tagNonConsent/ReluctanceThe Corruption of Felicia Ch. 03

The Corruption of Felicia Ch. 03



Felicia got to her father's house around ten after twelve, and again, Leosha was waiting for her in the living room. Always the monumental bitch, Leosha wasn't going to let Felicia's tardiness pass without comment, "A bit late, aren't you baby doll?"

"I had to get things straightened out at daddy's work," Felicia said defensively, "I can't just take the day off without telling someone and givin' people something to do."

Leosha ignored her explanation as she always did, and instead shifted gears, "You always wear such drab attire, baby doll. I think we need to get you something more feminine to wear."

"What's wrong with my clothes?"

"Nothin'...I guess. If I wanted to tell the world I was a tight-assed bitch who didn't like men that pants suit would be my first choice."

Leosha drove them to a standard clothes boutique that most teenage girls frequented, and for the next couple of hours she had Felicia try on a number of different outfits. The one common thread that ran through Leosha's selections was that the clothes were all meant for a much younger woman, and one having less than high moral standards.

At the end of the 'young slut' fashion show, Leosha finally settled on a two piece outfit for Felicia consisting of a very short, red and black plaid skirt, the kind similar to those worn by Catholic schoolgirls, and a matching pink, tank top that exposed her midriff. To round off the outfit, Leosha got her a pair of ankle high, pink socks with lace ruffles along their tops, and a pair of red pumps.

Leosha stepped back and looked her over, saying, "You look cute in that."

"I look like a slut."

Leosha said laughingly, "That's the general idea, but there's still something wrong," Leosha continued to stare at her stepdaughter, then snapped her fingers, "Silly me...Lose the bra. That tank top is tight enough to keep you in place, besides you don't need one given your bust size...You ever think about gettin' implants? Nothing much, just enough to give you some cleavage...There's no better man-magnet than a girl with cleavage."

Felicia ignored Leosha's insulting cracks about her body, and reluctantly slipped off her bra. Almost immediately, her nipples hardened from contact with the tank top and made two noticeable indentations in the fabric.

Pleased with the result, Leosha commented, "Now you're a real baby doll, baby doll."

Leosha added insult to injury by having Felicia pay for the outfit herself.

Once they were back in her car, Leosha commented, "Watchin' you do all that dressin' and undressin' has certainly made me thirsty. Let's say we get a drink."

It was around three when they arrived at the Primal Nightclub. The Primal was an Atlanta meat-market favored by the twenty-something's, having a large dance floor, a couple of pool tables, loud music, and most importantly, inexpensive, watered-down drinks. Although it was still early in the day, the bar already had a healthy-sized crowd consisting mostly of students from the local college.

The interior wasn't well lit as the two women made their way to a table close to the dance floor. Even with the dim lighting, Felicia noted that a number of male heads turned to look at them. The young men stared as they walked to their table, and their eyes remained glued to the two women well after they had sat down. Already self-conscious because of her outfit, Felicia nearly turned around and walked out due to embarrassment, but Leosha's sharp talon held her arm fast on the table.

"Just stay seated and relax," Leosha said to her stepdaughter.

"All those boys are staring at me."

"Is that such a bad thing?"

"Yes," Felicia hissed, "I can only guess what they're thinkin' 'bout. It doesn't help that you have me dressed like some Babylonian whore. What if one of my friends sees me here dressed that this?"

"Oh baby doll, none of your friends would be caught dead in here at any time of day, so relax. Enjoy the lustful looks while you can, because when you get to be my age they come few and far between."

The two women continued to squabble, when a waiter finally came over to their table, "Welcome to Primals. Is there something I can get for you both?"

Leosha gushed at the waiter causing Felicia no end in embarrassment, "I can think of several things off the top of my head, most of them ending with breakfast in the mornin', but I think for now we'll have a couple of Long Island ice teas."

Felicia balked, "I told you I don't drink hard liquor."

Leosha laughed whimsically as if Felicia was showing her ignorance, "It's just iced tea, baby doll. Oh, there's a teeny bit of alcohol just to give it a kick, but it's nothing that your virgin lips can't handle."

Within minutes, Felicia was staring at the drink in front of her with a jaundiced eye. It appeared to be the right color for tea, and it didn't smell strongly of alcohol. She took a sip and was pleasantly surprised that it was smooth and refreshing. In fact, it was so smooth that Felicia finished it off in no time.

