tagBDSMThe Confession of Mrs. George Ch. 02

The Confession of Mrs. George Ch. 02


Author's Note: Dear Reader, although not necessary, to best appreciate this story, I suggest you read chapter one of this series- it is very short and fast moving. Enjoy!


The confession of Mrs. George had weighed on my mind. I knew I crossed the line when I challenged her to confess her submissive nature to me but I had to challenge her. All the signs were there but I was not seeing them until I had my moment of clarity. It came to me after I realized how she addressed me, calling me "Sir" all the time, even despite my insistence that she use my first name, yet she addressed other managers by their first names and corporate officers and board of director members as "Mr. This" and Ms. That". Nobody else was "Sir." She did not help the situation by later sending me a personal note thanking me for asking of her nature and confiding it was only directed to me. Co-workers should not do these things, especially when they are married to others.

Yes indeed, Mrs. George's confession incited fantasy. Maybe this story should be titled "The Confessions of Mrs. George and her Sir," or, "The Confessions of Mrs. George and her Lustful Sir," for by these stories, I too am professing my desires for her. As I told you, I wanted to take her in the basest of dominant ways after her confession. But I would not, and she would not, have it, and, I would not do it based on marital circumstances.

But days after our encounter, a heady sexual tension hung in the air and neither of us had yet to address it. I assumed she was waiting for me to raise the issue.

Mrs. George was responsible for preparing the quarter annual reports for my review and they were due. She was very good at the task, consistently objective in her reporting, technical in her assessments and demonstrated excellent future forecasting. As was protocol, I received the third quarter report the day before our review meeting, I read it with interest, noted the department's profitability was down five percent in what was usually a prosperous quarter, closed the report in disgust and went home wondering what was going wrong.

Mrs. George and I met in her office the next day at two o'clock to review the report so I could explain to the company's president and board of directors why we were not profitable and what the future held. I had interacted with Mrs. George without mention of our interlude but now we were behind closed doors, the review was finished and there was an elephant sitting in the corner of the room. Neither of us addressed it. I think it was equally uncomfortable yet erotically charged for each of us- we both knew it should or would come up after our primary task was finished. And it did, in a way Mrs. George did not expect.

"How are you?" I asked as I closed the quarterly report.

"Good, Sir," she replied.

"Do we need to discuss the other day?" I asked.

"No, we both understand and respect our situations and limitations..." she said.

"I like that outfit. Is it new?"

"Yes Sir, thank you for noticing, I wore it for you Sir," she said sitting a bit more upright, the silky sheer blouse tugging across the front of her chest.

"Mrs. George, I must tell you, I am a bit disappointed by this report," I began, gently shaking the document in the air.

"Sir?" she asked with quizzical concern.

"The objective reporting is good, the assessment and forecasts are... just adequate.... I feel a bit vulnerable for when I report to the board tomorrow..... I've seen better work from you. Do you have anything to say for yourself?"

"I'm sorry Sir... I tried but the I could only find that the facts support what is reported."

"I beg to differ Mrs. George... there is room for improvement... it is five o'clock and time to go home for the day, but I want to know if you can you stay a few minutes."

"I suppose," she said. I stood and locked her office door.

"Stand up Mrs. George," I said and she must have seen the fire in my eyes and sensed the intentions of my lust.

"But Sir..." she said.

"You heard me Mrs. George, stand up, hands on the desk and lean forward."

Mrs. George reluctantly complied, "Sir, I thought we understood neither of us can do this..."

"We do Mrs. George, and we won't, but you need to trust me," I said gently pulling her hips back so her ass was pushed out a little more, "You told me this is who you are. I intend to respect your desires and limitations but exercise my position. Now, spread your feet Mrs. George and hold your head up with pride."

I stepped behind the conservatively dressed woman, who I had known for so long, and observed her elegant figure as she waited for my next action or instruction. The black business skirt hugged her body and resisted as I raised it over her hips. Mrs. George wore a pair of creamy lace panties, her lips tightly caressed by the fabric, excitement betrayed by a faint moist spot.

It would have been easy to pull aside the panties, penetrate Mrs. George's privates and spill myself into her in a moment of unbridled lust but we both knew that would not be acceptable, though it would have been wickedly salacious. Almost as if she could read my mind she said, "Sir, please don't."

"Don't worry Mrs. George, I know and respect the limits... Do you prefer the open hand or that ruler on your desk?"

"Sir? she asked confused.

"For your punishment Mrs. George..."

"Oh... I've never been punished Sir, I'm a good girl... I always please..."

"Well, now, there is always a first time for everything, and for you, this is it... so?"

She hesitated before saying, "The one that leaves the least marks... I can't go home marred... he can't know."

"Oh, he won't know Mrs. George, I can't have him knowing and neither can you. This is our little secret. I'm going to give you a light pink bottom, a slightly blushing one at that- it should provide you with sufficient discomfort and wear off in but a few hours but you need a reminder of what is expected... so, what is your choice?"

"The hand, Sir."

