tagLesbian SexThe Control Was Hers?

The Control Was Hers?


Sam Bellamy was a beautiful beautiful young woman. She had everything she would ever need, no money worries. No obscure problems that can beset any woman, whether she looked as beautiful as she did, or not.

She was wealthy enough in her own right to be able to live where and how she liked. Her top floor apartment was a 3 bed roomed palace. She drove a top of the range 2 door sports Mercedes.

She had foreign holidays, was a member of the requisite women's clubs, for tennis, squash, golf etc. She could take on men and beat them too, much to their egotistical chagrin. To be whipped off the court was a disaster. And a golf handicap of 8 was jealousy watched by lesser mortals.

But Sam was also popular; her easy going personality could charm birds off trees. She bought a round of drinks when necessary, which went down extremely well with the guy's, but women of the snobby nature, who frequented the same clubs as she, thought it was demeaning!

Not many knew of her preferences of life. To Sam, her private life was just that, private. She had many friends in her life, and some of them knew Sam's ways, and always guarded her from prying noses. She always always refused requests for dates from men at her clubs, in the bars or wherever she was. Two of the more dyke type women had even hit on her, sure of their positions, they had assumed that if she didn't date men, then they would be in with a good chance of bedding her. Wrong!

Her popularity and beauty had opened many doors for her, but she was regarded as just about the best PA there was to be had. She had been head hunted many times, but she always stayed where she was, with Mr Jefferson, who was Mac to her in private.

He was a large, very affable Black English man, who was as nice as nice could be, she loved him.

She had been at the firm, which was his, for 12 years now, and now at the ripe old age of 30 she ruled the roost in the office. She was always friendly, and never fell out with anyone. If she said something was needed or had to be done, it was done, end of!

Her boss was 45 years old; divorced and he had a son in college, who she had never met. He had started an internet company 20 years ago, and gradually it became more and more successful. So successful in fact, that they were now international.

And Sam held the reins, she was his most trusted advisor, and kept the firm and him in line. She had nothing to do with the programming, or software part of his business. All manufacturing was done overseas. But there was nothing she didn't know about. She handled the accounts, and business intakes, out put, and all personnel.

It had been her that, over the years had just about filled the offices with the kind of people that would, could and did benefit the firm and Mac's business.

But what no one knew was that Sam had accidently seen a loophole in the accounts, a loophole that Mac had made by himself, when originally setting things up, without realising any possible consequences.

It was in the pricing range. Their products were sold in 44 different countries, and each was priced in the local currency. When a priced had been reached for the cost of individual sales, say 15.50 US dollars, then an add on was made, ranging between 9, and 99 cents. But in the accounts, everything had been set up to round up, or round down to the nearest dollar, or 50 cents.

And Sam controlled all of that too.

She had been left a fairly reasonable sum of money by an aging aunt, her parents were living across the other side of the country, so between that, and the salary and bonuses, she was more than well off, and more than secure. In fact her bank accounts were bulging.

Mac had even set up a trust fund, that would activate 1 year after he left, retired or died. Sam's life was gravy!

Sam's most endearing quality was her caring nature towards others, she contributed to charity's, ran in events. She was known by the city's hierarchy.

But it was her beauty that captivated all; she was openly drooled over by men and boys alike. She was chased from pillar to post by all of them, wives hated her sometimes, all were jealous of her, the way she looked, the way she acted and the way she had her life. But grudgingly, she was admired too.

They all, every one of them, wondered about her private life?

Who did she date, no one ever saw her on the town, she could be spotted in bistro's etc, but always with friends. She was never seen alone with a man, and never alone with a woman.

Sam was 5ft 10" tall, weighed 150lb's. Her hair was a lustrous honey blonde, but sometimes in certain types of sunlight, it looked ash blonde and sometimes even dirty blonde, it was silky, glossy and long, she wore it in many styles and each one was perfect.

Her forehead was high; her eyes were like pools of azure in a sunlit lagoon. They were guarded by eye brows that reached over them. Her skin was creamy and flawless. High cheek bones, a feline slink in her lower jaw, her nose sat in the middle with aplomb. Her full lipped mouth was a thing of constant amazement to all, it was heart shaped, until she smiled, then it spread wide to show perfect teeth, that dazzled into a huge happy smile.

