tagBDSMThe Cost of Seeing Lisa Again

The Cost of Seeing Lisa Again


Meeting Lisa again after all this time was like a dream come true. We had been lovers for a short time and she held a special spot in my memories. Although the number of times we made love was few, she remained in my fantasies as the greatest fuck ever and she probably always would stay there. So I was more than pleasantly surprised when she called. After some chitchat she finally got around to asking if I could meet her for a drink. Naturally, without any reservations, I accepted, probably a little too eagerly.

The breakup with her was painful, at least for me. As I hung up the phone, I couldn't help recalling her awesome body. About a foot shorter than me, she was incredibly well proportioned. That she was built for love, or at least sex, there was no doubt. Proud, full breasts that jutted out perfectly above a thin, narrow waist, flowing into the greatest ass I ever saw, gave her a knockout shape. Man was she blessed with a fantastic butt. And to top it off she also had gorgeous legs. In fact it was her legs that I noticed first. I remember it well. She wore a tight, short dress that showed off her classic gams. I'll never forget the sight. Although it was her legs that caught my eye first, it was her ass that ensnared me. Tight yet curvy, it screamed to be fucked.

The only problem I ever found wrong with her was that she was insatiable. I know, most guys would think an admirable trait but, trust me, when your woman wants it all night, every night, screwing becomes a problem. She could fuck all night and it was only my inability to keep up with her that prevented us from going on and on.

There wasn't any question of me leaving her; I don't think I would have ever left her, no matter what she did to me but the relationship ended nonetheless. Eventually, she found someone new and moved on and out of my life. Desperate, I tried everything to get her back, even the promise of marriage but she was too infatuated with her new friend. Heartbroken, horny and humiliated, I tried to go on with my life. But I never completely forgot her. The time I spent with her was like temporarily winning the lottery. It was like winning money only to have to give it back later.

Driving to the bar, I thought back on some of the times I spent with her. There were so many great sessions in bed. She literally dominated my top ten list of all-time fucks. Only two other women were even on the list. That wasn't because I had limited experience; it was because Lisa was just so great. In fact, I couldn't think of a time when she wasn't unbelievable in bed.

It was easy remembering some of the special times we shared. At first, she was so pliable, so easy to go along with my kinky nature. We played a lot fantasy games, role-playing different scenarios, a favorite passion of mine that she joined into eagerly. Many nights after she left, I replayed the games in my mind, at the same time satisfying myself. I had a need to relieve my pent up passion for her.

Lisa only lived with me for a short while before she grew tired of me. Unfortunately she moved right on to a new boyfriend, causing me more than a little humiliation because of my feelings of inadequacy. Added to the embarrassment was the fact that he worked at the same place we did. Plus I was management and he was labor. That made the next few months even more humiliating for me, constantly seeing how infatuated she was with her new hunk as she totally ignored me. I was yesterday's news and obviously didn't compare favorably to her new stud. The fact that everyone at work witnessed her rejection of me and admiration for the new guy added to my embarrassment.

What was especially humbling was that he worked in the warehouse, driving a forklift while I was a manager in the company. Surely, I had the superior position. It seemed that way to everyone except Lisa and, after all, she was the one who counted. Unfortunately it soon became apparent that he was the one on top and I was the one looking up. Embarrassed yet aroused I remembered begging for her attention while he looked on in amusement. Their laughter still rings in my ears when I recall the low point in my life.

Before she moved away, I spent many a night in anguish as I imagined them thrashing beneath the sheets, she more satisfied with his performance than she had ever been with mine. For some perverted reason, the images of her being thoroughly fucked by her stud always brought about a powerful climax.

I arrived at the bar first. Sitting at a table, I waited for her impatiently. Of course I was early, I couldn't postpone seeing her for another minute. The first beer went down quickly and I ordered another. It followed the first, as I gulped it down, my nerves still edgy. I was halfway done with my third before she arrived.

Suddenly, she was there, standing in the doorway, her sexy figure outlined by the outside light. She wore a dress, tight and short just like the old days and I wondered if she remembered how I reacted to her when she dressed like that.

As she walked towards me, I studied her, checking for any differences from the way she used to be. It had been a few years since I'd seen her and I wanted to know if she had changed much.

