tagBDSMThe Couch

The Couch


“Bend over, slut.”

I did as he asked.

I was already naked from the waist down; the bra was hanging haphazardly off my shoulders, the clasp freed in the back and my breasts touched the cool leather of the couch. I was bent over from the waist, knees on the floor, facing the front of the couch. He reached over for one arm, cuffed a wrist, and then cuffed the other to its counterpart behind my back. Oh, we mustn’t forget the blindfold for effect; the helpless heightening of the senses is truly a wondrous thing.

I was already breathing heavily – he had barely touched me, and I was growing impatient. Not that I could help it. I felt something cold touch the bottoms of my thighs – a spreader bar. Ooh. Helpless to even see, I was bent over, legs unable to close. That always did it for me. He was on a roll today. Cheek against the leather, I couldn’t wait for whatever was coming.

He took a finger and quickly teased my hole; a quick, upward motion, with a very slight pause to linger at the entrance of my cunt. I squirmed. I wanted more. He chuckled slightly. This always amused him.

Taking the same finger, he slowly traced it over my ear, neck, then my back. I shivered. He lightly bit the inside curve of my hip, and I squirmed again; he was always going for my weak spots. Finally, I felt a finger at my cunt again. Just at the entrance, yet hesitating to go in. I bucked back lightly, encouraging. Please, I need something to fill me. I was growing unaware of my ever-increasing whines. Teasingly slow, he put a thick, long finger in me. It slipped in easily; my juices started flowing since the handcuffs.

The first entrance was always the best. I couldn’t help but moan to show appreciation. He slowly twisted the finger out, and pushed it back in quickly. Then massaged my g-spot. My ass couldn’t help but wriggle over the couch, and my moans were growing louder. He was so good with his hands. And then suddenly, a hard spank on one of my asscheeks. I gave an encouraging groan. And again, in the same place, while he was still fingering. I twisted and writhed; I loved the flash of pain, so quickly gone, but leaving a fading mark.

Abruptly stopping everything, there was a pause as I sensed him shift behind me, and then felt a wet tongue tease and lick all over my pussy. But it was short-lived. He only did it to tease, for a few seconds. I moaned in protest, but he quickly shut that up when I sensed him move again, and felt his cock sliding up and down the crack of my ass.

He did so love to tease.

I grinded against him, wanting him to fuck me, so badly. Whimpered again. I needed it.

“What do you want, hmm? You want my cock, is that it?”

“Yes.. please.. mm..”

“What does that make you, huh? You want cock so badly,” he said, his hands groping my ass and reaching down to lightly pinch my nipples.

I groaned again. “It makes me a slut. A bitch. Your bitch. Please, fuck me.”

He was rock-hard at this point… I did love that power, making him hard without even touching him. He positioned it at the opening of my cunt, putting it in only a few precious millimeters. He knew how to drive me crazy. He spanked me a few more times, and after the last one, when I was still panting and moaning from it, he grabbed my hips and pulled me back towards him, thrusting in as much as he could.

God, I loved that. The first penetration. It was slightly painful, but I loved that too. I bit my lip and my sex noises filled the room.

He started to fuck me slowly, getting my cunt accustomed to his dick. After a few strokes, he started slamming into me, holding onto my hips to thrust into me fully. I found it incredibly arousing that even if I wanted him to stop, I couldn’t close my legs because of the spreader bar, and with my hands cuffed behind my back, he could just push my body down on the couch to prevent me from getting up. My pussy dripped, from this thought.

Each stroke he gave me stretched me out, barely hitting the end of me. I loved that; that he could reach me that deeply, and touch the end. It was getting harder now, and that was how I liked it. Every few strokes, he’d give me a nibble or a spank. My ass must’ve been so red at that point (that burning feeling was the best). This went on for a while; my pussy contracting every time he pulled out for maximum tightness, because I knew he loved that.

I could tell he was close when he breathed more heavily, and took hold of one of my shoulders for an even harsher stroke. The slight pain with every push, it was delicious. He took hold of some of my hair, then, from the roots, and pulled. Lightly at first, and as he grew louder, the hold grew tighter.

With the final stroke, I felt his cum erupting inside me. Sticky juices coated and ran down the insides of my thighs. My heart was still thumping wildly, and spent, I lay on the couch catching my breath.

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