Her neck was long and smooth, wideish shoulders that befitted a woman of her height. Her breasts were high on her body, no sagging; they were uplifting all by themselves, prominent large protruding nipples, which were sensitive to the extreme.

Her waist line tapered symmetrically from her tits, and to her matching pair of hips.

Her legs seemed to go on for ever, and those lucky enough to have seen her in a bikini, were shocked and stunned by her.

She always wore heels and stockings when dressed, silk and lace was always, the order of the day.

She had never married, and had no intention of ever doing so. Men were fabulous, but only in their proper place, which would never be in her home. If she had affairs, it was always discreet, always short and always protected.

She had nothing to be ashamed of, but that fracas at school with a male teacher had taught her not to trust men as far as she could throw one! It had been her who had been chastised for it!

But it never stopped her experimenting and having good sex with some of them, especially Uncle George, her mother's younger brother, but that had been very QT!

Sam was bisexual; she loved men and women in equal measures. And just for the devilment of it, she had seduced Uncle George's wife, her aunty, and had made her her sexual plaything for a while, until she left to make her own way in the world.

But her penchant, if she had one, was for young girls, and if they were black, then that was the best, as far as she was concerned. The younger the better; she loved their innocent trusting nature, the excitement and passion when aroused. The love they returned was genuine and immeasurable. Their soft silky skin made her sigh just at the thought of it.

Today was a Saturday, she was in town, and she had suddenly spotted a beautiful little girl, who was working behind the counter of a Patisserie. Sam looked into the window, the girl glanced at her, and flashed her a brilliant smile, and a knowing look. If Sam was ever to drool at someone herself, that would have been the moment!

She went in and bought, after much deliberation, a cream cake. She had deliberated over it because she wanted to check the girl out; her name tag said her name was Marlene.

'Well Marlene,' she said as she paid her money, 'how long have you worked here?'

'Oh about 2 months now, it's my first ever job, I had to leave school, and I need to earn money.'

'Yes, that's good Marlene, making your own way.'

Sam's aerial had gone up; she sensed that Marlene was unsure of herself in front of her. Marlene seemed like a shy girl. She couldn't take her eyes off Sam.

Sam turned on the charm, 'I started out like you honey.' She said softly.

'Did you Miss, er Miss?'

'Samantha,' she said, 'but you can call me Sam, okay?'

'Yes, thank you Mis...er, Sam.'

Sam had checked her out now, and felt that even if she wasn't actually a les, she would soon get to know one!

'Where do you live Marlene?' she asked.

'Just across the road from here, I have a tiny flat, which I share.'

Sam looked across the road, she was aghast; it was a run down building.

'You really live there Marlene?' she said.

The girl lowered her head.

'Yes, I'm afraid so, it all I can afford.' She said quietly.

'Mmmm,' pondered Sam.

'Tell you what Marlene, how are you at Math, or English?'

'I got straight A+'s in both,' she said proudly.

'Okay,' Sam said, 'do this. And she gave her a multiplication problem out of her head to do.

The girl answered in seconds.

Sam had to get out her pocket calculator, and she was right, spot on.

.Now Sam was more than interested. Her desire to know the girl was growing.

'What time do you finish work honey?' she said.

Marlene liked Sam calling her honey, in fact she liked Sam a whole lot, and she was enchanted by her totally.

'5:00pm,' she told her unknown soon to be mistress.

'Okay meet me in the Tavern, in town at 5:30 okay?'

'Why er, what for?' she murmured.

'Because I would like you to, but only if you want to,yes?'

'Yes, okay Sam; I'll be there, thank you.'

Sam went home and made sure her apartment was pristine. The king size bed was made in red satin sheets, and turned down. Then she left to meet her hopefully soon to be, young lover. She felt inside that Marlene would not fail her, she would lovingly give in, Sam knew these things.

Marlene had caught her eye in the window, as soon as she had seen her hair; it was long, put up in a bun. Sleek and shiny black, it matched her skin colour! She was of Pakistani origin, she learned later, her lips were gorgeous and Sam was looking forward to feeding of them, feeling them on her, and that little pink tongue. A beautiful Pakistani is a thing of wonder, Marlene's long hair, although up at the moment, when down would take Sam's breath away.

