tagErotic PoetryThe Contrast of Sex

The Contrast of Sex



the contrast is wildly apparent

my tongue, gentle
but with muscles tensed
forming a tiny spear
the buds washed by her flavour

her clit feverish
a rage of nerve endings
eager for my touch

I flick
up and down
up and down

two tiny bits of flesh
barely making contact
yet triggering acts of god

the contrast
the disparity

my hands gripping hard
holding her thighs
nails digging in
seeking purchase

my body rigid
every muscle in use
to hold her in place

and she writhes

seeking release

I hold her there
using all my strength
to hold her there
to control her
in order to make her uncontrollable

her muscles fight
her hands grab my head
pulling me tight
wanting more

I resist her resistance
flicking gently
up and down
up and down

the battle continues
we tumble towards her goal
my reward

two bodies
muscles exploding
veins swelling
ligaments stretching
cock pulsing
hair pulling

but only that gentle tongue
on that burning clit

feathery whispering flicks
panting, screaming ecstasy

the contrast

and there it is
and here it comes

her body stiffens
frozen in erotic stone
hanging in mid-air

mouth open
in a silent scream
time stops
our bodies immobile

the gentle flicking
the only movement
in time and space

she peaks
she screams
her body twitches
until collapse
onto the bed
the clocks resume

she pants
her eyes focused somewhere
somewhere else
a place I don’t know
but I helped her there

I pant
staring past her clit
her heaving breasts
to watch her glory

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