The first thing I noticed was that her wonderful body was still slim and fit, sexy as ever. Her hair was made up like I remembered with a curl falling back over her forehead. If possible, she was even more beautiful and sensual than she used to be. Her breasts strutted out proudly, just as before, and her face hadn't aged a bit. She smiled hesitantly as she sat.

"Wow," I said. Unsure of my sincerity, she gave me a questioning look. "You look great. Even better than you used to and I didn't think that was possible." A smile showed at the corners of her mouth and she relaxed with the compliment. Even so, I could see that something was troubling her so I decided to build her up before delving into what was wrong.

"I mean it," I reaffirmed. "You look fantastic. Actually, you look better than fantastic." I realized I sounded like a sycophant, but I was being honest. I couldn't stop the compliments. "You always were a very beautiful girl, now you're almost beyond beauty. How do you do it?" She smiled again. The waitress stopped by and Lisa ordered a beer. Needing the courage, I asked for another.

"Seriously, Lisa—you look unbelievable." I reached out and touched her cheek, caressing it slightly. I wasn't certain how she would respond to the intimate gesture and it seemed to affect me more than it did her. "I've seen this face so many times in my dreams." She flushed a little, but seemed to relax even more.

"That's nice of you to say. Thank you." She pulled back a bit from my hand. Slightly embarrassed, I took a long drink, finishing the glass with a big gulp. Emboldened by the alcohol, I decided to reveal something that had been on my mind. Hesitating, I wondered if I should tell her.

"You know, seeing you again, makes me remember something. After you left, I always thought about you. In a special way." She waited. "I have a small confession."

"What's that?" She sipped her drink. I watched her lips press against the edge of the glass. I wanted nothing more than to kiss those luscious lips.

"I don't want you to take this wrong," I cautioned. "It's really a compliment, even though it might sound strange."

"Ok, I'm curious. What is it?" Staring into those beautiful eyes gave me the strength to go on.

"You meant a lot to me, I think I made that clear when you left. Since you've been gone, I've thought about you all the time. I've relived every moment we had together so often that you've become the most ideal woman in my mind." She waited. "What I'm trying to say is that over the years I've realized that you're the only woman I've ever known who I would pay to be with." The questioning look came over her again. "Don't get upset. I don't mean anything bad by that. I don't mean...hell; I don't know what I mean. I'm only saying that you were so great, so beautiful, and so incredibly sexy that I would have paid for the honor of being with you. I would have paid good money just to be in your presence."

"Paid for it? You mean you would have paid for the sex?" She seemed to be evaluating something. "You would have paid to have sex with me?"

I threw down more beer. "Definitely. Beyond a doubt. You are the only woman I have ever met that I would have given money to be with." I offered a weak grin in an effort to defuse the possible rudeness of the situation.

"Really? You would have given me money just to have sex with me? Wouldn't that make me a prostitute?" I started to explain, but she cut me off. She smiled and I realized that she was joking.

"See, it came out wrong. I didn't mean it that way. I meant that you were so good, I mean are so good, that I would pay money just to be with you." She waited as I fumbled around. My face turned red. The whole situation was becoming very embarrassing. "It still sounds terrible. I was trying to give you the ultimate compliment and it came out rude. Forget I even mentioned it." I took a big swig of the full glass, gulping it down like I hadn't drunk anything for a week.

"That's an interesting proposition." Her eyes twinkled. "How much would you have paid?" she said. It was my turn to study her face. There was a teasing smile running across her face and a wicked arch creased over her eyebrow. All of a sudden the mood seemed to change. As she gazed at me like a cobra teasing a helpless bird, a feeling of raw lust seared through my veins. It was a feeling that I hadn't felt since she left. My stomach roiled and my groin tightened as the erotic implications attacked. The atmosphere seemed to gain more weight. There was something happening. I just wasn't sure what it was.

"A lot." I answered truthfully. "How much do you think I should have paid?" I tried to turn the tables, a losing prospect.

"I'm not sure. Are we talking about the past or the present?" This statement shattered any sense of normalcy. I gulped.