Leosha smiled at her, "See, very refreshing. Would you like another?"

Felicia just nodded, happy that for once Leosha wasn't lying to her. At least that's what she thought.

Felicia was a good way into her second 'iced tea' when some of the young men in the bar began cruising passed their table. Their attentions were on Felicia at first, but when she didn't respond to any of their pick-up lines, they moved their interests over to Leosha. Leosha humored each of the boys for a while, talking bawdy but not too much, but soon made it clear she wasn't interested in them, either.

Leosha leaned over to Felicia, and commented to her as if she were commenting to a friend, "There sure are slim pickin's in here. I doubt any of these peckerwoods can tell their tallywacker from a titmouse. We should have gone over to the Halo Lounge. That's a real man's hangout. See any guys you think are cute?"

Felicia didn't answer.

"Come on baby doll, I always play this game when Monica and me are out. We always tell each other which guy strikes our fancy. It don't mean nothin', it's just havin' fun."

"Please, I don't want to play this game," Felicia said, slurring her words slightly.

Leosha ignored her plea, and continued, "Now me, I liked the looks of our waiter. He had that Brad Pitt thing goin' for him. Kind of shy lookin.' All, 'aw shucks ma'am' and shit until you get him in the bedroom, then he's a real tiger. I bet he'd suck on my box 'till my nose bled...I suspect you like 'em like your hubby, big and dumb. I don't see too many big guys in here..."

"Please Leosha, don't..."

Leosha cut her off, "You're gonna have to answer me, baby doll."

Felicia had already noticed him. Even before Leosha had posed her question, she had noticed him. He wasn't one of the boys that had ventured over to their table, but she had caught sight of him sitting at the bar staring at Felicia, undressing her with his eyes.

"That guy at the bar is kinda' cute," she finally answered.

"Which guy?"

"The dark haired one with the blue shirt. He keeps staring at me."

Leosha looked, and commented, "Oh, good choice. You know he kinda looks like that actor who played Michael Corleone. What's his name? You know, from the 'Godfather' movies. He's got that dark, broodin' look with the bedroom eyes...Oh baby doll, he's really got a thang for you the way he's lookin' at you...Ooh, he's got a friend with him, too...Go over there and invite them over."

Felicia freaked, "What? No!"

"Oh go on. Let's see if we can get them to buy us a drink."

"No!" Felicia said with even greater emphasis than before.

"Baby doll, you keep testing my patience. Now go and invite them over."

Leosha watched Felicia wobble over to the two young men at the bar. It was obvious from the way she walked that she was feeling the effects of the two drinks. Felicia said a few things to them while pointing at Leosha. The two men nodded their heads and followed Felicia back.

Felicia started to say, "This is my...," then stopped unsure about how to introduce her stepmother.

Leosha didn't hesitate, and said, "I'm Leosha. I'm a family friend of Felicia's, visiting from Savanna. I hope you boys don't mind that we invited you over. You two looked so lonely."

The brooding one that caught Felicia's eye did most of the talking, "Not at all. It's not every day we get an invitation from two beautiful ladies. My name's Brad and this is Peter."

"Oh my, another Brad," Leosha said laughingly to Felicia, "Seems you have a real thing for Brads, baby doll," then turning back to their guests, "I'm sorry to be so rude, it's kind of an inside joke. My Felicia had just the most wonderful experience with another Brad this weekend. Care to share your story with us, baby doll?"

Felicia just shot daggers at Leosha with her eyes.

"No matter. My girl's kind of shy at first, but when you get her behind closed doors, watch out," Leosha said with an exaggerated wink.

Brad and Peter gave each other an 'I can't believe our luck' look, and Brad asked, "Can we buy you ladies a drink?"

Leosha laughed again, "To be honest, that was our intention when we asked you over here, but now that we're together I'm wonderin' if there might be some place quieter we can go. It's awfully noisy in here."

"We've got a place a couple blocks up the street," Brad and Peter said eagerly and almost simultaneously.

It took Leosha some time to drag Felicia out of the bar. Before, Leosha almost had to hold Felicia down to get her to sit at the table, now Felicia didn't want to leave the loud confines of the nightclub for the quieter surroundings of the boys' apartment. Leosha remarked on this, saying with a smirk, "Isn't it funny baby doll, that when your circumstances change so do your tastes. I guess that's another of life's lessons."

