kitchen. Kelly moaned softly encouraging her young lover to continue, even though in the back of her mind she should have stopped him.

Jack stopped sucking on her tits long enough to reach under her legs and scoop her up, she giggled as he carried her upstairs to his bedroom. Once inside his bedroom he laid her on his bed pulling off her shirt and bra. Then he slid her skirt down, her panties came next, Kelly watched as he undressed. When he was finished she held up her arms and beckoned him to come to her.

Jack slid his cock into her and began to make slow steady thrusts into her impregnated womb. Their love making was slow, intense and passionate, as Jack kissed her lips and neck. She let out soft steady moans of pleasure as her young lover brought her to several intense orgasms.

"Oh baby you and I are going to make love forever." She moaned.

"Forever." He grunted with his final thrust emptying his cum into his older lover.

Jack lay in bed holding onto Kelly for several minutes, the after glow was a long warm embrace. Finally Jack got up and put on a pair of shorts and a tee shirt, he went to his closet and in one swoop grabbed all of the clothes on hangers in it.

"You rest for a while babe, I will gather up my stuff." He said.

"Yes my love." She purred.

She watched her young lover run out of the room and down the stairs; he threw the clothes into the pick up truck parked out by the garage. He ran back up stairs and pulled three large gym bags from the top shelf in his closet. He went over to his dresser and filled them with various clothes, again he ran out.

He returned again, only this time he came back with some boxes that his family had out in the garage. He filled them with his books, pictures and other various items from the room. Then he disconnected his computer and placed it in the boxes as well, Kelly had gotten out of bed getting dressed.

"Can I help?" she asked.

"Sure would you go into the bathroom and grab my shaving stuff and toothbrush." He said.

Kelly went into the bathroom and looked in the medicine cabinet; she saw one large shelf that had women's products on it that was his mothers. One shelf that had articles on it that belonged to his fathers, the small shelf on top belonged to Jack. On it was just a toothbrush, a razor and a couple of small bottles of after shave.

She gathered up the items and left the bathroom to find Jack had emptied the remainder of the things from the bedroom. She then heard the sound of his new truck's horn blowing and she headed downstairs to find him waiting by it.

"Your chariot awaits my dear." He said holding the door open for her.

He helped her into the truck which sat a lot higher than her car; he disappeared once more into the shed and came out with a couple of toolboxes. He put them into the back of the truck and got it himself. The two of them had just beaten his parents by a couple of minutes as they passed them speeding down the street.

Jack stopped at an automated teller and transferred just about his entire bank account into Kelly's just in case his dad tried to take it from him somehow. Then the two of them were off to Kelly's house, the neighbors tried to make it look like they were not staring as they watched the young man move all of his stuff in.

Meanwhile Kevin had called Shannon to tell her what had happened; she immediately drove over and picked him up. The two of them drove up to a quiet pond that belonged to her father to talk over what had happened.

Kevin had spilled his guts about how he felt betrayed by his own mother and his best friend. He could not understand the attraction between the two of them and wished they had never told him. Shannon was a really good listener and she hung on his every word, after he finally finished she gave her best advice.

"Kevin your dad left your mom for a younger woman." She stated a fact. "It really hurt your mom to be betrayed by your father; don't you think she deserves some happiness now?"

"Yes, but not with my best friend." He said.

"What about Jack? You said yourself he never had much success through high school with girls. Don't you think he deserves to find happiness and have someone to love?" she explained.

"I want my mom to be happy and I want Jack to be happy." He said "I'm just not sure if I want them to be happy together."

"If you love your mom and if you are as good of a friend to Jack as he has been to you over the years you will come to accept their relationship." She explained.

"Damn your smart." He chuckled.

"Just smart?" she said raising an eyebrow

"Oh did I leave out beautiful, sexy, exotic, and sensual." He laughed.

"Yes." She said wrestling him onto his back.

Shannon climbed on top of him and looked longingly into his eyes, finally their lips met in a deep wet kiss. As the two of them kissed Kevin got bold and let his hand roam over her body. She wore a tight pair of jeans and a light blouse; even though it was casual she looked very sexy.

Kevin rubbed his hands under the fabric of the shirt; he loved the feel of her soft bare skin. He was even more intrigued when he did not feel a bra, Shannon broke the kiss off and sat up for a moment, and she reached down and pulled of her blouse.

She looked stunningly beautiful with the sunset in the background, making golden ripples of light on the pond. Shannon revealed two beautiful firm perfectly round breasts; Kevin reached up and gently caressed them with his hands. Shannon pushed back down on top of him and began to kiss him passionately again.

Kevin managed to roll on top of her and unbuttoned her jeans; he slid his hand inside of them. He ran his fingers through her bush until her found her wet pussy lips, she sighed softly as he gently caressed her pussy.

"I don't want to ruin the moment." She said reaching into her jeans pocket.

"You could never do that." He said.

She pulled out a condom and handed it to him; he looked at it dumbfounded for a moment. He looked down at her for another awkward moment and then began to smile at her.

"I want you, but I want to be safe and not get pregnant." She said.

"No problem." He said.

He reached down and slid her jeans down her long milky white legs, and then he pulled her panties off. She lay on the sandy soil in front of the pond ready to make love to him, for her first time. Kevin pulled his shirt off and then he pulled his jeans down, he took his underwear off. He opened the condom wrapper and took it out; he rolled it down the length of his penis.

"Please take it slow." She whispered.

He gently positioned his cock at the entrance of her pussy and slid it in slowly, as he did her body tensed and she let out a whimper. Kevin got the full length of his cock into her virgin pussy; he slowly slid it in and out of her being very gentle with his thrusts.

Shannon moaned and writhed underneath him, enjoying the new sensations of a cock being inside her for the first time. She wrapped her long legs tightly around Kevin and dug her fingernails into his back as she had her first orgasm. Kevin began to pick up the pace as he felt her pussy starting to loosen up after that orgasm.

"Oh god yes give to me Kevin." She moaned.

He really started to pump his cock into her hard; he could feel her long soft legs rub themselves up and down his back. Shannon announced a couple more times during the love making that she was cumming. Kevin could not take much more either and he emptied his load into the condom.

Kevin went back to her car still naked for making love to her; he found a large sleeping bag in the backseat. He found some matches and then gathered up some wood from a pile her grandfather had stacked.

He built a fire and the two of them got into the sleeping bag, even though they had no more condoms they did not make love the rest of the night. They talked, held each other, kissed, talked and fell asleep in each others arms.

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