"Well, the past is gone. Maybe we should consider the present. How much do you think I should pay now?"

"A hundred?" She explored. I could see she had no idea of her worth.

"And what, exactly, would I get for a hundred?" I asked. I was more nervous than I cared to admit. The idea that this meeting could turn into something more than just a drink or two was causing some major readjustments inside my pants. I squirmed a little trying to create some room for the little guy. He was becoming extremely interested in the discussion.

"I'm not sure. What do you want for it?" It was easy for her to regain complete control. My heart beat like a bass drum in a marching band. Were my dreams about to come true? The thought of those blessed nights with her came rushing back.

"Well, for two hundred," I said, raising the stakes, "I would want fifteen minutes of you, naked, on top of me, riding me so hard that you had five orgasms." My answer was bold as I remembered vividly the times she sat on my stiff cock and rode and rode and rode until she came again and again, all the time I alternated pinching her full breasts and squeezing her lovable, incredible ass.

"That's worth two hundred? That's all?" She seemed to be considering the proposal even though it was thrown out half in jest. As she paused to consider, it dawned on me why she was here. She was always running short on money. Maybe the reason she was here was to hit me up for some. That was fine with me; I had done it before, many times. I didn't care, she was worth it. Whatever the reason was, I was going to take advantage of it.

"It's easily worth that much. Maybe more. Make it four hundred." I wanted to impress her, so I bribed her. "You're worth it." Erotic images floated across my fevered brain. I expressed them. "Four hundred is more than a reasonable price for the exquisite pleasure of watching you ride me, while I play with your breasts and squeeze your ass." My talk became freer and looser with the aid of the alcohol. The vision of her on top of me helped too.

"Maybe it's worth more than four hundred then." Her eyes twinkled in a mischievous manner. She was taking advantage of the opportunity also.

"Probably. What more can I get if I up the price?" I had some other ideas in mind. Some particular things we did were recalled. We played many games when we were together.

"Hmm. That's an interesting question. Are you suggesting I can get more out of you if we do something else too? Is that what you're getting at?"

"That's exactly what I mean."

"In that case, maybe you should tell me what you want. After all, it seems to me that you were always the one with all the kinky ideas. What other 'things' do you want to do?" I had never seen her so playful, it was almost like she was directing the conversation instead of me. I loved it.

"Well, for a start, I want lots of kissing. Tongues in mouths, that sort of things. How much for a lot of soulful, full body kissing?" I loved making out with her. The first few dates we had were filled with passionate kissing.

"Kissing? Well that depends. Do you want your tongue in my mouth or mine in yours?" She remembered one of my favorite quirks. I loved it when she attacked my mouth with her tongue.

"Both." I responded moving around in my chair. The pressure in my pants was becoming quite uncomfortable. "But more of your tongue in mine." I recalled the time I taught her to attack my mouth with her tongue, with her becoming the aggressor. I loved the way it felt to be the one assaulted. The contrast was overwhelming. She is at least a foot shorter than my six-foot three frame but when she dominated the kissing, like she was the assertive one, it reversed the usual roles.

"Maybe for that kind of pleasure I should ask for another hundred. Don't you think?" She was getting better at this all the time.

"You bet." I was really getting turned on. I decided to go for broke. During our relationship, we had just started with the kind of sex acts I really enjoyed. But I never had the chance to complete the orientation. "Ok." I took a deep breath. "How much would you charge for oral sex?"

"Oral sex? I don't think that would be appropriate." Suddenly she realized what I meant. "What kind of oral sex?" I think she already knew.

"I want to lick your body. All over." There it was. It was out on the table. We hadn't done much of that, as she seemed contented with just the copulating. We hadn't progressed far enough for her to recognize my need to worship the female body with my servile tongue. The few times I took the chance and went down on her were far too seldom in my opinion.

Studying her face I suddenly thought that maybe she did know. The wise smile on her face was very wise, and more than a little wicked. Maybe she was a lot smarter back then than I thought. Maybe she was very aware of my particular needs.

"I should charge a lot more for that, don't you think? After all, that's sort of a special treat." Her eyes threatened to pierce my heart. "Usually 'men' want my mouth."


