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The Convention


I close the door to the cab and walk to the double doors leading to the hotel lobby. I choose this hotel primarily because it is far enough away from the convention so that I can prepare for each days presentations without much interruption. I go through the doors and turn towards the elevators when I hear a voice calling my name.

She walks towards me and the recognition is immediate. We had started at the company during the same time and had gone through the intense two day orientation together. Since then it was like this, running into one another here and there. Her light brown hair, a little longer than shoulder length, bounced slightly as she walked towards me.

"Hiding out too?" she said smiling.

"Yeah." I said and returned her smile. She was as beautiful as ever, her dark olive complexion as clear as ever, her dark eyes. I try hard to focus.

"Yeah, I have a ton of stuff to do before tomorrow, damn it's been a bit, you look great." She said, smiling.

"You look awesome as ever" I answer, "and congrats on the promotion" she smiles back.

"We should catch up." She looks at her watch, "how about tonight around eight-ish?" Simple enough plan, a quick drink and a soak in the hot tub downstairs.

I agree and give her my room number and she goes off to a meeting. I go to my room and get started right away on the following days activities. Time seems to fly as I get everything finished. I look at the clock which reads 9:10 and realize she must have gotten caught up.

I rub my eyes thinking it's just as well and get up from the desk chair and turn off the room lights leaving only the scented candles lighting the room. I go back to the desk and see the company pamphlet. I flip through and come to her picture. Her smiling dark eyes stare at me and I feel a tinge in my cock. What the hell I think to myself and grab a bottle of scented oil from my suit case.

I open the bottle and set it next to me on the desk. I pick up and pamphlet and look at her again. I imagine my fingers stroking her hair and face. My cock grows hard as my imagination starts to work. I let my pants fall to the floor and pull my box briefs down, releasing my stiffening cock. I poured oil into my hand and smear some on the head of my cock. I closed my eyes and begin to rub the oil in, focusing on the head then lower to the shaft of my cock. Good I think to myself, this won't take long.

I pour more oil in my hand and apply it to the base of my cock, sliding it up over the tip, then back down, thinking of her mouth around my hard cock. The knock on the door startles me. Shit I think and grab for a towel and wipe my hands off the best I can. I pull up my pants and head to the door. I open it and there she is..I try to put forth a smile.

"Hi" she says "did I interrupt anything?"

"No" I answer "ummm come on in". I close the door behind her.

"Sorry I was late, hectic night".

"it's no problem I answer, I was pretty swamped my self.'

She surveys the room, "are you sure I'm not interrupting?'" she asks inquisitively.

"No not at all" I assure her. I flip the light on, "just relaxing a bit" I watch her as she scans the room. She moves towards the desk and looks at the oil bottle then at the pamphlet opened to her photo. She looks at me and I feel immediate panic.

"So, I did interrupt something." She smiles and looks at me.

"No, it was nothing" I protest.

"Sorry I was late, I should let you finish." She heads past me towards the door, and flips the light switch back off. "you know, " she says stopping and looking me in the eye. "that isn't even a good picture."

I stammer quickly for words. "Look, it's not.."

"Sure it is" she interrupts and turns and walks towards the couch next to the desk. "We all get tense" she smiles and sits, she leans forward and pulls the desk chair in front of her. I stare and she waves me towards the chair.

"So what were you fantasizing? Me sucking your cock?" I look at her and move to the chair. "That's not a bad fantasy," she smiles as I sit. "I do like to give head." She smiles again, my nerves interfere with my thoughts but my cock regains quickly. "You don't have to say anything," she looks at me intently.

"That picture works for you?" I nod. She let out a little moan as if it was the most ridiculous thing she had heard. She reaches and unzips the thin light blue sweat jacket she is wearing. She slowly takes it off and lets it drop to the floor. "is this a little better?" she asks as I can't help but stare. She is wearing a purple Bikini top. Her Breasts look perfect, not too big, not small.

"The oil is a nice touch." She reaches for the bottle and pours some in her hand. She spreads it over one arm, then the other. Her hands moving slowly, the oil shining. My cock hardens as I watch. She pours more oil in hand then starts rubbing it, starting at her tummy and working her way up. Applying the oil to all exposed skin..closing her eyes as she does.

"This stuff is great" she says as she reaches for more. She pours the oil in her hand , sets the bottle down, and with her free hand pulls her top out slightly applying oil to a hidden breast. Her hand rubbing, pinching..slipping under the material and messaging the other breast as well. She looks at me. She stands and moves to me, unbuttons my shirt with her oily hands. She looks in lap and smiles as she see the bulge.

She sits back on the couch but lowers her sweat bottoms first. Her legs are incredible and her purple bottoms are skimpier then I had imagined. She sits and applies oil to her legs. Her hands sliding up her thighs. Her eyes watching me. "Bet you thought of me before haven't you?" she asks "stroking your cock, thinking of me, of my body, all over yours." I watch, she leans back on the couch and slides a hand under her top, rubbing and moaning slightly.

"Bet you thought of touching my tits didn't you?" I nodded. She lowers the top revealing a small dark nipple. I feel my cock pulse. She plays with her breasts as I watch intently. I stand and let my pants fall to the floor, leaving my underwear on. My cock is hard and she smiles at me approvingly. I sit down and rub my cock through the material.

"This feels so good" she moans as she releases the other breast. "I bet my clit is swollen" she moves a hand down and slides it under her bottoms.

"Yeah" I sigh as I watch her rub. She stands and takes the oil to the nightstand and sits on the bed. I follow her, and stop on the side of the bed.

"I want to watch you stroke you cock for me." She leans back and removes the bikini bottoms. I breathe heavily as I see a perfect small triangle just above her pussy.

"let me see your cock." She slides back on the bed, spreading her legs. She rubs her swollen clit as I lower my underwear revealing my stiff cock. She moans as she looks at it and slides a finger inside herself.

"Oil that cock up for me." I reach for the oil and smear a good amount on my cock. Another finger disappears inside of her. She moans.

"Come here" she motions between her legs. "no touching" she warns. I move on the bed kneeling between her spread legs. Looking down at her pleasuring herself. I stroke my oiled up cock. She watches and moans as she fucks herself. Her hips move, grinding her clit against her hand. I feel my self get close and slow down.

She Moans louder and then takes her fingers from her wet pussy and raises them just below my nose. I inhale, the scent is sweet and musky. She takes her fingers in her mouth and licks them.

She Moans "my pussy is so sweet baby" she slides her fingers back in side her. She leans forward and with the tip of her finger wipes precum of the tip of my cock. She licks it off and moans.

Her hips move faster, as she leans back into an orgasm. I slow even more enjoying watching her. "Better then a picture?" she asks rhetorically, continuing to rub her clit.

"Cum for me" she said and leaned all the way forward, her mouth inches away from my cock. I stroke fast and hard, my head goes back as my body tenses. She lies back, watching. My cock throbs, as I speed up the pace. I feel my cock quiver as I shoot. She moans as my cum lands on her stomach. My cock throbs as it spurts another load, landing in her hairy patch. I spurt again and begin to relax.

She smiles as she runs her hands up through my cum. She licks a little of her finger and smiles up at me.

A few minutes later as she leaves smiling and says "thanks for the unwind, it was nice." She pulls the door closed.

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