Leosha drove the party in her car, making sure that Felicia sat in the back seat between the two young men. It was easy pickings for the boys who, when they weren't giving Leosha directions, were busy sneaking quick feels off their captive. Felicia made a vain attempt at fighting them off, but her heart wasn't in it any longer, having resigned herself to her fate once Leosha pried her out of the bar.

The apartment was decorated in the style of a typical twenty-something male, complete with wall posters of Jessica Alba and sports heroes, old Maxim and Penthouse magazines, bongs filled with days-old water, and a floor strewn with dirty laundry. Embarrassed by the near post-apocalyptic upheaval of their quarters, the boys initially set out picking up their clothes and throwing them into one of the back rooms while Leosha and Felicia settled themselves onto the broken-down couch.

When it looked like the boys had finally carved mild chaos out of a room of total desolation, Leosha ventured to ask, "Y'all have fixin's for Long Island ice tea? Seems my girl has a real taste for 'em."

Now that the two young men had their quarry at their place with drinks in their hands, they were suddenly unsure about what they should do next. Mostly the four sat around staring at each other, or rather, the boys staring at Felicia and wondering when she was going to make the first move. However, Felicia just sat staring at the floor, occasionally sipping at her drink and becoming more and more inebriated as time passed. Leosha just rolled her eyes at the ineptitude of the two, would-be Casanovas, and grew impatient that neither of them had yet to make their move. She finally decided to get the ball rolling, asking, "I've always found that playing poker was a wonderful ice-breaker. You boys have any cards?"

The boys were taken aback by the odd request; that is until Felicia voiced disapproval, "I don't want to spend money playing poker."

Leosha smiled coldly at her stepdaughter, and said as a mild rebuke, "Don't be stupid girl. We're not playing for money."

Felicia finally broke. Mad at being continually played for a fool, and too drunk to care about her modesty any longer, she stood up and snapped at her stepmother, "Why all these games, you witch? If you want to get my clothes off just say it. It's not like I have a say in any of this stuff, you vile, piece of..."

Felicia stared at Leosha waiting for a response, but her stepmother just sat smirking up at her. Frustrated, Felicia screamed, "Say it! Say it!" but still no response from Leosha.

Turning to Brad and Peter, she began to taunt them, "Say it, you peckerwoods. Come on say you want me to take my clothes off. I dare you!" but they said nothing, dumbfounded by her outburst.

Felicia started to laugh drunkenly at her situation, and taunted all three of her captors, "They don't know what to do Leosha. Look at 'em just sittin' there like deer caught in the headlights. Big, dumb college boys. Real ladies men. You sure know how to pick 'em, you witch. How daddy ever married a dumb skank like you is beyond me."

Leosha ignored her insults, but the young men couldn't, and said with wounded pride, "Hey wait a fuckin' minute..."

Felicia laughed, and said with sarcasm, "Well look who finally speaks up, Tweedle Dum and Tweedle dumber..."

"Look here slut, I've had 'bout enough of your...," Brad started to say, but was cut off by Felicia's boisterous laughter.

"Whatcha' gonna do? Gonna teach the slut a lesson with those teeny, tiny, limp peckers? I bet you need tweezers to get those limp peckers out of your pants just so's you can pee." Felicia ended her taunts by falling drunkenly back onto the couch, laughing.

Brad was the first to move. Springing toward Felicia, he zipped his pants down, pulled out his flaccid dick, and waved it in her face, saying, "Here bitch, you don't need fuckin' tweezers to suck on this."

Seeing Brad waving his cock at her, Felicia burst out laughing again, and said between gulps of air, "Got any whipped cream? Hey Tweedle dumber...Yeah you...What's your name...Peter...You got any whipped cream?" then she laughed harder at her inside joke.

Not taking it kindly at being called 'Tweedle dumber,' like a shot Peter disrobed, stroked himself to full erection, then pushed his cock into Felicia's face.

"I guess this means there's no whipped cream," Felicia said in a last fit of drunken mirth before pulling Peter's cock fully into her mouth.