"You know how it works. As a rule, men prefer the woman using their mouth on their thing. Not you. You would rather be the one to lick me." She watched me closely as she took another sip. "You were always different, weren't you? You're a lot kinkier than most men. I knew about your oral fetish, how you always wanted to use your mouth. So, I think that pleasure will cost you more. Lots more." Gulping noticeably, I almost fainted.

"How much more?" My mouth suddenly became very dry. Licking my lips, I realized how the gesture could be interpreted. Her smile assured me that she recognized the lascivious nature of the gesture.

"At least two hundred. Maybe more than that." Somehow, I had lost total control of the conversation and the transaction.

"It will cost me more than another two hundred? Why?" Making a quick decision, I went for broke. "Where do I get to lick?" Her smile revealed everything. She remembered.

"Where to you want to lick?" She was playing me like a cat did a mouse.

"Your breasts." My glance at her chest was obvious. She filled out her blouse very nicely. My lustful stare told of my desire to suck her luscious mammary glands.

"That's included in the two hundred, although I should charge you a hundred for licking each one." She paused to take another sip. I drained my glass. "Well, you perverted boy, where else would you like to lick?" She was toying with me. She was the one in charge. Just the way I liked it. Just the way I wanted her.

"Your pussy. Can I lick your pussy?" Sometimes, in the past, she allowed me this gift, but not often. It was one of my favorite sexual acts, feasting on the fruits of a beautiful, tasty pussy and her pussy was one of the best.

"Hmm." She deliberated. "Maybe that should be another hundred. Just to let you taste me there. Maybe we should say for the three areas," she waved at her chest then to her lap, "it should be two-fifty. How does that sound? Do we have a deal?" She watched closely to see how I would respond to this proposal. The cost had gone up significantly from when we started. Originally, I think she only needed a hundred, maybe a little more. In the course of our negotiations, we were closer to a thousand now, but I still didn't have everything I wanted. Would she reject me if I asked for it? Did she remember the time I did it? I decided to go for it.

"Do I get to lick anywhere else?" The words sort of squeaked out. The room felt very warm. My little guy was aching. The juiced flowed through my body like a potent narcotic.

"I'm not sure what you mean. Can you elaborate?" She was making it difficult. I was going to have to admit my weakness.

"Can I lick anywhere else?" My heart pounded with excitement.

"Where else do you want to lick?" Her eyes sparkled. Her smile was intoxicating. She had to remember that one time I showed my total adoration. She had to recall how I licked her everywhere. Absolutely everywhere. Especially that special area. It happened while she lay on her stomach on the bed. I was only going to rub her shoulders, but those luscious globes beckoned. I started at her shoulders and slowly worked down, listening carefully to her responses to my gentle caresses. As I reached the small of her back I became very aware of the feel of her buns against my chest. Her tiny groans indicated that she was enjoying the sensation as I neared the area of my desire. Small, quick kisses on the cheeks and I would move down lower and tongue her legs. That's what I planned. That's not what happened.

"You know." I wanted her to acknowledge it, to remember the time I subjected myself. I needed her to acknowledge that I surrendered to her. I gave into the awesome beauty of her body and committed the ultimate act of depravity. On the trip down her back, I never made it to her legs. I never made it past her gorgeous rear end.

"Oh, you mean my ass. You want to kiss my ass again," she said dismissively, as though the act was too depraved to acknowledge. Her eyes pierced mine. Her look told me she knew my weakness. Her grin was wicked. My heart skipped a beat and I was hers.

"Yes." I barely stammered my reply out loud. Inwardly I was screaming, yes, your ass. Your glorious, beautiful, sexy ass. Please.

Many nights her ass haunted me in my dreams. The vision of the tight, rounded, gorgeous piece of perfection stayed constantly on my mind.

"Well, I don't know. I wasn't sure you enjoyed doing that. After all, you only licked it that one time. Maybe you really don't want to."

"I want to." I didn't want to have to beg, but I would.

"I'm not sure. You haven't even asked properly." She waited, confident of her position now. She had all the cards. She was sitting on them.

"I want to. I want to kiss your ass," I whispered meekly. Which was more demeaning, kissing someone's ass or begging to do it?

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