She was only 5ft tall, if that, tiny in stature, beautifully and perfectly formed and was only 18 years old, perfect, perfect perfecto! Were Sam's thoughts.

They met, Sam was already there waiting for her, she came in wearing tight jeans, high heels and a bomber type jacket, Sam's pussy almost imploded! She immediately set about disarming the girl, soon Marlene was so enamoured with her, she was lost. And then the bombshell, Sam offered her a job in accounts with a firm that hers dealt with. The manager was a friend of Sam's, she had called him, and he had willingly offered a placement, in the off chance of a meeting with Sam at some time in the future.

Marlene was over come with thanks, she almost grovelled at Sam's feet. Then after a bottle of wine Sam delivered the coup de gras.

'But you can't stay in that flat Marlene, it wouldn't be appropriate, you'll have to move in with me for a while, until we can find you somewhere?' she told her.

'About 6 months to a year ought to do it,' Sam told herself.

'But Sam, I can't just move in, not just like that?' she sort of protested. But she was already seeing that if Sam said something, it was a go!

'Come on Marlene, let's go and get your things, okay?' she said so breathily and sweetly, Marlene couldn't think of a reason to say no.

They left the bar, Marlene collected her things, Sam left a cheque for her flatmate for a month's rent, and they were gone.

Marlene's things filled a small bag, but only with the things she needed, she left behind all her other stuff. She went down to the waiting Sam, and got in her car.

They arrived at Sam's by 7:30, Sam showed her around, and Marlene couldn't speak, she was dumbstruck, at the style, expense, and glamour of it. And now she was also in complete awe!

Sam ran a bath, and scented oils were added.

'Go and have a bath sweetie,' she told Marlene.

Marlene did as told, Sam came in and left a bath robe, but not until she had bathed Marlene's soft black shoulders. Sam loved black girls above all others, and she knew this one was special. Her soft jet black air was down around her shoulders, streaming wet. She inspected her tight little pert titties, with proud up turned nipples, she couldn't wait to get her hands and mouth on them, and Marlene's sucking on hers.

'I might even keep her for longer,' she laughed to her self.

Marlene entered the window walled lounge, she was mesmerised, Sam made them a light supper, and soon Marlene was sat next to Sam on the sofa.

Sam had a philosophy that she applied in many situations like this. She considered herself to be an iceberg, Marlene was the Titanic, the ice berg would strike and she would go under, but Sam had no idea of the wonderful fate about to befall her, she would sink without trace.

Sam was dressed for the seduction; she was wearing a soft lacy negligee, which left nothing to the imagination. She put her arm around the young black beauty, she smelled terrific. Then she began brushing her black soft damp silky hair.

Marlene mewled to her, Sam smiled brightly.

Putting down the brush after some time, she brought Marlene's sexy face to hers with a perfectly manicured finger. She looked so deep into Marlene's black diamond eyes, it disorientated her. Her own eyes were now locked into Sam's, with an unbreakable force.

Marlene, knowing this was going to happen, even if she hadn't wanted this, there was nothing to be done to avoid it now. But she did, she did want this. She was a girl for girls; no interest in men what so ever. She was well experienced, and had experimented at school and with her flat mate she had just left. Sam was lesbian too, obviously.

She closed her eyes, because she knew a kiss was on its way, her lips parted in anticipation, she was rewarded with the most amazing lip lock of her young life. She almost swooned with the sudden passion that surged through her, it was electric.

Sam's cool hand delved into the bathrobe, and cupped her breast, it became alive instantly, her black thimble like nipple hardened as a fire raged in it. Her head was laid at a side on Sam's shoulder.

Sam took complete control then, it was important that the first time with a girl, was to make sure there would be no remorse afterwards, there would be none from Marlene!

She slumped onto Sam; her nipple was driving her to distraction. Sam pulled open the robe, bent her head and sucked Marlene's nipple into her fabulous hot mouth and she cried out with the heat inside her now.

Sam's other fingers stroked pulled, tweaked, and twisted her other nipple; Marlene's hand went to the back of Sam's head. Sam slowly turned her around on the large soft calf leather sofa. Now she was over her, Sam almost yelled with the excitement building inside her. This girl was magic; already, she knew she was different.

