tagErotic PoetryThe Cowgirl II

The Cowgirl II


Fabulous, yes that's so fabulous, my sweet darling.
Oh just a little bit more you sweet thing, make my cock spurt like a fountain.
Yes do it just like that cause that is just so great.
Oh yes I want to suck them so much, let me taste them right now.
Oh yes they are so invitingly tender and silky soft to play with, you know I think they are so gorgeous.
I know I can do it for you and wow you do it for me.
She's so fabulous, when she does it just like that, and I just want her to that again and again.
Oh please make me cum babe, I’m begging you let me shoot my load inside you..
Oh, more and more, I just love watching you sucking those fabulous nipples; it’s such a turn on.
(Knock, knock,) What the hell is that?
Who's there?
No I'm not busy, I was just ... ummm ....
What do you mean you want to help?
So you want to watch?
Really ... you’d touch me and all that?
Yeh, okay, I can show you how I do it.
You’re a filthy girl wanting to watch me play with my raging hard pulsating cock?
And then you'll do what once you get wet yourself?
It’s a raging hard rock of a cock... are you sure you’re ready to ride me?
(Truth be told) I was actually just thinking about you.
Mmmm, having my hard as a rock cock inside your wonderful juicy pussy that’s what I was justing thinking about cause that would be so fabulous.
Of course you can have me tied down to the bed.
Well alright if that helps you come you can ride me like a wild cowgirl.
So do you like how I play with this rocket before you saddle up?
And how it fires fuel everywhere when it launches; oh you know that.
You're ready now?
Wow that was quick - you must be horny then?
Ok, ok, not so rough.
Well okay, yes you can tie me down now if it makes it better.
Hang on, hey not so tight with that rope.
Oh yes, please play with me and rub my cock all over you.
Lovely, oh yes, like that, and you can tie me up as tight as you like!
I'm all yours now to ride like a wild cowgirl.
On you go cowgirl.
Wow you must be needing it badly cause you’re riding me a wild one aren’t you?
Wow you are a fit girl aren't you; and my rocket is loving it!
(Bounce and push, bounce and push) Oh babe I want more, just keep it going it’s a rodeo.
Let me feel your wet juicy pussy sucking my cock deep inside your bucking pussy.
Use my hard huge rocket to launch yourself into all the orchestrated orgasms you need.
Yes ride me and I promise to buck you and buck you.
Wow only a cowgirl could ride and grind her pussy like that!
Ride me, fuck me, take me cause I'm yours to pleasure yourself on you delightful cowgirl.
I can feel you riding me like a wild thing.
And now my bucking is uncontrollable as the wild seeds inside me seek their escape.
Hold on you might get tossed off if you're not careful.
Ride me cowgirl and hold yourself steady on my rocket as I buck like a mechanical bull.
You can bounce around all you like my wild cowgirl.
Wow, all that screaming is wildly nasty.
Is that normal for cowgirls to come like that?
You're an untamed rider aren't you?
Oh my rockets firing sequence did it for you did it; well that's what happens when the rocket launches.
It can't do anything but shoot upwards uncontrollably as the bronco bucks across the bed.
And being a good cowgirl you know you’ve gotta just hold on while all that bucking happens.
No I don't have a saddle but you can ride me any time.
Can I get a bit more sleep now?
That was originally why I was playing with myself you know.
Before I was so wonderfully interrupted by you.
Hey if you play with that we’ll we bucking again soon.
Oh, I see you’re up for big ride across country today.
Okay cowgirl if it’s a big bucking ride you want then away we go again.

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