tagBDSMThe Cowboy Way Ch. 01

The Cowboy Way Ch. 01


He leaned against the door of the barn, and watched her walk across the yard. He pulled his hat off and wiped his brow. A slow smile spread across his face. He knew she was here for her riding lesson, but he had something else in mind for her today. If he read her correctly, she was as submissive as the day was long.

Today she was wearing jeans and a long shirt that covered up most of her body. Her hair was pulled up into a pony tail, and a pair of sturdy boots covered her feet.

She walked with slow steps, as if she wasn't totally comfortable in her surroundings, the look on her face was kind of sad.

"Hi there Tori, how are you today?"

"Hi, Jack I'm ok and yourself?"

"Good, another hot one today. Are you ready for your lesson?" he asked with just a hint of a smile in his voice.

"Yes, even though I'm not sure why I'm still taking them. It's not that hard to ride a horse Maybe we should make this the last one. You've done what you promised. You taught me to ride a horse."

" Fair enough, but you may change your mind after today's lesson. Why don't you come up to the loft in here for a minute, then we can get started." He watched her walk in ahead of him and smiled. " Go on up, I'll be there in just a minute"

Tori slowly climbed up the ladder leading to the loft. She couldn't imagine what he wanted to show her up here. As her eyes became adjusted to the light she could make out various objects, some she was familiar with others she was not. There was a saddle that appeared to be attached to a frame. Several crops, and a lunge whip. There was a strange looking piece of wood that looked like a giant x in the other corner. She couldn't imagine what any of it was used for. She heard Jack climbing up the ladder, and felt a little uneasy when he reached the top.

He had taken off his shirt, and she knew he was muscular, but wasn't prepared for the hair that covered his chest and tapered down to a v at the waistband of his jeans. He walked over to the far wall and flipped a switch turning on lights overhead. Her mouth watered as she gazed at his retreating back.

"So Tori are you ready for your lesson?"


" Well, as you can see this isn't your usual hay loft. This is what I call my loft dungeon. Do you know what I mean when I call it a dungeon?" he watched her reactions closely.

"Yes, I do… Sir "

"Good… and have I made a mistake with the fact that you're a submissive?"

"No, Sir"

"Relax, I won't hurt you. I didn't bring you up here to attack you. Have you ever been with a Dominant before Tori?"

"No not in real life only in my fantasies. I've never met anyone that knew what it was. I was beginning to think I was just strange."

"No, you aren't strange. There are a lot of people in this world who enjoy the things you've imagined. How do you feel about exploring some of those things? I'll only do a few things this first time. I don't want to scare you away. What things do you think you will enjoy or have you fantasized about having done to you?"

"Oh, I don't know. Being spanked has always made me very excited and I guess turned on. I've imagined being tied up, and flogged. There are so many things I've heard about online, that I can't even being to imagine having it done to me. "

"I'll ask you this, since you have known me for a while now. Do you trust me, and when I ask that I mean to not permanently harm you, or do anything you don't feel comfortable with?"

"Yes Sir I do trust you"

"Good, so how about we have our first lesson. I'd like you to take your shirt and bra off and kneel here on the floor in front of me with your hands behind your neck."

Cautiously, Tori takes off her shirt and bra, and kneels if front of Jack where he indicated. Her hands clasped behind her neck. Jack pulls a low stool over in front of Tori. He sits down and grabs her ponytail and tugs her hair. "Don't fight it, let your head go back it hurts less" Tori let's her head be pulled back so she is gazing up at him. " Good girl" Jack smiles, and tugs just a little harder. He can see her wince, but she doesn't say anything. "Stand up." Tori gets to her feet and stands before him. "Remove your boots, socks and jeans." Tori hesitated for only a moment then did as he requested. Standing before him in a thong only she had the urge to cover herself up, but forced herself to stand still. He could tell she was nervous, so he moved slowly with her. He knew she had time, and he didn't want to scare her away. He had a feeling she would be an excellent submissive. "Turn around and put your hands behind your neck again" Tori did as requested. She felt one of Jack's strong hands run down her back, to her ass. He kneaded her ass, then smacked it. She flinched but didn't move. She felt the moisture between her legs build.