In all her life Sam had never felt the glow that was inside her at this moment. The girl found Sam's own nipple, and she gave out a muffled cry of desire and utter arousal, what had this girl got? Marlene worked at Sam from underneath her, her other hand had wormed its way down the crack of Sam's beautiful arse, and was gently rubbing her little brown hole.

Sam was wilting, her body was giving in, it seemed to be leaving her somehow? Her mind was becoming fuddled. She kissed Marlene, as sweetly as she had ever kissed anyone, her lips were melded to her, and the fit was perfect.

Somehow, both robe and negligee were off, both were naked. Sam felt as if Marlene was taking control somehow, without doing anything. It was the most wonderful, yet frightening feeling she had ever had. She found herself trying to regain it, but losing it at the same time, she feared it, she had never been here. But her body wasn't having any of that; her arousal was beating her into it.

How could, how did a girl of this age know and have the means to do this to her. The answer lay, in her very own desire that she had built all day, within herself for her.

Fingers entered Sam's soaking sleek silky pussy, her capitulation was on! She had no way back from this wonderful occurrence.

Then Marlene spoke softly into Sam's ear, 'Do you like young sexy, and beautiful black girls Sam, Mmmm?'

'Oh yes Marlene, yes I do!'

'Is that why you want me so much?' Her fingers destroying Sam's mind.

'Yes Marlene, yes!'

Sam couldn't allay the sublime sensations, the waves of arousal, which the girl was driving through her. It was like trying to climb a sheer wall that was greased, and arms tied behind her back, it was now impossible.

The next thing Sam was fuzzily aware of, was the fact that she was gradually being turned over, from being on top, she was going underneath. The magic the girl was weaving was ensnaring her, like a fly in a spider's web.

She looked up now into Marlene's huge black eyes, and they hypnotised her, the fingers in her pussy had made it hers, she watched as if from afar as Marlene's mouth closed over a screaming nipple!

Sam came in a bolt of lightening, her body rose and fell as it hit, and it crashed through her. She had never in her life orgasmed like this; she was utterly stunned and shocked by it, to the core of her being. It also left her immobile, as if paralysed, she felt unable to move.

Marlene still in control of herself reached down and removed the belt from the robe that Sam had given her. Sam was in a seemingly catatonic like state; the orgasm still rippling through her yet. She had no idea that Marlene had turned her onto her side, gently pulled her arms behind her, and then tied her wrists.

She had been captured and over come, in those few short wonderful minutes.

Still lying there Marlene reached over and kissed her once more, her fingers went for Sam's nipples, her soft inner thigh rubbed up and down her quivering pussy. Sam was immediately transported back to the heaven she had just left. Her kiss to Marlene became desperate, reaching for it, needing it, yearning for it. Marlene raised her lips from Sam, and looked down at her yet, to Sam, unknown prisoner, for that is in effect what she was, but yet had to find out for herself.

She smiled at Sam now.

'Did you like that Sam?' she asked.

'Ooooh baby, you are just too much, I don't know what, or how you did it, but it was just so good.' Sam said in a mewling voice.

Kissing her, Marlene said. 'Well Sam, there is more of where that came from, do you want it Sam? Do you want me to do you again Sam?' her voice was a teasing one, and said, as she killed her nipples.

'Oh God Marlene, I don't know if I could stand another tornado like that,' and giggled softly. She was still unaware that she was tied up.

Marlene got up, and said, 'right, we'll see in a few minutes shall we?'

She walked off to Sam's bedroom, where her bag was. In it was a big black strap on, and a length of soft rope, that she was, and had been using, on her submissive flatmate.

Marlene was a Dom! And an accomplished one too.

Sam had no idea of the maelstrom she walked into this weekend. But before the weekend was over, she definitely would do!

Meanwhile, the second that Marlene had walked off, Sam had tried a very sluggish attempt to get up, suddenly realising that her wrists were tied, and she was unable to rise.

She called out to Marlene.

'Marlene, what have you done, what do you think this is?'

Marlene walked back to her, strap on in one hand, rope in the other.

'What am I doing Sam?' she laughed.

'I'm doing you, that's what I'm doing, and there is nothing you can do to stop me.' she said, with a huge dazzling smile on her beautiful face. Sam's heart lurched.

'I am your living dream Sam, you have no way of resisting me, and you already love me, don't you?'

'No I don't,' she replied heatedly. But the words stuck in her mind.

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