"Then the hand it is... now pull your panties down over your bottom, but keep your privates covered."

"Thank you Sir for allowing me some modesty."

"You are welcome Mrs. George," I replied as she rolled down the lacy garment and revealed her bum.

"Very nice Mrs. George. And might I say, I love those sexy high heels.. black patent leather suits you well... I bet he goes wild for you in the bedroom.... in fact, next time I'd like to see you wearing some sheer taupe thigh highs, maybe with a seam, lacy tops and white garters and belts... just a suggestion... I also am partial to silky sheer milky white stockings bearing a slightly virginal look... of course, gray, black and any other color or pattern as long as it is staid and classy is also acceptable," I commented.

"Duly noted Sir," she said.

"....In fact, note that stocking clad legs are preferable to bare ones, not that yours are not sexy bare, but a shapely covered leg like yours deserves sophistication and mystique. Understand?"

"Yes, Sir."

"So, Mrs. George, are you ready?"

"I guess so Sir," she replied, with slight trepidation in her voice.

"One more thing Mrs. George, do you need to be gagged? I would hate for someone passing by your office to hear you cry out. They might think untoward things are happening behind that closed door, although they would be correct in their thoughts..."

"Sir, I do not know. What do you suggest?"

"Well, there is the ruler, we could place that between your teeth to bite down on, or, we could stuff your mouth with your panties but then your modesty would be lost, a line crossed and we can't have that now, can we?"

"Lets try it without a gag, Sir. Please proceed, Sir."

I playfully swiped her right cheek before turning on the left one and repeating the actions twice over. Mrs. George stood bent over and held her head up, eyes closed concentrating on the sensation until I stopped.

"Is that all, Sir? Are we done?"

"Oh no Mrs. George, far from it... you know I'm quite enamored with your bottom, it has a nice pear shape... it is tender, soft and perfectly bouncy... might I suggest, it is deliciously ripe for spanking," I said as I laid a firm one to her curve and held my hand fast on contact. Mrs. George flinched, her body lurched and short hair swayed forward as she bit her lower lip holding in a muffled "Mmffff."

"Thank you Sir," she said after she gathered her composure.

"For what?"

"The compliment Sir. I'm glad you noticed. I'm glad my appearance pleases you."

"Oh and it does Mrs. George, you have no idea how much it does... in fact, if I had my druthers, I would have you many different ways.... no part of your body would be off limits and I would explore it all, even places you might think off limits... In fact Mrs. George, you should know, I am eager for you... I have been for years. If circumstances allowed, I would enter your tender velvet walls with my firm large cock, bring my arms around front, place my hands on the front of your hips and tenderly pull you tight, slowly make love to you... my fingers would gently stroke your bud.... and when you tighten around me, shudder and quip, I would press forward and gently give my self over to you.... think about that when you go home tonight, Mrs. George," I said administering another firm slap on her bottom. Mrs. George did not anticipate the contact and her reaction was the same as last, but a bit louder.

"Careful Mrs. George, you were a bit louder that time.... you need to maintain some control."

"Sorry Sir," she said a visibly flushed look on her face.

"Mrs. George, I trust you will go home and revise that report tonight so that tomorrow morning we will have a better handle on this situation.... I was disappointed by the lack quality and technical analysis," I noted before firmly slapping each bouncy curve of her ass to reinforce my displeasure, this time her skin and my hand making a distinctive snapping sound. Mrs. George winced.

"Yes Sir, I will attend to the matter," she said, obviously feeling my disappointment in a way she did not expect.

"The proof will be in the report tomorrow," I said as I drew her panties over her bottom, "You may stand."

"Thank you Sir," she said.

"Sting?" I asked.

"A bit, Sir, like you said temporary discomfort."

"Very good Mrs. George. Your bottom is a nice light pink... I believe you enjoyed your punishment." Mrs George blushed.

"By the way, from now on, you will carry an extra pair of panties with you every day, just in case I need to gag you... oh, and one more thing, I strongly suggest you not touch yourself tonight. Your mind is going to dwell on this encounter and I've only made it worse by what I said... abstinence will only frustrate you. And, if you give yourself release, your mind will wander into unwanted thoughts and make you want to go places neither of us desire. Trust me I know the conflict all to well. Mrs. George, we have entered a very, very dark place... it is my fault."

"Indeed Sir, I agree, save for the last part. We both bear responsibility. Sir, is there anything else I can do for you?" she asked drawing down her skirt.

"No Mrs. George, this was enough for now, actually more than enough. You have no idea how pleased I am."

"Thank you Sir. I am glad you are pleased. Have a good night, Sir."

"I will... and you too," I said as I turned and left her office.

The next morning I arrived at my desk and found the revised report waiting for review as promised. A hand written note was tucked into a sealed envelope inside the first page. It read, "Sir, though the critical review was a painful and frustrating experience, it served its purpose well. The light sting abated by morning. The frustration remains. Thank you for redirecting my focus. I trust you will find all in order, Sir. Mrs. George."

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