Leosha, having watched the whole proceedings of her stepdaughter's drunken rant with a satisfied smirk, decided to watch the subsequent threesome in silence from the safety of the other side of the room.

Brad and Peter stood hip to hip as Felicia serviced the two of them. As drunk as she was, and with a lifetime of humiliation already heaped on her since Friday, Felicia was passed caring how any of this may look. To armor herself against the inevitable guilt she would feel when she finally crawled from the hell Leosha had designed for her, she began to view her situation as a form of purgatorial rite. She must display the requisite amount of penitence before she could come out into the 'Promised Land,' cleansed of her supposed sins. It wasn't that she began to enjoy herself, as much as she saw it as almost a religious duty. As such, she sucked on their cocks as she thought a penitent slut should, with open and complete abandon, yet still with a requisite amount of mock restraint.

There was also something else she felt, but couldn't quite put a finger on. It was a sense of freedom, born out doing something naughty without really suffering any consequences. She had to do these things. What choice had she?

She remembered the tricks she learned with Brad the dancer, and plied them to the current situation, as well as crafting new techniques at the spur of the moment. Neither the current Brad nor Peter was of the size of Saturday's Brad, which was a blessing. Still, for their egos' sake she made them feel that their size and girth were putting great strain on her ability to satisfy them properly.

At first, Felicia would only pull them in half way, and made a great effort to sound like that was almost too much for her to handle. Saying things like, 'It's so big,' while apologizing for her earlier insults at the size of their manhood. Eventually, however, she dropped any pretense to their sizes, and would easily pull each of them in until she could feel her nose touching their abdomens.

A sort of rhythm soon developed between the three. Both of the young men had a hand on her head, pushing and pulling her one way, then the other. Felicia waited with open mouth as each briefly took a turn pushing their cocks fully into her. She sucked on each greedily, making sure to slather enough of her saliva along each pole, before taking the next one in turn.

Brad, the more vocal of the two, never hesitated to comment on her expertise each time he plunged into her, saying, "That's right bitch, suck on my fuck stick like a good little slut. Drool on the puppy. Oh, that's so good. You like the taste of my dick. You sure do suck cock like a pro."

For his part, Peter didn't say much except to command Felicia to look up at him with her big green eyes each time he thrust himself between her hungry lips.

After a while of this abuse, and to keep the two from slamming any more into her face, Felicia took a hold of their scrotums while continuing to suck long and lovingly on their members. She soon developed an erotic affection for this newfound control, and felt a surge of passion coursing through her as she held their tightening balls in her hand.

She took her time now, servicing each of the young men individually for long stretches at a time. She played with them, almost experimented with them, and learned more about herself in the process. Felicia would dive into each of their groins, first sucking and licking their testicles, playing with one, then two balls in her mouth as she continued to stroke their slick shafts with her hands. She loved the feel of them in her mouth, their sacks tight and hard against her tongue. It was as if she could feel their scrotums filling to overflowing with semen, tightening as a bladder tightens when filled with too much water. The feeling of control mixed with passion began to overwhelm her.

Once she gave their balls a good going over, she would shift her attention exclusively to their cocks. Holding their buttocks firmly in both hands, as she had done the other day with the dancer, Felicia would slowly pull each in until she felt their tight abdomens tapping her nose. Then, applying as much suction as she could, she shifted her head ever so slightly forward and back while shifting her tongue against their sensitive shafts. She plied this technique until she heard each one moan.

That was her signal to move her attentions to the other, and beginning the process all over again; his balls first until she felt that almost overpowering surge of passion and control within her, then up to his cock until he would loudly moan. Throughout all of this, she made no comment to anyone, preferring to stay modestly silently as required of a penitent slut. Her two captors, though, continued to rain down a plethora of guttural slurs onto her head. Most of their comments dealt with questions concerning her morality, while calling her slut, cunt, cocksucker, or worse. Their slurs went unchallenged by her. Her honor and virtue undefended, because she had none left. Suffer in silence, as it were.

Felicia lost count how many times she shifted between partners. All she really knew was that Brad was her current beau. His balls were tight against his shaft, so much so that Felicia dared not try to put both of his testicles in her mouth for fear that she might hurt him. Instead, she tongued at each while running a finger around his bulbous and slick head. She heard his moan again and was about to move back to Peter, but he put his hand on her head, stopping her.

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