Jack grasped her thong and slid it off of her, leaving her completely naked and feeling vulnerable in front of him. He stood up, and walked around her. Grabbing her breast in both hands, squeezing, twisting, pulling. Watching her face for her reaction. He could tell she enjoyed it just by the look on her face. He stroked a hand down her body, felt her quiver in anticipation. His hand found her moistness between her legs, and easily slipped inside her. He could feel her go weak and stroked her wet pussy with his fingers. "Go over by the saddle and lay over it, with your legs spread a little"

"Yes Sir" Tori walked over to the saddle and pulled herself over, feeling slightly awkward to be laying like that, but didn't protest. Jack walked in front of her and took her right hand and cuffed it to the leg of the stand, then did the same with her left. "I'm going to leave you ungagged for now, but I may in future sessions decide to gag you" I'm going to spank and flog you now. If the pain gets to be too much for you, tell me red. If it is fine and you feel you can take a little more the color will be green. If your bordering between the two the color will be yellow. I'll ask you for colors so I know how you are doing. Understood?"

"Yes Sir" Tori replied with as much dignity as she could in this position.

Jack went to stand behind her again. Gently rubbing her ass. Feeling her muscles relax again. He knew if she was tense it would hurt her faster. He wanted her to enjoy her first time. He started smacking her ass softly. Turning it a nice shade of pink. "Color?" "Green" He increased the strength on his smacks. Her bottom turning a nice shade of red now.

He stopped spanking her with his hand, and gently rubbed his hands over her ass. Feeling the heat, smiling to himself. He picked up a deerskin flogger, which he felt would be good for her first time. Gently he ran it down her back letting her feel the softness. Her heard her let out a soft sigh.

He stepped back and brought the flogger down on her ass. She jumped at the contact but didn't say anything. He repeated his movements.. This time she didn't flinch. So he continued to strike her buttocks, thighs, and back. "Color" he waited a moment for her to answer. When she didn't he asked again. "Color Tori" 'Green Sir" "Are you sure?" "Yes Sir"

He switched to a bullhide flogger next. This one stung a bit more, but she could feel the moisture between her legs, slowly trailing down her thighs. He repeatedly slapped her with the flogger, concentrating mostly on her bottom. After several minutes of this he asked again for a color. This time she stated yellow, so he backed off a bit. Decided to give her a bit of a rest with the flogger. He walked in front of her, and using a foot switched raised the saddle upward. He raised her until her face was level with his penis.

"Now Tori, do you know what I'm going to ask you to do?"

"Yes Sir, I think so"

" Do you have a problem with this?"

"No Sir not at all" her tongue slowly ran along her lower lip in anticipation.

He slowly undid his jeans, stepped out of them and pulled his briefs off. He stepped closer and put his cock in her mouth. She greedily sucked and licked pulling him in farther. His hands gripped her head holding her still as he slowly fed his cock into her tight throat. She continued to lick and suck, pulling on his cock with her mouth making him moan. As he started to cum, he pulled out of her mouth and shot his cum over her back. Tori laid there unable to move, but feeling frustrated as she had not had any release yet. She wiggled her hips a little against the saddle which Jack noticed. He walked back behind her, and picked up a leather slapper. He pushed her legs open farther so that he could just see her clit from behind. He smacked her wet pussy with the slapper, making her moan. He knew she was frustrated, he could tell it from the way her hips were rocking on the saddle. He wanted her to suffer a little more before he gave her some relief. Jack methodically smacked her ass, clit, thighs and legs, knowing she would have a hard time sitting tomorrow. He could see how wet she was, he slipped two fingers into her dripping pussy, stroking in and out slowly. Occasionally he would spank her with the slapper. He could feel her getting more and more excited and closer to orgasm. He continued to stroke her pussy with his fingers building up her anticipation. When he sensed she was close he stopped.

" I know you want to orgasm Tori, but this time I'm not going to allow you to. I'm going to give you a homework assigment. " He walked back in front of her and undid the cuffs on her wrist and lowered the saddle back down so she could slide off without falling. " Your assignment will be to play with yourself however you choose to, but you can't orgasm. When you come back here next week you will tell me how you chose to pleasure yourself. I expect you to be honest with me. If you do orgasm, I want to know. Then when we meet again next week, I'll allow you the orgasm you are so desperately craving right now."

Tori swallowed hard, but quietly agreed with his terms.

" You may get dressed now. "

Tori carefully walked over to where her clothes were carelessly tossed and got dressed. She winced as the denim slid over her sore flesh.


"Yes" Jack turned to her with a smile.

"Thank you, for showing me what I've been missing. If it's all right with you, I'd like to continue my lessons" Tori grinned.

"I think we will both enjoy your lessons"

They climbed down from the loft, and Tori walked back to her car with a grin on her face.

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