tagErotic PoetryThe Couple

The Couple


He looks up and sees her
Playing with her hair and looking back
Their eyes meet and they both blush
Both thinking of catching the other unaware
He thinks of her naked in his bed
She thinks of him completely lost in the feeling
They look again at each other
He can't think straight enough to think of what to say
She looks smooth until she trips on the chair
He smiles and thinks about how beautiful she looks
They both laugh and say hello
They both know each other from before
But that doesn't matter tonight
She will take him home again
Like she's never seen him before
Her hand caresses his face and lips
His hand slips under her jacket
She offers a private place to talk
They leave, he follows her in his car
She speeds a little to pretend losing him
He plays with his steering wheel thinking of her body
Arriving at her house they both share sideways glances
As she unlocks her door to let him in
He pushes her up against the hallway wall
Sighing and getting wetter she pretends indifference
She can feel him through his pants
Her heavier breathing can't be hidden
He runs his hands through her hair and sighs
She closes her eyes to savor his touch
As he runs his hand down her chin and neck
She reaches down and rubs him through his jeans
Quiet moans of pleasure from both
They move to the couch
Teasingly slow she undresses for him
Her looks making him want her more
She leans over and rubs him with her breasts
Kissing him deeply she unzips his pants
Pulling off his shirt she sees the look in his eyes
Sparks of energy between them getting stronger
He feels between her legs so hot and wet he gasps
As he caresses her with his eyes again
She bends over and shows him herself
She looks back and sees him rubbing himself
The sight making her even hotter
Turning around she sits down on his lap
He easily slides into her as they embrace
He fills her up inside so nicely
She feels moist and tight around him
They kiss again not ending this time
They can feel each other's heat
As they both reach heights they haven't felt before
The excitement of seeing each other almost there
Sets them off at the same time
He comes inside her as her muscles clench him tightly
They share the feeling they love from each other
They kiss once more and share an i love you
And fall asleep in each other's arms on the couch

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