The Contract Ch. 01


"Do you think we will be able to pull this off Sam?"

"I hope so for his sake Becky. I'm still a bit gun shy you know. I've never allowed a client to fall in love with me, so I may have some tendencies to pull away. You may have to help me out time to time in that."

"I will. I will make sure that he falls hopelessly in love with you Sam. You'd better beware of that. John in love is a powerful and caring man. He just may sweep you off your feet you know."

"I doubt it...but I'll sure let him think so that's for sure."

"Will you leave him at the end of the year then?"

"I...I don't know. To be honest I had planned on it, but it may take more than a year to get him over you. I will stick with it, out of respect for you and your wishes Becky, no matter how long it takes."

Tears began to fall from her eyes. I had moved her with my little speech.

"Thank you Samantha. You truly are a good person at heart."

"Don't think that. Don't ever kid yourself or delude yourself. I'm in it for the money, but I always have done the job right. It's how I am. I will make sure John is okay before I ever pull away. That's part of the job...don't cha know?"

And so, John's and my life became intertwined. He was unaware of course of his wife's plans, but in the end it was going to be a wild ride.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous10/24/15

Curious2c was one of the original authors that got me reading the loving wives stores. I love to hate these stories. I can't help myself. I despise the husbands/boyfriends and their cheating spouses butmore...

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by Anonymous10/23/15

First time in reading 900+ "Loving Wives" Stories on Literotica I' I've seen this plot!

Reading this in October, 2015. An original plot in "Loving Wives"! Kudos to the author. (So far, I've only read Chap. 1.)

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